Gordon Ramsay Surprised by Former 'Kitchen Nightmares' Owner He Once Berated!


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Information Gordon Ramsay Surprised by Former 'Kitchen Nightmares' Owner He Once Berated!

Title : Gordon Ramsay Surprised by Former 'Kitchen Nightmares' Owner He Once Berated!

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Frames Gordon Ramsay Surprised by Former 'Kitchen Nightmares' Owner He Once Berated!

Description Gordon Ramsay Surprised by Former 'Kitchen Nightmares' Owner He Once Berated!

Gordon Ramsay Surprised by Former 'Kitchen Nightmares' Owner He Once Berated!

Gordon Ramsay Surprised by Former 'Kitchen Nightmares' Owner He Once Berated!

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Siddich 2 months ago

Imogen, wasnt that the name of the mummy?

Aselle 2 months ago

Does Gordon still have his childish tantrums? Reminds me of Amy.

SirPrizeMF 2 months ago

Love that the woman is called Grylls

Internet Owl
Internet Owl 2 months ago

Gordon is Cuss word Lord 😂😂

Nuno M.
Nuno M. 2 months ago

Someone has to find the idiot sandwich

Lil Junior
Lil Junior 2 months ago

The fact that he remembered kinda shows how much he actually gave a fuck about helping them

kitticat Ferrero
kitticat Ferrero 2 months ago

How i love this man Mr Gordon ❤

A YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel 2 months ago

That is the proof that you can actually learn from gordon's insults

A YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel 2 months ago

Gordon ramsay's Reaction was like: oH Shit..

Mediados 2 months ago

There is so much difference between Gordon Ramsay and Chef Gordon Ramsay

Søme Løser
Søme Løser 2 months ago

3:10 voice crack!!!

Vipin V Lokesh
Vipin V Lokesh 2 months ago

At least Amy " the viper" and Samy "cheap version godfather" didnt show up and try to shoot Ramsay there and there.

MedicalMansion 2 months ago

Imagine the game you could play with your mother in law 🤣😂🤣

Sami Metheney
Sami Metheney 2 months ago

I literally just watched that episode of Kitchen Nightmares lol

Joseph Townsend
Joseph Townsend 2 months ago

What an incredibly shit TV show. Host has no charisma, questions are boring as the answer is obvious, and the actual interesting point, having a chat between an ex participant and Gordon, lasts 5 faking seconds.



Wilmer Waarbroek
Wilmer Waarbroek 2 months ago

Of course he remembers the feedback.... literally. :P

Pushon Bhattacharya
Pushon Bhattacharya 2 months ago

Oh no, they applauded her for saying that she's a police officer. Fuck this country! ACAB!

Ace Holtzie
Ace Holtzie 2 months ago

I just told my dad I wouldn't even be mad if I get verbally put in my place by Ramsey lol.


I kinda wished Amy would have walked out THAT would have been some fantastic TV

Ellinakias 2 months ago


Looking In With Victor B

She's a cop who won a thousand pounds and did not call it a bribe.... How odd

Diedra Payne
Diedra Payne 2 months ago

Did he look hot or what!! Always witty and sharp yet always kind ...

Mike Mendola
Mike Mendola 2 months ago

Wtf...all she had to do was sit there and let him answer questions so that she could win money...I'll do that shit!

Adi 2 months ago

Pretty cheap show. The UK sucks.

J.carlos 1
J.carlos 1 2 months ago

Blooty, hell.

ghos7fire 2 months ago

Just gotta put in the work and listen to Ramsay’s advice and You’ll be successful

it's like the same but different

“You shredded me into a thousand little pieces man”
Gordon- “what did You expect, it was well done, WELL DONE”

Netha Lim
Netha Lim 2 months ago

Chef Richie Instagram is @rich_russuk ?

Monke 2 months ago

Gordon is slowly turning into a wrinkly baby face

Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 2 months ago

2021: 1232

Cursed Noodle
Cursed Noodle 2 months ago


"Oh shit..!"

Dan Lyon
Dan Lyon 2 months ago

is raj in this

Meat Balls
Meat Balls 2 months ago

Gordon looked so awkward the entire game like he regrets his past lmao

Meat Balls
Meat Balls 2 months ago

Gordon looks so awkward like he regreted meeting her lmao

Tristan Paul
Tristan Paul 2 months ago

I would've wanted Richie, he was the real legend in that episode. On another to be exact, Runaway Girl looked like a "titty bar"

Bryan Goldfield
Bryan Goldfield 2 months ago

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Z Coffie
Z Coffie 2 months ago


realcomments 2 months ago

Gordon could be the next bond!

Saber Musk.
Saber Musk. 2 months ago


Phattyasmo 2 months ago

As an American, can someone please explain to me wtf is going on?

air melon
air melon 2 months ago

Gordon's smile 🥺

flaremuse 2 months ago

Police officer uh yeah failure

That Guy
That Guy 2 months ago

If only it was raj


Lmao Idiot Sandwich is iconic😂😂😂

Rachel Silver
Rachel Silver 2 months ago

Gordon is very humble he allows himself to be put on the spot all the time

Nichoas Wilds
Nichoas Wilds 2 months ago

The muddled panther conjecturally succeed because bush hooghly open aboard a bewildered pound. deeply, zonked roast

Kibazed 2 months ago

Gordon is a great chef✅

Eric Smith
Eric Smith 2 months ago

Where's Richie!?

