London Christmas Walk in Chelsea ✨ King’s Road, Sloane Square \u0026 Duke of York Square


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Information London Christmas Walk in Chelsea ✨ King’s Road, Sloane Square \u0026 Duke of York Square

Title : London Christmas Walk in Chelsea ✨ King’s Road, Sloane Square \u0026 Duke of York Square

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Frames London Christmas Walk in Chelsea ✨ King’s Road, Sloane Square \u0026 Duke of York Square

Description London Christmas Walk in Chelsea ✨ King’s Road, Sloane Square \u0026 Duke of York Square

London Christmas Walk in Chelsea ✨ King’s Road, Sloane Square \u0026 Duke of York Square

London Christmas Walk in Chelsea ✨ King’s Road, Sloane Square \u0026 Duke of York Square

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Watched Walker 2 months ago

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00:14 - Chelsea War Memorial - Portland stone cross
00:34 - The Royal Court Theatre
00:42 - Sloane Square Underground Station - in fare zone 1, served by the Circle and District lines
01:27 - Venus Fountain by Gilbert Ledward
02:49 - Peter Jones & Partners - department store owned by John Lewis Partnership
03:35 - Kate Spade New York - fashion accessories shop
03:51 - Moyses Stevens - florist
04:34 - The Sea, The Sea - fishmonger
05:32 - Hans’ Bar & Grill - restaurant
09:02 - Peter Jones & Partners - department store’s festive window displays
11:03 - King’s Road Christmas lights featuring an illuminated crown
11:27 - Caffè Concerto - Italian restaurant
13:25 - Bimba Y Lola - clothing shop
13:33 - Rixo - clothing shop
15:07 - King’s Walk Shopping Centre
16:17 - JOE & THE JUICE - juice bar
17:35 - Horse drawn carriage
18:04 - Pizza Express - restaurant
21:15 - ConSept - art gallery
21:41 - Flying Tiger Copenhagen - homewares shop
23:41 - The Ivy Chelsea Garden - British restaurant’s festive North Pole Santa’s workshop themed facade with sleigh and presents!
26:50 - Chelsea Old Town Hall
27:26 - Kensington and Chelsea Register Office
27:50 - Pet Pavilion - pet shop
27:56 - Bye Bye London Restaurant - Kuwaiti restaurant
28:17 - BENS of King’s Road - greengrocer
28:22 - Ad Hoc London - fashion accessories shop
28:37 - L’ETO - cafe
29:14 - Anthropologie - unique women's clothing and home décor
30:08 - Sweaty Betty - ladies’ clothes shop
30:35 - India Jane - upmarket interiors shop
30:43 - Chelsea Potter - pub
31:10 - Happy Socks - clothing shop
31:31 - Simit Sarayi - bakery cafe
31:44 - Marks & Spencer - supermarket
32:22 - Venchi - gourmet chocolate shop
34:13 - King’s Road festive illuminated sign amongst Christmas trees
35:02 - itsu - East Asian-inspired fast food shop and restaurant
35:11 - Redemption Roasters - coffee shop
37:36 - Vardo Restaurant
38:08 - Duke of York Square’s Christmas tree
38:46 - Saatchi Gallery entry wall with golden festive wreaths
39:20 - Manicomio Chelsea - modern Italian dishes
39:41 - Polpo Chelsea - Italian restaurant
40:41 - Comptoir Libanais - Lebanese restaurant


Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 2 months ago

As you turned into Pavilion road it brought back so many memories from the nineteen sixties, where all the shops on the left-hand side are, was a Garage called Walter Scott Motor Company, and on the right were the Petrol Pumps! I worked there from sixty-one, I was nineteen, to sixty-seven, to drive all the flash motors as a young man was a wonderful experience, plus seeing all the Film stars, and even talk to some of them, Like Lawrance Olivier, I got his autograph, Susana York who was working at the Royal Court Theatre, they would not let her park her bike in the theatre so I looked after it for her! Honour Blackman and her Husband walked past most days, also Anton Differing the German actor, Jack Hawkings, and loads of others whose names I cannot recollect, I served John Pertwee with fuel once, and Sir Malcolm Sargent who was very friendly used to come in and sit on the desk in the office chatting to staff and smoking like a chimney! Great Memories!

Jan De Rijk
Jan De Rijk 2 months ago

£16.43 a day lease charges.
That's how much John Lewis store pays to the cadogan estate on a 999 year lease of just £6000 a year.
That's what you would call deal of the millennium!

donnaflor27 2 months ago

24:07 шикарное оформление витрин, мне очень понравился Рождественский Лондон))

donnaflor27 2 months ago

11:15 шикарная подсветка в виде бокалов с шампанским))) Такая же есть и в Москве))

Mellow Moon
Mellow Moon 2 months ago

I walked with your video in Chelsea ☕🌿
Romantic and ambience 🍷🌿
Please come and see Chrstmas in SEOUL KOREA
Have a nice day my channel friend 🎁🎁🎁🌿🍷

Rameshwaraa Bag House

Very very nice 👍

Ibrahim Sahil
Ibrahim Sahil 2 months ago


Traveling with Andrew

Great video! What setting do you use for iso and white balance? Thanks

Дмитрий 2 months ago


Harvardfacebook 2 months ago

It's too dark.

