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Shiftstart 2 months ago

You forgot Pickle Pine Colorado.

M S 2 months ago

Have have a BS degree you mean.. MOST are so stupid they can't find the front door..

M S 2 months ago

There are no good places to live in Colorado.Its all shit...

Brittany Deremer
Brittany Deremer 2 months ago


Steven Dragoo
Steven Dragoo 2 months ago

Leadville - awesome views sunrise and sunset. Turquoise Lake, Twin Lakes, Mt. Elbert - all out Leadville's backdoor. Then there is the lovely shortcut to Aspen - only open in the summer...

BradnTeri Rhodes
BradnTeri Rhodes 2 months ago

Castle Rock

Otis Reeser
Otis Reeser 2 months ago

Make a list of the best places to live for normal people.

Auto Worldzz
Auto Worldzz 2 months ago

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Have you heard of Green Mountain Falls, it's wonderful. I just live in Colorado Springs, but I have a friend who lives there.

itsrayneninFL 2 months ago

lmao. Windsor usually smells like the shit from the surrounding sheep farms. I would never recommend a tourist go to Windsor as a number 5 spot on this list.

Joyce Leadbetter
Joyce Leadbetter 2 months ago

I'm glade you didn't list my Colorado town. You think Colorado is nice now, back 60 years ago it was heaven. Pop.2.2M. 9 of those 10 towns you listed are on the front range along the I-25 corridor and now that corridor is a suburban hell hole. Pop today 6M and climbing.

Nathan Cottrill
Nathan Cottrill 2 months ago

Colorado is a wonderful state to live in. Here’s the thing about the towns you mentioned...... If you’re literally not bringing home an income of at least $200,000-$400,000 annually then You’re more than likely not living and thriving in these towns. Great towns indeed, but the average American isn’t thriving in those towns. Aspen??? Just a small condo will cost you millions......

Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Ferguson 2 months ago

Sometimes as an out of stater Colorado folks don’t like us much. I understand but I’m not someone from a rich state. I come from Oklahoma. I promise Oklahomans aren’t buying all the real-estate in Colorado! This state just has a better atmosphere and is less evangelical compared to Oklahoma.

Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson 2 months ago

Has anyone lived in a town called Evergreen? My wife is always showing me homes from that town. She wants to retire in Colorado. We like to ski, hike and mountain bike. Any input would be good. Thanks

Peace Frog
Peace Frog 2 months ago

Aspen: cost of living- not bad if you’re a billionaire. 🙄

T 25
T 25 2 months ago

Basically Denver

Lil Aa
Lil Aa 2 months ago

Me living in aurora 😯😂

Евграф Андреевич Живаго

Liberals are destroying Colorado. Stay away from Aspen, Boulder, and Denver.

ncooty 2 months ago

Re: Morrison crime: 1 in 0? So, my chances of being the victim of a crime are undefined, but are approximately infinite--i.e.., certain.

KingNelo P4P#1
KingNelo P4P#1 2 months ago

Colorado is definitely one of the most beautiful state in American. With that said, PLEASE STOP MOVING HERE!!! 🛑 ✋🏼

rakesh singh
rakesh singh 2 months ago


Truth Addiction TV
Truth Addiction TV 2 months ago

Pagosa Springs and/or Durango should be on the list.

kjc9 trader
kjc9 trader 2 months ago

Except for Aspen - every place on your list is basically a Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs Suburb... When I lived in Denver in the 80's/90's - most of these places were dumps, and way out in the middle of "nowhere".... I used to drive to Erie to practice MX - because the only thing in Erie - was the MXtrack! Because the Denver area grew so fast and so big - these were the only places it could expand to... and Morrison - really isn't a town - not really.... It's where Red Rocks concert venue is... My fave town in CO - is Steamboat Springs... The best skiing in CO - and not yet "Aspenized"... I currently live in Montrose - and a LOT of people are moving here - from the front range and out of state... About an hour north of Telluride - which I am surprised you skipped... Western Slope Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CCC 2 months ago

Excepting Aspen, your choices have one thing in common; BORING.....Why do you love 'cookie cutter houses' and why are you so obsessed with 'Safety/ crimes (you sound like you are afraid to cross the street!)'? Briggs your choices SUCK! Glad you moved to the West Coast.......

John Powers
John Powers 2 months ago

Do you regret moving to Oregon vs Colorado

grob 2 months ago

Besides Aspen and Morrison, all are front range suburbs. If you like new plastic living with fake people from somewhere else, this is your video!
Oh and from a 3rd generation native, it's pronounced Looyville (like KY).

Cathy Bobalek
Cathy Bobalek 2 months ago

I w as amazed none of the western towns on the list.those all are pretty high cost living places .beautiful tow s are buena vista.leadville.salida.glenwood springs.theres alot of towns with history and beauty.a d reasonable to live.thanks for the share

Chris Swin
Chris Swin 2 months ago

Go where he says easterners go go go. Then I don't have to worry about you coming here.

