Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display


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Information Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display

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Frames Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display

Description Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display

Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display

Entire Neighborhoods Battle for Best Christmas Light Display

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Damien O Callaghan
Damien O Callaghan 2 months ago

It is MID-January now....
And that means the Electricity bill is in the Posy
If these people are clever they would have moved out a Week ago

Sivayam Siva
Sivayam Siva 2 months ago

Amazing 🙏

The Realpancake
The Realpancake 2 months ago

Ofc el paso is like this

CA-BA 2 months ago


Daniel Hew
Daniel Hew 2 months ago

7 Billion dollars sent to other countries to manufacture decorations at the expense of jobs and technology.

Ujeb08 2 months ago

A fight on Christmas??? yeah that's the spirit.

Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor 2 months ago

Then Karen walks up, covered with cat hair and with a scowl, "I'd like to speak to the manager please. No manager! Ok Mr. Smarmy pants. I HAVE A COMPLAINT AND I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO THE BLOCK CAPTAIN!"

MONK 30 2 months ago

🤔Meanwhile I have 300 lights in front of my house and 4 candy cane lights.🤣😂

Wayne Wallace
Wayne Wallace 2 months ago

I have put up 1,150,000 lights and all was done by myself. Is that alot?

Grumpy Old Lady
Grumpy Old Lady 2 months ago

If I lived in a neighborhood like this, I’d have to move away during the holidays. But, I guess that’s why I live outside of town on acreage.

Grumpy Old Lady
Grumpy Old Lady 2 months ago

Geez, I can’t imagine the power bill for the houses in Waipahu. When I lived in Hawaii (‘04-‘06), my monthly power bill was around $450 a month and I didn’t even have central a/c.

Santa's Naughty or Nice List

Oh I Love such a Tremendous Show of Christmas Spirit!!! Jolly Good Show!

Natalie Vanderhoeven
Natalie Vanderhoeven 2 months ago


Sir.Benzerlot 2 months ago

Untangling would be horrible

Wayne G
Wayne G 2 months ago

Not all heroes wear capes

WhoAm I
WhoAm I 2 months ago

Entire neighborhoods battle for Christmas lights display

Government: Counting money

werthy is my name
werthy is my name 2 months ago

I honestly wish every neighborhood was like this lol

My Portuguese Culture


DORSEYLANDRIA 2 months ago

I wonder if they put the lights up themselves

trap 2 months ago

I wish I had the money to do this kind of stuff.

life right?
life right? 2 months ago

I live for this kind of thing, I love Christmas!

Raine the pup R
Raine the pup R 2 months ago

Me going to Lowe’s why is there no Christmas lights

Raine the pup R
Raine the pup R 2 months ago

Me going to Lowe’s why is there no Christmas lights

Monique Johnson
Monique Johnson 2 months ago

That’s a lot of money for election bills but it’s dope. I like it!

Mochi Dude
Mochi Dude 2 months ago

how do ya'll sleep with those blaring lights and music- T-T

Nerd 0208
Nerd 0208 2 months ago

People who hate this belong on that wall of snowflakes.

UpTownGirl Up
UpTownGirl Up 2 months ago

Yo that electric bill is high as heck

HoangHuynh 2 months ago

So how much is bill

DifferentMan 2 months ago

Wow. These went from beautiful to straight up obnoxious.

SHY FOX 2 months ago

That is totally amazing

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 2 months ago

Nene? Stupid song for Christmas.

Miss Blueberry ღ
Miss Blueberry ღ 2 months ago

“Americans are crazy”
-an American citizen

Ozan Mert Avci
Ozan Mert Avci 2 months ago

Two girls are dancing:
Whenever that the machine goes off, there's a swarm from all around.

Lachlan Jenkin
Lachlan Jenkin 2 months ago

But the god of all Christmas lights is the Osbourne family spetical of lights is the winner

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Thomas Stecyk
Thomas Stecyk 2 months ago

Do you all know how electricity works?

sppfy 2 months ago


YireKim Photo
YireKim Photo 2 months ago

That electricity bill though.... Check out our channel to see some Christmas Lights around Los Angeles!

NewDays Jackson
NewDays Jackson 2 months ago

Good for them. People upset about this are ridiculous. Christmas houses matter.

The Illiad
The Illiad 2 months ago

This is why I love this country. You can pursue your passions

glorya pitoy
glorya pitoy 2 months ago

Wait till you see your december electricity bills🤭🤭

Abdo Sleiman
Abdo Sleiman 2 months ago

Mr. Beast

Sup Kid
Sup Kid 2 months ago

Florida weird af and now I want to go there😂😂

eatc12 2 months ago

We out here suffering and they have money to throw away for lights, they really care

Zico2222 2 months ago

That screams „murica“ so loud

B Canada
B Canada 2 months ago

Creative. Looks like some families are having fun

russ 2 months ago


Sr. 2 months ago

Still great people out there spreading the Christmas spirit our grandparents would be proud 🥲

Lite-It-Up Magazine
Lite-It-Up Magazine 2 months ago


Guy Service
Guy Service 2 months ago

excessive/ over the top is not always best.....

