7 Ideas For This Year's Christmas Dinner



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Title : 7 Ideas For This Year's Christmas Dinner

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7 Ideas For This Year's Christmas Dinner

7 Ideas For This Year's Christmas Dinner

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Planetary Queen
Planetary Queen 2 months ago

All looks really good 😂

Planetary Queen
Planetary Queen 2 months ago

What are u talking about about !! Looks even Nice deliciously even to serve on a Restaurant ..

Lilou 's account
Lilou 's account 2 months ago

They got a thing w/ wine 🧐

Dark Bright
Dark Bright 2 months ago

There is something really uncomfortable about how they handled that meat turning it inside out and stuff made me feel weird lol

VictorQuincanon 2 months ago

Are you recommending the music to replace our traditional Christmas music as well?

Sarah van Rooyen
Sarah van Rooyen 2 months ago

Huh, fruit in a turkey, what the heck

TheFuzzyGrim 2 months ago

I was not prepared to see that meat be turned inside out

Demaree Wheeler
Demaree Wheeler 2 months ago

SO many onions in that stuffed meatloaf nightmare. My stomach is ruined just seeing that.

Demaree Wheeler
Demaree Wheeler 2 months ago

That's what it felt like when I gave birth.

DoomBunny 2 months ago

Celeriac....sounds like a disease....O.O

SKY BLUE 2 months ago

I don't know how I ended watching this. I was searching for easy lasagna vids. But I must admit is something interesting😬😅

reneleathers 2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions on how to get rid of my relatives forever! 🤣

Brandon Russell
Brandon Russell 2 months ago

What is celeriac?!

Lady Grinning soul
Lady Grinning soul 2 months ago

The turning beef inside out 😐🤭🤢🤮

Two Boys
Two Boys 2 months ago

This shit nasty af

Thomas Beltz
Thomas Beltz 2 months ago


luvprue1 2 months ago

What is the first meat? What kind of beef is that?

Nick Head
Nick Head 2 months ago

Have fun picking out the shards of glass in that chicken OMGLOLPMSL

Mousey Publishings
Mousey Publishings 2 months ago

Did u make that steak in to a pink sock? Wtf?

Michelle Stillwater
Michelle Stillwater 2 months ago

W-why are all these recipes so disgusting looking? AND THE SALT OMG.

Jordacus 2 months ago

Is this a joke video?

Sandra Piazza
Sandra Piazza 2 months ago

The pork roast with all that cheese and onion looked disgusting. It was fun to watch.

J Prevatt
J Prevatt 2 months ago

Are these roasted or baked in a convection oven? That must be the difference in temps or cook time.

Ain't no way in reg oven a whole chicken done in under an hour...still pinkish in the center. And veiny!

Demidov Andrey
Demidov Andrey 2 months ago

Просто супер👍
Очень хорошо 👍

Avacarho 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. From the video, we’re going to make the Drunken Chicken with the Brussels sprouts and parsley potatoes for Christmas dinner. Can’t wait.

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin 2 months ago

NO on the pickles

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin 2 months ago

Still raw, yuk! #1

Laura Shadforth
Laura Shadforth 2 months ago

What the actual hell did I just watch?

Bruno D
Bruno D 2 months ago

Is there any particular type of red wine you would recommend for some of the recipes that call for it?

Joe Camp
Joe Camp 2 months ago

Does not look good

Sandy Miller
Sandy Miller 2 months ago

Why I’m a vegan...

Doris Rowe
Doris Rowe 2 months ago

Told my husband about these amazing creations for a celebration with comments ... he was tuned on!

Sharon R
Sharon R 2 months ago

Waiting for the inside out chicken carcas!

Vance Couturier
Vance Couturier 2 months ago

Anybody who uses this video for Christmas dinner is officially public enemy number one

Diomedes osu
Diomedes osu 2 months ago

This feels like the modern equivalent of those horrific 70s "showpiece" recipes.

Rocco Sophie
Rocco Sophie 2 months ago

No time for videos that use music instead of words.

