Starbucks Language: How to Order Your Drink at Starbucks



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Title : Starbucks Language: How to Order Your Drink at Starbucks

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Starbucks Language: How to Order Your Drink at Starbucks

Starbucks Language: How to Order Your Drink at Starbucks

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سمو خثعم 607
سمو خثعم 607 2 months ago


Eddie 2 months ago

*forgot the sequence
rewatches the video

daniel pazani
daniel pazani 2 months ago

duuuuuude why is it that complicated??

AL NAIM 2 months ago

sorry i cant speak starbuck's language

WolflexZ 2 months ago

everyone nervously sweating

Lynn Mae
Lynn Mae 2 months ago

No Starbucks can take a hike don't ever order from them or have l ever

yeeaahhzz 2 months ago

Just use the app lol

Arnold Stephen
Arnold Stephen 2 months ago

This is Master Class

Gamer_Guy_2018 _xxx
Gamer_Guy_2018 _xxx 2 months ago

How to order at star bucks : hot chocolate please

DR. HIGHLIGHTER 2 months ago

Social anxiety has fucked up here

Elenna Zt
Elenna Zt 2 months ago

2020 anyone?

paaam 2 months ago

2020 anyone?

Rusty Kinks
Rusty Kinks 2 months ago

This is why they failed in Australia, what a ridiculous bunch of faffin around.
A customer shouldn't need to decipher a shop's code.
If you're gonna be exceedingly pretentious at least get it right in the sizing code department.😉

Bothered Popcorn
Bothered Popcorn 2 months ago

i think majority of us here in the comments are anti social or is it just me?

Mercedes Wilkins
Mercedes Wilkins 2 months ago

If the customer dont say ice, cold, or fraq then its hot.

Gaby Martinez
Gaby Martinez 2 months ago

I’m a confident person but damn i want to order custom shit but I’m scared

Matthew Perez
Matthew Perez 2 months ago

You.forgot short size mhm

conner the og
conner the og 2 months ago

I just want a kokichi ouma frapp

dua 2 months ago

here to dream cause there's no starbucks in my state

0eke9 2 months ago

Can I get a tall caramel frappuccino with extra drizzle?

The Face of The Tea Spiller.

The Reason is why am Nervous when am Ordering something Mostly Milktea or Starbucks is because the Ones who Actually Go There every Day always thinks that were dumb for Making a Mistake on just Ordering

Like Bitch You Aint a Goddess People Make Mistakes but sadly Youre already a Mistake so...

Miss Diamond Msp
Miss Diamond Msp 2 months ago

i wanna know, how to order it in german

Miss Diamond Msp
Miss Diamond Msp 2 months ago

i live in switzerland . and when they wanna know the size of the Cup i want, do i have to say the english Name of the Cups ( for example tall) or do i have to say small because i live in a different Country?

CrazyWaffle5150 2 months ago

I'll call it what ever the FUCK I want. Medium is a fucking medium.

Nicholas Murillo
Nicholas Murillo 2 months ago

Who else looked in the comments looking for someone who said "My names Jeff."

Tiong Lang
Tiong Lang 2 months ago

I love Starbucks, they are my favourite drink store.

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan

I once ordered a small drink. They literally started to freak out. I live in Canada and I've only been to Timmies except for that one time...

Mario Wrexan
Mario Wrexan 2 months ago

Can I get large double shot hot mocha, skimmed milk no cream or foam. EASY.

L Travis
L Travis 2 months ago

I usally get tall Mango dragonfruit

Sub for Bobux
Sub for Bobux 2 months ago

I can order something anywhere else...

But Starbucks is too complicated for me

Kadie 2 months ago

I have no clue what a venti is xD I’m 14

Lol_ 24
Lol_ 24 2 months ago

But I just want my coffee tho...

Nari Kimbally
Nari Kimbally 2 months ago

Small black coffee.

