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World Mr
World Mr 2 months ago

Malaysia stupid goverment in the world.rojak law

naroto gaming
naroto gaming 2 months ago


Muhammad Abyzard
Muhammad Abyzard 2 months ago

Indonesia: welcome to the club

Yukorashi Yui
Yukorashi Yui 2 months ago

100 cases: Panik

1,884 cases: Kalm

Azhar Sulaiman
Azhar Sulaiman 2 months ago

tutuplah kilang top glove yg statistik 1000++.kita satu malaysia pkp boleh?.satu kilang tu tak boleh tutup?.

Funn 2 months ago

Can u all show the total remain cases for the whole states every single day??? U all act like nothing going on

Giddyupman 2 months ago

Its sad..

Nadya Holland
Nadya Holland 2 months ago

Bangang la letak nama MYR utk RM! Org semua ingat Myanmar! Letak la RM!

Muhammad Muhazzab
Muhammad Muhazzab 2 months ago

What we do now is just to hold down deaths. Also the spread of the virus.
The vaccine is the cure Till you get vaccinated you have risk of getting the China virus. So be careful till you can get a USA vaccine. They both around 95 percent effective. Trusted companies from a trusted country.

Dirt 2 months ago

What we need right now is quarantine wave 2 and stricter security, yall be opening restaurant 24 7 everyday and expect no one to get infected?

Bullshit stop the politics and stop all this crap the citizen life matters.

siva linggam
siva linggam 2 months ago


Clifford Ndom
Clifford Ndom 2 months ago

How Does Selangor get over a thousand cases when CMCO deadline is close?

Are this numbers worth trusting?

Metalllians86 2 months ago

Anyone out there think this is hoax? Just curious...

Penguin Kecil
Penguin Kecil 2 months ago

tak masuk akal langsung

matjeng jebong
matjeng jebong 2 months ago

Majoriti rakyat tak pergi Sabah yang pergi Sabah adalah politcians dan yang jadi Pak turut. Rakyat yang tak berdosa jadi mangsa.

Daniel Yee
Daniel Yee 2 months ago

Stop all the Friday prayers... Why the stupidest thing to do.

Subatars Devi
Subatars Devi 2 months ago

Hi pada sesiapa yang berminat utk belajar Bahasa Inggeris sila subscribe Jom Fokus Grammar.... Tqsm..

Sumaiya Jafar
Sumaiya Jafar 2 months ago

How come all restaurants are open to Ppl sit n eat. Only 2 are allowed in a car. I don't understand this logic 🤔

alex mohd
alex mohd 2 months ago

Xper extend lagi bisnes hours operation until midnight.... Nnti jadi bertambah lagi kes. Bagus korang kn.

Adul Razali
Adul Razali 2 months ago

Kkm should lockdown the factory glove not follow SOP n for them business is more important than our my family is effected ....

Adul Razali
Adul Razali 2 months ago

Tan sri DG,old take note daughter frm top glove positive now start frm Saturday until now waiting to admit in sg buloh but very sad kkm always gave the answer wait,wait wait for the ambulance to get h her but untill now no feedback from kkm..i have 10people in my family under one roof..cannot sleep 2 day think about it.....pls look it ASAP

Nathan 0912
Nathan 0912 2 months ago

KKM kalau guna test kit auta made in China mmg lah kes naik hari2 🤣🤣

Hafirul Shazuri
Hafirul Shazuri 2 months ago

Kesian aku tgok pengarah kkm ni...masa bln 3 bln 4 lepas kata hospital x dapat tampung pesakit covid meningkat....skrg ni hospital kompom2 penuh dah ni kan hari2 angka ribu2

Sb Cgb
Sb Cgb 2 months ago

Di Europe dan amerika RAKYAT membantah buat demonstrasi dan menamatkan locked down tapi kita di Malaysia buat taktau je dan mengharapakan duit prihatin Dari kerajaan..kerajaan Malaysia sumbat je duit tutup mulut rakyat

Sb Cgb
Sb Cgb 2 months ago

How can now the cases too high can open restaurant until 12.00 all the fake drama

Sb Cgb
Sb Cgb 2 months ago

Norashim just skrip reader corona drama n the all reporters media are control by government for make poeple believed this corona drama for make vaccine and agenda 021 and one world government

Haizad Annuar
Haizad Annuar 2 months ago

buat jela pkp kat klang tu..

Edwin Win
Edwin Win 2 months ago

Ini plandemic lah

Edwin Win
Edwin Win 2 months ago

Hantu bosan covid ni,,,bnkrup

Khairy 1505
Khairy 1505 2 months ago

Hi saya dari masa depan....harini bukan kes tertinggi tapi esok 24 Nov 2020

初音ミク 2 months ago

what already happen, happen. nothing to gain for constantly complain, so do what best for everyone and reduce the casualties of spreading

Kengaroo Ang
Kengaroo Ang 2 months ago


Zakaria Ali
Zakaria Ali 2 months ago

Tomorrow n day after going to be higher and higher coz of the budget 2021 issue..hopefully those foxes not going to use this covid reason to hold their position..