Rosie Bargoed
Rosie Bargoed 2 months ago

That was really gross turning that beef inside out. Don’t play with your food 🤮

Josiah Silas Michael
Josiah Silas Michael 2 months ago

These are cursed

Fwuffles 2 months ago

First one's illegal

Metric Gaming
Metric Gaming 2 months ago

Just because you can does not mean you should

A Returning Dog
A Returning Dog 2 months ago

2:13 nooooo raping a dead chicken!!!

Corey Spruce
Corey Spruce 2 months ago

I can never unsee that inside out meat happening...😑Life could not have gone any slower during those god awful 5 seconds...

Lorenzo DelSanto
Lorenzo DelSanto 2 months ago

This channel is seriously a fucking joke, right? I honestly hope so..

Trash Boi
Trash Boi 2 months ago

That first one is a heckin meat stocking

M Ollie
M Ollie 2 months ago

Some great ideas but size and cuts of meat are bit pricey here in UK to try the unusual.

Andrea Raviglione
Andrea Raviglione 2 months ago

all haters and thumbs down are repressed vegetarians!!! just added to my lockdown xmas self-indulgent compilation... love it!

Mountain Mischief
Mountain Mischief 2 months ago

"Blue Food Coloring"


Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 2 months ago

Don’t eat flesh chums, go veggie and save the planet........

Judith Mcdonald
Judith Mcdonald 2 months ago

5:04 mmmmm... mystery marinade. On second thought, it really is best that we don't know what that is.

prosumerama 2 months ago

God, you must hate food

Man Putty
Man Putty 2 months ago

This is bad, even by shitty clickbait content farm standards. Well done, you're at the bottom of the barrel.

Chris Stans
Chris Stans 2 months ago

I had never thought of doing that with a roast

laurentHK 2 months ago

this is a B movie equivalent ..gross

whyomgwhywtf 2 months ago

This shit is why the UK is NOT known for their food lol just keep it simple for Christmas make a regular roast dinner, cover everything in gravy as ya do and call it boxing day. Easy.

Sayeh Rezvani
Sayeh Rezvani 2 months ago

Interesting recipes! Thank you 🙏

John Vanegmond
John Vanegmond 2 months ago

1st recipe: Prolapsed Beef Roast.

blondecat666 2 months ago

The US is killing me with 'Swiss cheese'. I mean, really. There are over 400 types of cheese in Switzerland. Americans have no idea when it comes to anything culinary.

david nieve
david nieve 2 months ago

CHRISTMASS! I am going to eat each of those tonight!

NiNi Na
NiNi Na 2 months ago

Also put red onions into the chicken tray. 🙂

Kevin Freeman
Kevin Freeman 2 months ago

these are so cringy

Wright Gregson
Wright Gregson 2 months ago

thanks for NOT peeling the potatoes

Gina 2 months ago

So glad the word christmas is used instead of holidays, Im not a christian, but love Christmas, dont know why no one seems to be allowed to say it anymore?

DiabloMinero 2 months ago

This is horrifying. You're on weed. Go home until you're sober enough to distinguish between good and bad food.

DiabloMinero 2 months ago

You geniuses just made a turkey wellington? What were you thinking?

DiabloMinero 2 months ago

Your bacon ain't bacon.

Beth's Vanlife Adventure

Wish you would have told us the names of these dishes

Hannah 2 months ago

Even though most of these recipes aren't really to my taste preferences, I love these videos! Thank you for the care and effort you put into them! 😊

shanfara 2 months ago

A truly grotesque series of dishes. What a complete waste of ingredients.

maria luiza matai
maria luiza matai 2 months ago

Yay!... These recipes are so creative!... And the best part of it...we don't have to wait for Christmas... All the ingredientes are available here in Brazil but goose... So, what's is your suggestion ?