Filinvest Land Inc.
Filinvest Land Inc. 2 months ago

Kopiko blanca is enough 🤣

Alan Hague
Alan Hague 2 months ago

I’ve never been and I’m going tomorrow and can you say just a caramel frap / decaf?

not even river
not even river 2 months ago

So iced venti caramel machiatto quad shot with almond milk and extra caramel. Is this proper? Are they going to look at me weird? I would die omg

Joe 10
Joe 10 2 months ago

Ok I always drink a Trena

Catnolikepepino 2 months ago

So I wanna get an iced coffee next time I go just cuz uhhh it looks good and i've never had one before but idrk what to say like just "can I have one grande iced coffee" or what someone help I feel really stupid

Krypton rich17
Krypton rich17 2 months ago

I hate Starbucks, there I said it 😂😂😂😂

J C 2 months ago

My name is Jeff!

Chelsie Prescott
Chelsie Prescott 2 months ago

Honestly this video making me more nervous to order the drink ✨

WBTY dinasour
WBTY dinasour 2 months ago

So the tall one is the small one people are retards I swear

Yander Dreams
Yander Dreams 2 months ago

Fine ass

Snowflakes 2 months ago

Never in my life have I gone to sb cause I'm scared to order something. I might say something strange and embarass myself

Christina S
Christina S 2 months ago

I got laughed at today ordering a drink from Starbucks. I usually go to scooters and they don’t use venti and my tall, and they say blended not Frappuccino... I will never go back.

Lorena Sayz
Lorena Sayz 2 months ago

I’m not a basic white girl so what a cappuccino crap or latte ??

BLINK LASAGNA 2 months ago

How to order triple mocha frappuccino, grande, iced?? Please help im not good at english

Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy 2 months ago

If you just want coffee, go to Dunkin Donuts, theirs is better. All you have to say is "large hot coffee" and they speak the same language.

Angelo Yuan Fukuyama
Angelo Yuan Fukuyama 2 months ago

I just can't go to starbucks cause i get embarrassed when i fail or don't know something

Harambe 2 months ago

Instructions were unclear, dick got stuck in the toaster

Ko 2 months ago

so when you order an iced coffee do you ask, "can I get an iced grande iced coffee"?????

Casey Loove
Casey Loove 2 months ago

They always laugh at me when i try to order...

Isabellamakeupx 2 months ago

Latte is 1/3 espresso 1/3 milk 1/3 foam. Cappuccino is the same except it's double espresso and a mocha is the same as a latte except it's in 1/4's as in 1/4 chocolate 1/4 espresso.....

umy R
umy R 2 months ago

chocolate cream chip, venti please . is this true?

lillian catherine
lillian catherine 2 months ago

Can I just say “I want a vanilla bean creme Frappuccino with extra caramel” and be done? Is that an order or do I need to specify other stuff lmao?

Jeff Mathew
Jeff Mathew 2 months ago

I just want coffee!!

Lea Tepe
Lea Tepe 2 months ago

Oh god, social anxiety problems. I've always wanted to order an iced coffee. Do they ask you what type of milk you want(if you do) and sweetener/sugar or do I have to tell them how I want it?

vxh n
vxh n 2 months ago

I was ordering for the first time and said "Can I get a cappuccino?" And they said "Sure! What kind?" And I DIDN'T KNOW WHICH ONES THERE WERE CAUSE IT WAS MY FIRST TIME. And I pointed to the menu and told them "that one on the menu (the display picture)" and they said, "oh that one?" And told me all the different kinds. After 6 hours I finally understood and ordered a Double Chocolate Chip one.

Fluffy_ Fluff
Fluffy_ Fluff 2 months ago

2K19 and Im still watching this. Im just nervous to order at Starbucks.

when waiting to order

In my mind: I would like to have a Venti Java Chip Frap w/ two shots peppermint syrup. and please whip with caramel drizzle, tq.

Barista : next please. Hi what can I get for you.

Me : Uhhhhh (fgt everything)

虚无主义 2 months ago

I usually order a venti iced coffee with whole milk. And some cake pops...

epic memer
epic memer 2 months ago

My sister still thinks it’s vent-ay

wicked LH
wicked LH 2 months ago

I'm going to treat a friend and I do not know how to freaking g order I'm freaked ng shy and I'm afraid not to answer because I don't understand it yet and I'm afraid the long starts beause of me. Wahhhhh.

Can I just say white chocolate mocha grande? Or they will ask me something after that?

Eleventh 2 months ago

Why this in my recommended videos

Libby Malone
Libby Malone 2 months ago

Hi, can I please get a Vanilla iced Latte or some shit? CUZ BITCH TF! I don’t understand

Hugo Brömme
Hugo Brömme 2 months ago

You got that, hipsters?