Time Travel Walk
Time Travel Walk 2 months ago

London is red!

Lua george
Lua george 2 months ago

Too dark

Roberto 3 G
Roberto 3 G 2 months ago

2:45 "help me!" Lol wtf bro

Diodio Ba
Diodio Ba 2 months ago


SEOUL WALKING KTV 2 months ago

Great walk

Ritika Das
Ritika Das 2 months ago

Oh love your channel so much!

costitravel 2 months ago

Thank you so very much for these videos !

Frank Martin
Frank Martin 2 months ago

Another awesome walk!

Eugenio Afaro
Eugenio Afaro 2 months ago

It’s awesomely

Praxilla 2 months ago

Hey bud,
This is going to sound a little silly, but between you, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Miley...y'all have saved 2020 for me. I love your walks as they are so relaxing! Take care and Happy Christmas.

Ray Silver
Ray Silver 2 months ago

The night videos are really great. The decorations where nice too.

CHANNEL TokyoTown 2 months ago

It ’s a very nice night walk.

priyanka karahana
priyanka karahana 2 months ago

I want to travel & someday defintly , ur videos r inspration for me wenvr i feel not focused i jst watch ur videos n thn again on track , so thnk u for the video.

Salva Orduña
Salva Orduña 2 months ago

At 27:33 the man looks a lot like Sadiq Khan, London 's Mayor

Yunus CEYHAN 2 months ago

Doubtless,it's where I exactly wanna spend the entire my life with my wife and lovely daughter. Already applied for visa and still waiting for result , you know what they say, you must strike while the iron is hot ! Hoping to see you there in charming city london dear friend.

Sunshine Seoul
Sunshine Seoul 2 months ago

The streets are pretty and the Christmas decorations are beautiful.

Anne-Lise Eika Hansen

Enjoyed this Christmas walk. Nice to see all the lights! Thanks!

Simon Tran
Simon Tran 2 months ago

I planned a holiday getaway last year to London. I cant wait till this pandemic is over so i can finally visit.

Narelle GC
Narelle GC 2 months ago

Thanks for this beautiful walk. It's so nice to see all the effort that has been made with decorations considering everything that's going on. Happy and safe Christmas everyone 🌲

meijiturtle 2 months ago

Your excellent videos are a great antidote to the anti London postings of which we see so much on social media.

Adam Adam
Adam Adam 2 months ago

Walk in pleasent weather , awesome

pjbabmail 2 months ago

23:41 Now where is that jaw-on-the-floor emoji?

Thank you so very much for these videos - they lift my spirits and redeem the long December nights. Watched Walker - please don’t ever stop!

Haseeb M
Haseeb M 2 months ago

Beautiful video. Feels like if I was there. Just one question though: why don't you do narrated videos?

Adrian Montelongo
Adrian Montelongo 2 months ago

Fantastic, Christmas decorations lights, trees, shopping, London England alway beautiful town stay safe and happy holiday ❄🎅🎄

John YK
John YK 2 months ago

London is such an amazing city. I really enjoyed watching this.

ghodbane fouad
ghodbane fouad 2 months ago


Miki Mullis
Miki Mullis 2 months ago

Sad to hear about the lock down (again). Loving the night walks with the Christmas Lights! Thank you!!

Geek Street Travels
Geek Street Travels 2 months ago

Beautiful walk WW. Love the Christmas windows 😍 the Ivy Chelsea Gardens Xmas decorations are so amazing 👏 😍 💙

DKT Videos
DKT Videos 2 months ago

we want video in 4k bro that’s why we subscribe you bro 😔

Darryl Fraser
Darryl Fraser 2 months ago

Not many cities compare to Christmas decorations as London.

Thanks for the uploads. Merry Christmas from Canada.

L walking
L walking 2 months ago

I was in London almost 20 years ago!! 😳

Joseph Merchant
Joseph Merchant 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this! Really appreciate your work and art!

Vedant Rane
Vedant Rane 2 months ago

Woah too much darkness at 4 30 pm, seems like its 6 or 7 pm

Roger PRADIER 2 months ago

Super ballade , tout les magasins sont magnifiques , c'est vraiment beau Noël à Londres !

