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Aaron Reece
Aaron Reece 2 months ago

If I had an hoa I'd tell them to go shove it.

Kelly Evans
Kelly Evans 2 months ago

This is absolute BS. After these last two years, so what if the guy puts up Christmas lights early. We all could use some extra cheer. Do HOA's do anything besides make people miserable? What a wonderful "free" country we have. How are these lights hurting anyone? And if you're going to say, "this kind of thing lowers the property values of his neighbor's house, and the purpose of an HOA is to keep property values high", that's only good if you're planning on selling your house. Not everyone buys a house just to sell it, some of us think of it as our home. If my neighbor putting up Christmas lights too early would lower these outrageous property taxes we pay in Houston, I'd say, Hell yeah, put 'em up in June for all I care!

Musica International
Musica International 2 months ago

Jeez leave those families alone!!!
Leave them alone
Leave them alone
Leave them alone
Leave them alone
Leave them alone
Leave them alone

tony fox
tony fox 2 months ago

Idk why people decide to live in an HOA.

Mac MFer
Mac MFer 2 months ago

Put up a for sale sign. Seriously no legal battle would be worth it for people soo petty to go after Christmas lights. Even if you were to win in any fashion, how long before that begrudged HOA committee comes after you for something else.

james Honeysett
james Honeysett 2 months ago

What a lazy khunt.
Stop putting christmas stuff up early you twats

Ben 2 months ago

That's why I will never live in an HOA. Forget about that! It's my home! HOA doesn't do anything anyways but cry and cry

David Isaacson
David Isaacson 2 months ago

Must be where the grinch lives now.

Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson 2 months ago

Woke liberal busy bodies----should counter sue HOA for enforcement of ridiculous "RULES". Find out who complained and file counter charges for ridiculousness.

Unholy0_oGhost YT
Unholy0_oGhost YT 2 months ago

Just don’t turn the lights on..

Sensei Psychotic Bombah

The HOA are nothing but Communist sympathizers!

Cyndi Gluck
Cyndi Gluck 2 months ago

It's on him , leave him alone I love Christmas 🎄❤and we set up our snowman ⛄last week our lights are going up this weekend

charashanya 2 months ago

It is illegal to fine. It shouldn't concern you in any way, he pays for his electricity

A Z 2 months ago

How about he just doesn’t turn on the lights until Thanksgiving??!! Win-Win

Celina Molina
Celina Molina 2 months ago

Let people live and experience the seasons in their hearts. "Love your neighbor and do as you want it to be done to you. "

Susan Reed
Susan Reed 2 months ago

Theres so much else going on, we need to learn to love our neighbors. In times like these and what's to come you may need that neighbor. What a shame it will e if your house caught on fire, or your electric went out, and you needed then because no one else could get to you in time. Let's use our heads and hearts

Renee West
Renee West 2 months ago

People are so stupid can't mind their own business