We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Our Faces On Them. Who did better?



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Information We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Our Faces On Them. Who did better?

Title : We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Our Faces On Them. Who did better?

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Frames We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Our Faces On Them. Who did better?

Description We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Our Faces On Them. Who did better?

We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Our Faces On Them. Who did better?

We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Our Faces On Them. Who did better?

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Alyssa LaBorde
Alyssa LaBorde 2 months ago

I feel like rice is a DIY queen!!! Yall need to do more crafting challenges..

Rania Malfoy
Rania Malfoy 2 months ago

Glory said SQAUD 😭 it is SQUAD LMAO

jennifer cuellar
jennifer cuellar 2 months ago


Jasmine Phillips
Jasmine Phillips 2 months ago


Madina Azizi
Madina Azizi 2 months ago

Matt: "Matty Matty"
Glory: I don't talk like that
Glory : Matty Matty

elpidio apuan
elpidio apuan 2 months ago


Malachi Israel
Malachi Israel 2 months ago

Matt looks better

Gina Ascencao
Gina Ascencao 2 months ago

yall compliment each other well , for a young couple in the generation that seems to look at marriage as more of a burden , thank you for displaying the beauty of working together and never frowning apon one’s differences but accepting and appreciating them !❣️ god will continue the blessings!

Erica Alvarez
Erica Alvarez 2 months ago

I don’t look like that 😑👅 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Príscila Gonçalves
Príscila Gonçalves 2 months ago

"We got the line for the eyes" 🤣🤣🤣

Kimuyen Tran
Kimuyen Tran 2 months ago

Y’all are hilarious and such a fun couple!!!

Tamia Aaliyah
Tamia Aaliyah 2 months ago

Rice did better 🤣🤣🤣

Bears Sgs
Bears Sgs 2 months ago

Slice is on point!!!!

Savannah Pokorny
Savannah Pokorny 2 months ago

Glory did a pretty good job, but Matt went and tried to be cute about it too, so he wins! Hahaha.

Courtney Welsh
Courtney Welsh 2 months ago

I really can't choose they both have personality I love this

Ana Olvera
Ana Olvera 2 months ago

You crack me up ! You always be throwing yourself lol

Nicolexc L
Nicolexc L 2 months ago

Yous are the most beautiful couple ❤️❤️

Kerbear ASMR
Kerbear ASMR 2 months ago

I like slices better lol but they both are cute af

Danelys Vargas
Danelys Vargas 2 months ago

You guys are so cute and funny❣️🤣😂😍😍

Danielle Bacchiano
Danielle Bacchiano 2 months ago

You guys are such a cool couple May God Bless you bother.

Kalanzi Spire
Kalanzi Spire 2 months ago

I actually love both of them

Nie Hill
Nie Hill 2 months ago

This is triggering.

Rosailda 2 months ago


momo.pop9 2 months ago


ツB•X•Yツ 2 months ago

Yeah, she totally don't look like dat-

London Campbell
London Campbell 2 months ago

Glory’s laugh is everything 🤣she could laugh for a witch in a movie or something

Gantaal G
Gantaal G 2 months ago

NO. 1 couple on Internet.

Michaela Boutilier
Michaela Boutilier 2 months ago

Omg you're outta control glory what are you on lol

Gen & Rashaun
Gen & Rashaun 2 months ago

YouTube randomly recommended this video and I’m not upset at all 🤣

Skyjuice70 2 months ago

This was hilarious. 🤣🤣You guys are the best

Its Justtoya
Its Justtoya 2 months ago

Bro literally sell these

THE SPANN FAMILY 2 months ago

Me and my wife joke like this on our channel ❤️❤️❤️

Enith Campbell
Enith Campbell 2 months ago


Wenda Santiago
Wenda Santiago 2 months ago

You guys are a beautiful couple, and I agree those sweaters could get you money.

Saved by Grace
Saved by Grace 2 months ago

glory’s vibrato was fire 😩✋🏽

Noble Boss77
Noble Boss77 2 months ago

She misspelt squad

Michele Lucas
Michele Lucas 2 months ago

I go with glory.gap squad

Maya Perez
Maya Perez 2 months ago

His posing doeeee I’m so dead 💀

Cheryl M
Cheryl M 2 months ago

Me cackling with Glory at the end of her vibrato 😂😂

Allysia Dotson
Allysia Dotson 2 months ago

Literally love you guys 💕 you guys always make me genuinely laugh and smile

Sarah Pollan
Sarah Pollan 2 months ago

Why aren't there more comments over "sqaud" ...!?!? 😂😂😂

The Lundy Family
The Lundy Family 2 months ago

You guys are beautiful, don't listen to the haters. Period.

J M 2 months ago

You guys are such a beautiful couple 🙏🥰 much love and prayers on your union.

Ara Nova Doucette
Ara Nova Doucette 2 months ago

Glory wins

Diaaa 2 months ago

Currently watching in 2020!

