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Information DIY Fairy Light Wall! | sophdoesnails

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Frames DIY Fairy Light Wall! | sophdoesnails

Description DIY Fairy Light Wall! | sophdoesnails

DIY Fairy Light Wall! | sophdoesnails

DIY Fairy Light Wall! | sophdoesnails

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June Bug
June Bug 2 months ago

TAPE??!!!! :’(

RIMA SURESH 2 months ago

That' it really gonna look good? Cos the tape is opaque, right?

sweet one loves
sweet one loves 2 months ago


Its Nonny
Its Nonny 2 months ago

Me thinking it was gonna be a tutorial
But shes is just showing the lights😒😞

Birhane Kassaye
Birhane Kassaye 2 months ago


All In One
All In One 2 months ago

I Love u

• Coffee Clouds •

When she says push pins

Me:: teehee my sis has alot of push pins

Also me:: To her room zoom 🏎 😏😏😏

Felicia PERIOD
Felicia PERIOD 2 months ago

I tried tape because I dont have thumbtacks or nails and it wouldn't stay on 👁👄👁

Tornado Pets
Tornado Pets 2 months ago

How many Meters light is that??

Glamorous World
Glamorous World 2 months ago

I kept seeing these light walls on the web and I want one so badly. Finally I found Wow, they are really expensive – but they look awesome.

Er Sabina Sharma
Er Sabina Sharma 2 months ago


Ava 2727
Ava 2727 2 months ago

Use command hooks

Totally Cloudy
Totally Cloudy 2 months ago

I’m gonna ask for these on my birthday, i think i’ll use some clear tape lol

PINKY KUMARI 2 months ago

Today my fairy lights has ordered and I'm very happy😊😊

LifeAsKiraNichole 2 months ago

Wondering when the actual video starts it’s @ 2:50 thank me or not

Saptarshi Sneha
Saptarshi Sneha 2 months ago

What's the length of your fairy lights?

Sara Spy Girl
Sara Spy Girl 2 months ago


Techy Techy
Techy Techy 2 months ago

sadha grg
sadha grg 2 months ago

U literally talk too much 😩
I wasted my time on a trash till 2:50😨

Chrissy 2 months ago

3:35 Love using push pins, very secure. These are push pin friendly lights I use: Also love magic tape so the paint doesn’t peel off but it’s still transparent and it quite strong actually!

sky loves beanies
sky loves beanies 2 months ago

i bought my fairy lights based on metres rather than number sooo how many metres do u think the ones ur using would be?

Lucy’s Life
Lucy’s Life 2 months ago

No offence but the masking tape looks ugly :)

Nelida Gambetta
Nelida Gambetta 2 months ago

she looks a bit like a unicorn herself...

Syed Tahira
Syed Tahira 2 months ago

Di you are so cute

my today's topic
my today's topic 2 months ago

Ur lipstick shade number plzz it's damn hot

red sus
red sus 2 months ago

Mine just kept falling

IceeSwirlz 2 months ago

Omg, I love ur vids! we r just gonna buy some lights rn!

Mubin Bari
Mubin Bari 2 months ago

How many feet of light is here? Please tell me.

1 month ago
1 month ago 2 months ago

Can someone tell me if it’s fine if I use pins??

Totoy Bato TV
Totoy Bato TV 2 months ago

To much talking

Riny Nadine
Riny Nadine 2 months ago

I just bought a new led christmas to put at my bedroom and glad found ur channel!

Sunehra N
Sunehra N 2 months ago

just a heads up if you attach it with tape its going to fall eventually or really soon depending on the tape. One strong tape that will last a long time is gorilla tape and its also not very expensive but a very good tape in general :)

edit: you could also buy some wall hooks from amazon or other alternatives :)

Nandita Roy
Nandita Roy 2 months ago

What color of fairy lights will match a dark blue and grey room ?

J F 2 months ago

No I wasn't wandering any of that shit I just wanted to figure out how to put up some lights no one cares about your make up ffs

Rukiye Tok
Rukiye Tok 2 months ago

İngilizce yorumlar falan filan hayatın renklenir
Neyse türk avlamaya gittim ve elşm boş döndğm şimdş siz beni avlamaya gelşn

border than bored.
border than bored. 2 months ago

The first thing I was thinking of was I love your pug bed!!!!🤣😂🤣😂💕💕

Asmr Land
Asmr Land 2 months ago

Thought you were going to step by step show us

xox 2 months ago

You look so different 🤔

—carl n.
—carl n. 2 months ago

How long do you keep your fairy lights on??

emjay blanchette
emjay blanchette 2 months ago

can you help me if they won’t light up

luscious' 2 months ago

no offence but its actually ugly

Sandra Casas
Sandra Casas 2 months ago

Just get to how you did it, omg!!!!

Christine Silva
Christine Silva 2 months ago

Not to be rude but you were just talking a lot and the tape doesn’t really look good it won’t be better if u used clear tape instead.U can thank me later!😊

XxHoneymelonxX UwU
XxHoneymelonxX UwU 2 months ago


James Long
James Long 2 months ago

She just talks and talks she doesn’t really tell you how to make them.:( not great:(

ForgetMe1234 2 months ago

I marked it

Bubble Play's
Bubble Play's 2 months ago

2020 here😊

DustyFingers RC
DustyFingers RC 2 months ago

Spoiler: Attached with masking tape, not a good look. Thank me later.