Sara Davis
Sara Davis 2 months ago


Mr.Krishie 2 months ago

I tot a ad that had gordon in it before i watched this video

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 2 months ago

that was a shit night 😂😂😂

Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 2 months ago

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Hi, I am a Shark!
Hi, I am a Shark! 2 months ago

How did he betray him?

Joshua Castro
Joshua Castro 2 months ago

3:10 richies was like “wtf”

Joshua Castro
Joshua Castro 2 months ago

I wanted to Richie :(.

Love You
Love You 2 months ago

U Doughnut!

Adam kahn
Adam kahn 2 months ago

i think he gave up on finding the lamb sauce

King of The Domain of Fire Dragons

A game to rival Fortnite, Shitnite !!!

First World Problems
First World Problems 2 months ago

Literally watched that episode 2 days ago

Ray 2 months ago

3:30 is where it begins

JD YT 2 months ago

what a coincidence that this shows up in my recommendations at night

Patriots Football Breakdown

When he goes “....oh shit” 😂😂😂😂

J PF 2 months ago

Abab. All chefs are bastards

Brandon Loiacono
Brandon Loiacono 2 months ago

Ramsey knows how to cook a good chef.

TheDjcobra2001 2 months ago

Gordon remembers his insults!

20_Made Anandha Radya Dananjaya

I like how gordon just happy because he guess all the thing he say in the past🤣🤣🤣

Hoang Duy An
Hoang Duy An 2 months ago

The staking step-grandfather totally whirl because river feraly decay up a plausible angle. damaged, awful captain

TBM 2 months ago

I just realized that "your story" from horrible histories is based off of this

Whatchamacallit guys
Whatchamacallit guys 2 months ago

Gervais and Ramsay. Britishers know how to pocket others.

CO LD 2 months ago

I love when i see berated though one betrayed

Travel Chaser
Travel Chaser 2 months ago

Whre is amy

Hopeless Ainsworth
Hopeless Ainsworth 2 months ago

Man i love kitchen nightmares tbh lol

akhil rahim
akhil rahim 2 months ago

Hell's kitchen not kitchen nightmares. Happy mistake

Will pierson
Will pierson 2 months ago

I’m sorry Gordon Ramsey I hate soccer it’s the devils sport. And the fact that y’all call it football 🏈 but’s it’s really soccer ⚽️. I can’t even last 5 minutes watching it. My dad told me if I ever joined a soccer team he would never come to my games. If soccer was the only sport on 📺 I would throw it out my window. No better yet I’ll shoot it like Elvis Presley.

Ralph Louie
Ralph Louie 2 months ago

2:33 noice

Milena _
Milena _ 2 months ago

she literally didnt even thank him she just got off stage and took the money

Texas Appliances
Texas Appliances 2 months ago

Love Gordon Ramsay

War&Peace40 2 months ago

I’m glad his business did well after Gordon came even though he sold it around 2017.

Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham 2 months ago

See how they clapped for their police officers

Kevin Hermans
Kevin Hermans 2 months ago

Crazy, the british actually respect and appreciate their officers, if this was in the states she probably would have been booed out of the place or tarred and feathered.

star lord
star lord 2 months ago

For a second I thought steve jobs walked out

Waltysalamander 2 months ago


SendoX 2 months ago

2:59 is that Simon cowell?

FR - A
FR - A 2 months ago

Year 2000 : want to be millionaire
"invite random man and make them rich"
year 2017 : invite rich man and make him more richer 😌👌

Wickedirish 2 months ago

Gordon looks very uncomfortable

ordi smile
ordi smile 2 months ago

I even knew what and where are those words comes from being a fan, hahahhaha

Kanashii Ureshii
Kanashii Ureshii 2 months ago

Gordon must feel really good. I mean who wouldn't? I'd feel great every night knowing that I helped even just a few restaurants turn into a success after helping them.

Mania 4 Gaming
Mania 4 Gaming 2 months ago

This is the most awkward show for Ramsey.

Luis Conrado Parra
Luis Conrado Parra 2 months ago

a man who always says the truth does not need to remember anything

Ryan Eglinton
Ryan Eglinton 2 months ago

Wow british shows are shit

Colleen Kyle
Colleen Kyle 2 months ago

I was gonna scream if Amy was behind that stage, ngl

Ieva Merkelyte
Ieva Merkelyte 2 months ago

He already met her sure how did she get picked and already have a mic on her shirt?

Azarelius 2 months ago

The clip was overflowing with passion mixed with confusion.

BearvilleBear 14
BearvilleBear 14 2 months ago

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Seán Carey
Seán Carey 2 months ago

That full episode with Justin is up on Gordon’s channel it’s one of my all time favs

Lhord Balismon
Lhord Balismon 2 months ago

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michael kerr
michael kerr 2 months ago

Roast pig

Coat Clan
Coat Clan 2 months ago

Why didn't they bring Richie

Kyusoath 2 months ago

who watches this shit.