Christmas Market in Berlin 2020 - Tasting Street Foods



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Information Christmas Market in Berlin 2020 - Tasting Street Foods

Title : Christmas Market in Berlin 2020 - Tasting Street Foods

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Frames Christmas Market in Berlin 2020 - Tasting Street Foods

Description Christmas Market in Berlin 2020 - Tasting Street Foods

Christmas Market in Berlin 2020 - Tasting Street Foods

Christmas Market in Berlin 2020 - Tasting Street Foods

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Любовь Лаврик

Супер крутое, сказочное видео. Спасибо было очень интересно посмотреть Ваше видео. 👍👍🎄🎀🎄🎀🎄⛄🌭🍔🥧⛄🎄🎀🎄

Kurdistan Net Channel KNC

KNC TV Berlin Germany

RYD Vlogger
RYD Vlogger 2 months ago

In Frankfurt we didn't have any Weihnachtsmarkt this year 😔😔

BINYA VARGEES 2 months ago

Happy christmas all lovely peoples

heaven9233 2 months ago

Vermisse deutschland ❤❤frohe weihnachten 🎄

anna traveler
anna traveler 2 months ago

Beautiful the street food Christmas market and is funny this sausage Xaaa... xaaa🥓
Totaly your video is avessome - thank you for sharing 👍
Wish you a Merry Christmas 🎄

Leben, so wie es ist.

Weihnachtsmärkt "to go" klingt traurig( Alles in diesem Jahr ist anders ... wir können nicht feiern, wir können keine Orte besuchen, die wir gerne besuchen würden, wir können nicht das übliche Glühwein vor der Weihnachten trinken ... Danke, dass Du uns so ungewöhnlich ruhigen, aber immer noch schönen Berlin gezeigt hast. Die Aufnahmen sind wie gewöhnlich toll👍

Wipawadee Pansuwan
Wipawadee Pansuwan 2 months ago

Hello. I am new from Thailand. I like the vdo that you upload....I am excited to watch the market there. I have been watching it for two times..I will look forwards to listen to a new vdo of yours
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2021 to you..


Ребята, но цены конечно драконовские!

Nori Food Trip
Nori Food Trip 2 months ago

I've never had CURRYWURST! that is the one of my foods I must eat before I die!!!! 50cm sausage is crazy!!!!

Shradha Rawat
Shradha Rawat 2 months ago

Amazing video! 💞 01.39 those churros look so amazing. Where exactly in Berlin are these stands placed? 🙂

Dina AprianiYustina
Dina AprianiYustina 2 months ago

It's really sad that this year no Christmas market as usual due to the terrible pandemic. But nevertheless there's still Christmas market in another way. Thanks for the nice video. It brings good memories to me! I miss all food there:)

machoclown 2 months ago

I miss Berlin badly, next trip is scheduled may 2021 hopefully I can go by then. Thanks for sharing!

tran van son
tran van son 2 months ago

Your video is very good. But I really like the bread. Thanks for watching. have the best day

Siesta Films
Siesta Films 2 months ago

Good video. Interesting channel. Like and new subscriber. Please watch my youtube channel

Libmanan Channel
Libmanan Channel 2 months ago

Hello my friend! Nice upload! It's cool and beautiful video! And nice Christmas market! I really like it! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing!
Have a nice day!

Kittys Alliance
Kittys Alliance 2 months ago

Those street foods look so delicious especially that one with nutella chocolate on top! Enjoy out there.

It's me, Alex!
It's me, Alex! 2 months ago

Its good that they are some stands! Berlin is amazing, hope that soon al this will be over and we can visit it again. Greetings from Greece!

Hernando Navarro
Hernando Navarro 2 months ago

Saludos, que lindo es la navidad en Alemania muy buen ambiente y él clima lo mejor

chegu ajak
chegu ajak 2 months ago


Stejur 2 months ago

Nice movie, you will also record lights from other places in Berlin such as Ku’damm, Tauentzienstrasse?

