Easy Pop Up Cards Using Cricut Explore Air 2 / Cricut For Cardmaking


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Information Easy Pop Up Cards Using Cricut Explore Air 2 / Cricut For Cardmaking

Title : Easy Pop Up Cards Using Cricut Explore Air 2 / Cricut For Cardmaking

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Frames Easy Pop Up Cards Using Cricut Explore Air 2 / Cricut For Cardmaking

Description Easy Pop Up Cards Using Cricut Explore Air 2 / Cricut For Cardmaking

Easy Pop Up Cards Using Cricut Explore Air 2 / Cricut For Cardmaking

Easy Pop Up Cards Using Cricut Explore Air 2 / Cricut For Cardmaking

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L SC 2 months ago

Congrats on your sponsorship...you are an artist and good teacher!

Salma Meah
Salma Meah 2 months ago

Fabulous tutorial! Is it possible to change the text on the 'thanks' card... or any of them? x

Sandra Hendon
Sandra Hendon 2 months ago

Thank you instructions are so much easier than others I have seen

Theressa Hudspeth
Theressa Hudspeth 2 months ago

I don’t understand that your machine doesn’t cut the sentiments. Why?

Lea Firestone
Lea Firestone 2 months ago

It’s so messy tho :(

Tameka Lingo
Tameka Lingo 2 months ago

This video was fun to watch. 🥰🥰🥰

Shashi Roopa
Shashi Roopa 2 months ago

You make pop-up card Floral Envelope

Susan Garneys
Susan Garneys 2 months ago

So when I hit images, then search pop-up, I don’t get any cards at all??? Help

Joan Nagy
Joan Nagy 2 months ago

These cards cannot be found on Access!

Linda Sherman
Linda Sherman 2 months ago

Thank you It's Me, JD for the tutorial on Pop-Up cards. I'm new at all of this, just purchased the Maker in Jan 2021 and watching you go through some things with the stop watch ticking away I'll know what to expect. Very helpful throughout your video

Shez Cal
Shez Cal 2 months ago

I was excited to watch this video but rather disappointed as it all looks rather raggedy around the edges and the envelope looks gluey. I appreciate home-made cards are difficult to make perfect but I would be embarrassed to give that to anyone. Sorry if I sound unkind. Is it a cutting error, or an incorrect cardstock used?

Mouse C
Mouse C 2 months ago

This makes the cutter look kind of crappy. I mean the paper is all torn and ripped and not cut nicely at all. You might want to redo this video with a sharper blade.

talyfaith 2 months ago

Cute cards! Can these be done with the joy?

Yuri Banz
Yuri Banz 2 months ago

Hi! Can you post a link of the items youve used, glue and the adhesive? And the score cut at the end?

Pareen Diaz
Pareen Diaz 2 months ago

It looked like the machine didn’t properly cut some places and it was ripping. Is that correct? If so, is that due to an old blade? Or the blade not going deep enough? I’m thinking about getting one but not really keen if I will have to re cut things by hand.

Debra Ross
Debra Ross 2 months ago

I can’t believe they sponsored you. You cuts are horrible, it might be your blade or your paper. You should have practiced first so your video would be much more polished and professional

Noreen Klassen
Noreen Klassen 2 months ago

JD my kids just bought me a cricut. I am clueless on how to use it. Do you have beginner tutorials from opening the box to how to use everything. I am a card maker. Have only used stamps, dies and the big shot. Can you help. I am in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada.

maia stocks
maia stocks 2 months ago

What's the best cardstock to use for cards? Thanks JD.

Kelley ONeal
Kelley ONeal 2 months ago

Trying to decide between the Brother Scan n Cut 2 or the Cricut Explore Air 2 and wondering if Explore Air 2 can cut a stamped image that has inside and outside (Like a stamped wreath)?

three sweet
three sweet 2 months ago

Which cardstock do you use for these?

Maryellann Roy
Maryellann Roy 2 months ago

Thank - You A Million JD! I have the Cricut but I am a total new be on trying to figure this thing out so I greatly appreciate your videos. Easy to follow. Will enjoy reviewing these videos.

