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Information Opera Singer Reacts to Geoff Castellucci Blackbird | Performance Analysis |

Title : Opera Singer Reacts to Geoff Castellucci Blackbird | Performance Analysis |

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Frames Opera Singer Reacts to Geoff Castellucci Blackbird | Performance Analysis |

Description Opera Singer Reacts to Geoff Castellucci Blackbird | Performance Analysis |

Opera Singer Reacts to Geoff Castellucci Blackbird | Performance Analysis |

Opera Singer Reacts to Geoff Castellucci Blackbird | Performance Analysis |

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mark mclendon
mark mclendon 2 months ago


Steuart Hoce
Steuart Hoce 2 months ago

Lmao I was a flute major and I’ve never related to anything more than “I don’t even think I can hear that low”

Raptor15_PR 2 months ago

React to oogie boogie's song by voiceplay

77LEXX77 2 months ago

11:07 E1?

Aussie Pete
Aussie Pete 2 months ago

Awesome reaction Jess. You don't get to be that good by accident!!

DravenGal 2 months ago

Great reaction by the way!

DravenGal 2 months ago

The look on your face when you saw all the Geoffs...was awesome. Don’t miss him doing “Sixteen Tons.”

Rojer Grison
Rojer Grison 2 months ago

Have you checked out "Teddy Swims" , do not want to say much because your reaction will be worth it . Would recommend I can't make you love me for the first time listening but all his stuff is good

Javier Marco
Javier Marco 2 months ago

He origiinally was a tenor and work to develop his bass register. www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVGFTMb_3ns&t=259s

Myrl Wallace
Myrl Wallace 2 months ago

Geoff did share a bit of the code in a few short singing lessons on his channel. Amazing stuffs from an amazing man.

Suyeta Rose
Suyeta Rose 2 months ago

I love a lot of his stuff but the Oogie Boogie song is still my favorite. www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbxkOntz2SA

Wae Tlp
Wae Tlp 2 months ago

Would love to see your reaction for this video. Female singer a.k.a vocal coaches too from my country, Malaysia.
She sing her own song for the prestigious music award in Malaysia called "ANUGERAH JUARA LAGU".
Malaysian would love to hear your comments about her performance. Thanks!


drenski1 2 months ago

Check out Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair by Peter and Avi

Youtuber 2 months ago

Love your makeup

Ranger 4000
Ranger 4000 2 months ago

Geoff has a new cover, take me home country roads

Mrnrsedude 2 months ago

So much fun watching you react to and dissect this. Very animated and entertaining. I love watching someone who is educated enough to be scholarly on a subject, choose instead to just geek out and have fun :)

Jo Hickey
Jo Hickey 2 months ago

my mother told me www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs4ZJpWJh_Q

murksy100 2 months ago

Hey. Can you please react to two Songs (Wolf! + Falco) ? Find it in my playlist Thank you very much

03focussvt943 2 months ago

You saw the light. Love this reaction!

Lonny Mead
Lonny Mead 2 months ago

That was crazy... truly incredible, and your reaction Jess is priceless...he cracked the code, I feel you. Good stuff!

David Barnes
David Barnes 2 months ago

Love your analysis of Geoff!

Allen Welch
Allen Welch 2 months ago

Love when you do Geoff. Love your reactions to his awesomeness. Can you do so more Homefree please if your lookin to do more Acapella stuff that would be great!

Adam Baldoni
Adam Baldoni 2 months ago

The low note that you were having trouble finding is an A1 not a G#1.

RemyFelis 2 months ago

Just seeing your unfiltered Euphoria while listening to this song has made my day. Your excitement for music in general is energizing.

brian thieme
brian thieme 2 months ago

Geoff's rendition of "Sixteen Tons"....well...you'll need a moment...

