84. Man Overboard! Dog Rescue on the Freezing Shropshire Union Canal!


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Information 84. Man Overboard! Dog Rescue on the Freezing Shropshire Union Canal!

Title : 84. Man Overboard! Dog Rescue on the Freezing Shropshire Union Canal!

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Frames 84. Man Overboard! Dog Rescue on the Freezing Shropshire Union Canal!

Description 84. Man Overboard! Dog Rescue on the Freezing Shropshire Union Canal!

84. Man Overboard! Dog Rescue on the Freezing Shropshire Union Canal!

84. Man Overboard! Dog Rescue on the Freezing Shropshire Union Canal!

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Lesley Fitzpatrick
Lesley Fitzpatrick 2 months ago

We saw some of the rope gouges on the Grand Union

Bernhard Wolle
Bernhard Wolle 2 months ago

Moin moin aus Celle / Nähe Hannover. Oh , du kannst ja auch deutsch sprechen: Guten Morgen! Bravo. Hello from Celle, near hanover in germany North! Oh, you can speak german, bravo!👍👏🙋‍♂️

Elliott harvie
Elliott harvie 2 months ago

I love Norbury junction went there all the time when my Nan lived on the canal

Mr Christopher
Mr Christopher 2 months ago

Needed an eeeeeeee on that scrap, me thinks.....

Mr Christopher
Mr Christopher 2 months ago

Now then Shaun did you scrap through the double arch bridge number 39? From the footage it looks very much like you were heading for a knock and then there was a crafty bit of editing. If you made it, good on ya.

chanel collette
chanel collette 2 months ago

Is there a speed limit on the canals?

1911olympic 2 months ago

What a sweet dog Dillon was! Thanks to you part of him is still with us.

Robert Wilkins
Robert Wilkins 2 months ago

Hi Colin are you both living in a house now or you still on the slver fox?

Wendy Griffiths
Wendy Griffiths 2 months ago

Dillon 🥰 he was such a lovely dog. Great footage as always, you two were very colour coordinated along with Silver fox x

anni50ful 2 months ago

I used to have a Springer ,she jumped in the river Camal when I went to collect the kids from playschool and came out slime green because the tide was out , you can imagine the smell and the screams from the kids and the state of the car, when we got home all three of them were slime green , take care ❤ x

Martin Adams
Martin Adams 2 months ago

My Nan used to go out after mooring up at night and go “fishing” with a powerful magnet. She used to find all sorts, mooring stakes, hammers, lock keys (windlass?). Oh and speaking of cool job titles, my grandad worked in the potteries as a, wait for it, a sagger makers bottom knocker. Google that one.

Zanna Brooks
Zanna Brooks 2 months ago

The series of books I am writing is called, The Clouds of Fire series. Loved that sunset view, reminded me of my books. <3 Zanna

Cedar Tree
Cedar Tree 2 months ago

I followed you from Alberta. I was born and raised in Market Drayton. Many hours walking along the canal towpath with my dog.

Annette Kingswood
Annette Kingswood 2 months ago

Aaah bless Dillon, RIP sweet little man. You must have such lovely memories of him. Seeing him swimming back to the boat and then the lovely shots of Colin on the towpath with a bowl of warm water tidying him up. Every time he looked up to the camera from the boat he had a look of complete devotion on his little face. What a gem he must have been. ❤️

Jay Wolfe
Jay Wolfe 2 months ago

1:15 Shaun mentioned tinnitus... does he suffer from tinnitus?

Julie Cavanagh
Julie Cavanagh 2 months ago

Such amazing shots. I will make a couple of them my screen savers. Just stunning!

andrew hankermeyer
andrew hankermeyer 2 months ago

Ahh. I miss the Dillon! He was one of the best!!

Colin Everton ETID
Colin Everton ETID 2 months ago

Naughty dillon haha... Great video and loads of interesting facts about the canals which is why I watch your channel you're both fantastic fantastic sense of humour and your videos are interesting the best video on YouTube by a mile.... God bless... Hope Colin and Sean are feeling better now... God bless xxx

Christina 2 months ago

Silly puppy!! 🐶 I wonder why he jumped? 😊

Peg Youngblood
Peg Youngblood 2 months ago

The Wrekin is an inselberg (or monadnock) ... an isolated hill, knob, ridge, outcrop, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a gently sloping or virtually level surrounding plain. Very cool! I grew up near a monadnock in South Carolina, Glassy Mountain.

John baxter
John baxter 2 months ago

i like that lengthsman it sounds a lot butcher than size queen lol.

John Foley
John Foley 2 months ago

Poor Dillon, we have 3 JRT’s who have fallen or jumped into our local lake. Dillon’s tail never stopped wagging!

