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Christmas Songs on Steel with Black Rifle Coffee Company

Christmas Songs on Steel with Black Rifle Coffee Company

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LifeAccordingToHenry Mercer

Now Santa is my best friend

Filip Pakuła
Filip Pakuła 2 months ago

Christmas in russian be like

PERA kojot GENIJE 2 months ago

I've seen this before, but with the Russians

Fell Man
Fell Man 2 months ago

Friend: What instrument do you play?

Me: It's REALLY complicated.

Emerald 2 months ago


Nicolas Haustete
Nicolas Haustete 2 months ago

hey ben, on est pas sorti du sable avec des génies pareils...

mehlm 2 months ago

this is so cool :D

Rita Blanchard
Rita Blanchard 2 months ago

Nothing says Christmas like a little pew pew pew. 😂😂. Merry Christmas

space night 000
space night 000 2 months ago

this is what Americans do for Christmas

Noah Hall
Noah Hall 2 months ago

Anyone here in 2020

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

White Christmas everyone.

Moses 2 months ago

BRCC turncoats. 🖕

Sean Wright
Sean Wright 2 months ago

now that's what I call grifting!

Pen Hua Vang
Pen Hua Vang 2 months ago

Merry Christmas bros
How do you get a suppressor

Krendils Shieldheart
Krendils Shieldheart 2 months ago

Pew pew pew
Pew pew pew
Pew pew pew pew pew

Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson 2 months ago

Back when you could afford to have a good time

Who is tax and why is my dad avoiding him

I HAVE to move to America ASAP

Jeremy C
Jeremy C 2 months ago

Putting politics aside....this was awesome and took a lot of skill.

Now to get political...I bet the people griping about who with black riffle donated what to which politician are the exact same people who complain about the far left boycotting chi fil a.

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin 2 months ago

❤❤❤ God bless America ! 😉😎

Rene Ortega
Rene Ortega 2 months ago

You gotta love Christmas .

Rudolf Brits
Rudolf Brits 2 months ago

0;58 what is that music

Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver 2 months ago

0:25 Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho, get it? That was from Die Hard

андрей симонов

пк наш колокольчик ск

名無し 2 months ago


bryan luiz
bryan luiz 2 months ago


mdd1963 2 months ago

God bless America!

Dylan Alvarado
Dylan Alvarado 2 months ago

No one:
How the world thinks Christmas is celebrated in America 🇺🇸:

Crazy airsoft kid Evan

This is the holiday music I like

XRealX 2 months ago

Is this how you Americans celebrate Christmas?

I don't like the way of talking tho

please give us a longer version i honestly enjoy it so hard but its only 10 seconds

TheBros2theend 2 months ago

God bless heal and save you

The Oz-Zone
The Oz-Zone 2 months ago

Never stop showing this every Christmas 🎄👍✌️🤗

Krykun 2 months ago

Christmas but for americans

BlackFalkon 2 months ago

hard to find musicians of this calibre

Dragon boy Or draca
Dragon boy Or draca 2 months ago

Pow pow pow pow

Coffee with Milk
Coffee with Milk 2 months ago

Intro: Cool guitar case with guns
Real life: CIA hit tactic
Fr tho support Kyle

michael hardy
michael hardy 2 months ago

rad jam

SANGRE Y TIERRA 2 months ago

Ach ja, die Amerikaner ❤

I'm that guy you love to hate

This video always warms my heart around Christmas time

Oceres 2 months ago

Even better that they’re on MPXs

Aiden Allred
Aiden Allred 2 months ago


James Cole
James Cole 2 months ago

Awesome work keep it up

Unholy Tactics
Unholy Tactics 2 months ago

Ive made it a goal to watch this every year

Bobcat McAllister
Bobcat McAllister 2 months ago

Pow pow pow😂😂

Elías Pecho Lápida
Elías Pecho Lápida 2 months ago

So nerdy (in a good way) hahaha this guys sure are having fun!

Lj Mac
Lj Mac 2 months ago

I now have the spirit

Wealthy Weasel
Wealthy Weasel 2 months ago

That’s the most American thing I have ever seen!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🤣😂🤣

Vlad Rybicka
Vlad Rybicka 2 months ago

BRCC is always make great videos. Merry Christmas to you.