Paolo Ena
Paolo Ena 2 months ago

fantastic, next one Voice Play "My mother told me" Geoff F-1. Stay safe

Lyle B
Lyle B 2 months ago

A1 at 8:10

Brian Connelly
Brian Connelly 2 months ago

His arranging ability to bring out all the strengths of his range and voice is spectacular, and that last note...phew

Brad Clifton
Brad Clifton 2 months ago

there are some youtube videos where he talks about how he does some of his stuff

papacarl2002 2 months ago

Just subscribed! Love your channel that I just found today! And I’d never heard this amazing rendition of a wonderful song. I’ve got to play Mr. C’s original video for my son, who has loved this song since I started playing for him when he was a toddler... and now that he’s a teenager playing 🎹 & taking music theory... I’ve got to also show him your wonderful analysis! 🙏🏼🎧 🎶 ♾🤘🏼
Oh just realized I’ve heard his rendition of 16 Tons that my dad played for me when I was a kid... too cool.

Sam Walker
Sam Walker 2 months ago

I think you've fallen in love. 😉🙂

ifluvinguiswrong 2 months ago

Glennis Grace singing Afscheid.

ifluvinguiswrong 2 months ago

I love all of your reactions, but am surprised that you haven't reacted to Glennis Grace of Holland. Her own song Afscheid is incredible, her cover of Bon Jovi's Always is magnificent and her rendition of Whitney Houston's I wanna run to you is superb. She can sound exactly like Whitney, but she has her own voice and is nothing but lungs. I hope you give Glennis, one of the world's premier vocalists a chance and react to her. Thanks. Eric

nicolemicha 2 months ago

Super random request - but I would love to hear your thoughts on Naomi Scott singing Speechless from Aladdin! They have a recorded version where she's in the studio with like a full orchestra 😍

brian thieme
brian thieme 2 months ago

OK...you want to hear Geoff turn it up a notch? Listen to him on Voiceplay's "Oogie Boogie's Song" (from "The Nightmare Before Christmas)...

Erik Lind
Erik Lind 2 months ago

Thank you for your awesome reaction.....I love it when singers critique what is happening....he is just awesome in my opinion. If you want to hear Highs, and Lows from him..check out his cover of High and Dry

James Green III
James Green III 2 months ago

Hi, in your opinion, who would you rate as your top 3 bassists active right now in the world?

Soussou 2 months ago

Could you react to Sohyang cover of "Lean on me" on the show Immortal Songs please? Totally worth watching!

edin shealtiel
edin shealtiel 2 months ago


bre 2 months ago

Can u please react to Selena Quintanilla's disco medley live from the astrodome its a great performance

Shawnee11759 2 months ago

Please react to Whicked4whitney. Please.

Ubatam 2 months ago

11:00 is a prime example of a low voice impregnating a woman

Grumpy Old Guy Plays Games

You are just adorable when you get enthused.

yoshDublando 2 months ago

React Country Roads of The Geoff Castellucci

Chris Morin
Chris Morin 2 months ago

I always comment on how nimble Geoff is with his vocals. He's able to not only hit the notes, but sustain them without sounding strained or forced. Most (not all) basses are lucky to hit some of those notes, and often they are just a sound, whereas with Geoff, I can always hear and understand the actually words. Love your reaction and breakdown!

Steve Grey
Steve Grey 2 months ago

16 tons

Dmytro Tsvyntarnyi
Dmytro Tsvyntarnyi 2 months ago

8:11 A1

Geoffrey Fagan
Geoffrey Fagan 2 months ago

My vote's for the Queen medley, but of course it's all the rest of Voiceplay showing off their super powers along with Geoff.

sune johansson
sune johansson 2 months ago

please react to his high and dry cover

SC0RePIO 2 months ago

I KNEW you were gonna love this one. ;)
His rendition of Radiohead's High & Dry is another great example of his talents.

Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Adams 2 months ago

Digg that deeeeeep voice !

Andy Oquendo
Andy Oquendo 2 months ago

Hey Jess! Welcome to the rabbit-hole of doom that we know as Geoff Castellucci. :) He's also sungThe Bare Necessities, 16 Tons, and Country Roads, take me home-- just to name a few --BEAUTIFULLY (if the I may say so myself). <3

Maciek Prochniak
Maciek Prochniak 2 months ago

I like Geoff as much as you . He is incredible vocal actor. We can see it in Oogie Boogie song and The Little Mermeid Medley .. Geoff as Ursula is great ( and blue ☺️). In the "My mother told me" mr Castelluci is using something like mongolian overtons( sorry for my English). It could be very nice to see your analisis beacuse yours are te most interesting. Best wishes.☺️👍

Angry Sausage
Angry Sausage 2 months ago

Please do his cover of high and dry

Anderson Duran
Anderson Duran 2 months ago

Please react a Talking To The Moon - Gabriel Henrique / Bruno Mars Cover. From Brazil!

