Being A New Dad: Things No One Told You


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Title : Being A New Dad: Things No One Told You

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Description Being A New Dad: Things No One Told You

Being A New Dad: Things No One Told You

Being A New Dad: Things No One Told You

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Hazel Equinox
Hazel Equinox 2 months ago

I totally just sent this to my husband. We five more months. 😂

I love this so much. I think it's great to hear this all from the father's perspective.

Krystal Korhonen
Krystal Korhonen 2 months ago

This video is PERFECT!

Robin Bosman
Robin Bosman 2 months ago

Good talk man, I only just started to freak out this morning when my girl mentioned a pain she had during breakfast. I don't know why I was so chill before vs now. We are still three weeks away from the planned date.

Mark Thornton
Mark Thornton 2 months ago

Great video. That's exactly what happens! Be warned.

Money Long
Money Long 2 months ago

The thumbnail already got me like goooot damn 🤣💀

joseph lafrance
joseph lafrance 2 months ago

Dude been a dad for 35 yrs got you beat

Maria's Happy Place
Maria's Happy Place 2 months ago

This was great! I watched the entire video and quickly sent it to boyfriend! This will be his first but not mine so as much as I want to educate him on what to expect, I think it's so great for him to hear it from another dad. And this video was great also because you're just real about it all and very laid back and I think we can all relate to that. Awesome video, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear my boyfriend's thoughts after watching this vid!

SIN Sneaker Information Nation

I know one thing..I have a 5 yr old. I have to take the verbal abuse from his mother and him. I'm not allowed to cuss not allowed to react like a man when a toy is thrown at my face while I'm sleeping. I know I'm going to snap soon. I've asked for help from family. They are on her side. I'm the piece of shit who is complaining. I love my kid but this shit don't seem worth it!

Abigail Brooke
Abigail Brooke 2 months ago

What an amazing family God bless you 🙏❤️

Abigail Brooke
Abigail Brooke 2 months ago

“The vending machine old faithful “ lololol

Abigail Brooke
Abigail Brooke 2 months ago

What a great video !

AngelicxIris 2 months ago

awesome video

K B 2 months ago

I remember about a month before the baby was due, we were stuck in traffic besides a regional airport. One of the guys I worked with said “see that runway there?” “Yes, why?” “Take a good long look at it because that’s the last landing str*p you will see for a long time.!” Though I would throw some humor around today.

Gilly Mac
Gilly Mac 2 months ago

You let your son's genitals be unnecessarily mutilated. That's soooo messed up. That ain't love, that's abuse. I'm out of here

I am who You say I am

Thank you so much for this 🌺 It's easy for us women to overlook what he's going through because we're so preoccupied with the baby, and when we ask, he often lies and says he's fine... But we know something's wrong. You rock for this 👍

I am who You say I am

Trying so hard not to laugh and wake him up 😂🤣😂

Moonchild 2 months ago

When he said "Pick up the sock" I automatically thought of Phoebe yelling from friends😂😂

Daughter of The Sun
Daughter of The Sun 2 months ago

Does this guy look a hint bit like Sinbad?

The Dad Knight
The Dad Knight 2 months ago

Great video bud! Hits in some great points!

LGKids 2 months ago

First of all you look like a young Sinbad, second of all depending on the trimester, thread likely with watching this with her! Lol! Peace!

Jamal Steele
Jamal Steele 2 months ago

Yooo I got a baby on the way and this video helped me out a ton man! Thanks!!

Lowdninja 2 months ago

Covid's stopped me ging to ultrasounds. I hope they allow me in for the birth at least! I want to be there to catch my child.

That Random Geeky Guy

Thank you 🙏

James Boyce
James Boyce 2 months ago

You got that sinbad look going on keep doing you man

Eduardo Medina
Eduardo Medina 2 months ago

Excellent video!!! Thank you so much. Just had our baby a few days ago and you are on point with everything!

Meag_ Ken
Meag_ Ken 2 months ago

I’m 20 weeks pregnant watching this and my hearts melting 💙

And thank you for mentioning postpartum in fathers. I never thought of that. Not because I’m selfish but because you never hear about it 💙

Purple 2 months ago

I think it is so important that you shared the father's side. Thank you!

Art Montano
Art Montano 2 months ago

Lol he looks like $160 million dak

Kimberly Castro
Kimberly Castro 2 months ago

My man started working out the day he told me my belly was getting bigger and that irritated me lol

Mike Murdok
Mike Murdok 2 months ago

Man, do I HAVE to pick up the sock? 😫😫😫

Dulce Alvarez
Dulce Alvarez 2 months ago

You are hilarious!! I love your enthusiasm lol sending this to my boyfriend thank you 🙏🏼❤️

Kenny Alexis
Kenny Alexis 2 months ago

Great video but does anyone else think he looks like Sinbad?

Mark TV
Mark TV 2 months ago

bro 3:05😂😂

Sierra Mower
Sierra Mower 2 months ago

I absolutely love that you did a whole Bible study with your family, and opened up about how the new baby was affecting you. It's really important for new dads, and all men for that matter, to really communicate when new changes are causing mental changes. And it's great that everyone in your family Bible study was there for you in that moment. A support system is hard for some people to establish. Congratulations on your new baby!

