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Malcolm X: King James and the Bible

Malcolm X: King James and the Bible

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Shaquita D.O.Zion78
Shaquita D.O.Zion78 2 months ago

I forefathers were forced into Islam the same way they were in christianity. The Arabs enslaved us first.

Tyshown Ramirez
Tyshown Ramirez 2 months ago

We are Israelites and Islam was not our forefathers

Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 2 months ago

Allah is is greatest entity, ever.

Nicholas Burton
Nicholas Burton 2 months ago

I wonder if Malcolm knew that Muhammad was white, had African slaves, said Shaytan was a black man, and called Ethiopians raisin heads. Religion of his forefathers? Lmao
Try voodoo

Thutmosis7 2 months ago

God is a title not a name.

Master Hurd
Master Hurd 2 months ago

I only believe in our creator no religion is worthy of my loyalty i accept good and reject evil period

Bradley Kynoch
Bradley Kynoch 2 months ago

I read a connection between hitlers secret daughter and Obama
Don’t know what to believe these days ,, but all truths will be told nice the deep state falls

iTs KiNg Ty
iTs KiNg Ty 2 months ago

Can anybody tell me what year was this recorded ?

Paul Curtis
Paul Curtis 2 months ago

What about allah’s penchant for sexual slavery? Pure fraud... malcom was a retard

Deressa 2 months ago

Malcolm X was a smart man but it’s sad to hear him being so misinformed on the message of Christianity. The segregated white churches of America had no right to be called the House of God, when they wouldn’t treat God’s children equally. Because of the bad way the Gospel was preached at that time many Afro-Americans turned away towards Islam (mainly NOI). Islam was not the religion of their forefathers. Christianity arrives in Africa long before Islam did and if you look at the ancient empire of Ethiopia, you’ll see that they became Christian before any other significant european society.
I wish brother Malcolm had researched more before he passed, but somehow I know, despite our significant religious differences, I’ll see him sometime


Pro-Greek falsification of the Holly Bible

Smoke Sum'um
Smoke Sum'um 2 months ago


eveningcook 2 months ago

I admire and respect Malcolm X. That said, he is wrong in saying that Islam is the religion of Africa and our forefathers. While all religions came from Africa, spirituality was the true religion of Africa.

John Dwyer
John Dwyer 2 months ago

Malcolm x was an intelligent spokesman im interested in what he had to not muslim but malcolm x interests me for some reason.

kane king
kane king 2 months ago

Elijah is Christ

dAtBoAh 2 months ago

Malcolm X is the one all black men should learn manhood from.. To be a man as good or better than.. And if we could get anywhere close to being a man like Malcolm we would be on the right path of turning our misfortunes around as a ppl..

R 7
R 7 2 months ago

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was the first person to teach us the true knowledge of ourselves, God and the devil.

paul hennig
paul hennig 2 months ago

The majority of Christians in 2019 voted for Trump!

paul hennig
paul hennig 2 months ago

Christianity is incorrigibly eurocentric!

Tracy Clark
Tracy Clark 2 months ago

Well I loved malcolm x..
Very special man..
However hes dead wrong on this message as far as no one has a knife or a gun or any malice towards his brother.....
This is obviously obvious by his very own death..........
Killed by his brothers.....

Al Bowlly
Al Bowlly 2 months ago

Malcom has been mistaken here, only the desgusting protestant churches rejected blacks, but not Catholics and Orthodox.

Al Bowlly
Al Bowlly 2 months ago

The KJV has no spiritual value.

Bryan Alexander Escobedo

Ima say it as a mexican brother, black people are the most beautiful and most talented people on earth, i stand by you til the day i die 💯

D'lushchious пизда

he basically had a podcast, i love this

Sherry Wright
Sherry Wright 2 months ago

I know if things do not sound or look right question it. When I saw in the bible slaves obey your master! No that was put in the bible by them. You have to do your research above and beyond measures to get the truth! God is not the author of confusion. The devil is all confusion!!

Jolanda Sanchez
Jolanda Sanchez 2 months ago

juice wrld type beat

John N
John N 2 months ago

I don't pray to your "white" Jesus. He was never white to begin with. He most DEFINITELY wasn't Nordic.

