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Title : Christmas Ornaments Bead Charms

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Christmas Ornaments Bead Charms

Christmas Ornaments Bead Charms

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Katherine Clemons
Katherine Clemons 2 months ago

What size headpin? I bought 24 gauge and it's easy too small

Robin Pollard
Robin Pollard 2 months ago


Kalla Susort
Kalla Susort 2 months ago

where do you buy the beads and little toppers

Angela Crowe
Angela Crowe 2 months ago

So, so cute!!!and pretty!!❤💜💛♥️

T R Duesing
T R Duesing 2 months ago

Wonderful! Beautiful! Exciting! What more could anyone need!

Fabiana Costa
Fabiana Costa 2 months ago

This is so CUTE 😍

Craftn M
Craftn M 2 months ago

Love these!

maria Taruc
maria Taruc 2 months ago

This is so cute! I am trying to make a snow globe.

Gill Bennett
Gill Bennett 2 months ago

Brilliant idea tfs

Eduardo Ortiz Hernandez

Thank you, beautiful work..!!

Olga Kharchenko
Olga Kharchenko 2 months ago


Debbie Cottrell
Debbie Cottrell 2 months ago

So cute, gonna try to do them even smaller :)

Quinetta James
Quinetta James 2 months ago

Very cute. Love it.

marie dun
marie dun 2 months ago

How thick is the head pin?

Margaret Tamlin
Margaret Tamlin 2 months ago

CSI cute ❤️❤️

Somadrita Dey
Somadrita Dey 2 months ago


41lorrainne P
41lorrainne P 2 months ago

These are so cute , think I would put them on to Shepard hooks & make Earrings 😊

BROOKE 2 months ago

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! So cute! I can't wait to do some!!!

Lori Manicho
Lori Manicho 2 months ago

Very cute and I LOVE these ornaments you have come up with!
Definitely with try these! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

Samantha Wells
Samantha Wells 2 months ago

these are so stinking cute!

marie dun
marie dun 2 months ago

This would be cute to make alot of these and make a wreath out of them like you can with real christmas balls.

Dawn Lindgron
Dawn Lindgron 2 months ago

Very nice !

LaLa's Crafts
LaLa's Crafts 2 months ago

So adorable... I love your channel..God Bless...

Irene Herrera-Shan
Irene Herrera-Shan 2 months ago

Such a cute mini tree ornament. Thanks for sharing.

Glenda Mitchell
Glenda Mitchell 2 months ago

These would be really cute as earrings

YouTube Junkie
YouTube Junkie 2 months ago

Me too. ❣️

YouTube Junkie
YouTube Junkie 2 months ago

Love these 😍

AmyLee Brooks
AmyLee Brooks 2 months ago

Cute! Thank You!

Verna Johnson
Verna Johnson 2 months ago

I thought they were earrings...😮🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄

Paula Chavis
Paula Chavis 2 months ago

What size are the rhinestone spacer sizes do you use for this bead ornament

Tammy Coley
Tammy Coley 2 months ago


Susan Burd
Susan Burd 2 months ago

How would you turn them into earrings

Brenda Ikerd
Brenda Ikerd 2 months ago

Very pretty baubles

Betty Antworth
Betty Antworth 2 months ago

What size pearl?

Vickie Sizemore
Vickie Sizemore 2 months ago


Debbie Ramnarine
Debbie Ramnarine 2 months ago

Whoa, those would make lovely earrings and pendants for Christmas.

Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez 2 months ago

Wow very good idea thank you so much for sharing this :)

Elizabeth Vallely
Elizabeth Vallely 2 months ago

They are so cute make a cute Christmas earring!!! Thank you for Sharing!!! Hugs Liz x

Jessica Larreau
Jessica Larreau 2 months ago

Where do you buy these ornaments with the hole in them so you can place a pin all the way through?

Tia's Mom
Tia's Mom 2 months ago

So, so cute!! Love them.

Mac Designs
Mac Designs 2 months ago

I love making these! I have made several last year and they was a big hit!! Thanks for sharing

Naomi Jacobs
Naomi Jacobs 2 months ago

Hey Craftie love your your pearl ornaments.

nytflyt7 2 months ago

Gosh, these are really elegant Miss Michelle!! Love the use of the pearls.....make them really stand out!! I can make several colors to match different outfits or just traditional red & green Christmas with EVERYTHIING!!! Another beauty! TFS! love ya, lynda xo

Janet Corner
Janet Corner 2 months ago

Super,super cute.Thanks for sharing.

Denise M
Denise M 2 months ago

Cute and I like the idea of using them on a small Christmas Tree. :-)

Rosanna Judah-Elliott

These are SOOO cute!

HappyBird's Glitter Nest

Positively DARLING! Now you KNOW I'm going to have to make some of these! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial Sweetie!

daisybee7161 2 months ago

Absolutely LOVE these