Shocking Case Of Parents Who Killed Their Children. Mick and Mairead Philpott



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Information Shocking Case Of Parents Who Killed Their Children. Mick and Mairead Philpott

Title : Shocking Case Of Parents Who Killed Their Children. Mick and Mairead Philpott

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Frames Shocking Case Of Parents Who Killed Their Children. Mick and Mairead Philpott

Description Shocking Case Of Parents Who Killed Their Children. Mick and Mairead Philpott

Shocking Case Of Parents Who Killed Their Children. Mick and Mairead Philpott

Shocking Case Of Parents Who Killed Their Children. Mick and Mairead Philpott

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theworkprograme 2 months ago

A mother who killed six of her children has been released from prison after serving just half of her 17-year sentence. Mairead Philpott, then aged 32, was jailed for manslaughter in April 2013, over the deaths of the children in an arson attack.
She, her husband and their friend Paul Mosley started the blaze in their Derby home in May 2012 in a bid to frame Mick’s former girlfriend Lisa Willis.
He was embroiled in a custody battle with Miss Willis, who had lived with the couple for a decade before leaving three months before the deadly fire, taking her five children  – for of whom were fathered by Mick – with her.
He and Mairead also hoped the damage would result in them getting a bigger council house, the court heard.
But after starting the fire with petrol, the Philpotts were unable to rescue their children from the flames in time.
Jade Philpott, 10, and her brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five, all died in the petrol-fuelled blaze, while Duwayne, 13, died in hospital three days later.

Ayla H
Ayla H 2 months ago

So broken-hearted for the brothers who tried to save the children. You can see the pain in their faces as they tell the story of how hard they tried, true heroes 💚

Sir Edith
Sir Edith 2 months ago

23:02 Anne’s like a doll of an old lady

Sir Edith
Sir Edith 2 months ago

14:40 if you want a bigger house, work for one!

Sir Edith
Sir Edith 2 months ago

12:40 Real men provide for their kids. Not hold their entitled hands out!

Sir Edith
Sir Edith 2 months ago

11:36 Being unemployed by choice, you deserve fuck all. And if those kids suffer, that’s your fault, not the taxpayers.

Sir Edith
Sir Edith 2 months ago

10:54 On hand outs and she’s smoking! In front of the kids!!

Sir Edith
Sir Edith 2 months ago

9:24 Can’t feed’em Don’t breed’em

Sir Edith
Sir Edith 2 months ago

7:56 why is he laughing?

Stacey Mayy
Stacey Mayy 2 months ago

What a piece of sh#t! Killed his own babies just out of revenge to Lisa! Frick stupid controlling mo fo! And I blame his wife just as much cause Idk how controlling or scared I am of a sick piece of sh#t like this piece if sh#t I'd did whatever I had to do to save my babies or I'd died with them trying! Damn devil Satan himself in skin right there! Those poor babies! God rest their souls!

Tammie Sanders
Tammie Sanders 2 months ago

All there lives will be forever changed

Tammie Sanders
Tammie Sanders 2 months ago

I was talking about these men, who suffered from there trams, through this how hard for them to be present through this, horrible. Situation, its something they will think about for the rest of there lives,

Michelle Schu-blacka
Michelle Schu-blacka 2 months ago

I'm not someone who agrees with 'whole life' tariffs, but this is definitely a case of someone who poses a serious risk if released.

The issue is the mentality of people whose minds can go to a place like that. There is definitely some kind of mental impairment in the minds of people who would even consider doing that, for the reasons they did it.

Newshound 2 months ago

Most narcissists are just ragingly out of control.

Newshound 2 months ago

Every kid was a chattel the gives him another cheque from the government. Thats all.

Reg 2 months ago

Def disgusting day will come all will face god for every action done in the body that's the scary part

Ghost Demon
Ghost Demon 2 months ago

I can't believe that the so called mother only served half of her sentence. Even the full 17 years sentence isn't long enough. She murdered her children. There's nothing nice about her and there is not justice that can make that scumbag a decent human being.
All those children who suffered and died at the hands of their so called parents is heartbreaking. I hope she never has children as she should not be allowed near children let alone have any more. If the freak of nature gives birth, the child should be taken away from her immediately and placed with a loving family who don't murder children.
Mick Philpott should never see the light of day and I hope every day of prison life is a living hell for him.

