Top 5 Christmas Time Colognes / Fragrances for 2016


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Information Top 5 Christmas Time Colognes / Fragrances for 2016

Title : Top 5 Christmas Time Colognes / Fragrances for 2016

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Frames Top 5 Christmas Time Colognes / Fragrances for 2016

Description Top 5 Christmas Time Colognes / Fragrances for 2016

Top 5 Christmas Time Colognes / Fragrances for 2016

Top 5 Christmas Time Colognes / Fragrances for 2016

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G Núñez
G Núñez 2 months ago

Why did I watch this after Christmas smh

Giovanni T
Giovanni T 2 months ago

you couldnt be more right and you where spot on with London wow beautiful scent

MarkimusMaximus9 2 months ago

Holy crap I thought I was the only one that was reminded of Christmas with spicebomb lol. So funny!

The Strays
The Strays 2 months ago

I think pure malt or pure Havane should have replaced la nuit or the one

Bob Masiello
Bob Masiello 2 months ago

Enjoyed the video "Christmas Time Colognes", since it's almost November. One question that I do have regarding Burberry London, is this a cologne that should be worn outdoors, or can it be worn indoors without fear of choking all the guests?

Jovi Romero
Jovi Romero 2 months ago

Nice list 😉

SchisM •
SchisM • 2 months ago

how do you feel about Carolina Herrera Prive for Christmas?? Great list btw!!

Ferran C
Ferran C 2 months ago

where can i buy fragances at a good price?

Dee Kuz
Dee Kuz 2 months ago

Great list bud!! Off topic but what is the brand of that jacket you got on? I need that for myself lol.

xHibachi24x 2 months ago

Loved the video!

Not sure if I asked you this already, but I was curious about something. If you could choose 1 fragrance that would be fused into your DNA and would be the scent ya gave off naturally, what would it be?

ron shull
ron shull 2 months ago

Ashton you are quickly becoming one of my favorite reviewers.Your knowledge of fragrances presented with such a pleasant downhome manner is very winning.I think Chergui would be a most appropriate Christmas fragrance.Keep on cranking out the videos,and I will keep on watching.

hmoen 2 months ago

hey, could you please review "Just Cavalli Gold for Him" ? thanks

Gnandt Janos
Gnandt Janos 2 months ago

Hi Ashton!
Where to hold perfume while not using it?
Thank you very much! Good job man !

Nelson Lim
Nelson Lim 2 months ago

do you think Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne is suit for Christmas feeling?

Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt 2 months ago

Another great review!

Spice bomb was one of my first purchases when i got into fragrances. I still own the EDT of D&G's the One and am wearing Tobacco Vanille today :)

Could you do a review on best oud fragrances you have?

Nighthawk 2 months ago

One Million Prive is like Christmas in a bottle. Top notes of cinnamon and apple combined with a longer lasting fragrance than the original million, it's a solid choice for the holidays.

dspada67 2 months ago

Nice list mate.👍

Ambrose Joseph
Ambrose Joseph 2 months ago

I just received my Winter Nights. I love it. I have to admit that the smoke was overpowering on the top but it's all what you said it is. Thanks.

Robert Pavičić
Robert Pavičić 2 months ago

Is that a Matriarch above you? Which is it? Great job, btw.

RayRay PooteyTang
RayRay PooteyTang 2 months ago

Chanel Egoiste is my favorite signature Christmas scent! Can't wait to wear all through winter! :)

Luis Siqueiros
Luis Siqueiros 2 months ago

Nice touch on the ending, gamer all the way. I'm gonna rock Reflection Man (spiced powder note - sublime) and ysl noble leather(dried fruit+leather)

Tyrone E
Tyrone E 2 months ago

I like wearing Burberry London around the holidays (my wife hates it though).

I want to try DG The One and Tom Ford TV.

Matt McGill
Matt McGill 2 months ago

Nice list! Obviously everyone is loving your jacket -- it's pretty great. Cracked me up with your little humming at the end.

No Way
No Way 2 months ago

I cannot stand Spice Bomb it smells cheap and generic to me.

Imagine Scent
Imagine Scent 2 months ago

Man, I really thought you'd wear the Christmas hat in the video, that would've been awesome! lol. Great video as always man. Thanks for sharing!

