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Information Shop With Me Summer at The Christmas Tree Shops 2021

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Shop With Me Summer at The Christmas Tree Shops 2021

Shop With Me Summer at The Christmas Tree Shops 2021

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Crafting With The Heart

Oh. Joe, your face expression while Maryann was speaking about the mugs is priceless. So Awsome to see the Christmas tree shop items. Blessings

Anne Doucette
Anne Doucette 2 months ago

Nice tour of the Christmas tree shop!

Becky Schrage
Becky Schrage 2 months ago

Wish we had a Christmas tree store by us. Love seeing and listening to you two together!!!!

MsBeaulieuSurMer 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this video. I’m in Ireland and we don’t have The Christmas shops here. So much beautiful stuff, I love it all. Thanks for letting us see. I’m jealous. Always enjoy Mary Ann too, Joe you better go back and get that fish wall art! Xxx

Joyce Gorka
Joyce Gorka 2 months ago

What a great video.. I’d be broke if i went there😂😂 you 2 are so cute!!!!!

Clara Booth
Clara Booth 2 months ago

OMG!!!! You two are so cute together!!!

Alisandra Morales
Alisandra Morales 2 months ago

Love it, love it. One of my favorite store, got to go soon.

Jeannee Waseck
Jeannee Waseck 2 months ago

I would never think of a Christmas store, for nautical - wow! thanks a million!

Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson 2 months ago

Great shopping trip! So many nice things😉.
Stay warm and hope good weather comes your way soon!
Loved being with you!
🤗🤗 -Susan

Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson 2 months ago

Lol!!! Love the cups and you're crackin' me up😆!!! We're the same here, just we two 😉
Back to video now🤗's

Glam Elegant Living
Glam Elegant Living 2 months ago

Hey Joe my dearly loved Brother and MaryAnn my lovely Sis!💕💕💕💎💎💎 I am so happy to have a marathon of your videos today! I am loving them all! Thanks for taking us shopping! They were such beautiful things and loved your mugs they are so fitting for you guys and for me and hubby too, hahaha. You guys did an amazing job as well on your makeover at the Beach! TFS! Hugs, Love and Many Blessings! Sorry I have been super busy with collabs, but you know I always come back to your channel because I love your videos and you and MaryAnn! Love ya Both! 💕💕💕💎💎💎

Sue Patton
Sue Patton 2 months ago

LOVE your shopping videos! Great to have Maryann back

Arlynn's Country Craft Corner

Hi Joe and Maryann, you two are just too cute, y'all make me chuckle. ;) Your banter sounds eerily familiar. ;) Great tour of The Christmas Tree Shops! It has been cold and dreary all weekend here too, the sun finally came out this morning. Much love to you both! 💗

Judy Sheppard
Judy Sheppard 2 months ago

I am so happy to see Maryann! Seeing you both brings me joy! Love seeing all the items in the store.We don’t have a Christmas tree shop where I live . I really enjoyed seeing the items in your store very much. Thank you!💕

Yolanda Marshall
Yolanda Marshall 2 months ago

Great store and prices. I wish we had that store here in Utah! Tfs

Barbara Kozlowski
Barbara Kozlowski 2 months ago

Thank you Joe and Maryann, I enjoyed going shopping with you two. Did we stop for lunch anywhere? lol. Liked the lamps you got for the rental 👍

Michelle Decena
Michelle Decena 2 months ago

I love how real you and MaryAnn were in the beginning 😄❤️ Loved the tour and hope it warms up . Take care and TFS!

Michele Zink
Michele Zink 2 months ago

I LOVE YOU TWO!!! You bring me joy.

Edna Tucker
Edna Tucker 2 months ago

Hi Joe and Maryann! Enjoyed the "beachy" Christmas Tree Shop tour! Look forward to your decorated beach house with your finds! As a couple you made the video fun and as well as informative! Love it!

TuckerSP2011 2 months ago

Very nice tour. We have a couple of Christmas Tree Shoppes on Long Island and seeing the items makes me really want to go there. 😂 Joe's face while Maryanne shows the 'Mrs. Always Right' mug.

Angelina Diaz
Angelina Diaz 2 months ago

From mission Texas both of you are beautiful thank you for showing the price on things.

Dolly Mama
Dolly Mama 2 months ago

I went to Christmas Tree Shops in Brick and actually bought the same wooden Christmas ornaments, the blue crab, the red lobster and the seahorse. The glass ornaments were to heavy for my tree, too. I just cleaned out a bunch of house decor that I haven't used in a while, so I had to hold myself back, especially the pillows. I am running out of bins to hold them all. Home Goods gets me every time with their pillows. Your beach house rental looks absolutely adorable. Love your videos!

