Christmas Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Playlist (Part 1)



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Information Christmas Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Playlist (Part 1)

Title : Christmas Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Playlist (Part 1)

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Frames Christmas Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Playlist (Part 1)

Description Christmas Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Playlist (Part 1)

Christmas Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Playlist (Part 1)

Christmas Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Playlist (Part 1)

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Christian Bersabal
Christian Bersabal 2 months ago

merry christmas 2020

Daniel 2 months ago

This has been a huge part of Christmas for me since 2014, when I discovered this playlist. Cheers and thanks!

mdurg 2 months ago

Please check this out for an original rock/pop-punk Christmas song:

Christmas Day featuring Cameron Stewart. Yes there are plenty of crunchy power chords!

IREmongers 2 months ago

gab gab
gab gab 2 months ago

Bait !

Mercy Ortega
Mercy Ortega 2 months ago

back at it again 2018

Ailbhe Cushnan
Ailbhe Cushnan 2 months ago

I come here every year

Giggo Galac
Giggo Galac 2 months ago

2018 anyone?!?

Rocky Turen
Rocky Turen 2 months ago

Btw. Guys Where is the Part 2 of this Christmas Alternatives? I wanna listen to "Its not xmas in texas, without you" :(

SuperPalomita22 2 months ago


Trayson Martin
Trayson Martin 2 months ago

2017 viewers where you at?

ISABELLA BORGES 2 months ago

If you like Christmas or rock music this song has both awesome,I recommend it it’s inspiring too have fun listening😍

Maria Cambra
Maria Cambra 2 months ago

Anyone knows the playlist for the Part 2? its not available anymore. TIA

Angelo La Montagna
Angelo La Montagna 2 months ago

è dai ci volete prendere in giro queste non sono canzoni rock

Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart 2 months ago

"Wreck my balls and I'll be jolly" Peace in!

Bryan Welch
Bryan Welch 2 months ago


Laura Schmall
Laura Schmall 2 months ago


Laura Schmall
Laura Schmall 2 months ago

OMG ! !😮

Rebecca McCarthy
Rebecca McCarthy 2 months ago

decorating my tree to this :D thanks

riteniox 2 months ago

16 days for Christmas 2016!!!

Josh Bray
Josh Bray 2 months ago

It's that time of year again! Time to jam out to Christmas music.

Professional Meme Expert

this is pepe in 2016 if myself sees this try to make fun of my Cyka blyat Happy Holidays!!!!

rainingkat 2 months ago

So im starting Christmas on November 1st I know im amazing

Sahib Chahal
Sahib Chahal 2 months ago

It begins again.

abileon joshua
abileon joshua 2 months ago


4021-Deeban Vinith T
4021-Deeban Vinith T 2 months ago

cool rock...

4021-Deeban Vinith T
4021-Deeban Vinith T 2 months ago

awesomme songs.....

Christopher 2 months ago

wow fucking goood. merry Christmas everyone

Rebecca Renaud
Rebecca Renaud 2 months ago


Robert Weaver
Robert Weaver 2 months ago

No I mean spongebob said the snow is fall in the cold wind and Christmas is I'll most her

Robert Weaver
Robert Weaver 2 months ago

Slingshot sa

Hannah Mince
Hannah Mince 2 months ago

I love Christmas

Amanda Arena
Amanda Arena 2 months ago

I never liked Christmas music but I do now xD these r fun to listen to

E L 2 months ago

lets go christmas time!

ACrispyHobo 2 months ago

November 1st, time to slap on the Christmas songs

Kyle Alferez
Kyle Alferez 2 months ago

Rockin Christmas!! WOOO. Thanks heaps for the playlist man!

Alan Fox
Alan Fox 2 months ago

Hipster Christmas

Alberto Gaziano
Alberto Gaziano 2 months ago

Beautiful songs!! I sing, listen my songs :)

Michael Urbanski
Michael Urbanski 2 months ago

Im already listening... lol! NEVER TOO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS! (:

Victor M
Victor M 2 months ago

Just gonna go ahead and start these playlists in September :D

Berenda 2 months ago


Theresa Ocampo
Theresa Ocampo 2 months ago

Perfect for listening later

Isabella Ward
Isabella Ward 2 months ago

I love these songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;()

ESTJR ART 2 months ago

Awesome playlist

Sachin Seegobin
Sachin Seegobin 2 months ago

xmas 2014 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

BASSIL 2 months ago


Apple Lin
Apple Lin 2 months ago

finally! i found pop christmas songs! that's good!
thanks for sharing :)

Cherryy Sodaa
Cherryy Sodaa 2 months ago

This is seriously perfect

alexrainbirdMusic 2 months ago

Hey everyone, here's a new 2014 version! Indie/Indie-Pop Compilation - Christmas 2014 Playlist

Arianna Still
Arianna Still 2 months ago

=^.^= love it!!

marinske menkehorst
marinske menkehorst 2 months ago

i love this song :)

Angelo Alim
Angelo Alim 2 months ago

Very nice

Daimya Mims
Daimya Mims 2 months ago

If you are listening to this that mean you can't wait till Christmas start that's why I'm watching it

Ming Wu
Ming Wu 2 months ago

Why im I watching this? Its like summer

Melon A Mango
Melon A Mango 2 months ago

This songs are nice for christmas! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! PLEASE check out my Christmas Rock Medley for 2013 too! Happy holidays!

Mariella Pimentel
Mariella Pimentel 2 months ago

La cosa que el video es largo, pero ¡¡¡¡me encanta este vídeo;)

Dana D. A.
Dana D. A. 2 months ago

Love it!! ^_^

Angge 2 months ago

Merry Christmas! ^_^ Perfect playlist ♥

Wunschbrunnen 2 months ago

I needed that kind of Christmas music haha

Terry Shore
Terry Shore 2 months ago

Thank you for putting this together!

alexis rivera
alexis rivera 2 months ago


Jasmine Braggs
Jasmine Braggs 2 months ago

Just what I was looking for

Venom Snake
Venom Snake 2 months ago

merry christmas y'all

xXOkamiWolfXx 2 months ago

Thx man u posted at the right time now i gt some rockin music for my party

the13corinne 2 months ago

happy ho! ho!!!!!!! xmas! xo xo!

Suzi-Sue Morgan
Suzi-Sue Morgan 2 months ago

Brilliant!  The first non-advert hit that came up on Google and you are just what I was looking for!  thank you 8-)

Ricky Persaud
Ricky Persaud 2 months ago

Thanks for this video. Just perfect how you label bands for each song that was very helpful.

Sonali Gill
Sonali Gill 2 months ago

Love it