Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War [Official Music Video]


Jason Derulo

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Information Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War [Official Music Video]

Title : Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War [Official Music Video]

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Frames Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War [Official Music Video]

Description Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War [Official Music Video]

Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War [Official Music Video]

Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War [Official Music Video]

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Chaga life Video's
Chaga life Video's 2 months ago

You the best

Philabertha Ruasoi
Philabertha Ruasoi 2 months ago

Who is listen to it in 2021💞💞💔💔💔

Avizara sonia
Avizara sonia 2 months ago

Denise Oliveira
Denise Oliveira 2 months ago

Amooo essa música ❤️

Mr. SoundMan
Mr. SoundMan 2 months ago


Harmonie Bouste freche

M'y good'.

Ethan Ethan
Ethan Ethan 2 months ago

Super chanson vous êtes riches ou quoi savage love

King Enow
King Enow 2 months ago

youtu.be/fHCdobYKtNw 🐂🐂🐂

Жанна Курбанова

Красава !!! Так держать !!!! Привет с Алматы . А прикид всё же клёвый . Мне бы .

Gisele Souza da Silva


Alessandra Santos
Alessandra Santos 2 months ago


April Q
April Q 2 months ago

First time hearing this I love it🔥🔥

cindy marais
cindy marais 2 months ago

im just learning to dance again.... so im mainly watching this to learn the dance but JD is one of my faves

Tamás Kostyánszki
Tamás Kostyánszki 2 months ago

Great 👍😎😎😎😎😎😈😈😈😈😈

Wolf Queen
Wolf Queen 2 months ago

I dont know why he gets so much hate. He has the best dance moves, the best
singing voice, and his style is amazing.

I think he should start a dance studio and teach kids world wide how to dance. He would make a good dance teacher!!!!

Gabriele Fasio
Gabriele Fasio 2 months ago

it's the first time I've listened to it and I can't stop anymore

Eliud Kurgat
Eliud Kurgat 2 months ago

Love the rhythm & dance style

Eisha Ashuni
Eisha Ashuni 2 months ago

big up man

Rebecca Demesi
Rebecca Demesi 2 months ago

men he is so flexible

Ionel Caulea
Ionel Caulea 2 months ago


devil charan
devil charan 2 months ago

🇰🇪 Kenyan kujeni hapa mniambie huku mnatafuta nini

Mickaël Gigon
Mickaël Gigon 2 months ago

Je t'adorre😍😍😍😘😘😘❤salut bisou

Ludovic Derisbourque
Ludovic Derisbourque 2 months ago

Je danse sur sa a mon école

Sienna Palombo
Sienna Palombo 2 months ago

I did this song at dancing!!

Anna Marschall
Anna Marschall 2 months ago


Lenerick Moutou
Lenerick Moutou 2 months ago


Ildikó Horváth
Ildikó Horváth 2 months ago

Imádom és nagyon szeretem

Ildikó Horváth
Ildikó Horváth 2 months ago

I' like

Ildikó Horváth
Ildikó Horváth 2 months ago

I' love it

Julia Tenorio
Julia Tenorio 2 months ago


Mihary Felana Rabemanantsoa

Merci Jason.bravo 👏👏👏👏


İs Turkey 👍🏻 Jason 🤩🤩🤩

Joseph Deen
Joseph Deen 2 months ago

My wife just passed away she loved this song so much we played this at her funeral at least she can listen to the music forever now 💔😪😔

หนึ่ง หนึ่ง


Ak Wariat
Ak Wariat 2 months ago

What is tik tok? i am still on myspace

Eric Papa
Eric Papa 2 months ago


Kestine Blue
Kestine Blue 2 months ago


A Person
A Person 2 months ago

was i the only person who though of "love is war"?

Melodie Chartier
Melodie Chartier 2 months ago

love the song but some dance moves are kinda silly ...

Prakash 2 months ago

I like the way you Dance man you're Always Amazing !!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Prakash 2 months ago

Great dance Steps Man Music is also cool !!!!
Thank you so much ♥️😍♥️♥️💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thanks for putting your signature move in this face video keep it up
#lovenotwar #jasonderulo

Walid Nahadi
Walid Nahadi 2 months ago

Same dance team was in take you dancing 😂

Aleksandra Florczak
Aleksandra Florczak 2 months ago

Does anyone know what these sneakers with a gold base are?

Cullen oreilly
Cullen oreilly 2 months ago

Love your music video's

Sabine Stöcker
Sabine Stöcker 2 months ago

#Jason Deruli

Kate Smith
Kate Smith 2 months ago

The only thing I'm seeing is Jason Derulo and/in the sunny yellow jacket ..... Beautiful! Xx

Lucky Saini
Lucky Saini 2 months ago

I love this music Jason Derulo i am from Punjab

Tom Zart
Tom Zart 2 months ago

That road of pleasure seeking
Has so many deep pitfalls
And all the while we walk on it
In the distance the Devil calls.

