Relaxing cake decorating: all buttercream tree stump cake - piping bark, mushrooms, flowers


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Information Relaxing cake decorating: all buttercream tree stump cake - piping bark, mushrooms, flowers

Title : Relaxing cake decorating: all buttercream tree stump cake - piping bark, mushrooms, flowers

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Frames Relaxing cake decorating: all buttercream tree stump cake - piping bark, mushrooms, flowers

Description Relaxing cake decorating: all buttercream tree stump cake - piping bark, mushrooms, flowers

Relaxing cake decorating: all buttercream tree stump cake - piping bark, mushrooms, flowers

Relaxing cake decorating: all buttercream tree stump cake - piping bark, mushrooms, flowers

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Ruwani Kaluarachchi
Ruwani Kaluarachchi 2 months ago


Stefania Tedesco
Stefania Tedesco 2 months ago

Hi, this is amazing! How do you realize the different tones of brown? Just adding more or less melted cold chocolate to the buttercream? Thanks


Wow!! Amazing😁💜🎂 .....

AnikaAlexandra 2 months ago

What are the “mushroom” things made of that you stuck into the side? This is so adorable!

Arnaldo Aponte
Arnaldo Aponte 2 months ago

Beautiful indeed!!

Valerie Thummadoo
Valerie Thummadoo 2 months ago


K Champ
K Champ 2 months ago


Truth Bomb
Truth Bomb 2 months ago

Thank you! I have to make a cake for and 87 year old retired Carpenter. We're actually hoping to make his wife happy because the old cake decorator was a friend of hers and is now gone. ❤

Jan Siddorn
Jan Siddorn 2 months ago

Where do I find the recipe for the buttercream please?

Nancy Nalisnick
Nancy Nalisnick 2 months ago

Great tutorial!! Thanks for posting! What size cake pan did you use?

Tiana Greves
Tiana Greves 2 months ago

Did you use a 1 M Tip to do the bark piping?

Nessy Bartolome
Nessy Bartolome 2 months ago

The music is so relaxing😴

sonia oberoi
sonia oberoi 2 months ago


Eliza Winser
Eliza Winser 2 months ago

about how much buttercream do you need in total to decorate and ice this cake?

Uğur Saron
Uğur Saron 2 months ago

Merhaba! Çok Harika Çalışmalarınız var. Sizi Kutlarım. Lütfen Lütfedip Kanalıma Destek verirseniz Sevinirim. Sevgilerimle.

Jasmine Davis
Jasmine Davis 2 months ago

I just need to know which exact tip that is for the tree bark.... if I don't have a Wilton star tip, but other brand star tips

Danielle Vasbinder
Danielle Vasbinder 2 months ago

You add melted chocolate to your icing? Is it vanilla buttercream icing or chocolate butter cream with coco a?

Cat 2 months ago

Cookie Gift Can Queen sells Sweetex Hi-Ratio shorting on Etsy for home bakers in small quantities for professional tasting icing!

Christie14kt 2 months ago

How much melted chocolate should be added per batch of buttercream??

Corset Kitten
Corset Kitten 2 months ago

I like that use used shelf mushrooms. People only use red cap toadstools

Александра Тугулукова

Очень симпатичный тортик получился..!!!👍👍👍👌👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Phuong Thanh
Phuong Thanh 2 months ago

wow! wow! I nerver see it before. your are decorated excerlence. thank you very much.. I will try to do that for this Christmas.

John Philips
John Philips 2 months ago

Enjoyed watching. Great way to achieve tree bark and really appreciate the tinting with natural color substances.

medusa B
medusa B 2 months ago


Marie Howlett
Marie Howlett 2 months ago

Thank you for this tutorial! I just made one similar for my boyfriend and his brother’s birthdays. You are awesome!

Socorro Maia
Socorro Maia 2 months ago


Amanda Hart
Amanda Hart 2 months ago

when you say add some melted chocolate are you talking about like regular chocolate, or candy melt chocolate?

Agatha Dolan
Agatha Dolan 2 months ago

I love ❤️ your work. You're sooo talented!! My goodness! Amazing 😉

Emily P Rovillos
Emily P Rovillos 2 months ago

very cool.Yummy😉☺

Erin coon
Erin coon 2 months ago

How much chocolate do you add to the frosting for the mushrooms and bark

Agatha Dolan
Agatha Dolan 2 months ago


Zoy Gar
Zoy Gar 2 months ago


Patriciadragon 2 months ago

Awww, just amazing!