ΛURORΛ ΞCHOES 2 months ago

I hate his range. It completely dwarfs mine at both ends. I can't get anywhere that low or that high. Must you be so insufferably awesome!?

Amprae _
Amprae _ 2 months ago

Need to react to his cover of “16 Tons” and VoicePlays cover of “Oogie Boogie Song” with Geoff as Oogie Boogie.

Keith Hartley
Keith Hartley 2 months ago

Geoff castellucci did post a video on how he sings low. You should check it out

tatewakinew 2 months ago

Geoff actually sells some of his arrangements at SheetMusicPlus - but sadly I haven't seen the Blackbird there.

Junior Monteiro
Junior Monteiro 2 months ago

I knew you would love this. That's why I insisted on recommending it last year. Now it remains to react to Tim Foust singing Misty Mountains.

The Every Maker - Nick

He released "16 Tons" which has become my favorite of his songs. I'm definitely a fan of his. Check it out, you will not be sorry. That an "Oogie Boogie Song" from Voiceplay. He sing's lead on it and it's amazing.

Steve Everett
Steve Everett 2 months ago

I just love the way you 'eargasm' when Geoff hits those low notes and when you smile .....I just melt !

James Curfman
James Curfman 2 months ago

<3 Hehehe. I saw that fluttery-lidded eye roll, missy. lol <3

Old Guy Does Stuff
Old Guy Does Stuff 2 months ago

I think what I like best about this piece is his resonance. In some other pieces (like My Mother Told Me) he gets very edgy in the bass. This one his tone is so much smoother. Yes, some of that is in post, but post can't take a very edgy sound and make it this smooth. So not only can he hit those crazy low notes, he can give them life and nuance.

M Lawson
M Lawson 2 months ago

Awesome song # awesome reaction

bingobillable 2 months ago

Another wonderful reaction. If you can pull yourself loose from those low bass notes, can you listen to Lucy Thomas and react. I think this girl has an amazing voice, and I’d like your opinion/ reaction. She recently posted a cover of Eva Cassidy’s version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. She also does an excellent solo of”Hallelujah”. I think she’s another rising star. I think she’s 17 now.

Thank you, I don’t know how to post a link on YouTube.

Chandler Askew
Chandler Askew 2 months ago

I would love to see you react to I’m not a vampire revamped by falling in reverse. The lead singer Ronnie is an amazing vocalist! He has spent a lot and effort working on his voice and it really shows

Susan Bradley
Susan Bradley 2 months ago

I know you love a good bass as much as i do, but check out Austin Brown's channel (tenor from Home Free) where he's posted some nice stuff. "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone", "At Last", and several others have been good.

Susan Bradley
Susan Bradley 2 months ago

Nice, huh???

Lou F
Lou F 2 months ago

8:30 when you’re talking about the intervalic difference and that low note.... getting popcorn.... wait til last note. Lol

doorran 2 months ago

Well, for Geoff solo work he did do a "16 ton's" video performance that was good. You might also try Voiceplay's Imagine Dragon's "Warriors" cover. or even their "Superstition" cover. They also did some Disney, "Little Mermaid Medley" and "Moana Medley" .

Marcello Bass
Marcello Bass 2 months ago

7:30 the note is A1

Kristen Janonis
Kristen Janonis 2 months ago

The joy and enthusiasm, as well as the knowledge that you have for music is just so fun and enjoyable to watch. Thanks for sharing.

Ken Hasard
Ken Hasard 2 months ago

This is my favorite reaction that you have done. I really enjoyed watching you squirm around in the best parts of the song. Perhaps a seatbelt would be a good thing when reacting to him LOL. This was great! Regarding the song, it's a good song, but Geoff catches me with those low notes he throws in there. Harmonizing with himself was a nice touch so we can see his range, and he has a huge range. Thank you for your analysis, and your efforts making these videos. Take care and stay safe.