Marley Palmer
Marley Palmer 2 months ago

Thanks this helped me 😊

Ur moms Chest hair
Ur moms Chest hair 2 months ago

and when u remove the tape u actually brake the wall 😂😂😅

Edit- thanks for 5 likes i mean I’ve never had more 🤪

Alejandra Cervantes
Alejandra Cervantes 2 months ago

You have one million subscribers am prude of you

N e v e X
N e v e X 2 months ago

How long were the lights x

Mia Marais
Mia Marais 2 months ago

Thanks! Very helpful!

no sad all swag
no sad all swag 2 months ago

Can I use something else like scotch tape or double sided tape?

dark mist
dark mist 2 months ago

Very nice an easy..will try it

Monday 2 months ago

The tape always fall and duct tape ALL TAPES:C

abi elizabeth
abi elizabeth 2 months ago

Can I use blue tack

Keke lovely
Keke lovely 2 months ago

How bright are they?

Philanthropist 2 months ago

Who else thought that the dog was real .lol😂😂😂😂

Sara Shammout
Sara Shammout 2 months ago

Omg it looks so cute

Himanshi Kapoor
Himanshi Kapoor 2 months ago

Something is wrong with my tape

Ryan Christian Geroleo

I love it .. I decorate my room tooo.. I love youre accent 😍

TotallyTayah 2 months ago


lyræ 2 months ago

Sey but the yellow tape is ugly

HardyBoxPot 2 months ago

Pig pillows... trust me. You don’t want one. I have two

Rebekah Payne
Rebekah Payne 2 months ago

Starting uni soon and this vid came up for fairy light walls, what a throwback!!

Taygram 2 months ago

Anyone else trying to make a background for their YouTube?🤗🥰
Any small youtubers wanna support each other?🥰
I just posted my second video and it would mean the world to me if you guys check it out!❤️🌷

Jessica Dehring
Jessica Dehring 2 months ago

They make these amazing command strip light hooks! They’re great. Try it! They’re clear and have clear stickers.

Flamebot 2 months ago

That super hard material that pushpins won't go through is called concrete.

An alternative is to use 3m double sided. Use thin strips so it won't look horrible. Or just go nail some corner Bass traps to hide the thick ugly 3m.

Jacob Lackey
Jacob Lackey 2 months ago

I saw the pug pillows and it was and instant like for me😂😂😍

Mari Chantal
Mari Chantal 2 months ago

I get light wall on my birthday

か Mochi subliminals

I just use the Christmas tree lights 😂😄

Deiontaez Jackson
Deiontaez Jackson 2 months ago


Trupti Patil
Trupti Patil 2 months ago

Cute cat😻😻😻😻😻😽😽😽😽😽😻😻😻😻😻😻

Ankita Banerjee
Ankita Banerjee 2 months ago

Love the hair color!!

Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir

I can’t do it, it ALWAYS falls UGGHHHHH

Ashwini Shivaram
Ashwini Shivaram 2 months ago

And u r look like fairy tale

Iffat Mumu
Iffat Mumu 2 months ago

how long this is?

Audrey Cecil
Audrey Cecil 2 months ago

I’m living for the pugs everywhere

mahe jabeen
mahe jabeen 2 months ago


Craze Snaps
Craze Snaps 2 months ago

U look like Selena Gomez

Alice_musical_Lover 2 months ago

Arent fairy lights not ment to be on a wall because it may burn the wall . Please say theirs a way not to burn the wall.

Gladys Rabaya
Gladys Rabaya 2 months ago


alicia 2 months ago

You spend more time talking about your social media than you showed the crappy light job 😒😒

Humberto Vargas
Humberto Vargas 2 months ago

Im probably the only guy here bc i like these types of stuff😂

Lissa Gador
Lissa Gador 2 months ago

How many lights or bundle of it did you use?

Sahil Danteni
Sahil Danteni 2 months ago

Product comes with warranty?

Pankaj Giri
Pankaj Giri 2 months ago

Hi sweetheart

Ishan Jindal
Ishan Jindal 2 months ago

Ur eyes r stunning

Ishan Jindal
Ishan Jindal 2 months ago

U r cute

nOor van Rijn
nOor van Rijn 2 months ago

I love your eyes

Sakina Ansari
Sakina Ansari 2 months ago

What level of happiness do you get in talking so much shit..better come to the point

Noor Awan
Noor Awan 2 months ago


jenchulichaeng 2 months ago

Are those lights called fairy lights wall ?

finally changed my name

I can't do it cause I dont want the electric bill to go up

Akfilas Anja Saandah
Akfilas Anja Saandah 2 months ago

Kesuen lek mu omong -_

Jose Escobedo
Jose Escobedo 2 months ago

I bought some form Walmart gonna put it on my bed but realized I put my posters and above my bed and my graduation gound

Lizmarie Bencosme
Lizmarie Bencosme 2 months ago

Lights are so cute what kind of lights are they

Nephele' 2 months ago

She was just talking half of the video

Chutong Tan
Chutong Tan 2 months ago

I always wanna do this for my room but concerned if this wasn’t safe.