Laurie Knudson
Laurie Knudson 2 months ago

Really great tutorial! Thank you JD! Your clear direction gives me hope that I can master this!

Angela W
Angela W 2 months ago

Hey my YouTube friend! I’m a new subscriber. I love your channel! The first card you made with the polar bears, it didn’t look good on the edges... it seemed I don’t know how to describe it but raggedy.(no fault of your own & this is not an attack on you at all) It looked so hard to get the card to look nice then trying to figure out what to pop up & what you shouldn’t pop out...Why did this happen? Does the Cricut do this with every pop out? Also, you mentioned a few times that a layer isn’t compatible with your machine. Why & what does that mean? I’m thinking about getting a cricut but I’m not so sure now. Thanks for making videos JD!!!:)

Samantha Burse-Hollom

I love all your videos 😍 you are the only person I look at when it comes to designing cards. You are an inspiration to me ❤️❤️

gloria johnson
gloria johnson 2 months ago

Hi I bought the Joy... I want to get a bigger.... should I get the Explore or Maker? I don’t think I will go crazy with it but would like more options than Joy gives. Thank you!,

Lisa Shireman
Lisa Shireman 2 months ago

I love the roller coaster card! I think I will combine my Lawn Fawn stamping with the Cricut pop up card. I have the Lawn Fawn stamp set with the roller coaster and the little kids in the cars. Plus there are cute sentiments in that set.
Congrats on the sponsorship! You did a great job!

Paula Johnston
Paula Johnston 2 months ago

Your edges are tagged and so not c lean

Paula Johnston
Paula Johnston 2 months ago

You are a messy presenter.

Leslie Lescalleet
Leslie Lescalleet 2 months ago

I am concerned with the edges... how do you fix the burrs, am always looking to use my cricut more

Lynette Houska Zenor
Lynette Houska Zenor 2 months ago

Thank you! I'm impressed!

M Kathryn Blacker
M Kathryn Blacker 2 months ago

Miss you, JD! Hope you guys are well...

Angelina Macintosh
Angelina Macintosh 2 months ago

I’ve absolutely loved your cricut tutorials JD. Thanks. Missing your clips. I’m hanging for another tutorial from you. It’s been way too long.

Crafting and Relaxing

Great projects!! Cleaning my room or stamps while it cuts?? 😂🤣😂That’s probably not going to happen.💙💙💙

fvgonzales 2 months ago

I have a hard time on some projects. Like these I can’t seem to find directions on how to put the put it together.

Anita Harkavy
Anita Harkavy 2 months ago

JD congrats on your first sponsor, I can’t believe you didn’t have them before because you’re very creative and inject humor in all your videos. Way to go! My fave is the roller coaster. I think sentiments link hang in there, for all of life’s ups and downs, and challenges would make it very versatile.

julia jones
julia jones 2 months ago

Hi JD. Love your Cricut videos! A somewhat unrelated question. I see about half the people on blogs use Gina K glue, the other half Ranger multi media. any opinion? Thanks!

mokaistamps 2 months ago

Thank you for a fun video and congratulations on your new sponsorship.

magic in hands
magic in hands 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing!

Rhonda Andrus
Rhonda Andrus 2 months ago

Congratulations on your Cricut sponsorship!!! 🥳
Thats a pretty big deal! Love your cards! My very first pop up card I ever made was the Bear & cub. Made it for my dad when he had shingles. He loved it! My Air 2 wrote inside: Get well soon Papa Bear. Wish I could add a photo I could send it to you! Keep Creating! Oh, next time my machine cuts O am going to spin in my chair too. LOL 😁😍😁

Angelina Macintosh
Angelina Macintosh 2 months ago

Yay! Thanks so much for sharing another cricut Tutorial JD!!! Love your simple fun step by step tutorials!!

Debi Taylor
Debi Taylor 2 months ago

Congrats on the Cricut sponsorship. About time they recognised how valuable you are.

