30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)


Lost LeBlanc

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Information 30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

Title : 30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

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Frames 30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

Description 30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

30 THINGS to do in NEW YORK (DO Your First Visit RIGHT)

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Lost LeBlanc
Lost LeBlanc 2 months ago

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Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 months ago

Uugghhh tourist...

ict neil david valeza

sooner ill be there😏

Dylan Rosario
Dylan Rosario 2 months ago

Imagine running into cathy’s Ex😂

vvej22 2 months ago

You waste your days How can you go to new york and even go to liberty statue

MegaValture 2 months ago

Lol @ 4:16 it’s not Green Witch, it’s pronounced GREN-ITCH although it’s spelled Greenwich 😂

Amir Idrizi
Amir Idrizi 2 months ago

I visited last year New York and very beautiful unforgettable adventure. I recording vlog at NYC if you have time please watch inside of my channel and don't forget to drop subscribe =D www.youtube.com/watch?v=68qiMpgoAik

Omar Valentin
Omar Valentin 2 months ago

Come to Brownsville i got ya with the best tour trust me just bring a lot of money too ya fucks

flyingtamas 2 months ago

what camera did you use to record this?

Kitty Gata
Kitty Gata 2 months ago

Lost Le Blanc - “everything flows together.. despite being different”

I wish that statement was applied to all things 😬🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏼‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏿‍♀️😬👀

Because its true ppl need to realize that 😇

Alexander Rodriguez Ramirez

Where can I park my car so I can walk and visit everything evenly?

Point of view
Point of view 2 months ago

I watched your video with great pleasure I really like it 👍😉

James Dennan
James Dennan 2 months ago

Should have been called 30 THINGS to EAT in NEW YORK

Chengcheng Yu
Chengcheng Yu 2 months ago

I think you were rude when you said that Asian lady was rude.

Chengcheng Yu
Chengcheng Yu 2 months ago

Why did you say so rude to that Asian lady? I don't like your attitude in this video.

Junyoung Heo
Junyoung Heo 2 months ago


Tray Dunn
Tray Dunn 2 months ago

Great videos , a welcoming feeling .

Joaquin Aimetta
Joaquin Aimetta 2 months ago

- Omg, it's huge!
+ That's why i come
.... wat

Will RunRun
Will RunRun 2 months ago

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Scarlett Gusti
Scarlett Gusti 2 months ago

21 scoops for $50!? I'll stick with street hotdog

Jessica Barajas
Jessica Barajas 2 months ago

5:40 Ariana Grande lives in that building 😭😭

Mona channel
Mona channel 2 months ago

Why don't u go to Saudi Arabia?
It's a beautiful country

Mvndxxzy 2 months ago

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A plus health life
A plus health life 2 months ago

This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

Kevin Sherrard
Kevin Sherrard 2 months ago

Hey question, did he say where they got the artichoke pizza? I can’t imagine I would like artichoke but I’m up for trying anything once. I was at a fair and had their ranch dill pickle pizza that was AMAZING so who knows

Kevin Sherrard
Kevin Sherrard 2 months ago

What’s the opposite of liberty?

Sed Lyf
Sed Lyf 2 months ago

Are u matt leblanc son?

K M 2 months ago

New york was boring as F. I would rather spend my time in Tokyo. way better than Manhattan and brooklyn. and cheaper

isokessu 2 months ago

Moscow subway is nuclear bomb shelter

spectre trash
spectre trash 2 months ago

Nr.1 Advice: Take a lot of Money with you

Mark Olsen
Mark Olsen 2 months ago


Mark Olsen
Mark Olsen 2 months ago

a commercial, skip it

Neriza Nunez
Neriza Nunez 2 months ago

I love all places you took in NY. Now will have a new idea where to eat. Thank you.🙏

Charse Clement
Charse Clement 2 months ago

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Plunging in
Plunging in 2 months ago

Wow! Have never been to the US. This gives serious motivation!

The ancient master
The ancient master 2 months ago

I’ve visited New York so many times lol

steve duman
steve duman 2 months ago

Great video!. youtu.be/U45KUfdxxmw

N Y 2 months ago

9/11 museum & freedom tower
ny public library & bryant park
yankee stadium
hudson river parks
chelsea piers
dumbo & the brooklyn piers
brooklyn botanical garden
brooklyn heights promenade
metropolitan museum of art
the shops @ soho
chinatown in canal street
little italy along mulberry street
koreatown in midtown
little tokyo on the east side
flushing meadows corona park
ny hall of science in queens
statue of liberty views on SI ferry
the roosevelt island & the tram
frozen hot choco @ serendipity
seafood restaurants @ cityisland
bronx zoo
governor's island
pier 17
230 fifth rooftop bar
the river cafe in brooklyn
coney island boardwalk & luna park

Gotham Oracle
Gotham Oracle 2 months ago

2020 relevant post here. We just kicked off things in the past week. We’re sharing everyday NYC hacks and happenings we’ve learned ahead of our NYC personalized scheduler software launch when Covid relaxes. Real deal stuff. Give our commercial or first episode a view. If it ain’t your cup of tea no sweat! If you enjoy it toss a follow on YouTube/IG!! If you love it tell a friend 😊

Irma 2 months ago

2:35 Guy in the background: the hell you doing with my car

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DK 2 months ago

One day I will come to my dream country USA 💞

牛村里長伯 2 months ago

Awesome vid! I've put together a map of the places in this video, enjoy!

Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman 2 months ago

I want that Ice Cream! 🍦

Idkese123 2 months ago

Love NY? Then you will love my T-shirt/Hoodie design:) please check it out

Gabriela Charvátová

Guys I swear, all you did on this trip was EATING! 😀😀😀👍

Zuko Fire lord
Zuko Fire lord 2 months ago

Dude, when he rubbed the bulls balls... I kinda died inside:/

Pete .L
Pete .L 2 months ago


Diabla Beauty
Diabla Beauty 2 months ago

You have to go to dyckman before you leave tho ❗️

K M 2 months ago

food is so expensive compared to tokyo. sadly japan is going to be closed for a while

drcore21 2 months ago

Martha's! My favourite

Vegan 555
Vegan 555 2 months ago

what camera are you using?

Sdkacura1 2 months ago

I’ve been I like the weather but the city is overrated

Vane Centurión
Vane Centurión 2 months ago


chris maunder
chris maunder 2 months ago

Cool video mad how they got a bull that people go to like in the bible the story with Moses lol

adlah may
adlah may 2 months ago

Really thanks for sharing with us... 💕💕💕

Madison Hang
Madison Hang 2 months ago

shes hot

mason Logan
mason Logan 2 months ago

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mason Logan
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Diy's stylist
Diy's stylist 2 months ago

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GrimLegends Gaming
GrimLegends Gaming 2 months ago

This makes me mad say New York City because if you say New York I think of the state not city

Massiel R
Massiel R 2 months ago

Not anymore

Sadykov Yerdos
Sadykov Yerdos 2 months ago

Beautiful work! You motivated me to visit NYC in the future!!! Dreams will come true!

Enai Danzō
Enai Danzō 2 months ago


Nafis Fuad Shad
Nafis Fuad Shad 2 months ago


Al the Travel Gal
Al the Travel Gal 2 months ago

huge inspiration just started my own channel I'm from nyc so for now im doing day trips and NYC travel tips and its totally thanks to you !!!

Tony 2 months ago

bro that girl does not want you at all

The beastgamer
The beastgamer 2 months ago

LA is better

Som 2 months ago

So beautiful vlog

Big City Life New York

hey! Great content!!!! LeBlanc

Navaneethakrishnan S
Navaneethakrishnan S 2 months ago

Yes I am beautiful NYC USA Camera Travel Super

Abhiroop Das
Abhiroop Das 2 months ago

Title of the video should be 30 place to eat in new york

T42 NZ
T42 NZ 2 months ago

Oh how things have changed since you guys did this vlog.

El wenz Vlogs
El wenz Vlogs 2 months ago


moony0205 2 months ago

An EX local, that LIVES here for 2 years? Is that a parody right at the beginning? Directly 👎🏿 for faking the audience. Btw where is the advertisement logo in your video, I watched a best Western ad now 👎🏿💩 and I really wonder why I watched a shitty video with a narcissist boy that is a wannabe without any good advices what people should see in NYC. I really wonder why you didn't get sued by the city, or at least by YouTube, because you only put out self content. No thing is something for your first visit, don't let yourself being fooled by a dumb wannabe YouTuber! There is the times square, ellis island, museums or for a special the Roosevelt tramway. Only some really good things from a non NYC or even us resident. Think about it and btw, pizza is really low quality in the city, italians even wouldn't sell those rags. Fun fact, that country didn't invent that, italy is famous for noodles instead. And just another example of uneducated citizens, take a look from the empire state building, you may forget the Rockefeller thing.😏 Over all, I wasted 14 minutes of my life, because I thought I would see the real NYC, wasn't able to watch the rest of that shit, but my memories are completely different, that was more like a wannabe big baller session, that no sane person cares about. Especially if he or she or it has experienced the city by her/his/itself.

Chasing Dreams Now
Chasing Dreams Now 2 months ago

Best New York Tour On YouTube!!!

Yarden Marom
Yarden Marom 2 months ago

7:56 that's what she said 🤔😅🤣🤣

Samuel 2 months ago

RIP NYC 2020

Jodie Mills
Jodie Mills 2 months ago

If you want a picture with a bull go to the Bullring in Birmingham, England and there's no queues. Basically the same statue

Junior Bricuyet
Junior Bricuyet 2 months ago

You havent done newyork till you've had coffe and bagel from a street cart vendor. And visited a speak easy.

julia mwihaki
julia mwihaki 2 months ago

Okay am sold.have to plan a trip to new york now.

Mrigakshi Roy Choudhury

14:57 was i trippin?

Stomi Ball
Stomi Ball 2 months ago

Bucket list

adawd adwdaw
adawd adwdaw 2 months ago

I know new york is expensive and stuff, but norway is way more expensive. 3.5$ for a can of coke

boatymcboatface418 2 months ago


oh man...

Ernest Londe
Ernest Londe 2 months ago

earl sweatshirt with a weave on

dahmani shahinaz
dahmani shahinaz 2 months ago

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ayeyobossman 2 months ago

"green witch village"

smurph1994 2 months ago

I couldnt go there for only a few days, i think i would decide to stay and be homeless over going home

prince dbk
prince dbk 2 months ago

I wish I could be in NYC it's like my dream City

NYC Scooting
NYC Scooting 2 months ago

Miss old New York! Still adapting to this New New York!

Anang Prihantoro official

Iam waiting for u to visit yogyakarta indonesia

nick orange
nick orange 2 months ago

where was that pictureesque area ?

CitiBikeWalkEat 2 months ago

Great job guys! Getting it in before the pandemic...phew! 😅

Magical Kelly
Magical Kelly 2 months ago

Most about where to eat and drink nah

Man G
Man G 2 months ago

Hey! Someone know the brand of his backpack please ? Leather BackPack, Thank u so much :)
(Ps : This was a great video by the way!! )

Kris Maaskant
Kris Maaskant 2 months ago

I like this video. Well done. I hope to get there one day.

H 85
H 85 2 months ago

Put the link of the guy's "motorbike" in the description, it is simply amazing.