I feel sorry for the 2 brothers who tried to save the children. It must have been awful witnessing what those murdering scum neighbours did to their own children. I hope the guys are doing well.

arrow64 64
arrow64 64 2 months ago

I have been working 40 year's now , and I do not have what this piece of shit has , but I have no kids , and no wife.. by choice...Something a bout free milk , so you need not house the cow ....

Abeetha Waththegama
Abeetha Waththegama 2 months ago


Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston 2 months ago

These poor guys willing to risk their lives for 2 scumbags that killed their own kids.

Sibahle Hopa
Sibahle Hopa 2 months ago

not six children five children

HeadshotTatertot93 2 months ago

“Can’t get paid in a earth this big you worthless kid, man don’t deserve to live” - Cam’Ron

Ty Prod
Ty Prod 2 months ago

Yalll telling me a pedophile, murderer and a malicious abuser was there allowed on the streets and no one did nothing.

I’m not even shocked people just pass this stuff as normal they walk by and let it happen to be fair the fact 2 women could’ve beat him up is shocked as they didn’t do it.


Meg Pie
Meg Pie 2 months ago

What do I have to do to get someone to listen? Sit down at a job interview, the vasectomy clinic, and the judge. I hope this eventually goes full circle and they both burn in hell.

Lisa Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez 2 months ago

What a freaking LOSER!

Cest LaVie
Cest LaVie 2 months ago

Blech this accent is hideous

J K 2 months ago

Having a man living with me and sleeping in my bed I’d attest that she is happy lmao I’d love to have another women share all this bs lmao but I’d leave before I do that. I don’t have kids tho. They share clothes so they seems to be good, also if he treats them equally then that’s most important. But yeah killing kids isn’t good..

Mary Fields
Mary Fields 2 months ago

So, yeah... keep giving this idiot airtime and massage his ego. Great idea.

Mark Sterriker
Mark Sterriker 2 months ago

Got a 14 year old pregnant? . He should have been locked up before this happened? . But then again this is britain. Keep forgetting that 🙄

J K 2 months ago

So disturbing

J K 2 months ago

Strange this characteristic of the black smoke everywhere looks like gasoline fire

madeline 2 months ago

those poor babies...they deserved so much more.

Linda Wahl
Linda Wahl 2 months ago

How can anyone do that to any child let alone one they did all six, they are some sick bastards

Nicole Dreyfus
Nicole Dreyfus 2 months ago

25:00 “something happened to me in 1978” hmmmm not quite, mick, but ur almost there

john Evangelou
john Evangelou 2 months ago

Certainly ended up with a much bigger house

_ Phyllis
_ Phyllis 2 months ago

He should've considered vasectomy... I hate useless people 🙄😑

Michelle Menth
Michelle Menth 2 months ago

These poor children and the poor men that tried to save them. What an awful thing to witness and then finding out it the parents started it to try and get more money. I read Mick actually wanted to screw his wife there in the hospital in the middle of all of this. Wtf?! Don't forget their bogus bullshit plea for help.

Liver Bird XOXO
Liver Bird XOXO 2 months ago

The Butler brothers are true hero’s! It’s pains them that they couldn’t save them babies

Diana H
Diana H 2 months ago

De Kvinde er sgu lige så tosset som den mand, han er en tyran ,men rip søde børn, hvor er det tragisk. At man taler sådan foran sine børn siger bare alt om ham . OMG IDIOT.

E B 2 months ago

Imagine living next to this fucking shithole?

Lobo Wynn
Lobo Wynn 2 months ago

If that’s a British male …then says a lot about the British…..

Lobo Wynn
Lobo Wynn 2 months ago

That’s no man at all a real man supports his family

Lobo Wynn
Lobo Wynn 2 months ago

Have a family and let your neighbors pay for it….Trash

Lobo Wynn
Lobo Wynn 2 months ago

Man won’t work neither shall he eat…GOD

Silvie Ficová
Silvie Ficová 2 months ago

Why he reminds me of Diane Downs so much ? Narcissistic sociopaths seem to be very simmilar in a way

Nathan Jedrej
Nathan Jedrej 2 months ago

This pair remind me of Karen Matthew's but the philpotts, especially mick, were genuinely next level evil, considering his past criminal record. Thank goodness that young girl got away. Mairaid was just a sad case that mick manipulated all her adult life.