Heyward Sanders
Heyward Sanders 2 months ago

Welcome to the land of discrimination. When one arrive to America, all their hopes and dreams changes. Because one realizes every country has a sound pitch to it. Who than realize it's nothing like one describe. When talking on the phone or looking at the pictures send to them.
America is a country designed by groups, throughout the land.
Groups rules the land, is opposite in what is told about the country.
Something humans will never see a change because its a planned thing. The world were designed the same but with a different name. The human design has forces pulling away from each other. Making things hard to be able too connect, which don't look so bad. Which not looked at as a bad thing because it been the way of life. Our minds never were about what the design says how we should function.
Because those acts never were show in communities.
The country hear a lot of lip play, with no action behind it. Forced the people to patent themselves the same, where lip play is the thing. And no one want to see a real change because it might change their game.
Something we all have to claim because our government choose the name.

Teak Millz
Teak Millz 2 months ago

I know I'm late to the party but I'm here now !

Lorraine Banath
Lorraine Banath 2 months ago

My My Brother a Great Man Indeed. Taught nothing but Truth for our People to Wake up and Come Together so we can have something of our own. Gone but will never be forgotten 👍💯✊💪💐💐💐

Lorraine Banath
Lorraine Banath 2 months ago

Yes I agree with you. I can listen to Malcolm X all day.

James Farmer
James Farmer 2 months ago

Seems like he talked more about Elijah Mohammad than the prophet Mohammed!

Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson 2 months ago


Keith Mason
Keith Mason 2 months ago

As a Christian I clearly see the slippery slope the devil used to trap million's of God's children. Malcolm said"there is no life after death". That's an outright lie because Jesus said "He is the life and without Him there is no way to the Father". In fact Jesus said"He and the Father are one". Malcolm was an enemy of God , the true God( not Allah ).

TheMan Right Chea
TheMan Right Chea 2 months ago

We are missing men like Malcolm X

TheMan Right Chea
TheMan Right Chea 2 months ago

I'm currently living in Atlanta where he gave this speech☺️

NWO Spidey
NWO Spidey 2 months ago

Elijah Mohammed was a false Christ & Malcolm X was his false prophet.

adebanjo adebanjo
adebanjo adebanjo 2 months ago

I have no doubt in my soul that Malcolm X was a holy man. You can see this in his speech!

Earnest Emry
Earnest Emry 2 months ago

Malcolm tought how to think outside of the box

Gianna Smith
Gianna Smith 2 months ago

Malcolm X a beautiful king... i hope he is in the bosom of Abraham:)

Alice Bright
Alice Bright 2 months ago

Lord Malcom x. Ur name lives on. I can't stop loving u. u left too soon

Tom Delinger
Tom Delinger 2 months ago

Islam began about 600 bce
Most Africans today are not Muslim. In slavery era the African Muslims are the ones who sold their brothers on the coast. Islam has been slavery oriented since it began. Religion is a curse on the world. NOI WAS ABOUT POWER FOR ONE MAN
This is why such a great and principled man was misled, used, and then murdered.

Dolis Desra
Dolis Desra 2 months ago

We've heard a prophet from the story in a book, but now we know how a prophet speaks, full of wisdom and knowledge, malcom not a prophet, but he's like the prophet the way he speaks, he spread the teaching of the last prophet muhammad saw. May Allah place him among the prophets in jannah

King Ukno
King Ukno 2 months ago

God Allah say through Christ we are saved cause he came down in flesh and wasnt tempted we are so wicked that the lord gave use a chance and sad if it was 1 that can b tempted he is King and the Father Allah sent him down he completed the task and died so that we can be forgiven for our sins so we can receive the glory of God which is the holy spirit which Christ say through him with the holy spirit if u say to a mountain cast yourself into the sea and it shall obey we can cast out the demons and bind them heal the sick and fewd the soul through the word of God cause a man can not like on bread and meat alone but every word from the mouth of the Lord I believe so Amen

King Ukno
King Ukno 2 months ago

Christ is Christian he was Jewish and was born in Bethlehem temple n was from Nazareth and 2 be a Christian men to have Christ with in and Ala point to Christ no man shall kno the Father but through Christ

Joseph Graham
Joseph Graham 2 months ago

I'm an Israelite. I don't care for your religion.I ask if you seek truth look up. Ron Wyattt and his findings. This should inform you that we Israelite brothers are on the right. Now I'm going to delete you and your propaganda.

Kurt Adams
Kurt Adams 2 months ago

The Honorable Minister Malcolm X

Jack Blakk
Jack Blakk 2 months ago

Malcolm The Mentor like The Black Community was betrayed.

