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Param Vir
Param Vir 2 months ago

28 i have seen a sharp improvement by listening English songs and watching enlish web series “ you are mine”
Must try these things to be a good user of english

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 2 months ago

“ 34” i got

manpreet kaur
manpreet kaur 2 months ago

I got 30 but I want more.

PREM VLOGGER 2 months ago

Any one like to prepare with me from kerala

harman deep
harman deep 2 months ago


Balram Dhami
Balram Dhami 2 months ago


Dondapati Aruna
Dondapati Aruna 2 months ago

Really this subtitles are disturbing, please someone help me to get rid of this problem

Mahin Khanis
Mahin Khanis 2 months ago


Jahnavi Pramidi
Jahnavi Pramidi 2 months ago

Hey! I have been getting really good scores(36-38 in almost 7 tests) in these practice tests. So, can I interpret that i might get the same range of results or there could be some changes??

W Zhou
W Zhou 2 months ago

18/40 5.5

surbhi mantri
surbhi mantri 2 months ago

instead of educated use 'informed' decision. Proponents endorses? no,
Its Proponents endorse..... player? no, players. Be careful with the pronunciation- the presenter here herself can't speak and pronounce baisc words properly. Anyway, thank you for providing the material.

shazia khan
shazia khan 2 months ago


jaspal singh virk
jaspal singh virk 2 months ago

36😊,wrong ones 24,27,29 and 31.

Joebert 2 months ago

30/40 good start 😊

Favour Oguamanam
Favour Oguamanam 2 months ago


Pradeep 2 months ago

38/40... Need more Practice.

Cynthia Kamuruko
Cynthia Kamuruko 2 months ago

32 /40

Linda Barby
Linda Barby 2 months ago


Sumit Nain
Sumit Nain 2 months ago

39/40 taking these initial self observation tests before actually start preparing for 8777, listening section looks good but writing and somewhat reading got me confused

Tarandeep Khanna
Tarandeep Khanna 2 months ago

I got 38 out of 40

Hardeep Kaur
Hardeep Kaur 2 months ago


SuMit KaSle
SuMit KaSle 2 months ago


Huy Giang
Huy Giang 2 months ago

37/40 with 1,25 speed


40 out of 40 very easy and slow/smooth recording

Jaspreet Kaur Oberoi
Jaspreet Kaur Oberoi 2 months ago

Today,I Got 34 in this listening
Thank you!

sanam kaur
sanam kaur 2 months ago

I got 32/40

Jaspreet Kaur Oberoi
Jaspreet Kaur Oberoi 2 months ago

Hello sir, When you give us time to check answers like from 1 to 10, please turn the video direct to 11th question instead of checking answer because I become difficult to read questions in less time(most of the students read questions when speaker says for checking answers). So that's why it's really helpful for us.

Karmjeet Brar
Karmjeet Brar 2 months ago

I got 35 marks 😍😍😍thanks for this test 😍😍😍

KHUSHBOO RANI 2 months ago

I got 32❤️🥳

PANTHER GAMING 2 months ago

I got 28 today for me it's great

Mayuri Bendkule
Mayuri Bendkule 2 months ago


Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh 2 months ago

7 nd 8 ans de ta conversation kite hii nii😕😕

Sanorita K
Sanorita K 2 months ago

question 18. 2 words or a number and the answers written in the video in " the new restaurent"?

Turdiyeva Dildora
Turdiyeva Dildora 2 months ago


Riya Kesarwani
Riya Kesarwani 2 months ago

38/40 🌺

Jinal Chauhan
Jinal Chauhan 2 months ago

I got 26/40

sandhu prabh68
sandhu prabh68 2 months ago


Balwant Singh
Balwant Singh 2 months ago

I got 33 but still not well performed By me

Shubham Singla
Shubham Singla 2 months ago

I want to know that how to prepare for writting
how can i improve my writting skills

Diksha Dogra
Diksha Dogra 2 months ago

Can you please make me understand, in Q 15 they ask for one word only, and the answer is ID Card. Please clear it.

Sarvesh Kumar
Sarvesh Kumar 2 months ago

Btw it was easy 😅

yui kyan
yui kyan 2 months ago

19/40. it is getting improving, I never give up until I achieve my goal!!

SONIA SHARMA 2 months ago

I write only resturant is it ok ?