Hannah 2 months ago

Aww bless you. It's nice that you are such an attentive father. I hope you're less stressed about it now. Poor guy.

ChelleAly 2 months ago

Amazing video! So we’ll said. I’m going to share and rewatch with my husband. We’re expecting in May and I’m super excited and nervous.

NortadoLoco 2 months ago

Thank you for this.

Jtg Legend
Jtg Legend 2 months ago

Teen father here 👋🏽 I’m 17 turns 18 in July babies due in June & honestly I’m super confused emotionally & mentally & the responsibility is extreme to bare

Benjamin Brookins
Benjamin Brookins 2 months ago

Thanks man. It definitely helped me reconcile any uneasy feelings. Being unsure as a first time father is inevitable, and your look back has definitely boosted my confidence. You seem like a great dad and I hope to be as insightful as you, for both my wife and child.

Mya Morphy
Mya Morphy 2 months ago

The delivery of this video was very funny!! Im at the gym rn and I almost dropped the weights haha

RAIDER GAINZ x 2 months ago

Bro looks like sinbad. Nice vid. Much appreciated bro.

Genesis Vanderhorst
Genesis Vanderhorst 2 months ago

It’s soooo amazing hearing from the dads point of view. I really appreciate this video. Thank you guys!

mommy Raichous
mommy Raichous 2 months ago

My husband was with me every doctors appointment my first pregnancy. Precovid.
I'm 7 almost 8 months pregnant now with our second. Hes unable to go to most of my doctors appointments. He can come to the ultrasounds that's about it. He feels like hes failing as a husband because of it. Which is so sweet.
He was such a big help with my first pregnancy and tries with my second pregnancy 😅

Jennifer Fields
Jennifer Fields 2 months ago

A lot of hospitals now give one special meal for new parents. Hubby and I had surf and turf

Jennifer Fields
Jennifer Fields 2 months ago

You will see things, unspeakable things. Lmao

James French
James French 2 months ago

Thank you.

Johnathan Schwartz
Johnathan Schwartz 2 months ago

As a new dad and first time through pregnancy with my wife. the biggest stressor during it all was having to miss ultrasounds because of the quarantine. Very frustrating

Robert Bocchino
Robert Bocchino 2 months ago

13:05, I cannot relate to that feeling at all. Not only was I holding my wife’s hand and guiding her with the nurse and doctor during the delivery, I cried tears of joy when he was born. My life gained a whole new meaning, and that amazing unconditional love and bond was there the minute he was born. I understand everyones emotions and attachments are different person to person. One universal rule is that every human on this earth has the need and desire to be loved.

rinbu23 2 months ago

Thank u for sharing your experience.... it really helps to peak into a new dad’s experience even though it is unique to everyone of them.

PrincessRoi 2 months ago

This video is a true gift. Literally thank you! Because my boyfriend is so new to this and really seems like he's afraid to ask questions even though he's totally clueless.

OMGitsquetta 1
OMGitsquetta 1 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experience.

rawancee 2 months ago

Thank you for this video!

Holistic _Riles
Holistic _Riles 2 months ago

I'm an 18 year old high school student.... Why am I here😂

John Grady
John Grady 2 months ago

These assholes really didn’t let me go in with my wife to find out the sex of our baby. I had to do this on FaceTime instead of being there for/with my wife. I hate Covid

Christopher Freeman
Christopher Freeman 2 months ago

I really appreciate this video, thank you for putting this out there. I especially appreciate the post partum mental health discussion, this will hopefully help a lot of us put some of our feelings into perspective.

Julia Mihaj
Julia Mihaj 2 months ago

This is very helpful for the mom to know what’s going with Dad!!! Thank you!

Lisa Mcdonald
Lisa Mcdonald 2 months ago

Let me tell you something you may not hear elsewhere. If your wife finds breastfeeding extremely painful, give her "permission" to stop. It should be her free choice, without being guilted into suffering through. Just some serious advice from a mother of one.

L 697
L 697 2 months ago

New future dad here. (feels weird but good typing that). Thank you for this vid, helped reduce my anxiety and I am already a slave hahaha. But I don't mind that, I understand how much she must need me right now. Thank you

Nala Moon
Nala Moon 2 months ago

complete fear in his eyes. Memory’s of ww2

Drew Blank
Drew Blank 2 months ago

Things to covid we cannot even take any classes

datboylance 2 months ago

I was waiting for you to address the nasty attitudes women have after birth 😒 but hey I know they get a pass due to hormones 😒🤪

Sanele Mjoli
Sanele Mjoli 2 months ago

Wow beautiful
God bless you for this.

Lauren Robbins
Lauren Robbins 2 months ago

Great video!