Joselia Cordeiro
Joselia Cordeiro 2 months ago

Cepo de madera

I Bubu
I Bubu 2 months ago

Which tup did u use for trees body?

Terri Mando
Terri Mando 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your recipe and decorating techniques! Gave me the confidence to try this amazing cake. Thank you, thank you--I ran out of time for the lovely embellishments of toadstools and flowers, but my couple of lady bugs worked out ok.

Keishla M. Carrero Cruz

This is so beautiful ❤. I love the song. Does anyone know the name?

Kleberg Issues JR
Kleberg Issues JR 2 months ago

Awesome awesome awesome awesome !!! Making this for my college midterm !! And I'm adding a raccoon popping out of the top of the trunk 😍😍❤

Wanda Velez
Wanda Velez 2 months ago


veronica garcia
veronica garcia 2 months ago

that's beautiful thank you for share your talent.

kaiduh 2 months ago

THANK YOU! You've proven we don't need to use fondant to make lovely patterns and shapes! Must taste much nicer too! Love it!

mystery gal
mystery gal 2 months ago

I would like to make this at a fair, to enter into a contest. We can't use real cake, instead styrofoam but we can only use royal icing and fondant. Would the royal icing work instead of what you used for the "wood" part

Rachel Charles
Rachel Charles 2 months ago

wowieee 😍😍😍

Succulent Cakes
Succulent Cakes 2 months ago

hey this is awesome 😍

sponges to spatula / Pallavi Narayan

Wow amazing. I hv seen a lot of log cakes but this one is the best n most healthy

Caitlin 2 months ago

This is awesome! I can't wait to try this for this weekend :D How tall would you say the done product is?

Morelys Gonzalez
Morelys Gonzalez 2 months ago

muy hermoso

Brenda’s Magical Cakes

Wow beautiful ❤️❤️

Dark Angel
Dark Angel 2 months ago

what does the SE in SEBC stand for ?? im making this cake now and dont wanna skip the mushrooms, that part adds so much.. its all in the details... thank you !!! (SOUNDING LIKE JIM CARREY-->) B-E-A-UTIFUL !!!!

Viktoria Rull
Viktoria Rull 2 months ago

thank your for idea

CaseyMae Goff
CaseyMae Goff 2 months ago

What tip did they use to make the bark on the outside? Or what would y'all recommend?

袁大牌 2 months ago


Thien Phuc Tran
Thien Phuc Tran 2 months ago

bánh nhìn dễ thương quá!

Noreen Abel
Noreen Abel 2 months ago

The cake I made using this tutorial was an outstanding success so I have donated to help you create more of these treasures,

Noreen Abel
Noreen Abel 2 months ago

I highly recommend you all having a go at this one. I have just finished a version and it came out so sweet. Make sure your board is big enough. I had an 8" on a 10" board as it was all I had so just a tad small .
So thank you you lovely lady for the tutorial it is my favourite all buttercream cake ever that I have attempted to make.

Davida Braxton
Davida Braxton 2 months ago

wow. .such talent and patience. there no way j could've done that. believe me, i would've stopped with the chocolate on the side, cut me a nice 3 inch slice and left the kitchen.

Sana Sheikh
Sana Sheikh 2 months ago


Samra Shamim
Samra Shamim 2 months ago

This is amazing. Really adorable flavours awesome cake works and design
Really love this.

proudof224 2 months ago

I just wanted to thank you for this video. I used it to make my baby's first birthday cake last week and the cake was amazing. Not flawless as yours but it was definitely great and I had lots and lots of compliments about it.
I like baking but was never really tempted to try decorating the cakes I make, so it was a little challenge (especially the mushrooms lol).... but I did some practice (twice) before the real one and it turned out great.
Thanks again for sharing and for answering my question 2months ago when I wasn't sure to give it a go as it seemed too hard to do for a beginner
keep up your good work!!!

