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Title : Top 10 Art Contest Tips

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Top 10 Art Contest Tips

Top 10 Art Contest Tips

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Lavudya Balu
Lavudya Balu 2 months ago

Sir please speak clearly

Hamid Ali
Hamid Ali 2 months ago

I am runner because today i lost the drawing winning trophy

neval turhan
neval turhan 2 months ago

Someone said don't enter it but I think we should enter them so this is very helpful

we 2
we 2 2 months ago

Tomorrow is my competition and

poornima meesala
poornima meesala 2 months ago

K this was helpful but what is the end part

Maryam Asim
Maryam Asim 2 months ago

Helpful video

Laura Paxton
Laura Paxton 2 months ago

Can I send you a digital image of my painting? See what you think?

Vidisha Gurung
Vidisha Gurung 2 months ago

The tips are very motavational thank u so much👍

Test Subject 16,20S15M

I have an obligatory art contest for machism, and whoever wins gets a tablet.

fatema stars
fatema stars 2 months ago

And there is a drawing competition and I want to win

fatema stars
fatema stars 2 months ago

Me l lost an art competition I was last

Mamasita 2 months ago

My teacher encouraged me to join an art competition , my style is mostly stylized but I’ve noticed the judges mostly prefer realism and landscape :/ I don’t expect to go far but it’s a nice experience

creatureof habitss
creatureof habitss 2 months ago

I'm thinking about entering Vase, and my art teacher hates my cartoony style and I don't know what to do.....

Cobalt Ocean
Cobalt Ocean 2 months ago

how to win art contests
1) go onto youtube
2) find a low sub count art contest
3) join
4) hope no other person has the same idea

arohi queen
arohi queen 2 months ago

Winner Hona Hi first aana hay please aap mujhe contest main shaadi dijiye maine aapko Nind bhi bhej diya aur koi Jankari chahie to aap please is per bhejiye

arohi queen
arohi queen 2 months ago

Mujhe bhi contest winner hi my name is Aarohi Singh

Kriti Thapa
Kriti Thapa 2 months ago

today is my art compedition and i run outof a4paper😢😢

Ganesan .k
Ganesan .k 2 months ago

I have competition tomorrow. Soon am watching now
Who are all doing like this. Sir please tell me in doodle what type of drawing we will get full marks. And also it must be beautiful. Pls reply me.tommorow is my competition

Art With Leah
Art With Leah 2 months ago

Guys did he just say “hey art tube”
That’s my YouTube name. I was well freaked out

PIVAL DUBEY 2 months ago

Chi..... So silly drawing 😕😑🤪😡

Vidya Dhumal
Vidya Dhumal 2 months ago

Can you please talk in Hindi songs we can understand please 🙏🙏

Gisela Perico
Gisela Perico 2 months ago

Im entering in the leon in 2021

Kelly Freer
Kelly Freer 2 months ago

Are there any specific online competitions you'd reccomend? You mentioned you used to judge for them, and with the pandemic its impossible to find any in my area :(

Hema Agarwal
Hema Agarwal 2 months ago

I am worried about competition its first time for me

Madhuri Bapat
Madhuri Bapat 2 months ago

I am entering this art contest and i really needed this video thankyou sooooo much i really hope to win even though its a really big contest cause i know i can do it and i got the motivation from this video thankyou sooo much

HIGH 730
HIGH 730 2 months ago

Excellent I appreciate you deserve more

almondnette 02
almondnette 02 2 months ago

Soo helpful, I'm going to join art competition online this month ^

brie 2 months ago

I notice that paintings with neutral colors always get chosen. For example, a portrait with basic, real life colors. I would rather use neutral and colorful colors to show more emotion and create an overall aura over the painting. That's more my style but I'm scared to do that because it seems like those ones never get chosen.

Partsmen Chong
Partsmen Chong 2 months ago

I join 8 art contest in a span of 5 months then all 7 are lose. And my 8th art contest announcing of winners is on june 30 2020 hahaha.

ankitkumar sharma
ankitkumar sharma 2 months ago

I am in drawing competition in final so please please please please please help me in drawing so please make a drawing 🙏 video for competition it is tomorrow 🙏🙏🙏

Kato_Rxsez 2 months ago


R a n d o m - Gacha Stuff :P

I'm doin a gacha contest, I have no idea how to do it because I'm bad at art :<


Ka KaSoeng
Ka KaSoeng 2 months ago

Shit, I already put my drawing in the Cartoon Network competition then came to watch this

luis mario arriola
luis mario arriola 2 months ago

Thanks Mr Atkins Not many judges share their private criteria in an effort to keep their privileged rank. You are honest and well intentioned to help in a pleasant and even well illustrated manner ,with your skillful sketches.