Chris Topher
Chris Topher 2 months ago

DSquared Potion Royal Black Is Phenomenal. Check it out for the holidays. Chris. Great video Ashton !

Quophi Phrympung
Quophi Phrympung 2 months ago

Solid reviewer!

Matt’s Gentlemen’s Channel

Nice list , Burberry is also in my top 5 Holiday list

leo messi
leo messi 2 months ago

Man what state do you live in? Always rocking quality clothes nice jacked btw love your videos

Flyinghomeman 2 months ago

5) Dior homme intense 4) Pure Havane 3)Tobacco Vanille 2) Pure Wood 1) Gucci pour homme 1. Nice video!!

Shinta0SaINt 2 months ago

Great video brotha, I think you have a truly unique approach to reviewing your fragrances, it's so much easier to relate to your comparisons. Keep up the good work man, you'll definitely reach the top! Please do a receive for YSL - la nuit da lone (forgive my spelling) - Shane

Justin Copeland
Justin Copeland 2 months ago

Great list...and that jacket is bad man!

Simod Thebod
Simod Thebod 2 months ago

Gonna have to get a sniff of London. Last few years I've rocked DHI & DHP over Xmas. This XMAS I think it'll be Valentino uomo intense, Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo and LIDGE

Empire Light
Empire Light 2 months ago

Chanel Egoiste is churchy and cinnamony which in my mind is Christmas Sunday in a bottle. Likewise, the warm cinnamony Dsquared Potion is Christmas Eve.

Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez 2 months ago

Nice list..especially London.I wear it alot in winter.Great cologne for the price.Man gotta get my hands on Dasien though.

Scott Alcott
Scott Alcott 2 months ago

Ahhhh Burberry London will be at the top of my list for life in this category. Only one i don't have from the list is winter nights. The notes seem very christmasy. I would and DSquared Potion and Lalique Encre Noire to that list.

Jenn S
Jenn S 2 months ago

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is my favorite Christmas scent. It's actually my favorite winter scent but I tell people who ask about it that it smells like Christmas morning. Nice list!

killerdemo 2 months ago

damn that's a nice jacket

Iceburg0032 2 months ago

I agree with your picks..I have YSL l'homme nuit, D&G The One EDP, Valintino Uomo and Burberry london. all great picks Burberry London to me starts off as a fresh tobacco then it dries down to a nice fine tobacco with cinnamon its really nice and like you said you can find it cheap so for the price its a very nice one for the fall/winter.

Erik Nels
Erik Nels 2 months ago

One fragrance that rarely gets any love is Michael Kors for men. I understand the original formulation was a beast, but the reform is very good. Love the dried fruits and tobacco blend. There's also a delightful red wine note that a pick up. Pairs well with cable knit sweaters.

I just ordered 1986's Versace L'Homme.
Blind buy for me. Have you sampled this yet and if so how was that experience? My scent of the day is Azzaro Pour Homme, which was released in the late 70's. Feeling a bit old school today.

Nice list and I'm feeling the wardrobe choices as of late. 👍

Patrick Echevarria
Patrick Echevarria 2 months ago

Except for Valentino Uomo and or Valentino Uomo Intense which I still don't have,we basically will be rocking almost the same fragrances this Christmas season. I just have 2 or 3 frags that will be included not mentioned. All in all,we will be smelling great this holidays.Cheers brother!

Eric Dunthorne
Eric Dunthorne 2 months ago

Burberry London has a corn tortilla acord to my nose, wasn't my cup of tea.

Ken D
Ken D 2 months ago

One scent I found that reminds me of Christmas is Tauerville Incense Flash. Maybe it's because it smells so churchy

Jose Ochoa
Jose Ochoa 2 months ago

this dude has a stocker look.. lol great vid bro!

Kent 2 months ago

I love The One and The One EDP, but unfortunately the name of the fragrance perfectly states how many hours it lasts on my skin.

mike acord
mike acord 2 months ago

Great list!  Will be wearing all 5 a lot in the coming weeks.

Webster Kollie
Webster Kollie 2 months ago

Old Spice should be an honorable mention, haha jk good list