Christina Marshall
Christina Marshall 2 months ago

I like this, and it looks very approachable even for a beginner. I would just like it better if the name wasn't in the corner the whole time, it's very large. New sub :)

Sarah Carran
Sarah Carran 2 months ago

thank you so much for the inspiration xoxo what a talented person you are

Sidra Umer
Sidra Umer 2 months ago

wow super,your work is outstanding, you got a new subscriber, thanks for sharing

Bluerabbit 2 months ago

Very pretty

Ayesha Anowar
Ayesha Anowar 2 months ago

Oh my god !!! It is amazing.....Thanks for uploading this video....♡♥

sharen ng
sharen ng 2 months ago

Wow Beautiful!
May I know what tip is used to pipe the tree trunk please?

Dulce Primavera
Dulce Primavera 2 months ago

One new subie ;)
I wish I can give you more than one thumb up


Increibles trabajos me gustaria que haya una opción en español.

Ivy Cortes
Ivy Cortes 2 months ago

what color do you use for the top.

Wiola Z
Wiola Z 2 months ago

Fabulous! Thanks!

Tanya A
Tanya A 2 months ago

Love the way you colouring buttercream with natural ingredients, Thank you for the tips!

Mimi's Mocha Treats, LLC

AMAZING!! Makes me want to try my hand at buttercream again :-)

Iris Rivas
Iris Rivas 2 months ago

Waooooo. encanto

mary doe
mary doe 2 months ago

This is so cute!! Love it!!!

Rachelle Nathanael
Rachelle Nathanael 2 months ago

what did you use for the tree mushrooms please? Love the video.

Haniela's 2 months ago


N M 2 months ago

Such a lovely work ..
Thank you ..

Leila Jeffries
Leila Jeffries 2 months ago

Love this

Maya Rose
Maya Rose 2 months ago

can i use baby powder milk instead of protein powder that you use?!!

Tarey Beckwith
Tarey Beckwith 2 months ago

is there away i can send u a pic? id love to show u the cake i did based off ur tutorial

Augusto Rocha
Augusto Rocha 2 months ago

Amei demais este bolo, adoro esse estilo. Posso imaginar os personagens de Beatrix Potter nesse lindo bolo.

Tarey Beckwith
Tarey Beckwith 2 months ago

The cake came out great ...thx for this wonderful tutorial!

Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez 2 months ago

thank you for this tutorial, i made some buttercream toadstools on my cake this weekend and i loved them! ^_^ love your egg free buttercream too. the only thing is my hand must be too hot as it softens the buttercream in the bag >. <

Tarey Beckwith
Tarey Beckwith 2 months ago

Goodmorning, so with the mushrooms using tip 124 thts melted chocolate with what else?

Michelle mau
Michelle mau 2 months ago

love cake, hate that music...

Tarey Beckwith
Tarey Beckwith 2 months ago

wow it looks so red to have brown chocolate in it.... great great job on this

Tarey Beckwith
Tarey Beckwith 2 months ago

did u mix red candy melts with buttercream to do the mushroom tops??

Wendy Scalia
Wendy Scalia 2 months ago

This is a perfect cake for my father! He spends all of his free time in the mountains.

Lauren 2 months ago

So beautiful and creative! Subscribed!!

Deanna Waters
Deanna Waters 2 months ago

Wow this is amazing!! Definitely reminds me of something you'd find in a fairy garden ❤️🍄👌😱

Flower GemsGirl
Flower GemsGirl 2 months ago

Part of me wants to chow down, it looks so good!!! The other part says, it's too pretty to eat!!! Guess since it's just a video, the second half wins! 😋

Lubna Aziz Ahmed
Lubna Aziz Ahmed 2 months ago

Amazing..... will definitely try dis out.thanks for the wonderful design :)

AG uzumaki
AG uzumaki 2 months ago

awesome for real

annalyn 2 months ago

so, so beautiful...

Farah Johnson
Farah Johnson 2 months ago

Its so pretty😍😍

Carlee Hasler
Carlee Hasler 2 months ago

This made me smile. Fabulous!

Saira Naveed
Saira Naveed 2 months ago

Beautiful...I am amazed... Soon I am going to make the same.... In shaa Allah

Just Cake It
Just Cake It 2 months ago

beautiful cake! just subscribed, how come I've never seen your videos before?;)

bmj97 ☆彡
bmj97 ☆彡 2 months ago

such a nice cake- what's so impressive is that it's all buttercream!

Vanessa Longoria
Vanessa Longoria 2 months ago

I cannot get over how beautiful this is 😍

TheTallDarkTruth 2 months ago

cool tutorial, but thank god for you tubes speed modifier. I put it on fast forward, because it was so slow.