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Jon Schmidt
Jon Schmidt 2 months ago

Well that made my day!!! FANTASTIC JOB JOEL!!!!

Luke Starkenburg
Luke Starkenburg 2 months ago

Amazing piano skills, and superbly shot! I was wondering why you had an earpiece in and wearing headphones for the clips at the end.

The Railroad Empire
The Railroad Empire 2 months ago


Craig Knudsen
Craig Knudsen 2 months ago

Your performance was wonderful. Glad we found the backing track after all this time!

hydronic 2 months ago

Wow, great job!

April J
April J 2 months ago

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making all that piano tuition pay off!! So proud of you, son!! ๐Ÿ’•

Michael Jones
Michael Jones 2 months ago

How about playing christmas songs to waymo support?
Edit: forgot to say well done, very epic.

LilMissGeekGirl Music

Thank you. Very cool

Radical Railfanner
Radical Railfanner 2 months ago

JJ, that is amazing, I love playing the piano, fantastic video and great job.

Shawn Thorpe
Shawn Thorpe 2 months ago

Well done. Sounds great!

Not B-ROLL 2 months ago

Daamn, well done, sounded great! I hope to learn how to play one day.

Tim W.
Tim W. 2 months ago

Wow! Sounds really good! Well done

Pulvite 2 months ago

Sounds fantastic! Amazing job :D

Abbie Johnson
Abbie Johnson 2 months ago

Wow, so the long hours of annoying piano were worth it! ๐Ÿ˜‚ So pretty and very well arranged, great job!