Motorcycles + Snow + Mountains! Honda Africa Twin 1100 vs. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | CTXP



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Information Motorcycles + Snow + Mountains! Honda Africa Twin 1100 vs. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | CTXP

Title : Motorcycles + Snow + Mountains! Honda Africa Twin 1100 vs. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | CTXP

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Frames Motorcycles + Snow + Mountains! Honda Africa Twin 1100 vs. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | CTXP

Description Motorcycles + Snow + Mountains! Honda Africa Twin 1100 vs. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | CTXP

Motorcycles + Snow + Mountains! Honda Africa Twin 1100 vs. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | CTXP

Motorcycles + Snow + Mountains! Honda Africa Twin 1100 vs. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE | CTXP

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RevZilla 2 months ago

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Aaditya 2 months ago

I just rewatched the whole video just cuz the thumbnail is sooo daamnnnn gooooddddd!!!


I love the show, but... instead of learning about pine trees, I'd have liked to learn about bikes !!! Cheers.

Rob Heywood
Rob Heywood 2 months ago

A very love-hate video. Love the demonstration of their capability. Hate the deforestation!! Come on, we need every tree we can get - living and helping us breath.

Jack Chalmers
Jack Chalmers 2 months ago

God damn these guys make amazing video! Really makes me want to get out there are ride. Small point but I'm glad that they did actually name a winner. I feel like a lot of these comparison videos just end with "ooh we loved them both"

Tobias Lindstedt
Tobias Lindstedt 2 months ago

Thanx 🤣 me and my friend use a shorgun cutting down the Xmas 🌲. I wonder if he wants to join in a bike race also.
Thanx for the wonderful episode 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Vintage tin trader
Vintage tin trader 2 months ago

I wish you guys would not say things like needing a taller, stronger and more talented rider. Your riding abilities would be way better that 99% of your viewers.
I also suffer with 29” inseam, 51yo used and abused body so know heavy, tall bikes like this are well beyond me for multiple reasons.
Have to stick with my NC700s

Vintage tin trader
Vintage tin trader 2 months ago

I discovered you guys on Motortrend, after you show ended I thought that would be it. Now can see you for free on here :)
Motortrend has alienated everyone outside of the Nth America with its cancellation of streaming accounts later 2021 due.
The more YouTube shows like this for free is brilliant :)

Marthinus Vorster
Marthinus Vorster 2 months ago

Hi, great story and footage. Good to watch.

Andhika Chandra
Andhika Chandra 2 months ago

Good to see you guys ride again
$ 15 k in my country it about same price 1300cc low mpv ex toyota avanza or suzuki ertiga. Btw in case you ask..this two bike can worth about $ 47k in my country. Most of riding enthusiast here only dream to have it.

cfltitan 2 months ago

Awesome video!!

Derek Rostock
Derek Rostock 2 months ago

KTM 690 comp would have been fun

DrKampfpudding 2 months ago

Please more of Ari and Zach adventures !!

prem concesso
prem concesso 2 months ago

We need more of such segment !

raboox9 2 months ago

Reminds me of Clement Salvadori with a huge dose of buffoonery and very infectious laughs. Good job guys.

Jayker Chan
Jayker Chan 2 months ago

So happy that they made these guys' videos free again

azure7 2 months ago

I just found this jem here. Im amazed and curious about how you manage to speak together while riding... I didnt expect that!!! I also big Africa fan here ^_^

Deinsmeins 2 months ago

My EU ass was like "how are you riding a bike in venice, its all canals"

Gil Vietor
Gil Vietor 2 months ago

That was awesome, LOL!

van van
van van 2 months ago

I miss my africa twin. rip

vida blue
vida blue 2 months ago

amazing video, gracias!

____ 2 months ago

These bikes are basically "he's a bit confused, but he got the spirit

Ronald Tartaglia
Ronald Tartaglia 2 months ago


clayton simper
clayton simper 2 months ago

that triumph looks like a cafe that someone put a longer suspension and bigger rims on lol

Sara Sandoval
Sara Sandoval 2 months ago

I don’t think I’m man enough to handle 500 pounds of bike through that terrain. But, I’m not a man, so there’s that. ❤️

Chris York
Chris York 2 months ago

Maybe Norton will turn the head around to fix the ornament. Triumph probably wouldn't make exhaust look like carbs

mindthenow motovlogs
mindthenow motovlogs 2 months ago

I just love these two hahahaha im laughing

mindthenow motovlogs
mindthenow motovlogs 2 months ago

Id still choose dirbikes with lights compared to africa twin blah blah lol get a crf250L or yz or ktm then ur good to go

Pauline JAUME
Pauline JAUME 2 months ago

Nice video and very fun !! What do you think about the Africa Twin in technical area ? I would like so much to try her 😉✌ see you next time 🇨🇵

FEELTHE MEN 2 months ago

Laugh at 7:13

The Bardock
The Bardock 2 months ago

What if you styled a Africa twin like a scrambler?