Dawson 2 months ago

The location of Parker makes it desirable, but it’s about as far away from diverse as possible. It’s pretty sheltered

NovaNight 2 months ago

Castle pines sounds nice

Kurt Johnson
Kurt Johnson 2 months ago

Very weird list. Mostly newish bedroom towns for people who work in Denver or Boulder. Not for me. And most Coloradans hate Aspen.

The Dread Pirate Bluetail

Parker is not a cheap town at all

Dei Loong
Dei Loong 2 months ago

I'm not as interested in stats as I am about the place itself. Relate more of that.

Roger B
Roger B 2 months ago

I lived in Colorado for years and loved it until it got so crowded and expensive I moved. I go back for visits but I would never move back there. ASPEN number one? That town is the most pompous overpriced town in Colorado. It was then and is worse now. The Colorado that people are moving there to find no longer exists.

General I80
General I80 2 months ago

Maybe Superior and Louisville could have been combined, so Breckenridge could be on the list.

Phx desert
Phx desert 2 months ago

I would tell ppl don't move here! it's freezing, summers are short, you'll get altitude sickness, It snows til April, (It did for me while I was replacing my sidewalk....couldn't do it until June, due to rainy month in May) tourists cram the mountains & local roads. I would tell 'em, just pay a visit & go home or some place else. Be careful what you're asking for. The Phoenix metro area is worse due to the influx of ppl bringing their "baggage" with them. Growth isn't always a good thing.

Janine Luiz
Janine Luiz 2 months ago

Idaho springs native here. Now In colorado springs

Dennis Cronin
Dennis Cronin 2 months ago

Colorado is awesome. Denver is California now so I’d avoid this mess. Thank goodness for the bypass

Patricia Kauffman
Patricia Kauffman 2 months ago

This guy is a bit of a snob. Thinks everyone in the south are idiots. I live in Colorado, in the mountains, where there are many more great places to live.

Derek Smith
Derek Smith 2 months ago

Im surprised he didn't mention the park in Morrison that consists of a road that drives up this huge plateau. As you head up the road there is a cliff along the roadside that is littered with various dinosaur footprints. Huge ones, little ones, and theres even crocodile prints. Apparently it is the remnants of a beach that sat at the edge of a vast inland seaway that was present during the triassic period ( i think).

Rony george
Rony george 2 months ago

👍Beautiful Colorado

Stephen Inglett
Stephen Inglett 2 months ago

I used your LISTS last year and visited Oregon. The people in Oregon are VERY RUDE and racist... or southernist. I was treated like shit cause I'm from ga. I will never visit your state again

Harley Kaloi
Harley Kaloi 2 months ago

Why y’all always forget about the springs

margarita shalenko
margarita shalenko 2 months ago

Longmont and Boulder

Halie Brooke
Halie Brooke 2 months ago

morrison is a really nice place if youve been to the blue cow their food is amazing

Somos EXLLDM 2 months ago

You have to visit the South of Colorado


W hv at about Colorado Springs? Does anyone know if this city is great to live in?

William Armstrong
William Armstrong 2 months ago

Ah yes, the best reason to move to Colorado: Living in the suburbs... Because Crested Butte is a shit hole compared to... Firestone?

J 2 months ago

Let's talk about the super high real estate prices.

Hope Matthews
Hope Matthews 2 months ago

I will be moving to Fort Morgan. Is that a good place?

E A S 2 months ago

Steamboat colorado it’s nice area

GiacoC 2 months ago

I'll get back to this video as soon as win Eurojackpot superbonus

melanie purvis
melanie purvis 2 months ago

Lived in Louisville for 30 yrs ❤️awesome place to live

M D 2 months ago

You need some serious help. Colorado is know for the ROCKY MOUNTAINS!
You picked the ugliest, flattest cities in the state.

me when
me when 2 months ago

Everyone: looking for actual Colorado towns

Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez 2 months ago

Is there anything further south lol

Doug Ro
Doug Ro 2 months ago

I like Durango, Buena Vista, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, Castle Rock and Montrose. Aspen and Vail are too expensive. Gas is $1.50 higher there.

Norma Vercoe
Norma Vercoe 2 months ago

Lovely places thanks for imfo

Bill Rife
Bill Rife 2 months ago

Bro as soon as you started to talk about your opinion on fracking, I’m so glad that you’re wife talked you into not moving here. The true natives of Colorado are mostly conservatives but the problem is that you Californians hate how screwed up your state is so you leave there and spread your ideology on all of us and now there’s so many of you here that Colorado is becoming California junior and us natives are starting to hate it here...

Wils 25
Wils 25 2 months ago

Anywhere in the front range sucks. Waaaaay too many people.

Robert P
Robert P 2 months ago

People telling us not to move to CO was the biggest reason why we did. Lol

Aside from that, we love the scenery and our jobs had locations there so we moved. But I get a kick out of people telling others not to move there like they own the state. That was the deciding factor when choosing a new state to live in.