G Ortiz
G Ortiz 2 months ago

Amazing 😻

esther ang tan
esther ang tan 2 months ago

thats a lot of money spending for christmas lights and decorations. the spirit of christmas is no longer present. christma
should be sharing your blessings with the poor. Jesus Christ would be very happy if the money you spent for the christmas lights, spend them for food, toys, and gifts for the poor., people, to the homeless give them a decent place to stay specially now , that it is so cold . To the sick peoole in the hospital, give money ti the poor patients so they can pay their hospital bills and buy medecines.

Ray Foster
Ray Foster 2 months ago

Best Lightest Christmas ever!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘

John Wicked
John Wicked 2 months ago

2020, can't do this, you know why- 19 , Merry Christmas to all who believe.

Diamond's land
Diamond's land 2 months ago

This makes me so happy like I'm feeling the spirit of Christmas 😊🎄

William Otto
William Otto 2 months ago

Frank Sinatra should be automatic.

emmet k
emmet k 2 months ago

unreal and they would step over you if you were on the pavement..this represents everything that wrong with the states and why it will always be fucked up

soi lanh
soi lanh 2 months ago

Christmas Drive Thru Light Show December 14, 2020

Sailor Rose The magical writer

It's not really the Christmas season until you make the neighborhood go blind

Mario Recinos
Mario Recinos 2 months ago

That’s ridiculous

AQPATRON~Z[airborne] 2 months ago


Martie MC
Martie MC 2 months ago

Ah, the good old days says someone in 2020🤢

gamingiii598 2 months ago

Exactly 5 years ago

Mandy Hutchins
Mandy Hutchins 2 months ago


PossumAndWinter 2 months ago

Has anybody thought of the cost of the bills after that?

Aman Grewal
Aman Grewal 2 months ago


lakes 2 months ago


Bong Bong Travels
Bong Bong Travels 2 months ago

I just posted the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade on my channel.

Lucifer seventh
Lucifer seventh 2 months ago

50 fucking thousand 🤦🏻‍♀️

Book Lover
Book Lover 2 months ago

Wouldn't want that electric bill!

Jasmine Perez
Jasmine Perez 2 months ago

When your watching this video and all you can think about is how high the light bill is. 😳

Christelle Mathieu
Christelle Mathieu 2 months ago

Jesus loves you all, Repent from your sins. God loves you all, Jesus died for your sins so you will be able to get eternal life and eternal happiness. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD DAY

marilyn v
marilyn v 2 months ago

This is sweet too. amzn.to/2JBzJII. 🌲

K G 2 months ago

Will never be mad at someone spending their MONEY to make other people smile ❤ God bless.

Shawn Hardy
Shawn Hardy 2 months ago

White people.

Роза 2 months ago

I completely forgot the whip nae nae was a thing

Ian Miles Chungus
Ian Miles Chungus 2 months ago

Imagine taking all those lights down after Christmas is over

NKs Entertainment Vlogs

Awesome 👍

Charles 2 months ago

Best lights in Rochester NY

idestroi1 2 months ago


Mary Rubio
Mary Rubio 2 months ago


Saigon today
Saigon today 2 months ago

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Isfandyar Alam
Isfandyar Alam 2 months ago

Neighbor: I bet no one can defeat me in the battle of my Christmas lights.

Electric bill: Bring it on then ⚔️ 😈.

rin len
rin len 2 months ago

That 50k won't even put a dent in the electricity bill

Laura Smith
Laura Smith 2 months ago

Looking at my string of lights with the green bulb gone out n thinkin ‘I’m pathetic’

Cherrieblix* 2 months ago


Warren London
Warren London 2 months ago

😢I pray that one day I’ll be rich enough to do this 😇🙏✨

David Hanson
David Hanson 2 months ago

Thank you

cmdmd 2 months ago

That’s so awesome.

Somphoth B Siratsamy
Somphoth B Siratsamy 2 months ago

Super cool, it's going to be a bright Christmas

Somphoth B Siratsamy
Somphoth B Siratsamy 2 months ago

The traditional ones are way better... Too bad they didn't duplicate the Coco cola train.

Somphoth B Siratsamy
Somphoth B Siratsamy 2 months ago

Lol, it's like an acre of my car lined up

Alex ツ
Alex ツ 2 months ago


xFireFoxy 2 months ago

And then there's me that's hates taking the lights of the Christmas tree.
I don't have metal capacity to organise all that. 😂
So beautiful though 😍😍😍

Eric C
Eric C 2 months ago

I can barely buy a string of lights...

Noah H
Noah H 2 months ago

I love owl city

freddy and foxy
freddy and foxy 2 months ago

I wonder if a bunch of inflatables will destroy your electrical bill or bunch of inflatables probably a bunch of Christmas lights not bunch of inflatables.

DoggySoul 2 months ago

Amazing 😉

Randoman35 2 months ago

That's the best part about having a friend group of your neighbors.