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Martie 2 months ago

Wouldn't it have been cool it he had said fantastic in Chris voice!

Anton De la Cruz
Anton De la Cruz 2 months ago

It's so wonderful to see a girl finally imply but not properly say she is giving her boyfriend the shaft and then hold hands with a manipulative older guy driving a cool car right in front of him. Romance!

StarWarFan 2 months ago

Lmao mickey just third wheeling it so hard with his own girlfriend, the good doctor really knows how to cuck em

FPL Maestro
FPL Maestro 2 months ago

When he says 'fantastic' I always smile 😁

I3urntTree 2 months ago

For the longest time I did not really care for Mickey. After the episode with his Gran, however, I always liked him more no matter what episode he was in. That episode did not add much, but it added just enough.

Lucas Cummings
Lucas Cummings 2 months ago

The score in this scene is the same as in the farewell scene in Doomsday

ParkEnder18 2 months ago

I wish it was 2005 again

Winged Rhino
Winged Rhino 2 months ago

What happened to Barcelona? The 10th and the 11th doctor never took rose there...

Mahfuz Chowdhury
Mahfuz Chowdhury 2 months ago

9th Doctor was too serious but was quite funny though 10th Doctor became better n more fun.

Mr Wax
Mr Wax 2 months ago

I always felt that the doctor is really disrespectful to Mickey. Charming his girlfriend and holding her hand right in front of him

Gaia R. D. Rosendahl
Gaia R. D. Rosendahl 2 months ago

"That way" 👉 "No hold on, that way" 👉 And he points to the excact same way! That has always annoyed me lol 😅

Patapad22 2 months ago

He says 'fantastic' to show rose he is still the same and still loves her

rafterscott 2 months ago

0:05 "No denying the existence of aliens now, everyone saw it."

And promptly forget every time.

killer gamer
killer gamer 2 months ago

And it is going to be fantastic

Nathan Hepple
Nathan Hepple 2 months ago

Best Scene ever when Rose joins The 10th Doctor. In Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion 😀👍

AC9123 2 months ago

The second the clip started I recognized the music. Yikes.

Amon Rawya
Amon Rawya 2 months ago

Imma just pretend it ended here and they travelled time and space for eternity and HAD LOTS OF GALIFREYEN BABBIESSSSSS

Lars's Wig
Lars's Wig 2 months ago

Poor Mickey

sun shine
sun shine 2 months ago

1:40 how he looks at her uwu😍 true love

Franziska Lechmann
Franziska Lechmann 2 months ago

She really was his girlfriend
Even if they never dared to commit it. This scene is the clear prove. Rose and the Doctor look at the stars and discuss their new adventures only together. Are getting so excited about their acceptance to travel together again. Roses refuse to stay with mickey. Because on earth is nothing any more to keep her from the stars and from her doctor. Mickey also sadly but fair looser gives up. Than they hold each other by the hand and look at the sky. And the doctor just can't take his eyes off her. He also smiles so cheerful and so in love with her. He only smiles for her. They are without a doubt the greatest couple in time and space. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Poopfromcat 2 months ago

Poor Mickey,
Gotta be rough being cucked by the Doc!

Howyaduing 2 months ago

This was when Doctor Who finally took off!!! The first season was a classic but David Tennant helped keep the show afloat after the sudden departure of Christopher Eccleston. 10 will always be my doctor. Our generations Tom Baker so to speak...

Anya Tindall
Anya Tindall 2 months ago

6300th like :)))))

Methadone Marvin
Methadone Marvin 2 months ago

You gotta feel proper bad for Micky, I mean his girlfriend just went off with some random guy

Emily L
Emily L 2 months ago

His smile is so beautiful, i looove seeing him smile

PROTRO 005 2 months ago

Her mum ok with her life at risk

Aaron DiBenedetto
Aaron DiBenedetto 2 months ago

Mick do be simpin hard

Kennys Boat
Kennys Boat 2 months ago

That snow just looks so fake!

Mike 2 months ago

Kind of weird holding hands with another man whilst your boyfriend is a few feet away.

GrumpyBear 2 months ago

I love how this version loves who he his. He wants to see things with his new eyes like wanting to take a new car down old roads. Already foreshadowed how he didn't want to ever regenerate again.

