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Information A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report

Title : A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report

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Description A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report

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Minute Book Reports 2 months ago

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KRISHNADE | ISWK 2 months ago

Very Very helpul.....Thanks it for my comic strip

Zyan Reji Jacob
Zyan Reji Jacob 2 months ago

this animation saves me from reading the book which is mostly 2 hrs but with this animation 1 min thanks a lot dude👍😎

Aaryan Sharma
Aaryan Sharma 2 months ago

Whoa you explained real quick. I appreciate your efforts man.

ReDcLaW 50
ReDcLaW 50 2 months ago

dude no offense great video but could you please private the video for like 2 days so my teacher won't find it ? You could even make a video about the loser that asked you to do this lmao floor gang

Modscraft YT
Modscraft YT 2 months ago

lol same thanks man

Isaac Galloway
Isaac Galloway 2 months ago

Respect the drip

Alondra Haack
Alondra Haack 2 months ago

I didn't understand it and I have a test about it tomorrow but now I know, thanks

Faizan Rafique
Faizan Rafique 2 months ago

Ah thank you and that’s 3 hours done

sherrell bryant
sherrell bryant 2 months ago

i have test tomorrow thank you!!

Tw Power
Tw Power 2 months ago

Thank u so so much

Velo WOOZEE 2 months ago

Thank you you just saved me from failing my essay

Gamer Style
Gamer Style 2 months ago

Lol that was easier than reading the whole bloody book 😂

Ryan Burkholder
Ryan Burkholder 2 months ago

I love you

Kalam Bhuiyan
Kalam Bhuiyan 2 months ago

thanks for the cool vid!

Cai S
Cai S 2 months ago

Thx, this was rly helpful for my drama project

hluhlui hmar
hluhlui hmar 2 months ago

Very helpful.

Audile Sonant
Audile Sonant 2 months ago

Ghost of christmas "Yet to come" not 'future' there is a clear distinction

I'm Running Out Of Ideas

Very late but you’re an absolute lifesaver, you should have more subs

lekhashree 2 months ago

tysm this really helped me but you could've spoke a little slower, i did manage to understand it by rewinding tho :))

UNIQUE REALITY 2 months ago

Thanks for also writing in the description

AsianGoneWrong 2 months ago

Thank you saved for my test tomorrow

Harrison Judd
Harrison Judd 2 months ago

Great vid

St0PmoAning PleS
St0PmoAning PleS 2 months ago


Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls 2 months ago

Well thats my revision done.

Satish Suthar
Satish Suthar 2 months ago

I think so this summary is to big

Nathxn 2 months ago

ghost of christnas future? the third ghost is ghost of christmas yet to come!!! imagine if people put that in their GCSES

KishikAnime !
KishikAnime ! 2 months ago


Nigeru Faggimus
Nigeru Faggimus 2 months ago

thanks i have a test

Master JLV
Master JLV 2 months ago

I haven’t read the book at all in class, I have a summative today, I’m gonna clutch it, bettt, also great video

Jake Schmitz
Jake Schmitz 2 months ago


Entertainment 101
Entertainment 101 2 months ago

I have homework which was to write a book report on a Christmas carol but I didn’t want to read the whole book so this is really helpful

William Pankey
William Pankey 2 months ago

Oh my god thank you this really helped me out on my book report lol

Muhammad Noor
Muhammad Noor 2 months ago

Cool no more reading

Janet Morris
Janet Morris 2 months ago

thank you really helped my daughter with her book report

Louis J Knowles
Louis J Knowles 2 months ago

Saves me 3 hours of reading

Dane Reads
Dane Reads 2 months ago

Casually watching this in August :D

ItsRamisa 2 months ago

Thanks for putting the whole summary in the description box. Helped me a lot for my English homework.


fuck GCSEs

Jaker 2 months ago

You gained a new subscriber

Rey Elis
Rey Elis 2 months ago

Me:Thanks for help on the homework 👉😆👉
Me:Maybe.. n-n no why would I do that ok m-m maybe I did ok I just plagrise the whole thing 😦
Creator of the video (mom mode) :YOU DID WHAT!🔫😠🖕

Izzy Neale
Izzy Neale 2 months ago

Thank you so much, very handy

Toby The Dude
Toby The Dude 2 months ago

i said all this on my book report

FlamingDragonFly Gaming

I have a school report due in a hour this really helped thanks

Ricardo Vázquez
Ricardo Vázquez 2 months ago


RedLeopardzXD 2 months ago

Half of it is incorrect, shame because I liked how it was constructed

Yashvardhan Rana
Yashvardhan Rana 2 months ago


George HR
George HR 2 months ago

Thanks that helped me a lot

STX Productions
STX Productions 2 months ago


Critical Crisis
Critical Crisis 2 months ago

thank you! :)

Maia Wilson
Maia Wilson 2 months ago

thank you for this, I needed to figure out what this story was about real quick

Noah Brierley
Noah Brierley 2 months ago

this is a very well made video!! realy helped!

Rahul khare
Rahul khare 2 months ago

cute AF?

Vico`s Toons
Vico`s Toons 2 months ago


Haowei Shi
Haowei Shi 2 months ago

Love this book 💕