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bigmagic96 2 months ago

Great to hear it again...might have a go myself. Thanks Rob.

bigmagic96 2 months ago

Great to see another facet of this wonderful song .... Thanks for posting.

Rob Gray
Rob Gray 2 months ago

This bass is now for sale with an Epiphone hard case included. Get in touch for details if you're interested. Cheers!

Mark Lennon
Mark Lennon 2 months ago

Best cover on here by far

Mauricio 2 months ago

Do you use flatwound string for the Epiphone EB-3? By the way, great playing!

Ystadcop 2 months ago

I gig this. Most players can't get their heads around the need for the B flat.

Vigi 2 months ago

Nice bass cover! Really good. :-D

The Foxy grandpa
The Foxy grandpa 2 months ago

This sounds more happy about Christmas than any Christmas carol/song I've ever heard. Yet another Wyman bass to add to the collection, although you could say this is a Cream bass. Great playing Rob, always happy to see a cover by you.

Vanmyster94 2 months ago

Perfect song for the holidays. Nicely done. Merry Christmas Rob!!! :-)

RollingBilbao 2 months ago

Fantastic upload my friend Ron, really nice Job, Slade was the first group I bought a record in the 70' s even before the Stones hahaha!!!!. Big Thumbs up from Spain and have a nice Christmas time : Javier.

Ignacio Simon
Ignacio Simon 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Rob! thanks for sharing this.... Impeccable bass line and really fantastic sound :)

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