The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!



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Information The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!

Title : The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!

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Frames The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!

Description The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!

The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!

The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!

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Francis Boutet
Francis Boutet 2 months ago

exactly the video I was Looking for, Thanks

Oxy 2 months ago

So many rpg games

sultan 2 months ago

Where is 007 ?!!

Austin Wilhelm
Austin Wilhelm 2 months ago

Loved parasite eve 2 ❤

KPT 13
KPT 13 2 months ago

nice list. 1st place goes for Metal Gear Solid for me .

Stu Argyle
Stu Argyle 2 months ago

Thorough list... but I would definitely not say Final Fantasy games occupied 3 of the top 4 games on the PS1.

Autistic Commando
Autistic Commando 2 months ago

Top 10 were pretty on point.

B L 2 months ago

MGS is #1

Emiliano Herner
Emiliano Herner 2 months ago

The way you posted final fantasy chronicles says lots about how much you care

Wesley José
Wesley José 2 months ago

Damn Valkyria Profile have such great graphics, ever for today's games

Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson 2 months ago

This is how you make a top 100 video

flow repins666
flow repins666 2 months ago

they dont make it like this no more. back when there was only full games, no dlc, multiplayer was offline with friends and games/gamers were trashed talk by society so they were the best games ever, works of art made with love not just for money... now sadly the society and elite that talked so bad about gaming uses them to advertise their political agendas 😭

brando 2 months ago

legioin of heroes, mortal kombat, chocobo racing, trap gunner, scars, rogue trip, samurai showdown, monster rancher, gun barl, marvel vs capcom? streak

Kazahkstan 2 months ago

Hmm, what is this "Grand Turismo" game? I have never heard of it before.

C MD 2 months ago

Twisted Metal 2 por encima en el top de juegos como Koudelka o Dino Crisis??? Hmm... 🤔

Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson 2 months ago

5:12 Final Fantasy Chronicles but it is showing Chronotrigger?

GameBoyABIR 2 months ago

I Love MEGAMAN Legends Series

Ginia Boy
Ginia Boy 2 months ago

Top Nerd Games lol

nilton neto
nilton neto 2 months ago

Dragonball legends <3 (idainaru densetsu)

Mr. Marino
Mr. Marino 2 months ago

Where`s Army Men?

Drew Lovelyhell
Drew Lovelyhell 2 months ago

All those JRPGs seem the same to me.

Ken astro
Ken astro 2 months ago

Metal slug-x , spiderman , gekido..

Mohamed Pedrou
Mohamed Pedrou 2 months ago

Final fantasy games ruined the list
What an awful gameplay
Honestly idk how people like it

Amano 2 months ago

these bring back memories but I can't find one game that I've been searching for. too bad I can't remember the title. the only thing I can recall is at the start of the game a young protagonist meet a stranger ( old man) at some kind of station and talk about his dream to become a junk fighter. it's hack and slash game with rpg touch in it. anyone can help me with the title?

Sebas Perez
Sebas Perez 2 months ago

I will never understand why so much fandom with the FF7. It wasn't a bad game at all, but it wasn't a mega masterpiece either. Games like Metal Gear, Suikoden, or even Silent Hill had better gameplay, better story, and better graphic quality than FF7. Even by the time it was out it looked very bad.
I don't even think it was the best FF in the series. The FF6 and FF9 seemed to me far superior to the FF7.

I repeat, it is not a bad game at all, but I will never understand why so much fandom for precisely that game, having so many better ones even in the same genre.

SPL Gaming
SPL Gaming 2 months ago

Can't argue much with the list but Metal Gear Solid should be Number 1 , it was a revolution at that time.

Vigilantiz -
Vigilantiz - 2 months ago

No!!! Brigandine and TimeCommando didn't make into the list. I'm sad.

Hugo Yañez
Hugo Yañez 2 months ago

rpg's are so goddamn boring

Imiko 2 months ago

My favorite PS1 titles:

Silent Hill
Metal Gear Solid
Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
Parasite Eve
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

EM PE 2 months ago

Tenchu missing!