Silvana Moya Becerra
Silvana Moya Becerra 2 months ago

My contest is only on the computer. And I'm not good at drawing in computers

manoj kumar
manoj kumar 2 months ago

Thank you so much bro
I liked your art tricks
You are such a good artist

Koroke 2 months ago

My tips are:

-Be a good sport
-try your best
-dont give up

Samiksha Crafts
Samiksha Crafts 2 months ago

❓😧what is it art or story📖 🧐

Fajer Khan
Fajer Khan 2 months ago

I join a Colgate art contest please help me

Connor Hodges
Connor Hodges 2 months ago

So uh, aren't people afraid of clowns?

amesaki_co 2 months ago

the art style theft claim just threw all your credibility out the window sorry.

persephone in Paradise

I'm going to enter a contest ran by game informer

Charlee Fleming
Charlee Fleming 2 months ago

I’m entering one right now with about 1000-2000 people
I won it last year with 1500 so I hope I can win again

S Murugan
S Murugan 2 months ago

Bro appadi ipadi drawing pandriga super

Munna Singh
Munna Singh 2 months ago

Wow !!the drawings are amazing 😀😀

Corinne Geras
Corinne Geras 2 months ago

Thanks for this info. You've encouraged me to enter more shows.

Jay Ramirez
Jay Ramirez 2 months ago

My art teacher doesn’t like the way I express my self on my art work ... and I feel really bad because she makes me feel like I’m not good enough ... and I’ve loved art since a child and For competition id like to make her see the art drawing isn’t about how good it is but the meaning behind it .... but I also have trouble with that because even then she’s judging every other day

Priya ArtWaves
Priya ArtWaves 2 months ago


Lucy Birt
Lucy Birt 2 months ago

I’m thinking of entering 2 art contests and I really love art I’m just scared Lol 😂

Noora Shaik
Noora Shaik 2 months ago

Tommorow is my drawing compition I do

Gargii Ijantkar
Gargii Ijantkar 2 months ago

I am in drawing competition at Hubli its world competition they have not gave topic they will give on that day plz help me..

Kur0mii 2 months ago

I have three due in February 20 - 30

Kather Mayitheen
Kather Mayitheen 2 months ago

I have competition tomorrow

RIDDANCE 2 months ago

who is watching this after they just lost the "ART COMPETITION" ??? anyone? with me ???

blep blop
blep blop 2 months ago

Guys wish me luck. I have a competition tomorrow :)))

Amrita S
Amrita S 2 months ago

There a painting competition for me tomorrow pray for me ❤

SLoli 6969
SLoli 6969 2 months ago

1:42 umm... The dies are wrong, the first one has 1 and 6 on the adjacent faces and the second one has 5 and 2 on the adjacent faces, both of which are not standard

3susans 2 months ago

I joined a winter contest on amino...

A little cheer for me plz ( ;w; 人)

salt 2 months ago

im joining the Chapman Uni. art contest and im stressing 😩

Soft_Box 2 months ago

I like to draw cartoons. If i win this contest ill research about cartoon making and i might start out with a flipbook

Soft_Box 2 months ago

Im kind of nervous but since sooo many peaple like my art i decided to ask my dad if i can do it, and he said yes! I did a change in my style a tiny bit and i hope it makes it better

Sobha Rawat
Sobha Rawat 2 months ago

Bekar drawing

Lakhwinder Singh
Lakhwinder Singh 2 months ago

l am Also in poster making competition

DedOne 2 months ago

OMG THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME IM 1st ^w^ thank you so much

Taylor Hensley
Taylor Hensley 2 months ago

I entered a contest last year out of my whole state and got first place out of my county.

Danny Garza
Danny Garza 2 months ago

Play this on 2x speed

Hunter Jackson
Hunter Jackson 2 months ago

I won drawing competition for canning show keep this man ALIVE PLEASE GOD oh and I oop

shreya patra
shreya patra 2 months ago

I am gonna participate in drawing competition plz pray fr me

Emily brown
Emily brown 2 months ago

My dad is in the military we live on base the base does an art contest for preteens, teens, and adults I’m entering one soon and I’m really nervous!