Bob 2 months ago

What do you HUMANS get those languages?

Randy Kender Guillen Roca

like life is not hard enough before ordering a cup of coffee. This is why so many people switch to tea

YOZOY YOZOY 2 months ago

one day i will go into starbucks and order a coffee.

alisha xoxo
alisha xoxo 2 months ago

Tall is the smallest

revel bangtanexo
revel bangtanexo 2 months ago

I came here just in case if i wanna go to starbucks and do the #regularchallenge "ReGuLaR , huh ?" 😔😪

GreenBoi 2 months ago

Anyone remember that one episode in nichijou when Yuuko tries to get a cup of coffee at that cafe UUUUUUUHHH yeah... :c

David Lakin
David Lakin 2 months ago

How do you order a grande ice coffee with cream and sugar?

rex 2 months ago

I’ve never had Starbucks before 😭😭

arcanum70 2 months ago

Over priced burnt coffee for wanna be coffee snobs that wouldn't know good coffee if they spilled it on their laps.

Ziaberry 2 months ago

Okay so like could I just ask for "an iced latte" or "an iced mocha" and they'll know what I mean or do I have to go into other specifics??? The last time I went to Starbucks I felt humiliated because I didn't know all these terms and shit and the lady looked at me like I was a fucking idiot and I'm scared to return

scyllaandcharybdis 2 months ago

i want to go starbucks but i'm scared to walk up there and order it... :( ... i get anxiety

Matthew St Pierre
Matthew St Pierre 2 months ago


James Michael
James Michael 2 months ago

Whenever I go to Starbucks and order a coffee, I'll just say "I want the largest one", If they reply "you mean Venti?" I say "I'm not going to say it", and stare at them.

No one can force my speech.

Dodi Karsteuf
Dodi Karsteuf 2 months ago

Can you order a double esspresso for anything? So Can i say “id like a grande double espresso soy caramel latte please”?

Shane Villanueva
Shane Villanueva 2 months ago

"a tall hot caramel macchiato with extra caramel syrup"

Would this work?

Remonade Yellowade
Remonade Yellowade 2 months ago

How to order tea?

grand m'boi
grand m'boi 2 months ago

What the fuck i have to learn a diferent lenguage. Just to order a fucking coffee?

Xue Li
Xue Li 2 months ago

this is gay and confusing, spending five mins just to order a cup of coffee?

Samantha Hanks
Samantha Hanks 2 months ago

My name is Jeff!

Cece 2 months ago


Millon Gebru
Millon Gebru 2 months ago

Anyway I don't like Starbucks

Johnny Alarcon
Johnny Alarcon 2 months ago

what sorcery is this


Tall my ass .. looks small

LagLog _
LagLog _ 2 months ago

you have menu for Christ sake thats what it's used for and instead they give you your own imaginative menu!?

Boveq 2 months ago

How do you place an order without sounding like a complete douche?

Pyromaniac soldierr
Pyromaniac soldierr 2 months ago

My sisters order:Venti Extra hot half caf cappucino with room for cream and honey vinegar on the side 2 pums vannila 3 pumps cinnamon 3 pums reduced fat white choclate drizzle with shavings
My order:yeah il have medium cappucino with milk

brittney felix
brittney felix 2 months ago

Was the first size tall or small?

phoneflipp 2 months ago

I have a large dicc
Gurl : 😐
I have a venti dicc
Gurl : 😲💦

hugh vera
hugh vera 2 months ago

Just go to tim hortons and get a double double

marissa 2 months ago

does anyone get intimidated when ordering at chipotle?

Thicc Schnitzel
Thicc Schnitzel 2 months ago

Starbucks would have more costumers IF They just had a button with a pic of the food on it and all u have to do is click on the pic

Vincent P
Vincent P 2 months ago

So white

Jeremy Ketchum
Jeremy Ketchum 2 months ago

Seriously?  it's Goddamn coffee for Christ's sake.  Only Starbucks could make it complicated.

Kikin Torres
Kikin Torres 2 months ago


Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney 2 months ago

This man in the videos name is Katherine-Shyam Joan right