3 HOLIDAY EDIBLE GIFT IDEAS!! (Chocolate Pretzels, Cookie Cutter Fudge, \u0026 4 Flavored Vodkas)


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Information 3 HOLIDAY EDIBLE GIFT IDEAS!! (Chocolate Pretzels, Cookie Cutter Fudge, \u0026 4 Flavored Vodkas)

Title : 3 HOLIDAY EDIBLE GIFT IDEAS!! (Chocolate Pretzels, Cookie Cutter Fudge, \u0026 4 Flavored Vodkas)

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Frames 3 HOLIDAY EDIBLE GIFT IDEAS!! (Chocolate Pretzels, Cookie Cutter Fudge, \u0026 4 Flavored Vodkas)

Description 3 HOLIDAY EDIBLE GIFT IDEAS!! (Chocolate Pretzels, Cookie Cutter Fudge, \u0026 4 Flavored Vodkas)

3 HOLIDAY EDIBLE GIFT IDEAS!! (Chocolate Pretzels, Cookie Cutter Fudge, \u0026 4 Flavored Vodkas)

3 HOLIDAY EDIBLE GIFT IDEAS!! (Chocolate Pretzels, Cookie Cutter Fudge, \u0026 4 Flavored Vodkas)

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胡蝶しのぶ 2 months ago

My boyfriend wants my cooking for Christmas. This helps alot, thank you

Empress Ptah
Empress Ptah 2 months ago

Hi there how do you prevent the chocolate from sweating after you take it out of the fridge? 🙏🏾

Veronica Vanderlyn
Veronica Vanderlyn 2 months ago

For how long does the vodka last?

Sunny Plath
Sunny Plath 2 months ago

Awesome 😃😃😃♥️

Joan jean
Joan jean 2 months ago


Terry Lynn
Terry Lynn 2 months ago

yes my dear ur very inspiring....what brilliant ideas...ur soo pleasant n endearing!! thanx 4 sharing!!

Sew Ahem
Sew Ahem 2 months ago

I like to dip the pretzel rods in caramel first, and then the chocolate, so delicious!

platinum1lk 2 months ago

Thank you!

Health Origins
Health Origins 2 months ago

Great idea with the pretzels, I will definitely make these as gifts for kids if I can find some pretzel sticks - I have never seen these before!

Penny Penny
Penny Penny 2 months ago

These are such cute ideas. Thank you!

Tauni Martin
Tauni Martin 2 months ago

i was looking for last min. idea and this was perfect Ty Happy Holidays

Namie's Natural's
Namie's Natural's 2 months ago

Merry Christmas

Genie Ploeger
Genie Ploeger 2 months ago

Cute ideas for the holiday's.

Joanna 2 months ago

I burn the end of the bag because the pretzel becomes nasty when air hits it for too long. Pretzel lasts longer with the end of bag completely sealed

Riostephanie 2 months ago

Such cool ideas! Thank you for sharing! 🎄❄️🎁

Donna Caraballo
Donna Caraballo 2 months ago

Ty looking for ideas for hard family members..great ideas ty..happy holidays💜💖❄️🌌😁🎄😇

klaritydawn 2 months ago

Sooo fun!!! Old video but glad I found it!! Definitely will make some of this for friends

Annette Harrison
Annette Harrison 2 months ago

Love them ALL!!!!

My Happy Nest
My Happy Nest 2 months ago

I love these ideas! Thanks

Helen Mancilla
Helen Mancilla 2 months ago

Loved those ideas! TFS!

Deborah viner
Deborah viner 2 months ago

ty for making editing and sharing this with us! you have a new subbie in me!!!!!! this is one of the best treat gift videos i've seen !!!!!!! great job , can't wait to try all of them !!!

Beth Macia
Beth Macia 2 months ago

Heath bar bits are my favorite, we even rolled some in popcorn

Sasha Alexandria
Sasha Alexandria 2 months ago


Ericka Colden
Ericka Colden 2 months ago

Omg looks great just joined also lol

slimfast67 2 months ago

This sure looks.. Home made!