Jaewon Jung
Jaewon Jung 2 months ago

Thanks for walking me to this beautiful city from home✈️

Fexreddin Quliyev
Fexreddin Quliyev 2 months ago

It is really fantastic.Christmas or new year are my favourite holidays.Thank you for your efforts

Pratik R
Pratik R 2 months ago

Watched Walker, You are a good man! Keep uploading London videos! Big fan!

New Walker
New Walker 2 months ago

What a beautiful city and lovely night walk !! I love the Christmas lights and decorations 🤩🎄👍

PLANE SHORTCLIP 2 months ago


PLANE SHORTCLIP 2 months ago


Ambient Walking
Ambient Walking 2 months ago

What a lovely way of seeing the world. I am always very happy after visiting your channel. Thanks so much!

Catherine Dean
Catherine Dean 2 months ago

Lovely area! What time of day was this? Thanks for the great videos. Much enjoyed from Georgia, USA.

Usama Khan
Usama Khan 2 months ago

The environment is too good
From Pakistan

Imran Zazai
Imran Zazai 2 months ago

London is amazing city in the world.

Camila Machado
Camila Machado 2 months ago

Breakfast at Granger & Co Pavilion Rd is the best! Love so much this place!

Streets of Asia
Streets of Asia 2 months ago

Watched Walker, my good friend and fellow walker, it is always a pleasured to come to your channel and be inspired by the beauty of these walks you take! I hope one day my own walks can compare with yours.

Virtual Tours Travel
Virtual Tours Travel 2 months ago

London is such an amazing place. Many people love to visit here especially at Christmas. The sound of the city and twinkling lights feels so good to see. I can feel the breeze of the Christmas season here while watching this. Thank you so much for the amazing walk, my friend :)

peckinpahlady 2 months ago

The Mcdonalds on the corner, was originally The Chelsea Drug Store, famously mentioned in the Rolling Stones' track 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'. Great video, thanks.

Rosemary Collins
Rosemary Collins 2 months ago

Yes, linger on the sparkle, the riches, and the slogan that reads
‘Gifts That Mean More This Christmas’,
Then oops! There’s a homeless poor person.... better hurry on by....

Natasha xo
Natasha xo 2 months ago

Chelsea at Xmas time 💖 28:36 Cute doggy alert and yummy cakes 😊

MOPEG 2 months ago

I need to get a coffee in Pavilion road soon!

Castel 2 months ago

Wow ! It's so beautiful !
It's always a pleasure to walk with you !
Merci 😊

Shiva b
Shiva b 2 months ago

Thank you bitifull niccccce💚💙💜💛💟💙💚💜💛💖💙💚💜💛💟👌👌👌👣❤👣❤✨❇🎇good walk Looove you 🎄🎄🎄😗😗😗🤗

Mintje BE
Mintje BE 2 months ago

What a lovely ambience!

Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty 2 months ago

New York City is feeling a bit down in the dumps now, but in this London walk everyone seems full of spirit 🎄
Good to see❣️
Take good care of yourself WW
Awesome video, of course🥰

MOHAMED LEMRANI 2 months ago

I love this beautiful city

Falcom Scott
Falcom Scott 2 months ago

I enjoy you're walks so much Watched Walker looking forward to the next one & hope we get more than 200 likes next time!

Elizabeth Cordero
Elizabeth Cordero 2 months ago

Nice christmas decoration.happy holiday to all.👍🤩❤

Nishas vlog Bd London

wow amazing

Moisés Rodrigues
Moisés Rodrigues 2 months ago

I love London! I love England!

Ib S
Ib S 2 months ago

Oh wow. Didn't realize the was premiering now WW! Greetings from Canterbury. May have to catch up on this later and I will be absolutely sure to do so. Just seen a few minutes already and it looks so wonderful. Thank you for all your efforts!

Tyrone Whitehead
Tyrone Whitehead 2 months ago

Wonderful thanks 🙏

A F 2 months ago

My daughter took me to London a year last June for a special birthday, we went round Covent Garden had a lovely cuppa in festival market then a meal at the ivy then we went to see the woman in black, next day we went for a walk round Chelsea but sadly it was raining, but lovely memories!

WALKS WITH WILL 2 months ago

Hi, never enough London walks, thanks...

Arsal raajpot
Arsal raajpot 2 months ago

Love this ❤

shahnaz tabassum
shahnaz tabassum 2 months ago

Thanks so much , I am really so excited and your videos make me happy😊😃

Hell'sBelle 2 months ago

Ohhh fantastic, such wonderful history in these streets and locations! An actress who came here to the US named Lilly Langtry still haunts that area 😄
Also, in ‘The Simpsons’ episode ‘Burns Heir’ the theatre in which the auditions are held on Burns’ estate is called the Lilly Langtry Theater!

shahnaz tabassum
shahnaz tabassum 2 months ago

Hello WW

aydan içer
aydan içer 2 months ago

Thanks so much I visited London