Brian Williams
Brian Williams 2 months ago

Our Brother was ahead of the game with his political and social views for us in whom are considered people of color and indigenous and African descent in this land in which is to be called NORTH AMERICA.💯 These speeches and words still stand today in our society governed under our insecure jealous politicians

Vegas 10
Vegas 10 2 months ago


J Fly
J Fly 2 months ago

It’s all relevant in 2020. All praise due to the most high

tamika jackson
tamika jackson 2 months ago

I remember when Our Heavenly Father had to deliver Moses and his people out of Egypt after sending many plaques upon Africans about that Alien pyramid in Egypt and called them false gods in his commandments. It wasn't Adam and Eve who bit that ugly 👾 🍎 in Egypt but things did get ugly before. Christ taught his Disciples how to pray in secret because of the Fallen Angels and Christ told them in the closet with the door closed and ask of Our Heavenly Father in secret written in the Old Testament. It not copperskin part of the fabric of life too of Native African Americans.

Nique Nique
Nique Nique 2 months ago

Seems like Elijah Muhammad was full of himself. Smh.

Anntoinette Boyd
Anntoinette Boyd 2 months ago

He nor Muhammad, could not prove that there isn't a heaven or hell, but he probably knows now. Everybody knows earth will never be paradise...Case in point today's happenings.

Robi Hanibal
Robi Hanibal 2 months ago

teaches us, teaches us, Elijah is the corrup so called leader of islam while he got him killed when he reject his ideology & split from them

Robi Hanibal
Robi Hanibal 2 months ago

are you fucken serious that Jesus was muslium, thats bullshit & fucken lie. Chrstianity was there before the world even concived. u lost ur battle bce u guys wasted ur time try to preach false fake islamic ideaology & try to doctrinate black america!!!!

i live in the kingdom of pain

Is there a woman or man, with Malcom’s intelligence, open-mind, common-sense, confidence, greatness of spirit, charisma, wit-and-sarcasm, fearlessness (including death) and open heart? If there is, I hope she or he he will step forward to organize the forces of change: ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and other like movements grow weak and disperse because a ‘true leader’ does not emerge. I am grateful, to all who have led and lead today, but we need a ‘true leader’. The times have not been this bad for the black people (and ALL men and women), since reconstruction. And, in conclusion, until we realize there are no races, except the ONE: human race, then we are still be divided, like the serfs of the middle ages, slaves of yesterday and today, the slaves owned by the white supremacist, founding, plantation-masters of the USA. We will remain equally indentured or owned as chattel (by our color or our debt), as we have been for millennium; by the masters and to the land. UNITED WE STAND!

profet 2 months ago

africans in middle ages werent muslims omg only north africa not sub saharan african... as much as i respect this man he was wrong on this 1... bad speach ... hello from europe and peace among all ppl

Francelee Paris
Francelee Paris 2 months ago

Malcom X had an awakening on his road to Mecca when he realised that Elija Mohammed was a fake...then rejected him and that signed his death warrant..

harold role
harold role 2 months ago

Just love to listen to him speak

James B-K
James B-K 2 months ago

Possible location of imran rashid lukman at the concervative club Shirland Rd London

Pownect Daniels
Pownect Daniels 2 months ago

Definitely one of our greatest leaders.

The ONE 2 months ago

All praise is due to Allah for this man meeting with the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad just imaging we would have never known him if it wasnt for Elijah.

Cuz Allen
Cuz Allen 2 months ago

HAIL!!! Malcolm. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

J Rae
J Rae 2 months ago

I'm not even watching this for religious purposes.. I don't belong to a religion.

It's just interesting to realize the number Elijah Muhammad did on Malcolm's mind. Malcolm X is undoubtedly one of the wisest men to have ever walked this earth.. But he was so clearly brainwashed by EM. It's also clear that his intentions were sincere. He wanted to help point his people in the right direction.. The wrong people just got ahold to his sincerity.

To hear him at 9:53, recruiting people, is so hard. Every time he says "The Honorable Elijah Muhammad", I cringe. "The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was raised up by God himself"..? Liiike, what?!I'm so disgusted. That man was a crook. This is a big lesson of not to put your faith in man. You will be let down every time, as Malcolm was when he learned about his so-called "honorable" leader. This is also a lesson of ALWAYS think for YOURSELF!

I'm glad Malcolm realized he had been hypnotized before his death. It just hurts my heart to think about how betrayed Malcolm must've felt when realized what was going on. Thankfully, he gained some peace and clarity on his hajj.

God, bless Malcolm's soul ✌🏽🤎🕊

little miss Michele
little miss Michele 2 months ago

Its people like Malcolm that should run a country. Someone who has lived and failed and come back stronger and better.

Deputy Van Halen
Deputy Van Halen 2 months ago

Thank God, Malcolm realised Nation of Islam was/is a sham. Disgusting that a religion that DOES NOT segregate gets associated with this crap.

