Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]


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Information Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]

Title : Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]

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Frames Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]

Description Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]

Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]

Ricky Retro - Happy New Year feat. Love Harder (Takis Remix) [Ultra Music]

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DJ VILO 2 months ago

that lyrics fit to 2020

Drag Plix
Drag Plix 2 months ago

Happy Fokin New Year 🎉

Schizelle Swanepoel
Schizelle Swanepoel 2 months ago

listened to this for new year !!😍

T R A S H トラッシュ

2021 ANYONE?!

abha yadav
abha yadav 2 months ago

Good one.💕

Stefan 2 months ago

2020 fuck this year and 2021

E Johansson
E Johansson 2 months ago

This song should have more views. Happy new year 2021

Shatterlight 2 months ago

That song has good vibes with sad feelings imo

FULL ARMOUR of GOD 2 months ago


Ysssss 2 months ago


Anton Vroemans
Anton Vroemans 2 months ago

It's that time again

Kernow Down time
Kernow Down time 2 months ago

Takis with a banger Remix 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Luis J.C.
Luis J.C. 2 months ago

Idk but I’m laughing throughout the entire song. Ricky Retro is such a legend 😅

Thnyan 2 months ago

It was Really “Fu*kin Year”

vF BonzZzai
vF BonzZzai 2 months ago

This track is a banger! Catchy as f***! :D

mlau shm
mlau shm 2 months ago

Está canción es omg!!! Buenísima!!...

Alejandro Cerna
Alejandro Cerna 2 months ago

Damn 🔥🔥

Jura Janochko
Jura Janochko 2 months ago

Good music☺☺☺😚😚😚🤗🤗🤗

El Chucky
El Chucky 2 months ago

Yeah, now, April 2020 I can say loud...FUCKING NEW YEAR

Genna Morris
Genna Morris 2 months ago

I love this song!!
I listened to it SOOOOOOO much that I sing all the lyrics without looking and I'm so good at it that I can sing it under a minute!!

Michael Amzalag
Michael Amzalag 2 months ago

So underrated

ARTES 2 months ago

This is now popular in Poland!

james calvin
james calvin 2 months ago

Pleased tell me about Takis.
This song is fuckin awesome😻

DarwinHD 2 months ago

The track looks like happier, but the lyrics... damn, are so heartbreaking

Jungkook ssi
Jungkook ssi 2 months ago

Bet, I’m playing this on New Years

Jəstəm Ølıwcıæ
Jəstəm Ølıwcıæ 2 months ago

It's me actually.
It's me all life...

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan 2 months ago

underrated af

SENSKA 2 months ago

Best New Year song ever! 🔥🔥🔥

tayman24 2 months ago

Play this 43 seconds before new tears today and it will say happy fucking new years at 1200am

Rudi Rill
Rudi Rill 2 months ago

This needs a Music video 👌🔥

TheSkymr1 2 months ago

Under rated

PUBG MOBILE - KARMA 2 months ago

This will become popular soon.🤩
Nice song,nice lyrics,nice bass. 😊☺️

Stayle Berrocal
Stayle Berrocal 2 months ago


A Non I'm Us
A Non I'm Us 2 months ago

Util new years comes, Happy fucking old year!

Douglas Tutmés
Douglas Tutmés 2 months ago


Huy 2 months ago

lol. Happy F*cking New Year. 🤣🤣🤣
My mom throws me thongs if she knows I'm hearing this.

Василий Жунь

о, да, Счастливого ебаного рождества))))

Giovanni DjJoHistoryProduction Aidala


Fred Gomez
Fred Gomez 2 months ago

Just got divorced!!🤣🤣🤣

Alter Hawkins
Alter Hawkins 2 months ago


docyagamikiko 2 months ago

I FUCKING love this song! 🔥🔥😎🖕🔥🔥

ринат тютин

песня классная, певец хорошо поёт, а видео - полное гавно

paweł szczepanik
paweł szczepanik 2 months ago


grafs1 2 months ago

Like it. But reminds me on Gigi dAgostino.

bk-x records 記錄
bk-x records 記錄 2 months ago

I n c r e d i b l e 🌻⭐️🌴💛

Kristof Reinharz
Kristof Reinharz 2 months ago


Lina Home
Lina Home 2 months ago


Anam Nihal
Anam Nihal 2 months ago

Feliz nuevo anos todos gracious para hacer sonar

DJ KHUSHAL 2 months ago

Amazing this the one of my favorite new year song from now

Greg Porter
Greg Porter 2 months ago

Cranking this one at a quarter to midnight - not just New Year's Eve - but every night!

Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 2 months ago


primrose lily
primrose lily 2 months ago

hello new decade 💙

samymyboy 2 months ago

my new years song 🔥🔥

Jack 2 months ago

Omg he got his own ultra music

Olchik Indie
Olchik Indie 2 months ago

It's fucking genius!!!!!!

El Bebesu
El Bebesu 2 months ago

Feliz Jodido Año Nuevo 👻🛫

ricky retro
ricky retro 2 months ago

OMg 🤠🤠🤠🦞🥂

amangogna68 2 months ago

Great song and amazing singer !

Yurisleika Espinosa
Yurisleika Espinosa 2 months ago

Esta prity as otra

Mini Gear xyz
Mini Gear xyz 2 months ago

Happy New year

Mimi Rakosa
Mimi Rakosa 2 months ago


BassDrop 2 months ago

Feliz año nuevo a todos!🎆 2020 vente pa' acá :v

MOHAMED LAMINE 2 months ago

this song is fucking awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Perfect timing !

Skv Thapasya
Skv Thapasya 2 months ago

Happy New year in advance my dear brothers and sisters in world ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Baztar 2 months ago

2019 ?

быдло. 2 months ago


Frutoterapia M&J
Frutoterapia M&J 2 months ago

Like like y más like por el buen ritmo! Por este fabuloso canal de Youtube! Y porque sí!!! Jajajaja

Ana Jhulie Marques
Ana Jhulie Marques 2 months ago

Já gostei 🤩🤩👏

Javier 2 months ago

Happy new year Ultra Music!

Hasan Eyvazoff
Hasan Eyvazoff 2 months ago

Download MP3 version for free

Joseph Vk
Joseph Vk 2 months ago

Yay, I'm the 805th viewer

T.d.M Music
T.d.M Music 2 months ago

A W E S O M E R E M I X 😍🔥

loud player
loud player 2 months ago

Oooooo TÜRKler kendini göstersin and it s very gooood

ask z
ask z 2 months ago


Illumi Music
Illumi Music 2 months ago

This one is so catchy! 😍

DILLIE 2 months ago

Happy fucking new year

Kevin andres Gaspar hurtado

Estos son los años q vira tu mama!

Daniil4ek 2 months ago

Я первый

Va Lè
Va Lè 2 months ago

Òh so good bro

GoDNisha YT
GoDNisha YT 2 months ago

First me
Hit like👍👍👍👍👍💬💬💬💬👇👇

Florian Salihu
Florian Salihu 2 months ago