Yellow Lady
Yellow Lady 2 months ago

Until the next day..

Dreamatix TV
Dreamatix TV 2 months ago

hey im doing my part, been stuck at home for WEEKS now.

Hantu Gaming
Hantu Gaming 2 months ago

Illuminati kerajaan 😒

Esther Ting
Esther Ting 2 months ago

Dr Hisham can consider being a newcaster if he wants to retire early from being a doctor, he's been practicing everyday reading news

Asian Vlogs
Asian Vlogs 2 months ago

Just open everything and let them die who have to then everything will be okay

TV Mamak
TV Mamak 2 months ago

Mungkin kerajaan sengaja tak buat PKP yang ketat supaya nanti bila banyak kes, kerajaan boleh songlap banyak dari hasil jualan vaksin.

Tech Animation
Tech Animation 2 months ago

Selangor, higher than sabah’s highest case

Nadia Syafiqah
Nadia Syafiqah 2 months ago


kabashi jay
kabashi jay 2 months ago

100 case: wear mask! Lockdown! Super scared.

Now 1000+ case: oi! Jom! Mari Kita pergi ke mamak makan roti canai dan minum teh tarik.

Cock Pit
Cock Pit 2 months ago

Top Glove new name = Top Spreader! MB as usual useless.

sue zaha
sue zaha 2 months ago

Sabah has left the group😏
Selangor joined the group✨😭

Steel shot
Steel shot 2 months ago

Sehari makan ptg sja,malam makan roti sbb nak jimat bantuan kerajaan tak lulus aku bukan aku sorang saja susah semua susah,tibe surat indah water dtang dgn surat lowyer kepala bapak aku nak cari duit mana,syarikat indah water cukup kejam mcm binatang lapar duit sangat ka

CHAN KENYI Moe 2 months ago


CHAN KENYI Moe 2 months ago


Soviet Roll
Soviet Roll 2 months ago

F all politicians. Thank you Abah !

Thwart Shroom
Thwart Shroom 2 months ago

At this rate, we might as well let everyone be infected and recover naturally from the disease. It's not even about the infectivity of the virus anymore; Singapore has more total cases than Malaysia but their recovered cases are almost equal their total. Malaysia medicinal facilities, hello?

Genius 2 months ago

Semoga meningkat lagi:-)

Anis Nababan
Anis Nababan 2 months ago

tak masuk akal kes naek kday suruh buka smp tngah mlm

SL puah
SL puah 2 months ago

1884 kez! Naik lagi. Apa sal kini lebih dan lebih? Ada (E)MCO. Di negeri mana yang kurang sihat? Who in Malaysia can help to save the country? Do we need curfew?

Richard Sim
Richard Sim 2 months ago

MCO is needed to stop this spread!

Mikayla Mikael
Mikayla Mikael 2 months ago

Terima kasih la SAPI APEDAL...sblum berambos tinggalkan kesan yg amat bermakna buat SABAH... WARISAN SIALLL

cnn 2 months ago

That is what you get when your own politicians don’t take this seriously...from hud hud, to Najib court gatherings, to muhiddin plot to topple warisan.... I feel sorry for all the front liners

Sickobing 2 months ago

100 cases : this is dangerous!

1000 CASES/day : relax keadaan masih terkawal!

Alex Motion
Alex Motion 2 months ago

Too many cases. What is going on ? Why they don't do MCO for a few weeks at least to control this? Slowly but surely cases will increase to a point that ECONOMY will be shut down for good. Instead, save the economy now by imposing MCO for 2-3 weeks at least.

Aero 2 months ago


Salty Jo
Salty Jo 2 months ago

Pkpb tak berjaya. Habis. Bagaimana sekarang...?
Siapa main politik di Sabah? Ini akibatnya. Rakyat yg susah.

Ahmad Huzaifah
Ahmad Huzaifah 2 months ago


Reuben Sher
Reuben Sher 2 months ago

How much did TS Top glove pay TS PN & TS KP....?

Rhyas9 2 months ago

At the end of all this, the people WILL hold those greedy self-serving politicians accountable.

In the meantime please stay safe everyone. Help your neighbours, look out for one another. Pray for the frontliners, pray for the hospitalised. Pray for those suffering economic hardship. We can get through this.

Brian Iskandar
Brian Iskandar 2 months ago

Selangor seem to record a high cases increase btw and Sabah and KL is also high in cases i recommend we do PKP in selangor maybe PKPB in Sabah KL and Perak only orther state can put in PKPP well this is just recommendation

captain noob
captain noob 2 months ago

no komen. sedih dengar. 😭

Lan Ayam
Lan Ayam 2 months ago

??? Good jop


Why am I here ? tq YouTube recommendation

Moonface00z 2 months ago

100 cases = lockdown

1884 = Like noting happen

•Dream Cloudyx•
•Dream Cloudyx• 2 months ago

Allahuakbar, kes semakin meningkat. Mari kita berdoa untuk kes semoga menurun/kurang

Norizan Ajamainus
Norizan Ajamainus 2 months ago

Adui memang dunia nak kiamat dah