How To Grow A Christmas Tree From Seed-How to Grow Norway Spruce/Blue Spruce From Seed


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Information How To Grow A Christmas Tree From Seed-How to Grow Norway Spruce/Blue Spruce From Seed

Title : How To Grow A Christmas Tree From Seed-How to Grow Norway Spruce/Blue Spruce From Seed

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Frames How To Grow A Christmas Tree From Seed-How to Grow Norway Spruce/Blue Spruce From Seed

Description How To Grow A Christmas Tree From Seed-How to Grow Norway Spruce/Blue Spruce From Seed

How To Grow A Christmas Tree From Seed-How to Grow Norway Spruce/Blue Spruce From Seed

How To Grow A Christmas Tree From Seed-How to Grow Norway Spruce/Blue Spruce From Seed

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DOUGLAS FIR 2 months ago

Spencer, I have a lot of Pinus Sylvestris seeds that just broke their dormancy and started to grow. They are in a very narrow pot made out from a plastic bottle because I didn't expect that much seeds growing, should I let them grow up to 4cm or should I remove them right away into individual pots? Thank you.

Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar 2 months ago

you deserve a comment

Halkawt Mohamed
Halkawt Mohamed 2 months ago

How can i get seeds in uk ?

Altaf Khan
Altaf Khan 2 months ago


Suzan Yassine
Suzan Yassine 2 months ago

Can I grow Nobel fir using the same technique

Sandra Jones
Sandra Jones 2 months ago


uspazツ 2 months ago

thanks for the tips bud.

Kseniia Bondarenko
Kseniia Bondarenko 2 months ago

Hi Spencer, thanks for your video. A small question on seed growing - I grow my scots pine seedlings in the small biodegradable cells. I keep them under the sunlight indoors and well watered, but they keep dying. Should I put them in the bigger pot, so the cell can biodegrade and add some fertilizer? Thanks!

Chihaya Everdeen
Chihaya Everdeen 2 months ago

I got a buzzy seed package as a gift, the pot is 1 inch high, do I need a bigger pot right away so all four seeds don't die on me and have you ever used a pot that small, or germinatated?

Dana Holbrook
Dana Holbrook 2 months ago

Great video

Breanna Fountain
Breanna Fountain 2 months ago

I have hundreds of seeds that look like your 6 month growing naturally in my backyard all over. Thinking about potting them and selling them.

Theo Darringer
Theo Darringer 2 months ago

Spencer, that was a very helpful video! I was wondering, is 20 days for stratification good enough? And also, how long should I grow the tree indoors before moving it outdoors? Once again, amazing job on the video, keep it up.

clean4 The Future
clean4 The Future 2 months ago

Brilliant well done I’m germinating acorns to grown an oak forrest. I e got about 1589 so far it’s so exiting

chet foster
chet foster 2 months ago

I found a spruce pine cone or I should say I pulled a spruce pine cone off of the tree set it on my dashboard in the sunlight which he did it and caused it to drop its seeds I took probably 20 seeds 30 put them in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel no stratification and six weeks later I had for seeds that had begun to be rude or even produce small needlesSo I transferred them to 16 ounce cups with a mixture of topsoil and Pete Moss in them… I will try to update this in a couple of weeks

Dawnofa Newday
Dawnofa Newday 2 months ago

Can I start them in regular potting soil?

Sandpebble54 Spencer
Sandpebble54 Spencer 2 months ago

Good instructions!

GARY RIBBINS 2 months ago

Very well explained ... especially for me as I’m a complete beginner.. thanks🌲

ron dill
ron dill 2 months ago

I hate listening to these BRIT'S talk on these videos... They sure know how to screw up the English language and make it hard to understand them!!!

robertllubnrut 2 months ago

HI thanks for the video very helpfull, we harvested some sitka spruce seeds on wednesday. I have put them in a plastic bag with damp compost and hung them in my shed out of direct sunlight, do you think they will germinate in these conditions.

Quinn's Tree Farm
Quinn's Tree Farm 2 months ago

I wish I watched this before I started my little seed project. Great video!

Romell Jr. Atwood
Romell Jr. Atwood 2 months ago

I LOVE blue spruce and norway spruce. I love them very much.

pamtnman pamtnman
pamtnman pamtnman 2 months ago

very helpful, thank you

Char._. Lotte
Char._. Lotte 2 months ago

not to be rude but how old are you? I was really wondering.

Margaret Sims
Margaret Sims 2 months ago

Well done. Good luck with your gardening and utube channel. Great job. Hope this is your future career!

Holly 2 months ago

Can you do this anytime of year? 😊

Holly 2 months ago

This was sooooo helpful! Thank you!

Tom G
Tom G 2 months ago

Great video, well explained, thanks! I have some Fraser Fir seeds on the way in the post. Cheers

Boxshooter 06
Boxshooter 06 2 months ago

Are you supposed to place the bag with the seeds in the fridge or the freezer? I have mountian spruce seeds if thats the correct name in english. Hello from sweden :)

Thomas Hallam
Thomas Hallam 2 months ago

Hiya, great video. Early this year I used this process to grow some ceder seeds and I've been successful. I have about 10 small trees about 1 inch tall. They've been outside in big tall pots all year (since April). But with winter coming and all the rain weve had this year I've lost a few and now a few more are turning a little brown and look weak and unhealthy. What's the best thing to do. Or should I just leave them to face the winter. Will bringing them in the house help or will the heat kill them. I don't have a green house so not sure what's best. Thanks. Tom

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Hi would christmas tree seed germinate in a cold shed or is the fridge.