Hank Studdard
Hank Studdard 2 months ago

"Intervalic distance".........love that term, and I will use it to make (yet another, I know) recommendation to you of a video to review. Tomi P, another incredible bass singer, recently released a mulit-layer/multi-track (like this one from Mr. Castellucci) cover he did of Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Several reviewers/commenters of that video have stated that on (at least) one point in the arrangement he is covering 6 OCTAVES across all of his recorded layers. I don't want to spoil it for you, but one of the reviewers places the lowest note he hits at a location not even on the standard piano keyboard. The guy is pretty amazing. Much like Geoff, his "more normal range" voice is also quite incredible.

Jennifer Shymanski
Jennifer Shymanski 2 months ago

Love how much of his range he shows. He has a lovely higher register. Just lovely. So smooth

Maciek Prochniak
Maciek Prochniak 2 months ago

Oogie Boogie ..please

Mark Hilliard
Mark Hilliard 2 months ago

LOL!!! Who else but Jess can one minute give you music reactions with seriously deep music theory and follow it the next minute undeniable evidence that lets us know every cell in her body just underwent "musical ecstasy" - what a magical blend, this is what all-star YT reactors do! Feeding us knowledge for our minds and passion for our hearts....

Carmine Ginocchio
Carmine Ginocchio 2 months ago

You should check out their version of the Oogie Boogie song...

Doctor Jay
Doctor Jay 2 months ago

You should listen to Geoff's 5 octave assault on Voiceplay's OOGIE BOOGIE SONG.

steby123 2 months ago

This Blackbird is SMOKING !!!!!

steby123 2 months ago

It is fun to watch an expert singer reveling in another's skilled performance !!

Gene Gillis
Gene Gillis 2 months ago

All I can say, is nice!!!!

Michael Gray
Michael Gray 2 months ago

That low note that you couldn't figure out, it was a B1

shuriken48 2 months ago

You know you are good when you form your own 5-part choir and you cover Bass, Baritone, and Tenor by yourself. 🔥

Michael McLane
Michael McLane 2 months ago

My Geoff Castellucci recomendation is his accompaniment with the American Sirens as they sing Merry Christmas. youtu.be/zT894S_zoD0

Michael McLane
Michael McLane 2 months ago

When he begins with the keyboard, the last chord of the intro with his left hand he plays the lowest key. Then he sings that lowest key as the lead register. Look at it, you will see.

Arthur Lube
Arthur Lube 2 months ago

8:08 It was an A1

kyleandkota 2 months ago

If you haven't seen it already, he does a cover of Radiohead's 'High and Dry' that's even more impressive than this, believe it or not. And it's in the original key 😮

Tarodan 2 months ago

Can you take a look at Jonathan Young's "Bells of Notre Dame"? And if you want more Geoff, do Voiceplay's "Oogie Boogie Man." It's definitely my favourite song out of everything he's done.

Eric Lennert
Eric Lennert 2 months ago

Take Me Home, Country Road

kyleandkota 2 months ago

I'm only nitpicking because I know you appreciate technical terminology and jargon. With that being said, and as unbelievable as it may be, Geoff actually describes himself as a baritone with a bass range. From a technical perspective, he's correct

Wonderful World Of Stuff

I love that I just mentioned Geoff in you're last live, and you enthusiastically said you did know him and here we are - Reaction!! 😁You kept this one close to your chest, although you did let us know many secrets to upcoming reaction releases. 😁👍❤️

Michael Lie
Michael Lie 2 months ago

Those low notes are everything!

Sharon grause
Sharon grause 2 months ago

Love your reactions and explanations. Thanks so much ❤️

CarlT 2 months ago

Think the bottom note in that chord you mentioned was an E1 :)

Dennis Williams
Dennis Williams 2 months ago

You should check out the Voiceplay cover of Eleanor Rigby....amazing

Matthew Herron
Matthew Herron 2 months ago

you call this an audition tape got damn!

Randall Shuck
Randall Shuck 2 months ago

Here is Geoffs tutorial. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKLaYGHJoJM.

Randall Shuck
Randall Shuck 2 months ago

He has made a video explaining how to open up the low tones. You might want to look it up.