10 days ago
10 days ago 2 months ago

im ok with 70 perecent of this list but when you have digimom and pokemon games and you dont have bust a groove 1 and 2, ninja : shadow of darkness, Jersey Devil, all of this tittles should be in the top 20 so yes thats bullshit

160sharp 2 months ago

That digimon game from 2001
Looks insane, probably pushed the ps1 to its limit

joe caropolo
joe caropolo 2 months ago

RE2 not being top 5 made this list invalid.

Mahesh Bhenchod
Mahesh Bhenchod 2 months ago

I spent 114 hours beating FF7. Most of it was farming experience running in circles.

Brorjace08 2 months ago

No names for the games genius, duh

dinja 2 months ago

No sheep dog n wolf bro

Zach Harrison
Zach Harrison 2 months ago

Overall I liked the list and totally agree with number one. I think there are a bit too many rpg games on this list and virtually no sports games. I also thought one of the Jet Moto titles should have been listed.

GUNDAMDragon Lord
GUNDAMDragon Lord 2 months ago

Forgot to include. Legend of Legaia, a game that is under the radar due to Final Fantasy's popularity.

Brutal Gloria
Brutal Gloria 2 months ago

Director's cut???????? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

ali velican
ali velican 2 months ago

im the only one hating rpg games?

Mobile Legends MEMES
Mobile Legends MEMES 2 months ago

8:14 Dejavu

Rony Silva
Rony Silva 2 months ago

Where is winning eleven..??

Raven 2 months ago


Piss Off
Piss Off 2 months ago

Nice list

F.G. 2 months ago

Lots of overrated, boring and obscure Japanese RPGs that are all the same... lame compilation

Jose Mendez
Jose Mendez 2 months ago

Damn, ps1 was full of rpgs...

Joe Macdougall
Joe Macdougall 2 months ago

No cool boarders or jet moto🤔

ZaneofAustin 2 months ago

no bloody roar?????

desireebby 2 months ago

I can't believe this game at 3:26 has a higher place than Dino Crisis... Wtf bout the people that voted for this 👎👎

Christos Christianis
Christos Christianis 2 months ago

Man where is worms Armageddon???? No one was playing it back in the day it didn’t even make it to 100 top games? I remember all my friends gathering at my house in my village and playing all together for hours!!!! :-) good memories, I almost played every game in this lost to be honest!!!

Gokith 2 months ago

ps1, cgi cutscene looks like ps3
ps2, cgi cutscene looks like ps4
ps3, cgi cutscene looks in-game
ps4, cgi cutscene looks in-game

Onewingerdraven 2 months ago

Koudelka and Persona 2 make me so nostalgic <3

Regenbogen Drache
Regenbogen Drache 2 months ago

Soul Blade Was my first ps1 game

ElecTech _
ElecTech _ 2 months ago

Final fantasy was one of the worst games ever made, this is biased

ElecTech _
ElecTech _ 2 months ago

That makes me pissed! BIASED REVIEW! Lol how the fuck “final fantasy” can be 3 of the top 4 games ever created, also there was a lot of games not shown and so many duplicates and so many similar games not shown and there was better versions of games shown that were not shown

Eric Freeman
Eric Freeman 2 months ago

5:11 isnt that chrono trigger?

Annisa Issadi
Annisa Issadi 2 months ago

I'm just glad ffix is up there

Juan Carlos Iturriagagoitia

Ive played lots of these games or equivalents on other consoles like the dragon warrior(quest even), tales of whatever (phantasia for snes). Very nice list. I pretty much agree but i expected soul reaver i bit higher tbh. Cant find marvel vs capcom but street fighter is there? weird. Also nice one with einhander, brilliant game

Jesse James Mathelier

So we’re just gonna forget about Bloody Roar now?! 🙄

TGNM 2 months ago

4:00 i thought he is Sonic the Hedgehog

J W 2 months ago

Happy digimon was in the list, but where is croc?

Mrslykid1992 2 months ago

Mort the Chicken should have been number 1!

no_name 2 months ago

These games are awesome and all but what about JJBA HFTF , Rival Schools or Capcom vs SNK

Илья Брусникин

Рандомный коммент.