Shawn A
Shawn A 2 months ago

God bless them parents.

Senpaii Bella
Senpaii Bella 2 months ago

This literally made me so sick to my stomach. 🤮

Reverend Marvelous
Reverend Marvelous 2 months ago

There's so many decent guys out there that can't even get a girlfriend. This world is sick

Sharon Harding
Sharon Harding 2 months ago

Now philpott is in prison us

Gail Robson
Gail Robson 2 months ago

Why didn't the social service step in and take some of the children as they were over crowded.

eRmaC 2 months ago

How come Philpotts wife looks more and more like a crackhead the longer shes with him

Gioshane Torceno
Gioshane Torceno 2 months ago


Sarason Salas
Sarason Salas 2 months ago

Anybody knows the song they are playing at their wedding?

Chopper Valenti
Chopper Valenti 2 months ago

Those poor dear men, REAL MEN, Jamie and Darren Butler... I hope they will soon be able to think or talk about the fire without it hurting them so. We all feel for them but I hope they'll remember that they WERE THERE for the children. Thanks to them, they weren't alone ok? I hope they can replace any bad memories with good. Thank you to these two great guys and all the other rescuers

Jade Mitchell woking
Jade Mitchell woking 2 months ago

I am on benefits have 4 kids by 4 different men the council have giving me a new 4 bed house in sheerwater woking thank you taxpayers. My boyfriend is Matthew camp and he works as a plumber.

maria o'loughlin
maria o'loughlin 2 months ago

It's crazy how the neighbor's were more cut up tabout the children than the parents

Alison Mcneir
Alison Mcneir 2 months ago

He is a horrible man and I think instead of him having a girlfriend in prison he will be the can’t choose their parents and some people should never breed.

Ferrera29 2 months ago

Garden, get a job basterd!

Ferrera29 2 months ago

It is diskusting to watch, im sorry not for my language but how all tv and nobody did something with this man ore at least kastreat a woman if she was a ........

Boston Blackie
Boston Blackie 2 months ago

So this is what the welfare system produces and it is generational. There are people who seriously need help, I will help anybody who helps themself, but in all honesty most don't work a day in their lives, live off your hard work and raise kids who then continue to live off you. In the 1940s when the welfare system started the goverment would inspect you, your house, want to know why you weren't working. Nowadays goverment just dole out the/your money. Then you end up with a catastrophe such as this!

Linda Norris
Linda Norris 2 months ago

HOw do they AFFORD ALL THE JEWELRY????????

Linda Norris
Linda Norris 2 months ago

I know a woman in the 1920's - 1940's who was just like this guy. 13+ or more illigitimate children.

Linda Norris
Linda Norris 2 months ago

These (2) ar emUCH TOO DRAMATIC without any real emotions behind the drama.

Linda Norris
Linda Norris 2 months ago

There is a crime similar to this in Iowa or Idaho...that is a COLD Case.

pedro guerrero
pedro guerrero 2 months ago

When he was talking about the reason other guys are angry with his was due to jealousy doesn't make sense. I mean yes some might be jealous but it's also massively egotistical.

Natalie 2 months ago

Omg I cannot get over how fake the couple's emotions are. So exaggerated and strained it is actually comically sick.

Natalie 2 months ago

#NoActualTearsTo Wipe

Natalie 2 months ago

Awww that neighbor guy that tried to save the kids from the house fire is so affected by this still. i hope he got some psych counselling after that trauma

Liz Multi-fan
Liz Multi-fan 2 months ago

This is so cruel! There's just one thing that I don't understand. How on earth did these women fell for him?

kimmyfreak200 2 months ago

those six coffins at the end :'(

kimmyfreak200 2 months ago

that press conference made me laugh... when he has crocodile tears he blots his tissue on his eyebrow by mistake cuz he didn't have any tears his own body wasn't agreeing with his lying tongue...body language 101...also OBSERVE just did an analysis on these 2 i wanted to watch this first though... and the way maireed makes her jaw crooked like she had a stroke...very fake and bad acting

Trust No one
Trust No one 2 months ago

Yuck.....him playing victim and begging for welfare is sickening

Simona Cochi
Simona Cochi 2 months ago

This guy is a 👹

Chris Neale
Chris Neale 2 months ago

He makes me feel sick to my stomach. A complete waste of organs.