Lungile Khoza
Lungile Khoza 2 months ago

Thank you

Jeremiah Yosseff
Jeremiah Yosseff 2 months ago

2 day old dad right here

CJ Wise
CJ Wise 2 months ago

I just want to say that as a father this video resonated with me 100%. But let me give you peace of mind. If and when you have a second child, this anxiety/depression/uncertainty is much less intense because you’ve been through it once and know how to handle it through your past experience. I just had a second child a week ago and so far I feel those same feelings trying to creep in and I’ve learned how to battle them intelligently.

Parker McGinnis
Parker McGinnis 2 months ago

This man is not from the hood

grapeypear 2 months ago

Awww thank you 🙏

Shivon Richards
Shivon Richards 2 months ago

Great video!

Desiree Zozaya
Desiree Zozaya 2 months ago

So grateful I came across your video even though I watched it by myself I will rewatch it with my partner. I definitely want to make sure he’s comfortable enough to express how he’s going to be feeling every step of the way.

Colorless Oz
Colorless Oz 2 months ago

What he said: How to swaddle your baby.
What I heard: How to swallow your baby.
Yeah. I wouldn't know how to do that too.

Davion Cash
Davion Cash 2 months ago

Due to corona I wasn’t able to go inside for ultrasound or anything I never seen the growth thru the doctor process or whatever.

Sophia Pena
Sophia Pena 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this.

Devon and Mary-Jo Eddy

I wasn't allowed to go in with my wife for the ultrasound because of covid-19 so I sat in the car.

Jess kerr
Jess kerr 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experience! I will definitely be using your advice in the very near future!

hano jo
hano jo 2 months ago

I like that he was honest he said the negative part with the positive part

Gabriel Guerra
Gabriel Guerra 2 months ago

Tank you man

jai harji
jai harji 2 months ago

Awesome video man. Love your vibe and honesty!

Jessie Robideau
Jessie Robideau 2 months ago

I couldn't go in for any of the ultrasounds because of stupid ass Covid-19. However I was there to drive her, wait for her and pick her up when her appointments are done.

Aubrey Parks
Aubrey Parks 2 months ago

This was so helpful.. your right that the mans pov is not talked about enough. We are new parents. Baby is 6 weeks. I’m glad you expressed you felt. I always wonder how my husband feels. Lol not easy getting it out.

Ella 2 months ago

Really appreciate you sharing your experience! It helps me think about what my partner will be experiencing when the time comes, and also great tips so he can support me better during delivery!

Scott Casey
Scott Casey 2 months ago

Thanks for this

Alba chan
Alba chan 2 months ago

My boyfriend also gain weight with me. Also i broke my arm while i was 26 week pregnant... So imagine, he has to bath me, undress and dress me, hear my complains... This man is earning Heaven.

Paint By Coco
Paint By Coco 2 months ago

Thank you for being so transparent. I sent this to the new father to be.

Amelie Cormier
Amelie Cormier 2 months ago

I love everything about this video! Fathers are very important and as a society, it is time to talk about the father’s experience as much as the mother’s. Thank you for expressing that! I shared with my spouse!

amdforever 2 months ago

Thanks for this!

PlayaPleathe 2 months ago

I thought you were Sinbad. I was like hold up! Lol

Tony G
Tony G 2 months ago

I'm actually lol!! And you literally become her slave... Bro Bro I relate to that 100%

Robb Ledesma
Robb Ledesma 2 months ago

Nice video . funny moments thanks man we’re expecting very soon this helped 🙏🏽

Drayah Autrey
Drayah Autrey 2 months ago

He’s like a baby sinbad lol great vid 🥰👍🏽

The Adventures of Elizabeth Marie

amazing amazing video thanks so much for sharing

J Wohl
J Wohl 2 months ago

i learned so much from this video. If I have a kid. Make sure i bring my switch with me to the hospital. CHECK!

John Reyna
John Reyna 2 months ago

Appreciate you for this bruh 🙏🏽 there’s not much support/info out here for young dads of color. Thank you.

Luke Swift
Luke Swift 2 months ago

This was great, thanks

Alyssa V
Alyssa V 2 months ago

Thank you for opening up and making this video, it was honest and real (also made me laugh!). I'm going to send it on to my partner 😊

Jones Inc.
Jones Inc. 2 months ago

Thank you, bro! This video is inspiring and really settled me. My beloved and I are expecting, just found out and I needed this! Peace be unto you!

lifty swifty
lifty swifty 2 months ago

I have a 1 month old with my girlfriend, and I am severely suffering from anxiety right now, like it's beyond horrific, but seeing you describe exactly how I'm feeling and seeing how much better you seem right now has made me feel hopeful. All the best to your family bro.

Alyssa Persinger
Alyssa Persinger 2 months ago

Until watching this video I never knew the similarities that men had with women post partum and now I’m glad I know since our baby is due in March so I can make sure my fiancé is okay and try to get him to open up to me if he isn’t feeling quite right.

Ja Quayan
Ja Quayan 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this video.! God willing My baby girl will be here in early March. Videos and information like this are definitely helping to mentally prepare me for the life changing moments to come. Thank you thank you!🙏🏾! Blessings to you and your fam.

ChroniclesofAB 2 months ago

try having a baby in china, im coming out with a video on my experience shortly!