Alex Romm
Alex Romm 2 months ago

Note: If ur going to chop down a tree, PLANT ANOTHER ONE!

Apurva Agnihotri
Apurva Agnihotri 2 months ago

Legendary video

You You
You You 2 months ago

Lol that chainsaw is a rental

Rocket Rolls
Rocket Rolls 2 months ago

The goats were the real winners that day.

The Melody Pianist
The Melody Pianist 2 months ago

Cant wait fr next christmas....🤣

mindthenow motovlogs
mindthenow motovlogs 2 months ago

The best dou ever

RK Road Stories
RK Road Stories 2 months ago

If I was there I would have fallen a gazillion times

OnMyWay 2 months ago

I appriciated the reviews but I disliked the video as you cut the trees. Thank you for making great videos and You should be more respectful to the nature than this.

smalltownmoto 1
smalltownmoto 1 2 months ago

I thought the one guy left to do another show....

Sam Wood
Sam Wood 2 months ago

That triumph just looks so good

Phuket My Mac
Phuket My Mac 2 months ago

So glad to see you guys back. Subscribed

thesergeant 2 months ago

Everytime Zack falls, or curses, or both, I laugh. I don't know why I do but I kinda feel guilty about it. Does that make me a bad person?

Cafe Morphin
Cafe Morphin 2 months ago

it's 2021 and I had so much fun watching this christmas video! wow! amazing! you guys are awesome

Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer 2 months ago

Those Helmets won't help if you fall 0_o
Be Safe out there my guys :)

HyberCrashDK 2 months ago

7:20 HATS OFF for that transition! beautiful!

Rhunyen 2 months ago

Ari and Zack never fail to entertain.

Ron Smith
Ron Smith 2 months ago

These giant adv bikes are good for middle aged guys looking for a Goldwing alternative, not so good at actual off road riding.

Darth Breakfast
Darth Breakfast 2 months ago


The best NAKED ADV bike on the market.

Frozenfar 2 months ago

i am so angry that i just found them here after rewatching so many mc stuff.

Hasse hittar hem
Hasse hittar hem 2 months ago

Used to watch the ON TWO WHEELS and it wasn’t until now that I realised they moved to revzilla, I thought they were gone!

Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder 2 months ago

How tall is the triumph rider?

Maxime Desrosiers
Maxime Desrosiers 2 months ago

Scrambler not protection

FullArmorE6 2 months ago

Excellent entertainment guys. Great bikes and riders. The scrambler looks so good. Didn't know it had that much suspension travel...and a surfboard/Christmas tree rack.

D Martin
D Martin 2 months ago

Hey Ari, where did you leave the chainsaw? It went in with you, did it come out? Or, is that one of those pesky details one isn't suppose to notice???
Was it just the three of you on the trip? Or, were their others in the production crew for the shoot?

Dovydas Skinkys
Dovydas Skinkys 2 months ago

These 2 always take it to another level!

Marouan BOUJAABA 2 months ago

What bike was the camera man riding?!!!

The Prodigal Stranger

Wonder if this would've been easier on a horse?

Louie Medick
Louie Medick 2 months ago


Zachary Spence
Zachary Spence 2 months ago

it's motivation to practice my deadlift for when riding the AT off-road haha

John and Margaret Jones

Great video 👍

mike and bike
mike and bike 2 months ago

Scrambler 1200 daily rider video?

jd fbrusi
jd fbrusi 2 months ago

Eih ! Que teniu un esperit molt autèntic !! A mi m'agraden aquestes peripècies no competitives !!!

Tassie Rider
Tassie Rider 2 months ago

What were the crew using?

mica H
mica H 2 months ago

'We soon discovered what we were doing was going the wrong way'. lol

Dan Davidson
Dan Davidson 2 months ago

Love your videos. Been watching you guys since On Two Wheels.👍

Bad Matt
Bad Matt 2 months ago

If I was the guy on the Honda, I would have left the guy on the Triumph for being stupid. I would have told him, mount the tree on the seat like I do or ride home alone.

Davfon23 2 months ago

Great entertainment. Awesome bikes. Surf rack terrible idea.