Hippie Homesteader
Hippie Homesteader 2 months ago

Good stuff . glad you didn't roast a beer can with all that paint and plastic lol , I always use a Mason jar .

nile pax
nile pax 2 months ago

This is what happens when you eat pizza and McDonald's for 364 days a year. Your taste buds are fucked and Muzak is your learned choice.
Genghis khan: hold my yak blood...

Kathryn Crowley Bryan

J H Christ

Kim Zastrow
Kim Zastrow 2 months ago

I took the boy applebee christmas eve...new years he went to bourbon street at 4 pm with the senoirs for new years that is not a good time to that him early for dinner on new years eve...he got beads it was just us and the seniors in the dinning area it was cause we were home by 5 or 6 a clock and in jammies

Martha Eckel
Martha Eckel 2 months ago

Art/food combinations... Very skilled and innovative chef.
Life is too short to be mundane; Indulgence is the new me! Love your channel 🍾🥂😍

Linda Steckel
Linda Steckel 2 months ago

Although I don't mix milk and meat together, I find your channel endlessly fascinating and creative.

Andrew Barrett
Andrew Barrett 2 months ago

Why do you put cheese on everything is it an American thing to have cheese on everything.

Deanna Cauley
Deanna Cauley 2 months ago

I'm sorry is that Apple's in hamburger meat

Belinda Benz
Belinda Benz 2 months ago

You didn't Brown it like you should have!

Cynthia Tingler
Cynthia Tingler 2 months ago

Goose costs upwards of $100 for a family dinner and that’s just the raw goose.

SergeantBoop 2 months ago

What the ever loving fuck was that pickle beef abomination. I see this channels videos all the time, and I ask why a lot... But that one upset me to my core. You followed perfect methods of cooking a nice roast but you weren't cooking a roast, you were making some weird beef mustard pickle thing. Please stop.

Kelly Van Dijk
Kelly Van Dijk 2 months ago

To much salt

Lilly 2 months ago

These fake positive paid comments need to stop smh.

Tonia Varnum
Tonia Varnum 2 months ago


Jene' Walker
Jene' Walker 2 months ago

You totally fucked up the pork roast, (Seapraad is what they call it here in Estonia) and what you made is an authentic Christmas dinner here, but... just let it cook. No cheese, no extra onions, no slicing it in the middle... Just cook it for a few hours... Why you fucking shit up?

Nushrat Jabeen
Nushrat Jabeen 2 months ago


Dorian Henderson
Dorian Henderson 2 months ago

Amazingly good though!

Leighanne Kelly
Leighanne Kelly 2 months ago


Sonja Morrison
Sonja Morrison 2 months ago

Christmas dinner does not involve pickles

thembelani mopfu
thembelani mopfu 2 months ago

Wow, this is cooking taken to another level. I am definitely going to try these recipes out. Thanks a lot for sharing.

ryan vincent
ryan vincent 2 months ago

The turkey one was the best.
The pickles one,...not so much.

Patricia Oldfield
Patricia Oldfield 2 months ago

Is love to know where I could get bacon that looks as good as what you used in the 1st recipe, the stuffed beef roast. I've never seen such meaty bacon. Thx!

Gregory Shufelt
Gregory Shufelt 2 months ago

Amazing. Makes you hungry.

Jeannette Maldonado
Jeannette Maldonado 2 months ago

I'm going to invent extra holidays so I can have all of these...2020's been a doozy, we all deserve extra 🤗🤗🤗

Jeffery Dion
Jeffery Dion 2 months ago

I can watch this all day

Mckay Schwenke
Mckay Schwenke 2 months ago

You are the best cook in the world

NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere

👍 Sehr gut und schön, danke!

Cheryl Benincasa
Cheryl Benincasa 2 months ago

You can't do any wrong. I'm not your parent and I'm proud of you. I'm 71 lady and you keep amazing me. God bless

elizabeth may
elizabeth may 2 months ago

All meat again!!!!!

natascha 2 months ago

5:04 mmmmm... mystery marinade. On second thought, it really is best that we don't know what that is.

PM N 2 months ago

All of these are pretty gross, had to stop half way through.