Sharvani AR ⟭⟬
Sharvani AR ⟭⟬ 2 months ago

I have a competition tomorrow and I'm watching this video at night 😅😂😂

BriefLocket 2 months ago

I’m in a drawing contes at school
and I’m in the finals

alyssa.beatrice 2 months ago

thnx there's an art contest I'm performing in tom and I've only been using watercolors since awhile ago lmaO but we need them for it... I'm really paranoid n stuff and ik i probably won't win anything but yanno what? I'm just gunna have fun with it

flamed_bars 2 months ago

Mines is red lights mean stop I need an idea help

Deepa Girish
Deepa Girish 2 months ago

Awesome sir..

Nathaniel 2 months ago

Hahaha, I entered lots of art competitions already and haven't won 1st place among all of them, I won't stop joining these contests until I have felt the pride of victory.

MD Sohail
MD Sohail 2 months ago

I am going to district level art contest thank you for the tips

Carla Mitch Tamala
Carla Mitch Tamala 2 months ago

I'm entering an art contest on September! Thank you for this! :-))

Mohammed Abdul AZIZ
Mohammed Abdul AZIZ 2 months ago

I'm entering ........EEK!

Mikey Aguyoh
Mikey Aguyoh 2 months ago

My family says I should enter a art contest because I draw so well. Do you think I should? Cause my art really sucks even if you go on my youtube channel, My art sucks. I've been drawing for 6 years and I'm not satisfied with my art.

G x b r i e l l e
G x b r i e l l e 2 months ago


Crisalida Thomassie
Crisalida Thomassie 2 months ago

What a great video! Thanks so much. I recently entered, for the first time to an amateur competition in the town I live in. I entered four paintings. Three oil paintings and one in pastels. To my surprise, I got three blue ribbons and one green. The blue ribbons means I’m qualified to to enter a competition at state level in the fall. I was shocked and happy. The judge gave us all her thoughts about each piece and I was happy about it! I’m a self taught artist and fear to expose myself was my first no-no to enter competitions until i decided to do it this time. I truly appreciate your video! Very encouraging and helpful. I will watch it again and again to make sure I do understand your tips. You are amazing and I love your videos. Best wishes and many blessings.

Jyoti Sahu
Jyoti Sahu 2 months ago

Thanks for so much help

wakamole mole
wakamole mole 2 months ago

Are there any good international contests?

Mike Love
Mike Love 2 months ago

Thank's For the info !

Bless Chopde
Bless Chopde 2 months ago

tommorow is my art competition wish me luck by clicking the like button!!!

Manvendra singh rathore

Very fast

Jan Wood
Jan Wood 2 months ago

I love art instruction with humor. Thanx!

Itzel Martinez
Itzel Martinez 2 months ago

I have a art contest the winer goes to a trip with the are teacher

Kari-Anne Brunet
Kari-Anne Brunet 2 months ago

Hey ummm i got a question can you do abstract painting in art contest cause I’m not good at like nature or people but I’m good at abstract painting, really good.

Chickensio 2 months ago

I am going to state lvl competition on April 13 or 14

See my art on Instagram
@ _virart

Sanggar Lukis Pelangi/easy drawing

Wow..good channel..

MONOTOSH MONDAL 2 months ago


Elisabeth Seeger
Elisabeth Seeger 2 months ago

HaHA = love it, so true - just like showing horses. Win some you don’t deserve, lose some you should have won, best go home happy for a great ride. Not an exact science.

TTundragrizzly 2 months ago

Are all are competitions requiring framed pieces? I know a painting looks almost twice as good with the proper frame.

The Fallen
The Fallen 2 months ago

Personally I’d like to enter an art competition, but there are hardly any good local competitions around my area but if I somehow manage to find and enter one then Wish me luck people (-_- )’

windy runner
windy runner 2 months ago

I'm entering an art competition and I'm really nervous,thanks for helping me get better at art ^^

Walt Pierluissi
Walt Pierluissi 2 months ago

You know, the way I see it.... van Gogh in all his life time only sold one piece and was to cover a debt.... Today you will pay millions for any van Gogh original.... In the other hand Monet was famous in his life time... So, it's a matter of life - ups and down!!!! Art is an expression of the soul, and there is no bad art.... only people who likes or not what they see; "beauty is on the eye of the beholder". I do art for me and to express the Creator's giving gift of my Soul, and I really don't care if someone else like it or not... I have just express what my Soul wants.

The Mind of Watercolor

Just the sort of fine art wisdom and experience I had hoped to see from you. Fine art approaches are pretty new to me having spent my career solely in commercial art. These tips make so much sense. Awesome to hear the point of view of an actual judge. And... it would have been worth the viewing regardless, just to watch you doodle. Fun!

Mary Kay Parker
Mary Kay Parker 2 months ago

Good one! I have never entered an art competition. But I've seen a lot of horse shows. There are some similarities for sure.