Leti's World
Leti's World 2 months ago

Thank you so much for these great ideas! i wish i could post the pictures but i made the alcohol and found the exact same bottles at doller tree! Made 15 bottles. I made the peppermint and cranberry lime ones in addition i made a pineapple vodka also. Spent less than $60 total the most expensive thing was the alcohol. Thanks so much!


Where are the bottles from please?

Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn 2 months ago

How easy/hard is it to get the fudge out of the cookie cutters? Love all the ideas. The vodka ideas are also how you make extracts like vanilla extract, etc.

Souhlsis 2 months ago

Say, where can I get those jar/bottles to make some infused vodka?! And if Amazon, what do I type in to search. Please and thank you!😊

Irene Williams
Irene Williams 2 months ago

These were some cute and delicious ideas. I'm definitely going to try. Thank you and Happy Holidays 🌲

Jully Garcia
Jully Garcia 2 months ago

Target commercial.

C W 2 months ago

These are some great items. Might have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Benson
Carol Benson 2 months ago

What cute ideas! Great gifts for neighbors and teachers!

Diana Mennie
Diana Mennie 2 months ago

You need to increase the volume of the video it was very quiet

Angélica G
Angélica G 2 months ago

OMG I change my YouTube account, and after a year I found you again!! 😍

jennifer negron
jennifer negron 2 months ago

Where you find the bottles?

Princess Lupi
Princess Lupi 2 months ago

All excellent, delicious, easy ideas. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you and yours!🎄🎁

CaraG Lelabo
CaraG Lelabo 2 months ago

Wow that was amazing! I make chocolate toffee please check out my Instagram Jeeze louise. Cara

Deedee Gonz
Deedee Gonz 2 months ago

Thanks for fun and easy ideas, Loved !😀🤗

Lucienne Henneberry
Lucienne Henneberry 2 months ago

Great ideas!

Retail Therapy Session

Super cute ideas!! 🙂

Nanette Spencer
Nanette Spencer 2 months ago

Wow, I love your stuff, are you not posting anymore? I just found you!✌🏻

Sally Hover
Sally Hover 2 months ago

Just found your channel and just subscribed! I really like your “to the point” presentation! Great fun recipes! Thanks!🙏🏻👍🏻

Joyce Bryant
Joyce Bryant 2 months ago


Angie D
Angie D 2 months ago

Where did you get the bottles from for the infused vodkas? Thanks! Love these ideas! Just got a new subscriber 🤗

Janna Jones
Janna Jones 2 months ago

So cute!!

Life Of Kim
Life Of Kim 2 months ago

Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing

Jojo jojo
Jojo jojo 2 months ago

We dont have it in Québec the bretzels stick ,we have tiny stick !

Dawn Blevins
Dawn Blevins 2 months ago

New Ideas to zip up my homemade gift game, thanks!

Quintessential Mommy
Quintessential Mommy 2 months ago

How do you get the fudge out of the cookie cutters?

Secret crush on glam
Secret crush on glam 2 months ago

Ev'rything looking delicious !

Bonnie Letson
Bonnie Letson 2 months ago

Where did you get the bottles Really awesome ideas

T J 2 months ago

OMG 😍this was so adorable ❤love this channel OMG🎁 you are awesome so talented👍 great ideas🎄🎋🎍 Merry X- mas!

Brends Mitchell
Brends Mitchell 2 months ago

Your Christmas ideas are so beautiful and amazing! Thank you for the inspiration and Merry Christmas .

Brandy Williams
Brandy Williams 2 months ago

This is a very cool idea who doesn't like a edible gift can't wait to do 4 Christmas by the way im new subscriber

C 2 months ago

Where did you get the bottles?

Jessica Zamora
Jessica Zamora 2 months ago

I’m gonna try make the rods😋

Cece 2 months ago

Thanks for posting this! I'm running on a budget this year, so this should come in handy for me to make for my Loved one's! ❤❤

laura walton
laura walton 2 months ago

Wonderful! I will be trying this for Christmas. Thank you!