April Overland
April Overland 2 months ago

There should be a video of Colorado town that got weird after marijuana was legalized. Like WTF Woodland Park! I drove through there after being gone for like 6 years and about had a heart attack. It had been exactly the same from 1987-2004 😂

Mike Mullin
Mike Mullin 2 months ago

Since the socialists took over Colorado, it's not worth going to.

Sandra Madera
Sandra Madera 2 months ago

Thank you for the Video, Colorado is Beautiful.

tp lyons
tp lyons 2 months ago

You forgot GOLDEN

Star Child
Star Child 2 months ago

A diploma doesn't make you a good neighbor.

Kenneth Blair
Kenneth Blair 2 months ago

wahoo 400k normal price for a home....are ya kidding me lol. Go to Fountain, CO and buy a new home for 250k with plenty of park,rivers, wildlife, city life, oh yeah... low crime and really nice folks.

Jimmy Hooks
Jimmy Hooks 2 months ago

Moving to Colorado this year and we're thinking Colorado Springs. If any Colorado natives can give me their input let me know! 👇🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 We're looking for a decent area and a decent price

Les Walton
Les Walton 2 months ago

You for got five points

Mr. Mizu
Mr. Mizu 2 months ago

Yeah if you are pro fracking GTFO of Colorado

Cynthia Escamilla
Cynthia Escamilla 2 months ago

What about some great places to live for the 90% of the rest of us that don’t make six figures and above?

Michael Touchette
Michael Touchette 2 months ago

I live in Superior... its' a shit hole.... hahahaha

Kerron Joseph
Kerron Joseph 2 months ago

1 in 0 chance, so it’s infinite ? 😂😅

N. W.
N. W. 2 months ago

Black Forest is filled with Neo Nazis.

meadydoheny 2 months ago

"__% of people have a diploma"

Me: who gives a shit

Daymon Pancheri
Daymon Pancheri 2 months ago

Love how you couldn’t see any mountains when he showed Windsor 😑

Trust God Not Man
Trust God Not Man 2 months ago

I was in Avon. And I kid you not they must not see many people of color there.

Pompom Mania
Pompom Mania 2 months ago

When I heard the good news was being able to get a house under $400k, I immediately knew this wasn’t the video for me.

Andrea Christensen
Andrea Christensen 2 months ago

Number #1 is ASPEN? Aspen and Vail are terrible, lmao. PARKER?? What about those Parker Moms. I’d rather live in Greeley and it smells like cow poop everywhere. You’d get used to after awhile. This is the world’s worst list.

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds 2 months ago

How about doing something on Colorado's up-and-coming towns? Towns that are less expensive but where people seem to be moving to.

T. N. Schumacher
T. N. Schumacher 2 months ago

Damm, you didn’t cover Gunnison Colorado? I lived there for a while. Hiking in the summer. Winter Snow skiing? If your not into skiing you Choices are getting drunk and having sex. Right now 01-24-21 at 23:20 it’s 4* f. Ok got to go this chck half my age is wanting to go another round! 🤷‍♂️🤗 we aim to please?

Matthew Olson
Matthew Olson 2 months ago

Then I personally love you

You Only LIve Once
You Only LIve Once 2 months ago

Colorado looks like Canada

Colorado Native Fishing [CNF]

No this place sucks don't move here.

Robert Coren
Robert Coren 2 months ago

Colorado is a fantastic place to live. We gave a lot of thought to moving there about 10 years ago, most likely Ft. Collins, which should have been on your list. But I also love Black Forest and Windsor, as well.

The Dude
The Dude 2 months ago

I lived in Parker 4/8 years I named my son after it my son Parker

heynayaway 2 months ago

wow only Front Range towns! There are great towns on the Western Slope also!

Thom Fisher
Thom Fisher 2 months ago

Thank you for leaving out Evergreen. We don't need more city slickers up here....running out of water and room. Developers dream of paving over the world with concrete.

Stephanie Flocks
Stephanie Flocks 2 months ago

you should check out evergreen. it’s close to morrison but is in the foothills

Cheryl Williams
Cheryl Williams 2 months ago

Loveland Colorado

realistic ron
realistic ron 2 months ago

I think I was the one who just spit my sweet tea out, ouch! Love the analyzation of your cousin, funny!
I'm going to check out Erie & windsor. Thank you for your work!

alvaro eliseo guerrero


Dustin Grannis
Dustin Grannis 2 months ago

😂😂😂 roasted the shit out of his cousin😂 great video my guy 🤘

bradey yates
bradey yates 2 months ago

You spelled expensive wrong

Natty Reyes
Natty Reyes 2 months ago

What about Pueblo?????

Pamela Flores
Pamela Flores 2 months ago

Woodland Park Colorado

Cory Yarbrough
Cory Yarbrough 2 months ago

This dude is straight up roasting his cousin lmfao

Emy Espinosa
Emy Espinosa 2 months ago

I live in Colorado and it's not expensive

Marcelo Bane
Marcelo Bane 2 months ago

Jus came back from Colorado Saturday. Went 2 see red rock. It was so beautiful

Mrstupac7981 2 months ago

Erie I love it. My dads from there. I’m from Longmont yes. Love my state.

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