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keelyn cumings
keelyn cumings 2 months ago

I had ALOT of clothes and I made 308 of these no joke lol so many times I cried

Samskruthi Softech
Samskruthi Softech 2 months ago

actually homeless people are in need of food and i saw many people didnt do that but she included it

A Unique Treasure
A Unique Treasure 2 months ago

Your a kindred spirit! My heart is for the homeless. I am going to print out lists and start a drive and ask people to donate and make these bags to give out. I'm in a area now that I'm not seeing where they congregate. I week have to ask. The lady area I was living in they were easy to find. I would get chemo on Fridays and the hospital where O get it from would have a snack cart with sandwiches chips etc. They would get a box and give it all to me bc they would throw out whatever was left and get new food for the following week on Monday. This breaks down something I can do now. Thank you for sharing!

Daughter of the KING
Daughter of the KING 2 months ago

I love this

Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins 2 months ago

Thank you 😊 💓 it

Ann Caine
Ann Caine 2 months ago

That is so sweet what they are doing
I always give them money or food And some dog food if they have got a dog And some toys if they are kids
We need more people like that who help other people

Cheryl Collins
Cheryl Collins 2 months ago

My experience has been the homeless are in great need of socks, especially during winter months. Many if not most homeless can't eat items that are hard or chewy due to poor dental health, so choose snacks, fruit etc. that are soft.

MPG 2020
MPG 2020 2 months ago

The q tips are kinda random, but the bag of quarters is brilliant

Rio Tenbrink
Rio Tenbrink 2 months ago

Thankyou so much for this, this was so helpful!!

fy roblox
fy roblox 2 months ago

Instead of razors please try to use an alternative like hair removal cream as due to their horrible situations, some people unfortunately try to harm themselves with the blade of the razors ❤

Inkshock 2 months ago

Don't forget to include socks!

Angxie Cakes
Angxie Cakes 2 months ago

This is so nice I'm doing this after covid-19

IDIS MY LOVE 2 months ago


adam gilligan
adam gilligan 2 months ago

I have to say thank you I'm homeless and have received bags like this one and they are a great boost of hope thank you.

Chloe 2 months ago

They love hard sweet candy since it helps them when they’re craving drugs and alcohol

jasmia boyd
jasmia boyd 2 months ago

A wonderful blessing for those not able to provide for themselves. Thank you for sharing. God bless you. I will be making some bags to be a blessing to someone.

Hollie BooXo
Hollie BooXo 2 months ago

Excuse me which 2 crazy peeps disliked this

mia deeann
mia deeann 2 months ago

Please dont call them needy I know your doing something good which is amazing but that word makes them feel shitty trust me I use to be poor and when some one called us needy we didn't even want to accept help it sucks

Jessica Gray
Jessica Gray 2 months ago

Do you give to the homeless shelters

Jessica Gray
Jessica Gray 2 months ago

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dorothy Curtis
Dorothy Curtis 2 months ago

Your a beautiful person. With a beautiful heart. GOD BLESS you

Rosa Lopez
Rosa Lopez 2 months ago

God Bless you on this Holidays there is a lot of us who does not think a bout the poor people that are homeless. It is a great idea thank you

Monica Kimsey
Monica Kimsey 2 months ago

You are just the kindest! ❤️

Reneè Sue
Reneè Sue 2 months ago

I’m doing it this year

Allison B.
Allison B. 2 months ago

Love this idea! I think maybe a little bible would be nice too. I think they have the NT, Psalms, Proverbs at the DT. <3

Amy Morris
Amy Morris 2 months ago

Me and my family make something called a Blessing bag, and we give them out to homeless

Ivelisse Laboy
Ivelisse Laboy 2 months ago

Fantastic! Love it! 🖒🌲💖

Michelle Bonin
Michelle Bonin 2 months ago

God bless u

Viridiana Contreras
Viridiana Contreras 2 months ago

Ill be doing this , this year. I don’t have a lot of money but I’ll be glad to make someone’s day ❤️❤️

Bruna Fonseca
Bruna Fonseca 2 months ago

who was that ONE person who desliked this vidio

Noodles Head
Noodles Head 2 months ago

Thank you for this video. That really helps...:)

Ryn Tin Tin
Ryn Tin Tin 2 months ago

Try not to buy things made in China. Love quarters for laundry! Socks and gloves for cold areas. Make sleeping mats out of plastic grocery bags.