FrugalMommaNTheWoods 2 months ago

I live sending people homemade edible gifts, my family and friends love it ,I can jams and pickles make candies and fudfge and cookies lol loivce your pretzel making ideas very good love it, you have some great ideas moire stuff to make ,how fun,

Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw 2 months ago

Flavored vodkas need to be begun in October is when I do them. October 1st. I also have an awesome Kahlua that I make it home for Christmas and that takes quite a long time to mature as well as limoncello which also needs to be made early period back in the day I used to have dozens of bottles in the cellar maturing into yumminess for Christmas gifts and use it home for a cordial or sombrero. I have a Baileys Irish Cream recipe as well but I no longer make it because Irish Cream went into everything at least the flavoring did! You had coffee and coffee creamer and donuts and cookies and cakes all Irish cream flavored when I walk into a 7-Eleven all I can smell from back then is Irish Cream! It's a good recipe though. It was a time when I had to make all of my own gifts and people seem to like them because say they wanted to make a cake and I had given them the cake mix with goodies in it in the mayonnaise jar of mason jar decorated nicely will the big tag that said how to make it so it was like a box of cake mix but homemade from scratch. :-) I have done cakes and puddings homemade pudding mix and special hot cocoa cookies and soups all in mason jars and with a tag telling them what to add and how to make it.

Gabby Franks
Gabby Franks 2 months ago

Fabulous ideas!

Kelly Struthers
Kelly Struthers 2 months ago

I love that!!! Really great ideas thank you.

Tracy Morrison
Tracy Morrison 2 months ago

is the fudge easy to get out of the cookie cutters ?

Kimberly Leon
Kimberly Leon 2 months ago


Carolyn Bouley
Carolyn Bouley 2 months ago

where to find the small jars for vodka?

Doll Goodz
Doll Goodz 2 months ago


Jalissa Sauceda
Jalissa Sauceda 2 months ago

Thank you that was actually so helpful and you have me some awesome ideas. I was just going to do the chocolate but now I can make them pretty as well as tastey! 👌🏽👍🏽

RC Goad
RC Goad 2 months ago

Where do you buy the pretzel rods?

Social Diva
Social Diva 2 months ago

Can these be mailed?

Emily Louise H
Emily Louise H 2 months ago

If you were giving these as gifts to someone before 25th but they would be opening them on the 25th how far ahead would you make them? How long do they last?

HiItsIrene 2 months ago

Hi thanks for sharing. I wanted to know what was that on the candy cane sticks. Was it white chocolate?

Virat Chauhan
Virat Chauhan 2 months ago

I love each of your videos.... you are so creative and pretty . I really appreciate your innovative ideas...with each of your videos, you always try to bring out something new and admirable.....always keep on bringing out your best videos to us ; )

Kristin Correa
Kristin Correa 2 months ago

Where did you get the cookie cutters and jars ?

KarolinasKrafts 2 months ago

Loved your video! <3


Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia 2 months ago

Mmmm !!! Everything looks soooo yummy !!!!!

Katie Mae
Katie Mae 2 months ago

I'm gonna make the pretzels and roll them in coconut shavings!!! I'm so excited lol

Phil Hartmann
Phil Hartmann 2 months ago

I'm gonna make those pretzel rods

•0bsess1ve• 2 months ago

thanks for sharing . :) where did you get the bottles from

dhanna mohamarin16
dhanna mohamarin16 2 months ago

Cool yummy🍽

Ruby R
Ruby R 2 months ago

I don't drink but the vodka bottles look so lovely and well presented! Will defiantly be making these for some friends :)

Cleo N
Cleo N 2 months ago

These are perfect edible gifts for the holidays! Not to mention inexpensive and really delicious, I definitely would love to receive these gifts for the holidays! Such a good idea and great video, Happy Holidays! :D <3