Denise Schneider
Denise Schneider 2 months ago

Congrats on your sponsorship! You are a pleasure to watch!!

Ingrid Blackburn
Ingrid Blackburn 2 months ago

Such cute projects!!! Loving this series of yours.... 😁😁🎨

Candee Schamber
Candee Schamber 2 months ago

Congrats on your sponsorship! You should get more.

Lisa Richbourg
Lisa Richbourg 2 months ago

You probably should have changed your blade...this would not encourage me to use the Cricut..

Toni McDaniel
Toni McDaniel 2 months ago

Great cards. A tip for moving objects to another mat.....when you are in the "make it" viewing screen, click on the object you want to move. There will be a box around it. Click on the 3 dots in the upper left corner of the box. Choose "move to another mat". You can move it to an existing mat or you can move it to a different mat of you color choice even if it's the same color you're moving it from.

Maria Nyce
Maria Nyce 2 months ago

Thank you, I appreciate the info.

Carrie McSorley
Carrie McSorley 2 months ago

Just thought of something I learned recently. that might be helpful for you ... when your mats start to lose their “stick” “stickyness” (??) you can clean them with a product called Totally Awesome. A large bottle is $1 at the Dollar Store. Spray it on your mat and let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Gently scrape the loosened debris off your mat with the edge of an old gift card or whatever works. Rinse your mat and watch all the yuck go down the drain. Air dry your mat and you’ll find it’s pretty sticky again. I tried several other products but nothing worked as well. And now, I’m off to make a Kraken pop up card !

Carrie McSorley
Carrie McSorley 2 months ago

I also have a Cricket Air 2, but it’s about three years old. When you made your pop ups, you mentioned that certain aspects (drawing) weren’t supported in your version of the machine. Does that mean your cricket won’t hold a pen ? If so, that’s a shame, because there are many nice “drawn” elements - I’m surprised Cricket would eliminate this option. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

danceswithpam 2 months ago

Thanks for your video. I'll have to check out the pop up cards. They look so cool. Your paper looks really heavy. I have some card stock like that so I just change the setting to heavy cardstock and change the pressure to "more." It's usually set at normal. Sometimes even that doesn't work so I stopped using that type of cardstock. Love your videos. Glad you are doing Cricut. I'm looking for more Cricut ideas!

Suzi the Sea Witch
Suzi the Sea Witch 2 months ago

Congratulations on your first sponsership!!!!!👍

Jeanette Nagel
Jeanette Nagel 2 months ago

So glad to see a new creative artist giving Cricut instructions! Love them!

Tatiana Pinheiro Carvalho

You are so much fun! I missed you having fun in your videos. You made me giggle. Big hug. 😘

GrammaStubbs 2 months ago

JD, let me first say, you are adorable! I love your quirky sense of humor, your silly camera work, and, of course, your tips and tricks. I have a Cricut Expore Air 2. It draws without a problem. In fact, I use it to add personalized sentiments to my cards. If yours isn’t “Drawing” there’s something wrong. It may be a wrong setting or a firmware update or something else. Contact Cricut Customer Service. I have found them to be very helpful, patient, and can, usually, find the problem quickly. If I’m going to be honest, it’s usually user error. 🥴 Also, I agree with others on your blade and/or pressure. It actually, could be your paper setting. It looks like you may have had it set for med. cardstock, 80lb, and it should have been heavy cardstock, 110lb. I keep my dial on custom. It reminds me to set the material and that helps me to fine tune to the right weight. It also will give you the “Default’ pressure setting. Click that link to increase or decrease the pressure. Using the dial will not give you this option. Jennifer Maker has some great tutorials, if you want to check them out. Good luck with your new toy! Have fun! They are awesome!!

LarabellG 2 months ago

YAY! You got a sponsor from Cricut! You deserve it! Really cute cards.
I wish we didn't have to replace the blades so often, but an awesome alternative to dies. TFS!

Robyn Jordan
Robyn Jordan 2 months ago

Thank you!

Deb Copland
Deb Copland 2 months ago

I just bought a cricut explore 2 i cant wait to start using it

Jackie C
Jackie C 2 months ago

I believe Air 2 has drawing capability.