Luko 2 months ago

Triumph should offer optional wind protection and luggage on the scrambler. Let’s be honest, It would sell better than the triple cylinder Tiger range.

Austin O'Neal
Austin O'Neal 2 months ago

You two make this channel.

soul conjecture
soul conjecture 2 months ago

5:45 - Or, a KTM 790 Adventure. ;)

Aravind C
Aravind C 2 months ago

Learn kids recycling is important even for trees...,

S Defiel
S Defiel 2 months ago

Or ... or ... or for almost $10,000 less and almost 100 pounds lighter and MUCH less intimidating ...
get a RE Himalayan. :)

Anthony Micci Jr
Anthony Micci Jr 2 months ago

That looked like fun!!

Wandering Turtle ADV
Wandering Turtle ADV 2 months ago

This was one of my favorite videos I’ve ever seen

Mario Flores
Mario Flores 2 months ago

dumb SOBs. I can only imagine long-haired man lover Spurge behind this.

Drago Clarke
Drago Clarke 2 months ago

Great video gentlemen. Here's hoping 2021 will be a good year for us all.

Tim Young
Tim Young 2 months ago

Love the riding, love the commitment, but y'all are churning up climbing mountain bike trails on ADV bikes.

I know a lot of trails in Tahoe are multiuse, but the system they're on is really tight and mostly for mountain bikes. That's why the berms are built up.

Good on them for piloting those huge machines in those tight areas, but be careful where you ride. Pick the wrong trail and it endangers access for everyone, motorcycles included.

MOTOTREK 2 months ago

Great video! What was Spencer riding?

campbell rousselle
campbell rousselle 2 months ago


Trucker-D 2 months ago

Where is the chainsaw?

Cheng Zhang
Cheng Zhang 2 months ago

This kind of quest like top gear now Grand tour but on motorcycles is really awesome. I think more of these contents will bring you more subs. Keep up!

Elgoog Ssie
Elgoog Ssie 2 months ago

Is it legal to chop a random tree like that? :)

LynxAdvert 2 months ago

Surely that was a mountain bike trail they were riding up

mdkin 2 months ago


Greg Hudzik
Greg Hudzik 2 months ago

Nice camera work.

Charlie Raffaniello
Charlie Raffaniello 2 months ago

I like that the Scrambler is a naked ADV. No big fairing or loads of plastic. Prefer that to the big plasticy look of ADV bikes. If they made a naked ADV with a shaft drive, I'd buy it (Beemer, I'm lookin at you)

Protector K9
Protector K9 2 months ago

Scrambler vs w800 are they equivalent

Aman Soni
Aman Soni 2 months ago

I'm sure they could have found a desirable tree by the roadside, but they had to go 200 miles offroad, almost breaking zack's foot and risk being frozen to death. Not for the tree, for the adventure.

AL 2 months ago

Best show in the channell.

Ken 2 months ago

Looks like the Truckee area. Having moved from up there down to SoCal back in February I have to say that I much prefer the riding back up North. We just bought a house back there too so soon I'll be back in my Mecca!

As always, loved the video and looking forward to the next!

Fast Freddys
Fast Freddys 2 months ago

Fantastic my brother's! Great review. You guys are the Dynamic Duo of motorcycle testing and have been for years. And thank you Rev for making sure our boys did not get split up. Merry Christmas to you all!

Liz Barber
Liz Barber 2 months ago


Umarium 2 months ago

7:22 was an amazing transition.

electrolinks 2 months ago

I liked the bit where you lost grip.

holmiumh 2 months ago

I don't want to be sarcastic or anything but it seems to me the only thing adventurous about a 500lb motorcycle is it turns any patch of dirt road into a treacherous expedition.
Love the show BTW.

D e x
D e x 2 months ago

You guys rock! Funny as heck.
My DL1000AL8 likes the most nannyish TCS in mud and snow like that. The huge low end torque breaks loose too fast otherwise.
All I want for Christmas is 3" more ground clearance.
Probably can get that with longer beefer forks and a rear shock upgrade. or go stiffer, a bit longer forks and try to put a 21" tire on the front. How will it handle on the road then?
Then I'll have to binge Megan Griffiths videos and remember she is as strong or stronger than I am and her bikes are 300lbs lighter. And the girl has skills I will never get close to.
And she's ten inches shorter.

Xavier Sosa
Xavier Sosa 2 months ago

I have yet to ride off road looks like heaps of fun,can't wait to try it

David Englund - Video Spotlights

Kids these days! LoL

2TUF4U2 2 months ago

thanks guys! what Tires are in the Triumph?