Some folks drink those bubbly spirits
Or smoke that tall green weed.
Anything to dull their conscience
As they sow their wild oat seed.

I've been no angel in my life
Though I fell from a righteous shelf
When I took those risky chances
And tried both, many times, myself.

Now I'm tired of being foolish
So I sing my songs at church.
With one eye on my hymnbook
And the other free to search.

If you're yearning to love someone
Let's get together and seek no more.
Kiss and fondle by the fire
And push pillows across the floor.

For we need love, health and money
And may we live to enjoy them all.
Before we're old and in our autumn
And our leaves begin to fall.

By Tom Zart
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Kamila Janteková
Kamila Janteková 2 months ago

Ja tú pesničku stále počúvam

ASMR Sandra
ASMR Sandra 2 months ago

The girl is cute and song addicting 💖

Stacy Sharon
Stacy Sharon 2 months ago

I love this song

Erani Haque
Erani Haque 2 months ago

You are a cute,beautiful,nice and style girl and jason you are hero❤❤💓💓💕💕💖💖💗💗💙💙💚💚💛💛💜💜💝💝💞💞💟💟

TETA TV 2 months ago


marie carstens
marie carstens 2 months ago


lylyettoto 2 months ago


ali raza
ali raza 2 months ago

Amazing voice bro ❤️❤️👍😘😘

bleeh h
bleeh h 2 months ago

The girl is so pretty💕💕💕💕💕

Fequiere Thamar
Fequiere Thamar 2 months ago

This man now how to dance 🥰🥰

Jaja Ja
Jaja Ja 2 months ago


Malyun Issak
Malyun Issak 2 months ago

Love you

Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva 2 months ago

O livree😍

Josette Koum
Josette Koum 2 months ago

Le meilleur musicien de tous les temps



Sara Alessandro
Sara Alessandro 2 months ago

You are too strong!!

poaf noah
poaf noah 2 months ago

the anime love is war : am i a joke to you?

Tala M
Tala M 2 months ago

I think this song is 100 million thousand

Olympio Agbodza
Olympio Agbodza 2 months ago


Chelsea Evans
Chelsea Evans 2 months ago


Mame Diarra Toure
Mame Diarra Toure 2 months ago

Tu es le plus fort

Emmanuel Nkalango
Emmanuel Nkalango 2 months ago

Nuh maziwada

TAPU ANDREEA 2 months ago


Jeffrey Ammoun
Jeffrey Ammoun 2 months ago

Love this song from syria

User User
User User 2 months ago


Ando Katiasca
Ando Katiasca 2 months ago

Greetings from Madagascar, you are the best guy❤💙💙💙💚💛💜

Ando Katiasca
Ando Katiasca 2 months ago

Love it!😍😍😍😍

Nadia Małyszek
Nadia Małyszek 2 months ago


קארין שלומוב


Ahmed Said
Ahmed Said 2 months ago

i don't know how many times I pray dis song 😋😋

ayoub faiz
ayoub faiz 2 months ago


Shyllah Viriri
Shyllah Viriri 2 months ago

I really like this song ,wow jayson

Eistee 2 months ago


Bongkhao Bongkhao Konyak

i know no money can buy ur love💖💖💖 bcuz make love not war💗💗💗💜

michael van dam
michael van dam 2 months ago

❤❤❤ from Belgium

lisper karimi
lisper karimi 2 months ago

Jason ❤️❤️❤️my all time crush😍😍😍😍

Claudiu Popescu-Bibanu

1:08 youtu.be/j4punRqDe4k?t=21

Christo Baptiste
Christo Baptiste 2 months ago


Baby Bird
Baby Bird 2 months ago

Is Jena Okay with you singing and dancing with other girls?

Iosif Csukan
Iosif Csukan 2 months ago

Hristos a înviat ! 📺

Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 2 months ago

Every fan of Jason Derulo must comment this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WupRNV-XvB0

eszger 2 months ago

Derula János a legbetyárosabb magyar énekes I think

alice simon
alice simon 2 months ago

Hi I love your songs

Visuualz 2 months ago

I was searching for the anime love is war tf is this shit

Aline Thiemele
Aline Thiemele 2 months ago

Je pleure, l’overdose, j’adore cette musique 🎧

10B09 MURUGESAN A J 2 months ago

I came here because of enhypen

danny hoven
danny hoven 2 months ago

Wat een mooi liedje!!😻

mel henisse
mel henisse 2 months ago


Rosaria Lombardo
Rosaria Lombardo 2 months ago

Bella come canzone continua cosi✌️