Abang Wout
Abang Wout 2 months ago

Dillon has such a sweet look on his face, he will be missed!

Apricot Pastry
Apricot Pastry 2 months ago

I don't often feel homesick for the UK (I'm in the Czech Republic) but seeing the Wrekin and hearing about Market Drayton has made me miss home in Shropshire! The Wrekin is actually a giant who lay down for a rest on his way to London. The smaller hill next to him is his shovel full of soil. Thanks for making me laugh during lockdown! :)

Geoffrey Hansen
Geoffrey Hansen 2 months ago

I love the Springer Spaniel

Vicky King
Vicky King 2 months ago

Thanks so love your vlogs help me relax during lock down blues

Border Reiver
Border Reiver 2 months ago

to think that deep cutting was dug by hand and basic tools...must have shifted a few thousand tons of stuff....they also had LENGTHSMEN ON THE RAILWAYS...an old friend was one and had a specific length of the railway to look after.....cannot believe some boaters are just pig ignorant...what was the rush.....especially when they could see you...could just imagination people being rocked and the dinner going flying....

Robin Le Comte
Robin Le Comte 2 months ago

Interesting info - "wharfinger" (owner or keep of a wharf) [could be wrong] but I know that term as relating to those who worked cargo ships [at a wharf] and was translated to "wharfie and/or Watersider" - amazing where terminology originates from. Question - have notice that the canoe is not on roof - ??

trombone50bl 2 months ago

Lol poor Dillon, my Collie cross once fell into lock 11E on the Huddersfield narrow when she saw a squirrel on the far side and didn't realise there was a gap. We had to climb down the ladder and manhandle her back out which was not easy.

Orxenhorf 2 months ago

I think this is the only dog I've seen that walked at an angle when going forward.

chris hoffman
chris hoffman 2 months ago

Hi guys. I just wanted to say this episode of your vlog is by far my favorite! The narrow boat traversing through the deep cuts and the unique bridges is breathtakingly beautiful. I'm from the states and we don't have anything like the canals.
Thank you again, your funny comments, unabashed openness and the beauty of your native land really comes out in your videos.
You are so truly happy, and it comes across...even the big Atlantic pond 😆

Oscar Banlon
Oscar Banlon 2 months ago

Poor Dillon! That did not look pleasant.
Does the jacket actually help the dog float, or is it mainly there to provide a handle to pull him out of the water?

Tracy Ruth
Tracy Ruth 2 months ago

Hi guys! New subbie here, just loving your channel! I have to say, you had me baffled for a little bit at 13:56....thought you were "rocking the boat" until I realized it was a timelapse 🙈😁 I truly enjoy how informative your videos are and love the aerial views. Keep up the great work and may your channel continue to prosper ❤ I'd really love to visit the big Cadbury factory. We have a few varieties of Cadbury chocolate bars here in the US. I like it much better than Hershey chocolate. Take care guys and stay safe...Covid is on the rise again over here.

Judy Hannah
Judy Hannah 2 months ago

Loved the photography and the stories of the various surroundings. That sunset was amazing! Well done, really enjoyed it!

timothy hopkins
timothy hopkins 2 months ago

Everything turned out well but it was a very interesting video. As always I loved every moment. I love you both very much please take care.

Mark Faulkner
Mark Faulkner 2 months ago

Your shot of dawn at 14.07 is just so beautiful. It really lifts the spirits; the promise of a brand new day.

Stephen Gorman
Stephen Gorman 2 months ago

Poor little Guy

LeClaw 2 months ago

haha Lundwood? with those accents....I know where you're talking about :D

Carrie Marcum
Carrie Marcum 2 months ago

Just discovered you guys, I love the "useless" info, I'm fascinated with canal living.

Zanna Brooks
Zanna Brooks 2 months ago

Well, Collin, it's called a well!

Zanna Brooks
Zanna Brooks 2 months ago

Naughty, naughty boys! No, I have no room to talk. Naughty girl. HEHEHE.

Connie Ness
Connie Ness 2 months ago

Watched this for the fortyteenth time and still get a bad case of the giggles when Dillon goes for a dip. And the way his tail was connected to his legs so that as he ran his tail went side to side. Will always be missed for the way he stared at the camera, his tail, and his cheerfulness.