Helen Blackwell
Helen Blackwell 2 months ago

As a parent I wouldn’t be outside on the phone I would be inside that house with my kids!! Sick vile animals 🤬🤬

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams 2 months ago

You can just imagine Mick Philpott and Stuart Hazell being mates meeting for a pint in the pub. Two peas in a pod. Two absolutely despicable human beings.

Inge Snack
Inge Snack 2 months ago

People wanted a socialistic society, wanted free entrance for legal and illegal immigrants, they wanted gratis freedom for all lazy people, all those who did nothing for the society. Noone has a complete responsibility for themselves anymore - let the society take care of the problems. This is the result of that socialism/globalism. But maybe the tide has turned in UK.

Kathleen Lackman
Kathleen Lackman 2 months ago

User of the system

Kathleen Lackman
Kathleen Lackman 2 months ago

He's so gross

Miss T
Miss T 2 months ago

Shed a few tears. Poor kids so sad. Not their fault they had stupid idiot parents.

emilia golden
emilia golden 2 months ago

Why have the children if your going to kill them

Geraldine 2 months ago

Trash should remain locked up!!!

Philip Walton
Philip Walton 2 months ago

All of his abuse is towards women. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes up against a scraper

Renee Santiago
Renee Santiago 2 months ago

The guy in the red Adidas jacket is either high or hes hiding something. He seems off

Ange 2 months ago

Wait his mistress was 7 months pregnant when he got married ???

Tishtash Yates
Tishtash Yates 2 months ago

Lovely children and it's not their fault but can I just point out that they've got way more than I could afford for my 1 and my partner worked full time as well as me having a part time job in the evenings! Maybe if we were not paying for people having so many children, mine might have had more. I believe in a benefits system where I contribute and can (if needed) receive benefits when families need them but I don't believe in paying for adults who won't work and have never worked to have as many children as they like instead.
He says it's his choice and we have no right to judge but it's not our choice to pay for his and so we do have every right to judge.
Hes not even a proper parent or man as they would want to provide for the children they have themselves.
The fact that he ended up killing those beautiful unfortunate little angels just goes to prove that he's not just a selfish, misogynistic, scrounging, violent, arrogant pig but that he is a monster, and far from being a loving parent, he is a the worst kind of parent there is. He offered nothing to his children, no financial support, no good role model, no healthy environment, no home..... nothing!! Ultimately he took everything from them, their very lives and any future they may have had. He is literally one of the most disgusting excuses for a human being that I have ever had the displeasure to read about.
It breaks my heart that those children lost their lives. 😪😪😪

Shelltowee 86
Shelltowee 86 2 months ago

"I can have as many children as I want " as long as everyone else is footing the note.

Stop Domestic Abuse
Stop Domestic Abuse 2 months ago

This is why I’m single!

Fari 2 months ago

I remember his. Knew it was off.

rolf bay
rolf bay 2 months ago

Prick and Airhead Tosspott .

DEMOC RATS 2 months ago

R.I.P Kid's!! Scum kill Kids.... but shaming women for sharing a man is disgusting!! and shaming a man for having many children is the same!!!! that talk show host and some of the women talking about this story are BIGGOTS

Barbara murray
Barbara murray 2 months ago

He saw them as dolla signs not his beloved children.

Jackson The Epic
Jackson The Epic 2 months ago

This guy is boys with the singer from lostprophets now lmao

Officer Barbrady
Officer Barbrady 2 months ago

6:08 That's the voice of the guy they use in videos where the subject doesn't want to be identified.

Rachel Fitzmaurice
Rachel Fitzmaurice 2 months ago

I think every house should have a rope ladder in a cupboard upstairs for emergencies to get out be it fire etc/those poor babies didn't deserve this, it is a tragedy RIP little ones/

Percy Plod
Percy Plod 2 months ago

That Ann is a right bitch can’t stand her

Jen X
Jen X 2 months ago

And the children will grow up and repeat the cycle of welfare.

Anna Griffiths
Anna Griffiths 2 months ago

25:48 - She's not a young woman, SHE IS A CHILD. CALL IT WHAT IT IS.

Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali 2 months ago

Me and my family were driving back home, and we actually drove past the house. All I remember is the house being burnt. It is so scary watching it now