May Ling
May Ling 2 months ago

Thank The of Abraham for leading this man to the right path of true Islam. Many don't want to accept that the prophets were Muslim but they were from Adam to the final prophet Muhammad peace be upon all of them. One can read the Torah and the JudeoChristian Bible and read it for themselves. Adam was created and knew the Creator he taught his sons. Noah taught his sons and Abram submitted to the Creator when he began Abraham and accepted the covenant given to him and his descendants. Jacob submitted himself and became Israel. Moses and Aaron reminded the descendants of Issac and was given the Law. Thou shall have no other God before Me. The prophet Yeshua or the son of Mary submitted too. A Muslim means to submit to the will of God. Therefore all these prophets are Muslim.

Anthony Rustom
Anthony Rustom 2 months ago

So intelligent. But was also brainwashed by Elijah Mohammed, the true Africa religion is not christianity or Islam. The true Africa religion is spirituality, may his soul continue to rest in peace. We miss him.

Mohamed Salama
Mohamed Salama 2 months ago

Malkom was a true hero and most of what he said is correct. I can understand the lack of resources in America back then about islam is the reason why there are some mistakes about the islamic believe. We do believe in a heaven after death. He realized the real islam after visiting Mecca and Cairo back then. Islam is a religion for everyone no differences between people but their deeds. Rip Malkom x

Damien Haynes
Damien Haynes 2 months ago

Great real man got hated on cause his mentor was a fraud and how he saw the white Muslim at the Mecca and how the white Muslim got treated the same one god bless Malcolm X and his family he’s in paradise free of the evil and wicked Malcolm choice to speak the truth about this country and his mentor and how it’s different out of this country this country used his own against him for speaking the truth instead of taking the kick back

Qoobeey Kaliil Cawad
Qoobeey Kaliil Cawad 2 months ago

My Allah reword you JANAH and forgive all his sin AMIIN

Ralph Harris
Ralph Harris 2 months ago

He praised Elijah to much ..

Nah-G 55
Nah-G 55 2 months ago

If we had Malcolm in this generation we would be in a better position in life

PLEBE JONES xiv 2 months ago

He is wring here. But no one is perfect.

Kevin Hartwell
Kevin Hartwell 2 months ago

A man among men!!

lifendeath Chzlife
lifendeath Chzlife 2 months ago

I love Malcolm but he was greatly deceived. I dont go back and forth about religion but he's way off about the Christian faith. No, Noah wasn't Muslim nor Lot, and definently not Jesus Christ. Peacefulness was honored not war. And yes, most Christians dont even study the very book they claim to believe in, I study my bible and know truth, and this truth is available to all men. We're in the last days in the which started when Christ came in the flesh to this earth; and in these last days ethnic group is against ethnic group with great tention. There is one coming whose called the antichrist in whom I pray is not a man of color, because if you think Malcolm could speak, this man's speaking will be 10 times as great and will perform miracles in your sight, and will claim to be God. If they went crazy for Obama just think how many are going to follow this man. But regardless of what color he shall be, it is the Christian faith with the Holy spirit who will be able to see through this man. Jesus said to the pharisees, "this wicked generation want be given a miracle or sign but that of Noah"; we as Christians can see that this generation is even more wicked than the pharisees, and surely no miracles would be given to this generation. But the Christian scriptures says that God himself shall send strong delusions that they all might be damed and believe a lie, because they recieved not the love of the truth that they all might be saved.The love of the truth is this: that Jesus Christ came to this earth through the love of God to die for the sins of mankind, and rose from the dead to offer his righteousness which is perfection, as a free gift to mankind, that mankind may be accepted by the Most High God through Jesus Christ. In Adam all mankind was affected, we were all sold under sin, but through Jesus Christ , mankind is affected through faith unto righteousness in Jesus Christ, unto eternal life. The scriptures says that God backed His prophets with signs and wonders: Elisha caused it not to rain, moses spit the red sea, Christ raised the dead a few times but Malcolm said all these prophets were muslim, but the prophet of the muslim god named Mohammed, who's said to be the greatest of the prophets had no miracle to authenticate his message, which is a manifest token that he isn't or wasn't the prophet of the Most High God. But in these last days we as Christians dont look for miracles, we dont need them for proof, the Holy spirt, the "COMFORER", He is sufficient:( from the greek word parakletos - one called by the side to assist and aid;)" and He shall dwell with you forever" Christ said. Mohammed is dead, he didn't raise from the dead. In these last days miracles will be strong delusions to those who dont obey the gospel of Christ. Those who dont believe that Jesus Christ came to this earth to die for the sins of mankind, and rose again are antichrist and will welcome the one who's coming. Sins have to be judged by a holy God and the blood of lambs and bulls are not sufficient, but the Blood of Christ satisfied the demands of the Law, Hallelujah, unto a new priesthood after the order of Melchezidek. And as Christians, we dont believe in three gods, there's one God, who is able to do all things. He is omnipresent, and I can't describe him. I just know that He is spirit, He is God, and He sent the innermost part of Himself, His word to speak to mankind. Christ is the Image of the invisible God, Jesus Christ is the word of God. What man can describe the ancient of days. Scriptures says He came as a burning Bush to Moses, but they have a problem with Him coming as a man.If you can describe your god then his not god, man with his small mind and low understanding cant know beyond what the High omniscient ,Holy God has allowed him to know. God bless all my Christian brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, in the faith. Study. Paul taught us not to get hung up on endless genealogy, and philosophy and not Christ. This is definitely not an attack on MALCOLM, but the deception.