Korina Viado
Korina Viado 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing this. How I miss Germany and their Christmas markets 😞

Chris john Emery
Chris john Emery 2 months ago

What a fantastic vidio. Really enjoyed watching your vidio. Hope you have a great Monday. Many thanks from Chris 👍🎈

GoTrails 2 months ago

Nice video. Have a nice day.

Christine 2 months ago

Ich vermisse Christkindlmärkte !🇩🇪

Jatt Drive
Jatt Drive 2 months ago

nice video👍❤️

Jeonga Lee
Jeonga Lee 2 months ago

Oh very nice! Grünkohl with salty sausage is my most favourite food on the Christmas market..👍😁

Our4feet Travelers
Our4feet Travelers 2 months ago

wow looks so nice this time of year

JENNIE BHATT 2 months ago

Very hygienic. Really too good

Sandy Kalasin
Sandy Kalasin 2 months ago

Very nice city I love that

Ck Cheah
Ck Cheah 2 months ago

Like your video , keep it up! Thank you very much

Emmanuel Pader
Emmanuel Pader 2 months ago

Germknödel looks like steamed buns but whats the difference?

a qua
a qua 2 months ago

Hi GoodStuff, I have just come across your chanel and I think you are doing a great job! I´m German and Berlin is one of my favourite places. I`m so happy with your video during lockdown as I know all of these places so well and normally I would visit this time of year. Perhaps next week you could cover the markets as Schloss Charlottenburg and Mitte?

Clark Madrosen
Clark Madrosen 2 months ago

Nice to see this tradition still being kept in this dangerous world. Looks like fun. Enjoy. 🎅🎄😊

Eugen 2 months ago

Hello, der Autor, sprechen Sie Deutsch, oder nur Englisch?

Mamoonas Kitchen
Mamoonas Kitchen 2 months ago

Great sharing, with beautiful views and food♥ watching from Pakistan lot's of respect.

HelenaMikas 2 months ago

Happy 2nd Advent to you ..One year will not harm and there will always be next year and how much more we will value .Glad you filmed .You have saved me.Thanks👍 ps )I go to an even smaller one and it's fabulous :) Have a wonderful day , Thanks for sharing ,🌲🌲 Helena

Renata Limarzi
Renata Limarzi 2 months ago

Hello!! Thanks for this street market food tour! All looks really DELICIOUS! The half metter sausage is spectacular!
Unfortunately a very different Christmas for everyone this year. Hope it can bring g us serenity and hope for the future!
Ciao! Renata

Ajith Reddy
Ajith Reddy 2 months ago

Nice video

Annah Khomotso Rantla

Beautiful merry Christmas Germany

MONA SIMBRENO 2 months ago

Woow so very nice Christmas market Jan sadik, I'm sure day enjoy. And foods look good

Shruti Alex
Shruti Alex 2 months ago

Merry Christmas malayalees...

Technical Gambhu
Technical Gambhu 2 months ago

Nice German Christmas market

Kim Young
Kim Young 2 months ago


Francia vlogs
Francia vlogs 2 months ago

Hermosa la navidad .

arumathanthirige Sunil shantha De silva

Happy Christmas Germany
People s

arumathanthirige Sunil shantha De silva

Love you❤️ Germany

jayshankar kumar
jayshankar kumar 2 months ago

Happy Christmas.. Whishing you a life of joy and happiness... Very beautiful streets Berlin... Heart touch ..i thank you heartily... My elder brother...from India....

Gnaana Saraswathi
Gnaana Saraswathi 2 months ago

Getting my memories back to my golden days... missing Germany badly... Christmas Market ....feast to eyes sight...!!!!

Ravi Traveller
Ravi Traveller 2 months ago

Fan of this channel, and of my channel as well

Haleema Ka Jahaan
Haleema Ka Jahaan 2 months ago

How beautiful 💞
Merry Christmas 🎄🤶🎅💖

Cebrayil Nezerov
Cebrayil Nezerov 2 months ago