Marybeth Competiello
Marybeth Competiello 2 months ago

Mary Ann in the background doing the Jersey hair puff...priceless! Joe, your facial expressions are hysterical! "Blood moon"...hahahha😅
I love Christmas Tree ShopS. We don't have one in New Hope. I travel either to Staten Island, or to Jersey, so worth it!! You guys got some nice stuff. When I go alone, I only grab a basket. If it don't fit, it don't get bought.. LOL
When Guy is with me though, I am sure to grab a cart. He is actually worse than I am in that store.
Like I always say, it's everything you want, but nothing you really need. I was laughing when you mentioned the lady idling in the aisle preventing you to pass. They always seem to be waiting for you! Shopping via video with guys is fun, would love to do it in-person one day. Stay happy.
Love you guys Xoxoxoxoxo

Pat Braden
Pat Braden 2 months ago

Bicker Bicker ug

pam glover
pam glover 2 months ago

I so wish we had a Christmas shop here in our town!!! Great video!!

Susan Myers
Susan Myers 2 months ago

...always right 🙂🌊⛱️😎😎

Judy Mathena
Judy Mathena 2 months ago

Great video, they look like they have stuff for everyone. Good prices. TFS and take us along.

Retiredteachermom 2 months ago

I love going shopping along with you two! Thanks for sharing your shopping spree to the Christmas Tree Shops. I haven't been there in maybe three years and when I go it's usually between October and December. Thanks for showing what they have in the summer.

Nan Dankel
Nan Dankel 2 months ago

You guys are way to cute, love to listen to you.
Love those cups Mary Ann, going to get me some of them.
Have a nice holiday

charlotte Hetherington

Always a treat to see Marianne on the video

Linda Parra
Linda Parra 2 months ago

Thank You for sharing this Joe ❤️ MaryAnn! What’s the name of the shop?

Traditions By The Seasons

What a great tour. I enjoyed seeing all the coastal decor items. I wonder if they have any lake decor? TFS! 🏖 💦 🐚

JoAnn Barclay
JoAnn Barclay 2 months ago

Yeah! What a fun video ! On this gloomy Sunday ! I’m so jealous ! I miss Christmas Tree
Shops! I wish we had one closer to where we live . I don’t understand . We have so many
Empty retail property from stores that have closed . M always praying that one will open
Nearby . It was so much fun to see you out snd about again !
I just love your shore home . 💙
Btw Joe & Maryann , Keith said after 47 yrs of marriage , maybe next year he’ll be able to make his first decision 🤣
Gotta love those mugs Maryann 💙🤣
Since we’re now empty nesters , it is so curious when things are out of place or something goes wrong ,and I know I didn’t do it soooo., maybe it’s one of our little dogs 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣
❤️To you both ❤️ Joann 🏖⛱⚓️

Dee Douglas
Dee Douglas 2 months ago

I live at the shore. I have never seen such a stormy Memorial Day weekend!!!

Donna Fullerton
Donna Fullerton 2 months ago

Love the Christmas Tree Shop! Wish they’d ship to Canada because it doesn’t look like I’m going to be stateside for a while yet. Thanks for the tour, we love watching you and Maryanne..😍

Lei Robinson
Lei Robinson 2 months ago

Cold in Virginia too! Had to turn the heat on! Y’all are so cute!

miller4hats 2 months ago

Oh, I need to get those cups! My daughter is getting married in October!! Great haul!!🌻🤸🦋🐝☀️💗

Jolanda de Wolf
Jolanda de Wolf 2 months ago

Whahaha, you both are so lovely. The plates are made of melamine.What a pitty we don't have this store in the Netherlands.

Barbara Campbell
Barbara Campbell 2 months ago

I miss the Christmas tree shop from New York. I’m in Florida so it was nice to see it again. Stay warm guys.

Lu G
Lu G 2 months ago

So fun shopping with you again in the Christmas Tree Shop! We don't have them here in Memphis because....we're lame. 😆 Y'all crack me up, thanks for sharing! 😉

Just Me
Just Me 2 months ago

Loved your ‘chit chat’ I felt I was sitting at the table with family..also Italian! Lol
I’ve enjoyed you CTS tour..I’ve been addicted to them since the 70’s when we were on Vacation, where they first started out in Cape Cod. I’d drive my husband crazy driving all over the Cape to the different ones.. Eventually they expanded into RI and CT and would have him drive me to them from NY, right before Christmas. Since BB&BY took them over, they spread out all over. At one time, they sold unique Christmas decorations in the Summer on the Cape and I’d load up ..then they stopped and only do the Seashore ones now during the Summer. There’s been changes over the years, no Sleigh on top outside, the pretty colored tissue paper they’d wrap your fragile items in..and their original logo bags with the sleigh..with ‘Don’t You Just Love A Bargain’ on it! Of course all that doesn’t stop me from Hope we get some warmer weather coming back soon..what a bummer for you guys to be down at the shore, cooped up inside!