4350 King of The Hill

Any other white people listen to Malcolm X haha ? He speaks about black empowerment but his message can be applied to any oppressed people.

TammiLynn 2 months ago

He had so bought in that it blinded him but then God allowed him to see the truth.

I believe Malcolm was still on a spiritual journey at the time of his death and had he lived, he would have come to full understanding. But I believe that he was very close at the time of his killing. He had completely reversed his stance on working with other civil rights leaders and other faiths; to include his founding of the Organization of Afro American Unity (OAAU). You can hear even in this speech his manner of "preaching" resembles baptists ministers. I honestly believe THE WORD was still within Malcolm.
(Part 1)

Jah Lion
Jah Lion 2 months ago

The lips of the righteous teaches many

Hashim Awad
Hashim Awad 2 months ago

It this from Malcolm X, the movie by Danzel Washington or the real Malcolm X?

Moraldo Beats
Moraldo Beats 2 months ago


Ann Madigan
Ann Madigan 2 months ago

Contribute and invest something into your own people.We give our energy
away to everything looking for honor respect power and freedom..Politics.
Materialism. The simple path is self love which leads to love for your brothers and sisters..

James Abiye
James Abiye 2 months ago

Islam is not the religion of black's forefathers...lie. Africans had their own indigenous religions before arabs and europeans invaded africa.

Morakinyo Olugbile
Morakinyo Olugbile 2 months ago

🔥 🔥 🔥 In Brunskwick Ga we walking/🏃 thru the shadow of death.#IRUNWITHMAUD

Jab Capone
Jab Capone 2 months ago

True prophet!!! ©2020

Mojah Fofana
Mojah Fofana 2 months ago

Rest in peace brother Malcolm

ebubekir özkan
ebubekir özkan 2 months ago


Daniel M
Daniel M 2 months ago

I don’t see any reincarnation of Malcolm X among the so called black leaders today

Hamedine 2 months ago

Who killed Malcom x el hadji Muhammad or fbi.

Minerva Villa
Minerva Villa 2 months ago

It represents Husband and Wife with Son. A family that looks bronze. And that's 3rd place with bases loaded. The last shall be first. Streets of pure transparent gold. No central 🏦 just ☮️.

Recep Metin Erdem
Recep Metin Erdem 2 months ago

After the Hadj he became a "real" muslim. Then, hes martered. May Allah sent him to paradise together with all of us.

Greetings from a Turkish brother living in racist netherlands.

Oscar Bueno
Oscar Bueno 2 months ago

Malcolm X knowledge was and still is the greatest threat to u.s. government tyranny and/or any other tyrannical state. Long live brother Malcolm X...thee blue print to self teaching, and the most outstanding compassionate leader on human and civil rights.

Peter Green
Peter Green 2 months ago

Could you even imagine a black guy going on modern US telly and saying "so called negros"? No me neither. Islam wasn't around 2000+ years ago,so Jesus and others could not have been Muslim. They were Hebrew.

Gu Ru
Gu Ru 2 months ago

Wise man

BeachsideHank 2 months ago

Sapient Wisdom: No one can brainwash you without your permission.

Peter Green
Peter Green 2 months ago

Honestly could you see him on Fox News today with the likes of Tami Lahren, Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham trying to interview him? 🥴 I reckon their heads would explode

Daniel Mwale
Daniel Mwale 2 months ago


Kids Time M
Kids Time M 2 months ago

Super human 🙏🏾 liked the energy.

Isis Adger
Isis Adger 2 months ago

He was grateful for enlightenment. He was seeking, searching for The CREATOR'S KINGDOM, where all ppl are free.. He was scorned by this bitter Earth and the hatred of men. R.I.P. Prince X. #ADOSwillTakeItFromHere