Jackie Rosas
Jackie Rosas 2 months ago

I remember when I first watched Doctor Who, it was the 9th doctor and I was in absolute shock when the regeneration happened. I was so sad, I loved the 9th Doctor, and I just don't like change. But then 10 came out and carved a space for a second heart. I don't know if I'll ever love another Doctor more.

I don't know. In some ways I feel like I was always supposed to watch Doctor Who, particularly 9-10. Just look at my name for crying out loud!

ENK 2 months ago

It's weird because the show didn't look as good but it was so much more enjoyable back then.

Roman Kramer
Roman Kramer 2 months ago

I Want to Become The Tenth Doctor !

Sammy 2 months ago

I miss Rose and 10

VGEvery 2 months ago

Poor Mickey

Isa Ngo
Isa Ngo 2 months ago

This is when Doctor who was amazing

Peter Molina
Peter Molina 2 months ago

Might just be me but after binge watching dr.who for the 100th time I've noticed that rose is a bit selfish and a little slower then other companions.

f pp
f pp 2 months ago

1:43.... David Tennant's eyes and smile tho 😍😍

babebube boink
babebube boink 2 months ago

If I have the chance to travel with the dr. I will 😄😂

Angel Groves
Angel Groves 2 months ago

My heart and soul, this is.

cole turner
cole turner 2 months ago

I never understand mickey. Why wouldn't she want that life? Him being disappointed makes no sense, of course anyone would pick travelling in the tardis.

Jenna Ramos
Jenna Ramos 2 months ago

They never did go to Barcelona lol

shymaa salem
shymaa salem 2 months ago

Christmas invasion
rose: what are you gonna do next?
10: back to the tardis. same old life.
rose: on your own?
10: why, don't you wanna come?
rose: what are you gonna do now?
10: I've got a tardis. same old life. last of the time lords.
rose: on your own
10: *nods

my heart is forever broken by that parallel

Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 2 months ago

I see this and I think ahead to their meeting on the beach.

the10thleper 2 months ago

Well.... so much for the black guy....and right in front of him...

Richard Reed
Richard Reed 2 months ago

David Tennant is My Favourite Doctor in Doctor Who

Purple Antidote
Purple Antidote 2 months ago

That Murray delicate yet so powerful...still gets me teary...and the way 10 just looks at Rose..gah! Why can't a timelord whizz in to my life and take me away?

Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 months ago

0:39 omg that music still brings tears to my eye

Adams Torres
Adams Torres 2 months ago

This show took me to the stars and back. Watching this, reminds me of that childish wonder that I felt when I first watched these episodes. Not knowing how much I would love this show and how much it would inspire in my life

Zach Brookes
Zach Brookes 2 months ago

And hence began the most overrated Doctor/companion dynamic ever.

Erica Hertzberg
Erica Hertzberg 2 months ago

Watching this after season 4 when Rose's Theme plays at the very end of the End of Time gives me the chills and makes me emotional all over again ugh ;_;

MineKurtMininer 2 months ago

1:08 oh my gosh he did a Christopher Eccelston reference

Hoắc Phong Linh
Hoắc Phong Linh 2 months ago

I always love Tenth Doctor and Rose. From bottom of my heart, i hope David and Billie will back.

CookieMastah 2 months ago

Doctor: No denying the existance of aliens, everyone saw it

Years later:

People: Make selfies with cybermen like they don't know what they are

Graham: Aliens don't exist!

Red Panda
Red Panda 2 months ago

I just watched doomsday again and this made me wanna cry

liamnaruto 2 months ago

9th depature was actually cause Christopher Eccleston didn't like the way things where run in 2005

jason green
jason green 2 months ago

it has been so bad this season i had to watch this just so I could remember the good times.,

Tomas Nikolinko
Tomas Nikolinko 2 months ago

Merry christmas 2018.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 months ago

Love this bit

gamer v
gamer v 2 months ago

He should've said Barcelona

cat ✨
cat ✨ 2 months ago

1:38 DEATH would be less painful

Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 2 months ago

"You were fantastic, and you know what? So was I" - The 9th Doctor
"And it is gonna be, fantastic" - The 10th Doctor

StillJustDreaming 2 months ago

They're both so shy and sweet here. A quiet scene with a great deal of emotion.

Obunni 2 months ago

I love how both of them are so insecure, but still really, really love each other. They're so afraid the other won't accept them because of the regeneration.

Terri S
Terri S 2 months ago

This is why RTD made tentoo (metacrisis Doctor.) Just in case David wanted to return to the role later on but looked older (which he never does...maybe he really is a TimeLord lol) he could easily slip right back in because the metacrisis Doctor ages along with Rose.