Jared Krueger
Jared Krueger 2 months ago

You guys were chucking clouds out there haha love your content!

bob scar
bob scar 2 months ago


The Strange Yak
The Strange Yak 2 months ago

Freedom bells

mr cleans bean
mr cleans bean 2 months ago

I would use a 9mm subsonic so its teal quite

vieux victor
vieux victor 2 months ago


TravisBarnett 21
TravisBarnett 21 2 months ago

Only in America

NEET Man 2 months ago

"no witnesses " - santa

The3rdFist 2 months ago

LMG Santa op


Lmao that “ho ho hohohoho” is classic

Leana Chris
Leana Chris 2 months ago

A store who provided me a safety gun on wickr is called Mrmasterglock they are on telegram too.

Chris Ziese
Chris Ziese 2 months ago

American Christmas be like

Christopher Anthony
Christopher Anthony 2 months ago

Nutn warms my heart on Christ, gunpowder and steele...Jesus is coming back soon too.....Stand up and Fight for Your rite to survive..or dissapear..your choice sheep

ROELOF DEN OTTER 2 months ago

💣 😹 😂

Erin Forbes
Erin Forbes 2 months ago

This is America mixed with Christmas

JT'S WONDERLAND 2 months ago

The ideal American Christmas carol

Álvaro zaira
Álvaro zaira 2 months ago

I am glad that i could know that the first song was Jingle Bells only seeing the rithm and the position of the shots without hear it 😄

Bohappenstance Click
Bohappenstance Click 2 months ago

That was beautiful. My eyes are leaking.

Frank Cote
Frank Cote 2 months ago

Their just keeping in practice incase they are needed to defend the Constitution.

killer fox
killer fox 2 months ago

Welcome to America!

Steven Seys
Steven Seys 2 months ago

That's the best glockenspiel I've ever heard!

crocodile croc
crocodile croc 2 months ago

That is what happens when you don't give Santa his cookies on Christmas

Envelo Envelope
Envelo Envelope 2 months ago

0:01 when the quiet kid is in your music class

KM Adventure
KM Adventure 2 months ago

Sounds like freedom

ThreeForths Studios
ThreeForths Studios 2 months ago


I felt that.

79dogface 2 months ago

Christmas should endorse this company.

Jace Estes
Jace Estes 2 months ago


David Pacheco
David Pacheco 2 months ago

............ pow pow pow ! 😆 ..........

David Pacheco
David Pacheco 2 months ago

........ yeah man hahahaha !!! ....... 😆 do another one hahahaha !! ........

Mark Chester
Mark Chester 2 months ago

The British government has just opened a review on firearms restrictions. This should be presented to the committee for them to see just how far past ridiculous their restrictions already are. Quality composition of music is considered a cultural art and this clip is a perfect example of how oppressed the British public has become in the field of artistic creation. If a British citizen were to have this much fun, the Stasi in blue would have them locked up on so many trumped up charges that their future life might as well be spent in hell with the devil’s poker being rammed up their bottom in perpetuity.

Wario Andretti
Wario Andretti 2 months ago

I didn't realize it was Xmas again in GTA online

KruiseStudios 2 months ago

Haha terrorist Santa go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Maverick Heath
Maverick Heath 2 months ago

Only in America........ And Russia

Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 2 months ago

casual santa with a m249

FreshSpinish 2 months ago

This is the real reason why there is a 2nd amendment

baby_jake8585 2 months ago

Wow ok don't piss off sant lol

Owen Samuels
Owen Samuels 2 months ago

Santa had enough of Timmy’s bullshit

Jhop273 2 months ago

Best company in America 🇺🇸

Vencarter 2 months ago

I watched this 2 years ago and it's that time again!

bellbell madds
bellbell madds 2 months ago

Pow pow pow , pow pow pow , pow pow pow pow pow ❤

Matt D
Matt D 2 months ago

1:38 "Hit it, Evan!" That arm! XD

madcatter4fude 2 months ago

Very American!
You need sheet music holders like marching bands put on trumpets and trombones

Troy Slyker
Troy Slyker 2 months ago

Xmas in murica

Kakashi 01
Kakashi 01 2 months ago

Hehe jiggle bells

KNAC 105.5 PURE ROCK 2 months ago

Best song ever!

John In NZ
John In NZ 2 months ago


dad France
dad France 2 months ago

gorgious ..

Cartune Automotive
Cartune Automotive 2 months ago

Some people are nuts . How do you make america great AGAIN when it is so great right now. good job guys. send me an invite when you go on tour. Maybe we can do some ZZ Top

Heiner Zann
Heiner Zann 2 months ago


Mathew Connell
Mathew Connell 2 months ago

You guys rock pow pow pow

Robert Golden
Robert Golden 2 months ago

Why. Because we can. Great video.

Iro 2 months ago

Ay YouTube recommended me this video... And it's not even Christmas yet

Peter Hoogstad
Peter Hoogstad 2 months ago

😅😅 merry christmas 🙌