Mickey Finn
Mickey Finn 2 months ago

Oooh, sideways running with a massive tail wag! Can't wait to see Otis develop his own unique style. Old dog, new dog, oldish boat new boat............ The world is round yet we mostly strive to recover through the plastic and pollution and increasing societal aggression. As a chronic aggoraphobe, you have no idea how you both let me out in my head. Thank you doesn't cover it ;))

mark harrison
mark harrison 2 months ago

Hello fellow Captains. I am really enjoying binge watching your intrepid adventures. Fun and educational too. But I return to this one to ask, would you ever fit a dog boarding ladder ? My boat had a fold down one for people . So a mini version for dog overboard? And train the dog how to unhook it? Maybe a good boathook is all most bargers ( should that be bargees?) need. But what would you say to a Wallace and Gromit style contraption. You could even call it the Super Dooper Fido Scooper? Why not ?

afm62 2 months ago

Another enjoyable vlog! Thank you!

PJ Celeste
PJ Celeste 2 months ago

OMG! The sound effects when that other boat attempted the Turlee? Turley? Turlie?...”Whirley” locks!!🤣😂🤣😂 Ope...just saw the correct spelling...Tyrley! English is not a phonetic language!😂

LordHeath1972 2 months ago

Another great video, well put together and very enjoyable to watch. Now you are getting me interested in this sort of thing!!!

Boating Beyond
Boating Beyond 2 months ago

I love that boat spirit of pheobe it’s such a cute mini narrowboat but I’d agree it was abit of a sad place we where there during lock down and it’s always flooded there the water point is now back working 🦶

Paul Le Fur
Paul Le Fur 2 months ago

Bless him looked so so cold, good job Daddy warmed him up. like previous comment so missed, never known a dog to wag so much, give Otis a big cuddle for me, take care chaps super vlog as always

maria kirk
maria kirk 2 months ago

Bless Dillon, so missed xxxxx

Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate 2 months ago

So cute. What a great Dog.

Lilith Kenis
Lilith Kenis 2 months ago

20:35 Nice to see how Dillon looked around first to see wether you finished with the water before he started shaking himself dry!

Suzanne Ouimet
Suzanne Ouimet 2 months ago

He often looks as though he'd like a word!

Richard Miller
Richard Miller 2 months ago

Very good video. Very educational I like you guys to keep doing this kind of stuff this is really good to watch. Good job guys

Ian Tattersall
Ian Tattersall 2 months ago

Tinnitus colour blind and ex truck driver. We could be brothers youth. !!!!!

Zanna Brooks
Zanna Brooks 2 months ago

I just want to wrap Dillon up in a blanket and cuddle him. He looks to be such a sweet, happy, well behaved boy. Makes me miss having a pet.

Danny G
Danny G 2 months ago

Colin, credit where credit is due. I reckon Shaun handled those ferocious by-washes with extreme skill. It just goes to show that his time as a Chef on HMS Eccles Cake prepared him well your future life together.

lockdown railway 21
lockdown railway 21 2 months ago

Im an ex bus driver for arriva yorkshire how coincidental shaun lol

luke seavers
luke seavers 2 months ago

Hats off too you for replying to everyone!!! They must take some doing

Kate Garlick
Kate Garlick 2 months ago

Why do you use laundrettes when you have a washing machine on board? A couple of times you have mentioned laundrettes which has confused me.

Becky Armstrong-Corbett

Keep up the good work guys. X

Elizabeth Trainer
Elizabeth Trainer 2 months ago

You're similar to Karl Pilkington when talking about the "Man Monkey", I could see him telling that story. LOVE Karl BTW!

Elizabeth Trainer
Elizabeth Trainer 2 months ago

Holy cow @14:05!!

Wooly Kitty Haven
Wooly Kitty Haven 2 months ago

Dillon was such a funny silly pup. He reminds me of my very first dog. He was an English springer mix and was black and white named Bandito.. he lived to 18 amazingly.. I love how Dillon just feels like taking a dip once in a while. I wonder if Otis will be a water lover as well when he gets bigger. I’m actually surprised Dillon didn’t jump after water birds more often.

Rita Tharp
Rita Tharp 2 months ago

Dillon is a special dog. 💟

George Thomas
George Thomas 2 months ago

Been looking around by far the BEST CHANNEL for canal boats..... sad I missed the Live Blog again.
Thanks for sorting out a list of ALL EPISODES . But I cant find the new boat start thats supposed to come out mid-week

Scott Peter
Scott Peter 2 months ago

You guys are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your joy and laughter.

cathy Mckay
cathy Mckay 2 months ago

Glad Dillon safely made it out of the freezing water after he jumped in looking for Colin.

cathy Mckay
cathy Mckay 2 months ago

I love how Dillon runs on the grass beside the boat! He looks like he has a smile upon his face.....I believe he still does that now in spirit!!!!

cathy Mckay
cathy Mckay 2 months ago

Love your music during your video!

cathy Mckay
cathy Mckay 2 months ago

Its looks chilly! Love your laughter!

Number Six
Number Six 2 months ago

I hope my partner and I will be such a good double act one day!