Rosie Singleton
Rosie Singleton 2 months ago

I love all the beach house decor. Our dream one day was to buy a small beach house in Lavellette, NJ & go “ham” on decorating it with cute beach house decor. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen so it looks like that will stay a dream - lol. We will tho continue to rent every year. This year we’re renting in Point Pleasant. I don’t know if it’s in our minds, but we always feel better mentally & physically when near the ocean! Have a great weekend ⛱⛵️🚲🏄🥂☀️👙👍🏻

Gale Murphy
Gale Murphy 2 months ago

You two are such a hoot. Lol

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 2 months ago

The prices are great. We in California where I live don't have one of those stores. If we did I would always shop there.

Terry Crawford
Terry Crawford 2 months ago

I liked that tour. I have never been to a Christmas Tree shop but have heard a lot about the store. Thanks for sharing

Jane Stoodley
Jane Stoodley 2 months ago

Hi Joe & Mary Ann, loved this video! Joe, you are old enough to know now, women are ALWAYS right ! 🙂 Have been away so catching up on your recent video. Best Wishes from the UK

Decorating Ant's Place

Thanks for taking us along 💙!!! I love beach decor too 😍!! It was nice to see you both 😊!!

Wixom Fam
Wixom Fam 2 months ago

Great video. Wish we had Christmas Tree Shops in Idaho. Maybe someday. Love watching the two of you!! -Valerie

My Take On Home & Garden

Cool lanterns.....nice lamps.... the rattan chairs were amazing !

Alice B
Alice B 2 months ago

Good to see you two. You are hilarious together! Lol. And I'm like you...I can't WAIT for cruises to begin again. 🛳🚢

My Take On Home & Garden

Hello folks !!!! Checking in on you today.....especially since we don't have this the little shell tree....the starfish tree is fabulous !! Tin fish school sign great... Thanks for the video keep safe !😎🐝🎬📷🌴

Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen 2 months ago

Joe. You have good patience.😜

Lucy Sawenko
Lucy Sawenko 2 months ago

Joe & MaryAnn, You Two are Just Delightful. Thanks for a fun tour of The Christmas Tree Shop. Lots of treasures for sure. Loved the Lamps you picked for the Shore. Mama will enjoy this one too. We have our "mutandoni" on here in Syracuse. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, stay warm. Hugs P.S. Don't forget to subscribe!

Donna 2 months ago

Hi guys!!! Enjoyed the swm 😁. Can’t believe this weather for Memorial Day weekend 😞. It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow 🤞🏻. Safe travels back home. 🐠🦀🐚

Rhonda Z
Rhonda Z 2 months ago

I love the Christmas Tree Shops. I haven't been to one in so long. It's time to go, I can see... Thanks for the tour, Joe and MaryAnn. 👏🎄💛

Cheryl Marshall
Cheryl Marshall 2 months ago

Hello from chilly SI. I'm very cold today. We went from the 80s to the 50s in a few days. Brrrr... k was just thinking of taking a ride to CTS when your video popped up. Have a great day !!

marsha 2 months ago

Wish we had this store in the western states.
Neat stuff and you two are fun to listen too! Thanks Happy Memorial Day!
Ok chilly and rainy in Colorado. Snowed in some places!

Deann Anderson
Deann Anderson 2 months ago

Hi from the desert! Thanks for sharing your shopping experience. I wish we had those here on the west side of the country.

diane ball
diane ball 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Joy Sinclair
Joy Sinclair 2 months ago

Hi you two love you together so funny,that shop is amazing if only we had something like that here in Australia. Stay safe love joy from Brisbane Australia

Bette Cantillo
Bette Cantillo 2 months ago

It was nice that you narrated after....cute and funny......

Duchess Lynette
Duchess Lynette 2 months ago

👋🏽 Hey Joe &Maryanne. Joy-Joy Christmas 🎄 shopping 🛍 in May. How much fun. Love 💕 that you didn’t dispute for right Maryanne is. Thanks 🙏🏾 for sharing your shopping 🛍 journey