Roman Kramer
Roman Kramer 2 months ago

I want to be the tenth doctor

Max Adrian
Max Adrian 2 months ago


The Professor
The Professor 2 months ago

I think Rose stayed because of the Doctor looking hot.

Carolina Bastos
Carolina Bastos 2 months ago

They were just so naturally good together, I always felt that the relationship between the doctor and river song was a little bit forced, in my opinion the doctor loves River but he not only just loved Rose but was IN LOVE with her.

Eynis Rose Varda
Eynis Rose Varda 2 months ago


Jason Knight
Jason Knight 2 months ago

And Doctor Who could have ended there and I would have been perfectly fine with it.

Tim B's Adventures
Tim B's Adventures 2 months ago

Features David Tennant, but has Matt Smith at the end telling us to subscribe??!?
BBC sure didn't know how to do things back in 2013...XD

Now it's 2017...and Look at the outro now

Mr Flibble
Mr Flibble 2 months ago

1:04 just summed up the entire tennant era. Brilliant time in my life, made my childhood so great

Terminator_ Judgement

So alas, December has fallen upon us again. To start it off, thought I'd take a trip down memory lane, and watch this.

NoenMar 2 months ago

I love this scene

Louvie 2 months ago

God I miss Ten.

Nash Ramlugan
Nash Ramlugan 2 months ago

It's missing something, oh wait! Don't forget to subscribe to the official Doctor Who youtube channel

Abigail F.
Abigail F. 2 months ago

1:08 Fantasy-ahh-stick!

the official Kieran & kate

This is won my favourite tenth doctor moment

Angela McCafferrty
Angela McCafferrty 2 months ago

"Fantastic" Always love when a new Doctor basically says it's more or less still me

Henry Peters
Henry Peters 2 months ago

The Doctor: "No denying the existence of aliens now."
The Media: "They put chemicals in the water."

A. 2 months ago


kenna163 2 months ago

god i hope chibnall fixes it.

123Bookluver 2 months ago

My goodness I miss those two. Even if you don't ship them, the bond of friendship is undeniable in this scene. Brilliant writing.

Set Username
Set Username 2 months ago

And then you remember Doomsday :..(

Bristi 2 months ago

Watch 1:39 and just TELL me to my face you don't think Ten loved Rose

ashiya029kaulitz 2 months ago

The relief on his face when rose still wanted to come with him is life.

Josh Ford
Josh Ford 2 months ago

Rose is the worst companion in modern WHO. The way she treated Mickey was appalling, so when she got sucked into the parallel world, I cheered with joy and that cringy love story with The Doctor was put to bed.

...But even then, RTD couldn't let the character of Rose go. I was sick of hearing her name all through series 3 and then when she was brought back in S4 -.-
So pleased Moffat took over and made DW fresh again!

George 2 months ago

Great how he quoted 9th doctor

Madison Taylor
Madison Taylor 2 months ago

Ten and Rose feels 😭💕💕💕

Supreme Overlorde
Supreme Overlorde 2 months ago

I smile like an idiot whenever he says, "And it is gonna be fantastic."

Jenna Edits
Jenna Edits 2 months ago

I just realized that they used the music in the background for when Rose said goodbye on Wolf bay to the doctor.

Doctor Who • 57 years ago

1:08 Fantastic ☺😟😢😏😊

Bill Osborn
Bill Osborn 2 months ago

I like the way that 10 reminds her that he is the same doctor as before, when he says it is going to be "Fantasitic!" -9's favorite expression.

busywl69 2 months ago

poor mickey. can't do a thing but watch.


The good old times so beautiful and perfect. I miss them so much

Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven 2 months ago

The part where he says fantastic doesn't make as much sense without the deleted scene where The Doctor struggles to say fantastic, it doesn't fit his new teeth apparently.

JayWalkER 2 months ago

The look on The Tenth Doctor's face when Rose is talking to Mickey is priceless

Luca Eduardo Piotto
Luca Eduardo Piotto 2 months ago

world fantastic regenerastes allon zi

Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens 2 months ago

Oh and one more thing, did anyone notice that they say almost the exact same thing to each other on the beach in Doomsday?
ROSE: What're you going to do?
HOLO-DOCTOR: Oh, I've got the Tardis. Same old life, last of the Time Lords.
ROSE: On your own?