Kathleen Straube
Kathleen Straube 2 months ago

Hello my friends....🎼 getting to know you .. getting to know all about you 🎼 I really enjoy the education Colin. Looks like I’m hooked on your videos. Have a great day! Sunny Florida has nothing on the beautiful isle of the UK. ❤️💕

Kathleen Straube
Kathleen Straube 2 months ago

Hello my friends....🎼 getting to know you .. getting to know all about you 🎼 I really enjoy the education Colin. Looks like I’m hooked on your videos. Have a great day! Sunny Florida has nothing on the beautiful isle of the UK. ❤️💕

Linda Robbins
Linda Robbins 2 months ago

My first comment after watching all of your videos up to now, and it's obvious Dillon was the one in charge. This is one of my favorites so far, thank you for the smiles and beautiful videos, we sure do enjoy them. Glad the Silver Foxes are okay. I just read that you lost Dillon, hugs to you. (My Boxer was named Dillon, it's been years and I still miss him.) So sorry for your loss. Take good care. ~ From San Antonio, Texas.

TrainDriverRob 2 months ago

Another great video, the Cadbury factory looks similar to the one on the Gloucester-Sharpness canal which produced chocolate crumb which was then sent North by canal boat to Bournville.

Paul Snashall
Paul Snashall 2 months ago

Typical Springer, always after attention! You have a new follower. I'm now going to start from the beginning. Cheers!

Ken Randall
Ken Randall 2 months ago

I’ve become a firm follower now guys , I enjoy every one of your vids, what a great life you lead

Curt Bonnell
Curt Bonnell 2 months ago

Now Colin, share the chocolate........

Curt Bonnell
Curt Bonnell 2 months ago

What a beautiful winter sunset.

Pauline Lohia
Pauline Lohia 2 months ago

Love watching your vlogs, so much fun but i especially love the way you look after Dillon.

Curry_Monster 2 months ago

I just Googled 'Bums' ... WTF!

carole Hayden
carole Hayden 2 months ago

Love the Dill You take such good care of him! 😺

TOM S 2 months ago

Aw Dillon wanted a swim!

Bex becky
Bex becky 2 months ago

I love the history you provide. Dillon was just so precious!!! Did you ever share the story of how you became his people?? ❤️❤️

Paul Lee
Paul Lee 2 months ago

Great video/presentation and info. I am looking forward to doing a canal trip when we next visit UK from AU! Keep it up boys!

Christopher Preston
Christopher Preston 2 months ago

One of my favorite episodes

David McKeown
David McKeown 2 months ago

It's my dream to live on the canal. Maybe when I retire.

Joel Wright
Joel Wright 2 months ago

How the F can 37 people dislike this?! It's 2 people talking about their life living in a boat. How is this a thing to dislike?

John Grosshans
John Grosshans 2 months ago

I do love your canal history inserts you always have. Being American I know less than nothing about the canal system of England. Your patter is great fun and I come away feeling like I learned something. Lots of narrow boat VLOGS out there in Utube land but yours is the only one with a history lesson.

D S 2 months ago

Fallen in love with your vlogs......makes me want to try canal boating...but not brave enough to do it on my own! Keep up the good work.

D L 2 months ago

Who's jurisdiction for legal purposes are the various canals under. Say if someone was misbehaving or driving dangerously on the canal, who you gonna call?

Elizabethann Ferrario

Oh dear poor Dillon, bless him he’s gorgeous, lucky have a such a beautiful little dog , I watched your video when Dillon passed away ! We have 2 Siamese one 21 yrs old my other 9 yrs yes I will be in mourning !

Kelly Smyth
Kelly Smyth 2 months ago

That sunset was amazing!!! Love the history/hysterical lessons!!
Safe travels, Kelly🇨🇦

elizzievb 2 months ago

Oh I just met Dillon a few days ago and now my heart breaks to see him in these older vids 😩. He had a sort of “sideways” bent to his walk didn’t he? I love you Dillon boy.

jan ward
jan ward 2 months ago

Wonderful scenic video. Sunsets were gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs from Canada 🇨🇦

Elizabethann Ferrario

Hi guys I hope you don’t find this question insulting but how do you fund your life styles and own such a stunning long boast ? But I find your lives so very good !

t44warrior 2 months ago

Amazing drone shots!

jim vigil
jim vigil 2 months ago

Gentlemen, I have been watching for a few days in absolute amazement. I am loving these Vlogs, they are very entertaining!

Richard Whipple
Richard Whipple 2 months ago

I was wondering how you could do king sized sheets in your washing machine. Perfect answer - you don't. I have this HUGE washing machine and it is really full when I do the linens. Thank you for the info!!