Chris Poyner
Chris Poyner 2 months ago

Hi JD, love your videos. I have a cricut expression, have no idea how to use it. Can I do this with mine?

Arts and crafts TV
Arts and crafts TV 2 months ago

Cool working

Amy W
Amy W 2 months ago

You are such a pleasure to watch!!!! You're such a pleasant, personable, and very real human being. It's a pleasure to watch your episodes and learn. Thanks a bunch. Not to mention you're just cute as can be - nothing weird intended. :-)

Granny Strazz
Granny Strazz 2 months ago

The paper cuts horribly. I got out my cricut for the first time in over a year and didn't get anywhere. I couldn't even find images. Yes, I'm cricut challenged, but trying.

Melanie 2 months ago

Oh you can crank the dial to "custom" for additional cut settings as well. You probably just need to crank it a little further past card stock and you'll be fine. In the custom settings in design space you do have more options. It does take some tinkering with though.

A Seal
A Seal 2 months ago

Nice, I have a Maker and have not tried the pop up cards yet. TIP: you need to use a cardstock that is smooth and not too fibrous (like Recollections from Michaels). That's why your paper looks torn and not smooth. Not being mean, but been there, done that, solved it by using a different cardstock. It also helps if you increase the cutting pressure on the Cricut, does yours have that function, the Maker does. But THANK YOU for all your help tips and beautiful projects. ♥♥♥

Ringa Mahi - Crafts
Ringa Mahi - Crafts 2 months ago

Why not set your dial to custom and then you get so many more options on the computer though design space. I refuse to use any other setting with my AE2

Karen Diaz
Karen Diaz 2 months ago

Spinning around in my chair is going to be my go to move while waiting for the Cricut! Haha! Love this video, JD! My favorite card today is the Kraken card. Love the colors you chose. 😁

sandy visger
sandy visger 2 months ago

Congratulations JD

Ezzy E
Ezzy E 2 months ago

Thanks for the video. You can move items from one mat to another mat without changing mat colors.

Paula Roehl-Johnson
Paula Roehl-Johnson 2 months ago

Nice! Did you not set the pressure correctly? Or is it the type of paper you used? Seems like you had to tear a lot of the pieces out? Love the bear card!

Susana P. Ortiz
Susana P. Ortiz 2 months ago

Cool! Thank you! I'll have to try cutting some cards😁.

Theresa Ross
Theresa Ross 2 months ago

You're so funny. I've never heard of an air2 not drawing.

Edith Ritchison
Edith Ritchison 2 months ago

I like the Anna Griffin cards. I also have the Explore Air 2, but mine does the draw elements as well as the cutting. Try attaching your "draw" part and see if it tells you when to put in your pen. Hope this helps.

NancyLouWho 2 months ago

looks like you need to either change your blade or increase your cutting pressure one level -- your pieces should not be that difficult to separate

Sherry Dmyterko-Tramp

I didn’t know it did pop up I have a 1 but still great. Thanks.

Casey Hoyt
Casey Hoyt 2 months ago

Hi JD, I wanted to let you know that you can actually change the size of the paper, that way you don't have to change the color of a layer. After you hit "Make It" you'll see your different mats, you'll also see a paper size and that's where you'll change it! Hope this helps! Happy crafting!

Anita Milner
Anita Milner 2 months ago

Always enjoy your videos! Your style is so conversation and still educational. Suggestion is to use “more pressure” to make a cleaner cut.

Craft Art Paper
Craft Art Paper 2 months ago

Awesome creativity , love the way pop-up cards are made.
Looks easy with machine ... Super JD ... hope i can do that 👍😍

Liz See
Liz See 2 months ago

Hello JD love your videos

Anna Marie Sylvia
Anna Marie Sylvia 2 months ago

I am so glad that you are making cards with the cricut. Looking forward to more videos with the cricut.

DarylCreates 2 months ago

I don't have cricut access 😔

DarylCreates 2 months ago

Hi JD!❤️