Mokhinur Princess
Mokhinur Princess 2 months ago

My result is 31. Thank you very much. Be healthy💕

Tejeshwarnath Teja
Tejeshwarnath Teja 2 months ago

36 ❤️

Kamaljot Kaur
Kamaljot Kaur 2 months ago

37 ..not bad..but i assume this one is easy

Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah 2 months ago

I got 36/40

filmy stan
filmy stan 2 months ago


Randhir singh
Randhir singh 2 months ago

37 at 1.25×

Sharan Jeet
Sharan Jeet 2 months ago


sneha sarkar
sneha sarkar 2 months ago

I scored 37 out of 40.

Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel 2 months ago

18. ans in not more then 2 word
then how is possible the new restaurant 🤔

mohil patel
mohil patel 2 months ago


Sonu Kumar
Sonu Kumar 2 months ago

35 out of 40 . Thanks a lot for uploading listening test . These are very helpful for ielts students . 💕

Inderjit singh
Inderjit singh 2 months ago


Chi Nguyễn
Chi Nguyễn 2 months ago

4-5 band 2.5
6-7 band 3
8-9 band 3.5
10-12 band 4
13-15 band 4.5
16-17 band 5
18-22 band 5.5
23-25 band 6
26-29 band 6.5
30-31 band 7
32- 34 band 7.5
35-36 band 8
37-38 band 8.5
39-40 band 9

mh repon
mh repon 2 months ago


Its really easy

Sajla Noufal
Sajla Noufal 2 months ago

Is it academic or gi

Neethu George
Neethu George 2 months ago

First day's k I feel

jassi kaur chahal
jassi kaur chahal 2 months ago


Kiran Kiran
Kiran Kiran 2 months ago


chintu F. fire
chintu F. fire 2 months ago

38 out of 40

Nahid Hossain Nahid
Nahid Hossain Nahid 2 months ago

I got 28/40 but I should more improvement.thanks

Deep Sandhu
Deep Sandhu 2 months ago

32/40 it was really piece of cake but don't u all think that real exam test usually hard as compared to these tests

Karan Vir
Karan Vir 2 months ago


Ramandeep Sandhu
Ramandeep Sandhu 2 months ago

I got 28

Sonam Thukral
Sonam Thukral 2 months ago

39/ was pretty easy


Money Money
Money Money 2 months ago

27 / 40

Arya Joy
Arya Joy 2 months ago


Dipen Singh
Dipen Singh 2 months ago

I got 36/40 in my first attempt of listening test ever

Khushdeep Gill
Khushdeep Gill 2 months ago


Tanvir mahmud rafi
Tanvir mahmud rafi 2 months ago

33 out of 40; fair enough 😑🤙🏼

Harman Khosa
Harman Khosa 2 months ago

I got 35

veeru prasad
veeru prasad 2 months ago


Galax Xettri
Galax Xettri 2 months ago

25 😔😔

Md.Borhan Uddin
Md.Borhan Uddin 2 months ago


Lalit Dodiya
Lalit Dodiya 2 months ago


Harwinder Kaur
Harwinder Kaur 2 months ago

Hi! in this listening section-2, Q.15 they asked 'ONE word only' then why card is written with 'ID' and in Q.18 'No more than TWO words' then why 'the new restaurant' is written in answer list?

Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma 2 months ago

35 it's first time

Sukhi Dhaliwal
Sukhi Dhaliwal 2 months ago


Ram Lucky
Ram Lucky 2 months ago


Nurul Amin
Nurul Amin 2 months ago

36out of 40

Mehmood Hamid Hussain


Mobility Kids
Mobility Kids 2 months ago


Carlos Tasayco Silva
Carlos Tasayco Silva 2 months ago

27 but with 4 spelling mistakes

sofiane sellam
sofiane sellam 2 months ago

30 --> 7

Olya Litvinova
Olya Litvinova 2 months ago

For questions 11-15 we can only write one word, but then why we have 'ID CARD' as an answer? Should not it be just ID?

Olya Litvinova
Olya Litvinova 2 months ago


Habibul Habib
Habibul Habib 2 months ago

I got 36

Alisheyx Rakhmonov
Alisheyx Rakhmonov 2 months ago


RAHUL GHUGE 2 months ago


Poonam 2 months ago


Sharif Roza
Sharif Roza 2 months ago

31 today... Because of little amount of multiple choise questions 😅

Saurabh Kamra
Saurabh Kamra 2 months ago

I have a doubt in answer no 15
It was one word answer the answer was ID CARD instead of I'd can someone explain?

Rajai Arrasheed
Rajai Arrasheed 2 months ago

37 but .. what the hell are knots exactly?

Ramez Shahenda
Ramez Shahenda 2 months ago


AJAY VERMA 2 months ago


Zarine Afrin
Zarine Afrin 2 months ago

For the first time I got 38,out of 40. thank you.