Ivelisse Laboy
Ivelisse Laboy 2 months ago

I love this! I'm going to make some. Thank you. God bless you!💖🖒

MariBere Ríos
MariBere Ríos 2 months ago

Amor puro!!

MariBere Ríos
MariBere Ríos 2 months ago


Angela McEntee
Angela McEntee 2 months ago

I would add gospel tracts for their spiritual food also.God bless.

Donice N
Donice N 2 months ago


Iluv2watchutube1981 2 months ago


Shelly-Ann John
Shelly-Ann John 2 months ago

Beautiful wow god blessings we have to do gods work

rock 2 months ago

Such a great gesture. Love this. Bless you!

Iluv2watchutube1981 2 months ago

Awesome best of luck to you in spreading love to the homeless this year

Iluv2watchutube1981 2 months ago

Yes the baggies of quarters, are a awesome idea so they can wash clothes at public laundry or use at payphone to call family and friends
Grocery gift cards are a great idea also so they can buy some ready made foods to eat .. love your vids :0)

Raiders Nation
Raiders Nation 2 months ago

Feminine products 💜

ItsallAshia 2 months ago

This legit almost made me cry

Naji 2 months ago

It would be nice if you put a list in the description box instead of having us sit through you talking nonsense

jessicagray51 2 months ago

I would like to give to my pantry soup kitchen they need these things badly

Carime Martinez antunez

You just made TO you should of make more cuse if you saw more

Maureen Freitas
Maureen Freitas 2 months ago

What an awesome idea more people should do that I think I'm going to follow your lead and do something to I know it's an older video but it doesn't mean I can't do this anyway they will appreciate it so so much God bless you

Deb bie
Deb bie 2 months ago

This is fab! My son is making up carebags for the homeless in Windsor, UK. :D He is preparing and writing to lots of companies for free samples.

Ordean 2 months ago

Sooooooo wonderful!

Chrise 2 months ago

Such a great idea! I'm inspired! Merry Christmas and God bless!

LADY B 2 months ago

You did great everything was nice and when you show the money bag I'm like OMG may God bless you

La Shauna Gates
La Shauna Gates 2 months ago

This is so merciful of you I was very inspired by this I’m down on my luck right now and I’m still going to do a bag and I hope it makes someone happy 😃 thanks and may God bless you

Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate 2 months ago

very very nice idea.this is a blessing from God.when you do good good will come back to you.

Joan Shute
Joan Shute 2 months ago

What a wonderful idea . I was always going to get a Coat and put money in the pocket and take it to the park where the homeless stay and leave it on a bench with a bag lunch. May God bless you and have a Blessed Thanksgiving . Thank you for sharing

D'Vine Inspirations By Martha

God bless your ❤️. It's a
Blessing to be a blessing to
Those less fortunate. Great
Idea. Have a wonderful day! 💕

Tammy Dennison
Tammy Dennison 2 months ago

That is incredibly generous! I always see someone (usually a man) at the end of a highway exit ramp I use once in awhile. It's a great idea to make up a couple of bags and leave them in the car for just this opportunity. It might not be a bad idea to throw in a scarf, hat and gloves from Dollar Tree as well if you live in a cold climate area (I'm from Ohio). Thanks!!!

Tori Clarke
Tori Clarke 2 months ago

this is such a beautiful idea ❤️ thank you

BeautifulfromASHleyB 2 months ago

Such an incredible idea! If every family just did that for two people our world would be so much better! Especially during the holidays!!!Im definitely going to do this and pass them out with my kids!

Petalisbless DIY
Petalisbless DIY 2 months ago

Very nice and such a lovely idea my dear 💙💚

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