Str8edJ 2 months ago

Omg those rpgs were so lame. Especially all the Final Fantasy crap. You spend more time reading a stupid story than playing. Take 3 steps...storytime! 🙄

Radhika Dwi Aditya
Radhika Dwi Aditya 2 months ago

Wild 9

Skuash 2 months ago

Half of these games are so bad, who voted this 5yo kids?

Den Lazar
Den Lazar 2 months ago

For me the best games at this list are: resident evil 1-2-3, Gran Turismo 1, Medi Evil 2, Digimon World 1, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Crash Bandicoot 1, Crash team racing, Tomb Raider 1, Syphon Filter 1, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1. Didn't like Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3 tbh...

Otroponto Devista
Otroponto Devista 2 months ago

49 is chrono trigger. 5:12

nines rodriguez
nines rodriguez 2 months ago

Final Fantasy chronicles

Chrono Trigger clip


Aquabam 2 months ago

Sad to not see my favourite childhood game Fighting Force wasn't on there. I swear I must have been the only person to play that as no one seems to know what it is!

Kit N.
Kit N. 2 months ago

Who remembers using “”?

az man
az man 2 months ago

i know we can emulate these games on pc but some people don't want the hassle. ps4/5 or pc could just sell these games for cheaper heck i'll buy it!

Jartist234 2 months ago

Though I agree with FF7 as number 1, I happen to know you really messed up the rest of the list. There is NO FARKIN way Chrono Trigger (Final Fantasy Chronicles) is so far down on the list, nor should Crash Bandicoot have so many listings.

jorge chang
jorge chang 2 months ago

Really bad top

Παραρόμυγας Μαλαπέρδας

How did you reduce the pixels and made it look more appealing? What are the settings of your emulator?

Hikki 2 months ago

Where's it Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories?

wild hunt
wild hunt 2 months ago

Bad video

Ahmad Khoironi
Ahmad Khoironi 2 months ago

no Spiderman, no jackie chan stunt master, no army men, no digimon rumble arena

Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 2 months ago

no rampage, army men, n bloady roar?

Rafael Navas
Rafael Navas 2 months ago

final fantasy em 1o lugar, vai toma no cu

A Dumbass
A Dumbass 2 months ago

5:11 Is this a pigeon Final Fantasy?

Gustavo Favero
Gustavo Favero 2 months ago


Raylight 2 months ago

FF7 1st place?
You are nuts. There is not better game than symphony of the night in the PS1.

studdpuppy85 2 months ago

Pretty good list. But no Knight’s Crusade? C’mon now!

Samuel Colt
Samuel Colt 2 months ago

Parasite Eve 2 #76 ? u hurt me :(

Mountain MGTOW
Mountain MGTOW 2 months ago

Most of this list is trash.

Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 2 months ago

1. Tomb Raider 2
2. Spyro
3. FF8
4. Spider-Man
5. RE2
6. RE1
7. Silent Hill
8. RE3 Nemesis
9. Crash 3
10. FF7

Bayu Santoso
Bayu Santoso 2 months ago


Tyler Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell 2 months ago

Good list, but MGS is clearly the best PS1 game. I love FFVII, but it does not hold up as well as MGS.

Hm Om
Hm Om 2 months ago

1.wining eleven 2.king of fighter

Gameplay Ignorante
Gameplay Ignorante 2 months ago

Blasto? Gekido? Puzzle bubble 2?Hercules? The Simpson wrestling? PES? Kula word? Spiderman? Rayman! Where are them?

Google Ruined Youtube

Man, Koudelka sucked.

Internet Surfer
Internet Surfer 2 months ago

I'm not surprised that Team Buddies didn't make it to the list, since it's original cds are a rarity, but it should have... 😔

that youtube channel
that youtube channel 2 months ago

Who tf is gonna play Diablo on console lmao okay dood

Jonathan Fantom
Jonathan Fantom 2 months ago

Wow so many RPGs and I never liked them maybe I misunderstood them. I found them boring and repetitive

Philly Catholic League Sports Network

Makes ps1 look like a bore

Wellington M
Wellington M 2 months ago

Nice video. Im gonna try some new games haha o/

Pak Yip
Pak Yip 2 months ago

Bust A Groove?!

SONY Ryu 2 months ago

My brother and I were obsessed with a game PERSONA 2
maya amano