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

How many weeks does the christmas tree seed take to grow and when will I see results. Sally from Sheffield

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Hi can you give Conifer trees some special food

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Can you plant a christmas tree seed in January... I'm from Sheffield. Sally,

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

What do u do with christmas tree seedling in the cold months

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Do you keep christmas tree seedlings outside in the winter...... What time of year do u plant christmas tree seeds

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Hi can you plant one christmas tree seed or a couple.. Please help

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Can you plant one seed or not

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Where do u keep the seedling when they start growing... How long do they seeds to grow

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

Will a damp throw away cloth be ok or does it have to be kitchen roll

sally stephens
sally stephens 2 months ago

What is statfication

TheBPrinces 2 months ago

This is great. I have two little ones like you show growing in the same pot. How big should they be before re-potting them? I plan to keep them in pots. And will they survive okay being repotted? Any tips in how to make that a successful transition are greatly appreciated!

Tran KimKhanh
Tran KimKhanh 2 months ago

pls tell me where i can buy the seeds

Girumneh Nigussie
Girumneh Nigussie 2 months ago

It is very interesting and hope the most effective as well. But from where do I get the seeds?

Emma Gardner
Emma Gardner 2 months ago

Could you have it indoors?

The Tepero Show
The Tepero Show 2 months ago

Listen up look I wanted to grow a pine tree or spruce any type and I was at the river and we were in the woods and I’m only 9 at the time I I did this so my other cousin was 9 my brother is 13 and my other cousin was 11 and I found a baby spruce tree it was like just under one foot tall and I tried to rip it out of the ground in till I did it I trance planted it and it bin one year and it grew quite a bit it’s alive and it is like almost 2 feet now Mabey when I’m older when I move out of my parents house the tree will be big not humongous tho I mabey can take it and trace plant it in my front yard lol 😂

Brandon Augustine
Brandon Augustine 2 months ago

What kind of grow lights do you use? How many lumens do you use and how many hours do you keep them under the light? How often do you water the seedlings? Do you water them everyday and how much water do you give them?

ahmad haji
ahmad haji 2 months ago

Hi. I have put some seeds in the fridge recently. One of them germinated in tissue. And I took it out so as to grow. But left the rest inside the fridge so as to germinate. Do I have to take them out or wait till they germinate?

VictorNewman201 2 months ago

Hello Spencer, last summer i stratified and sprouted spruce seeds in August, and because they were so small when the winter came in December, i brought them inside my house, where they all died of damping off fungus. I have more seeds now (June 2019), but they are not stratified yet. Do you think its too late in the year for me to stratify and plant them? If they are too small when the winter comes, is there a way to stop them from damping off if i was to bring them inside this winter?

Arizona Bigfoot
Arizona Bigfoot 2 months ago

Thank you for helping me start my own forest !!!!!!!!!!

hydyr han
hydyr han 2 months ago

I've a question. I've stratified the magnolia seeds before, though it took around 4months and I did it in a soil fill plastic bags. I guess that paper towel method would work the same way. Just, is there any difference of when to start stratification or not? (By the way I'm going to use grow light). Thank you for a great upload.

Aleksandra Teper
Aleksandra Teper 2 months ago

Does it matter what season you start to grow them ?

greg brown
greg brown 2 months ago

Hi, I didn't have any composting mix so I just used regular dirt. Will it work and if I sprinkle composted dirt on it later will it leak down to the seeds when watered.

adelina stiliyanova
adelina stiliyanova 2 months ago

Hey there,
I got 5 seeds as a christmas gift, so I planted them right away. 3 of them showed up so far and they get me very excited. I was wondering about when should i separate them and replant them in bigger pots, since if they are together, their roots will get tangled and likely suffocate one another? Honestly, I'm very bad with plants and this is my first serious attempt after the beans in kindergarten. Thanks in advance!

Harry Jacks
Harry Jacks 2 months ago

Where did you get the seeds from?

allotment life
allotment life 2 months ago

my favourite way to get conifer seeds to germinate is by sowing in a pot, bury the pot in the corner of a deep bed for the winter ( covered with sharp sand ) an easy form of stratification. then in the spring, I lift the pot and place it in the greenhouse. it works every time, spencer...…………….brian

katilyn boyd
katilyn boyd 2 months ago

Wht happens if u don't put them in the refrigerator

Erik dobson
Erik dobson 2 months ago

Very cool, I'm growing balsam fir here in new hampshire u.s.a. very useful tips

Alex Teixeira
Alex Teixeira 2 months ago

Great! Are you on Facebook? I'd like to show you some pictures of my Blue Spruce seedling, however, I think it is not a Blue Spruce one. It seems to be some kind of pine. Could you help me identify it?

Cumbrian Homestead
Cumbrian Homestead 2 months ago

excellent tutorial Spencer!never tried growing spruce before but would try it after seeing this.well done sir!

Nick's Allotment Diary

Nice demonstration of how to grow spruce seedlings. I’ve subscribed following a recommendation from Ant’s channel. Take care. Nick

Simply Garden & Home
Simply Garden & Home 2 months ago

Not sure what part of the world you are from, but have you ever tried growing Frazer firs?

Sunrise seven
Sunrise seven 2 months ago

Thanks for the video. Very interesting. Never thought of growing these at all, though I do like the blue spruce, might give them a go . Would they be ok on a window sill once they have come through the soil?
Thanks again. Nice variety on your channel.

The Spring Garden
The Spring Garden 2 months ago

They look good.i did some last year and are about 1 inch tall

Joe 123459876
Joe 123459876 2 months ago

Great just got me to buy some blue spruce now.ill get them going when they come

Gardening Services Southend on Sea

Nice one Spencer