Iresha Perera
Iresha Perera 2 months ago

looking at glory's creativity i think its neat and goood but looking at matty's sayings in his sweater its really funny with that face he made of glory's

Suzwanna Mayfield
Suzwanna Mayfield 2 months ago

I love glory’s 🥰🥰🥰

Krystal Bennett
Krystal Bennett 2 months ago

Yoo I love both so I caint vote on who did better because it’s the thought that counts

Dylan Tangee
Dylan Tangee 2 months ago

Glory (rice) won

Alyssa Phillips
Alyssa Phillips 2 months ago

You guys are not a ugly couple I think you guys are so cute couple

bruce alexander
bruce alexander 2 months ago

You guy's are a beautiful couple 💑

Wrecy Javaluyas
Wrecy Javaluyas 2 months ago

slice wins for me because rice spelled squad wrong HAHAHAHA

abigail brome
abigail brome 2 months ago

slice killed rice

Selah Steiner
Selah Steiner 2 months ago

I love Slice's quote... But Rice did great on the hair... You make an adorable pair... Don't listen to any haters 💞

MR.WILLIE 95 2 months ago

Slice did better

Angelyn 2 months ago

i’ve never seen u guys before but i’m subscribing this made me smile so much quality content also i think u just made new merci right there


I love y’all 🥰

Skylar Stroud
Skylar Stroud 2 months ago


MEGA MIND 2 months ago

Matt: on the couch, hopefully making some matthew juniors


Zoey Thomas
Zoey Thomas 2 months ago


Zara Louise Peyton
Zara Louise Peyton 2 months ago


Elle B
Elle B 2 months ago


-sincerelyelle 2 months ago

I'm back, back, back. Back to this video again

Ian Pace
Ian Pace 2 months ago

Omgeee lmfao im laughing so hard...

Andrea Moonsamy
Andrea Moonsamy 2 months ago

I love when she randomly laughs it's such a mood 🤣 🤣 🤣

SavannahSavannah Bennefield

Ya spelt squad wrong

fee smith
fee smith 2 months ago

Glory she had did a better job

fee smith
fee smith 2 months ago

When Matt said he look like a chocolate cupcake I laughed so hard 🤣 😂 😆 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 you guys are hilarious 😆 🤣 😂

Tanishka bali
Tanishka bali 2 months ago

Your are the most beautiful couples 💑 😍

Crafting Con Cruz
Crafting Con Cruz 2 months ago

Rice won!

Pink Princess
Pink Princess 2 months ago

Her laugh is so infectious 😍

Jean Cenatus
Jean Cenatus 2 months ago

At 4:56 and 5:46, she literally sounds like a which and I LOVE IT!!!

Estelle Bonnelame
Estelle Bonnelame 2 months ago

The way she FELL OVER LAUGHING at the beginning I can’t 🤣

yuridia sandoval
yuridia sandoval 2 months ago

and dont care about other peples opinion you guys are an amazing and beautiful couple ignore them they dont know what they are saying

yuridia sandoval
yuridia sandoval 2 months ago

omg love your videos they always make me laugh so hard i love your laughing Glory

Yonnie Landers
Yonnie Landers 2 months ago

Great job!

Sherry Corra/McKenzie

😂🤣😂🤣😂 love slices

Sherry Corra/McKenzie

Aww so sweet he is 😊❤️

EmChauntastic 2 months ago

She def spelled SQUAD wrong. But I love it

FLAME GAMING 2 months ago


a salty blue hoe
a salty blue hoe 2 months ago

Favourite part

denisha gurung
denisha gurung 2 months ago

You're the most beautiful and cutest couple I have ever seen❤️❤️lots of love from nepal 🇳🇵

V-marie Williams
V-marie Williams 2 months ago

Matt's funnier😂 I think he wins

Shakur Cochran
Shakur Cochran 2 months ago

Lol both of them "look at me" lmaooooooo

Mila Bottini
Mila Bottini 2 months ago

3:25 Glory: So you have chosen death...

Gabby Walker
Gabby Walker 2 months ago

1:57 / 9:39 LOL watching August 2020 and they are married and glory is pregnant spell Matt definitely looked if you know what I mean😆😆😆

steve lewis
steve lewis 2 months ago

Gap squad

Niki703 2 months ago

You guys are a beautiful couple.✨

Oanu Yang
Oanu Yang 2 months ago

Awh this is so wholesome.

Jenni M.
Jenni M. 2 months ago

Definitely Glory 😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Jayden Narby
Jayden Narby 2 months ago

Gap squad won

chanellovvesyou 2 months ago

He made her look bald headed 😂😂

Claudia Rodriguez
Claudia Rodriguez 2 months ago

lol she snapped off 🤣🤣💀💀

love layla
love layla 2 months ago

glory you know you could of used a dog brush to make Matt's haired brush it out and make it fluffy you to Matt

Jamila Abby Encke
Jamila Abby Encke 2 months ago


Carm L
Carm L 2 months ago


Sana Yacoubi
Sana Yacoubi 2 months ago

U know why they told u that u r ugly couple because they r soooo jalous of ur relation and they dont know what is true love

Justin Williams
Justin Williams 2 months ago

How many people have laughed.


Asia Young
Asia Young 2 months ago

Glory definitely did better

Asia Young
Asia Young 2 months ago

Glory nooo you spelled Squad wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