The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)


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Title : The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)

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The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)

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philip ernstzen
philip ernstzen 2 months ago

Fast forward to Christmas 2020 and I can say this has made me smile with joy in in awful year. Thank you!

Eric Hwang
Eric Hwang 2 months ago

Favorite part the entire song is when he slides up to the 9 (the D) at 1:33. Oh man its just perfectly placed where you assume hes going to the tonic, the C, but he just hits you with that slightly higher note. I got tears in my eyes when i heard that lol

Angeli Alvares
Angeli Alvares 2 months ago


Pat Roberts
Pat Roberts 2 months ago

Thank you Josh!

Daniel Aga
Daniel Aga 2 months ago

Keep playing man. You got it.

David E Tew
David E Tew 2 months ago

Wow. Just Wow.

Mark Winechairman
Mark Winechairman 2 months ago


Маргарита Ткаченко

I do love these guys' singing and playing .
It reminds me of my dead brother's musical style much. While listening to the perfect little performances I always combine feeling joyful and sad.
Thank you, brilliant guys, for the music.

Aberdeenshire Guitar Tutor

Very nice 👍

René Mercier
René Mercier 2 months ago


Dave Richardson
Dave Richardson 2 months ago

Most excellent job. Wonderful.

Timothy Collins
Timothy Collins 2 months ago

Great job bro 👍🏻

Imca vdB
Imca vdB 2 months ago

Honey for the ears ♥️

michel morissette
michel morissette 2 months ago

Great play on a very nice arrangement !

Daniel Guilloton
Daniel Guilloton 2 months ago

That' nice , an interesting piece warm and tender .. a big cheer Josh ! Dan

Life with G The Mac
Life with G The Mac 2 months ago

Wow perfect 💯

Steven Bastian
Steven Bastian 2 months ago

Went to a Mel Torme concert about 20 years ago, not too long before he passed away. Great entertainer and an amazing song writer. Your performance does him justice in every way I can think of.

Northern Soul
Northern Soul 2 months ago

Do you have tabs? Lol joking

Carl Kocis
Carl Kocis 2 months ago

How does he get through the copyright problem?

mgunde 2 months ago

beautiful Josh.

INDIE GEMS THAT JAM 2 months ago

The ultimate stocking stuffer!

Thebriwac 2 months ago

A Closer, cleaner recording available? Love this.

elomoosk 2 months ago

Hey Josh, I know it's been 7 years since you uploaded this, but would you consider making a short tutorial of it? Maybe on your second channel?

Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas 2 months ago

Do you have the tabs for this?

spacefolder 2 months ago

I've been doing Josh Turner Guitar binges at least 3 times a week for the last months. Man, you are a technical genius in every genre and instrument. But above all, you transmit such a warm and cosy feeling to everything you do. Cheers!

Farah Sasipimon
Farah Sasipimon 2 months ago

love it

Gerald Doherty
Gerald Doherty 2 months ago

Fantastic performance and arrangement. I loved it. My most loved and cherished Christmas song of all time. Been trying to learn it for 50 years. After hearing this I think I burn my guitar! Thank you! so much. I'm kidding of course about burning my ax, just wish I have just a little of your talent and all 10 of your smoking fingers. Not to mention a ear for beautiful harmonization. Nailed it

Donna Spencer
Donna Spencer 2 months ago


marj b
marj b 2 months ago

2018 anyone?

Tanner B
Tanner B 2 months ago

Lots of great tunes .. I'm inspired .

preacherdog 2 months ago

Hey Josh, great job. Yup, one more compliment to add to the pile. Don't let it go to your head! :)

Eric Suiter
Eric Suiter 2 months ago

Very smooth, very clean and recorded wonderfully. The arrangement is a fantastic blend of rhythm and lead. This is truly great.
I also played with my pinky on the guitar, and smiled right away seeing you pick with a three finger/thumb combo.

Tony Cima
Tony Cima 2 months ago

Sublime! Thanks.

Cam 2 months ago

so beauuttiifful

eddie davidson
eddie davidson 2 months ago

Geeezh.....You have a gift. You didn’t earn the gift; it was bestowed at birth, but you are tending to it and cultivating it superbly. Thank you for being a good steward of that which was handed to you in the instant of your first breath. (I think you already know all of this, but I want to thank you just the same.)

Michael O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnell 2 months ago

The part at 0:30 reminds me of Leo Kottke, love it.

Brian Zaborowski
Brian Zaborowski 2 months ago

WoW! Did your mother have a diet of musical instruments when you were in the oven? Your skills are just fantastic!

Dave Richardson
Dave Richardson 2 months ago

Excellent job. Well done, Josh.

Satchel Moore
Satchel Moore 2 months ago

Does anyone want a tutorial of this

toneroable 2 months ago

Josh 1st time I listen to U........sounds great......I see U have 194K Subcribers WOW,,,,& now + 1

manriq47 2 months ago

Have long run out of words to express what your music means to us. It reaches right down to that place inside that resonates long after the last note has faded. Thanks a ton for sharing your talent. Two questions: 1) have you and Larkin ever done this as a duet, and 2) do you have any plans for performing anywhere in Michigan? All the best ~ Mark & Karen

Robert Tucker
Robert Tucker 2 months ago

And fun for me, since i was the one who asked for Mark Hanson's help in arranging that got him started on it!  A terribly fun collaboration!

ksufler 2 months ago

this instrumental is great but I would love to hear you singing this

Doug White
Doug White 2 months ago

so, so very well done...

jp mcgrath
jp mcgrath 2 months ago

Please do a lesson for this!

XL5 2 months ago

Gifted Young Man !!! I'm sure Josh you had long hours of practise to get to the level you are at today, I have watched all your videos i can find on Youtube,,,, I bet your Mom & Dad are so proud of you...

George 2 months ago

Once again you bring my emotions to the surface with the beauty of your interpretation.

sar7654321 2 months ago

Josh I know how much you add to the finished vocals... You are unbelievable.... you don't miss a note,.. Merry Christmas

Robert C Richmond Audio Visual

Beautiful touch on this, perhaps most "romantic" of Christmas memory songs.

John Barmeyer
John Barmeyer 2 months ago

4 years ago and still a classic, lovely piece.

jared dempster
jared dempster 2 months ago

the next tommy Emmanuel...

Lance Ziegler
Lance Ziegler 2 months ago

late to the game but what gauge strings are on this guitar? sounds like .010, but that would be unusual for an acoustic

seibpa 2 months ago

jaw's on the floor.

Timothy Price
Timothy Price 2 months ago

You have to be reading the music as written before you started transcribing it to the guitar. Your arrangement is so close to having all the harmonic complexity of the piano score... 99.99% .. plus, I love the guitar and the richness that you add to the arrangement.

Matt Shea
Matt Shea 2 months ago

Please, Josh. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." For this year and so there's a decent guitar instrumental for a great song by a guy who will do it justice.

Best to you.

Susan Persons
Susan Persons 2 months ago

Thrilled that I found you! Great job!

Daniel Thrailkill
Daniel Thrailkill 2 months ago

Probably the best guitar version of this. I love listening to it. 

jeddyhi 2 months ago

Kid, you are a bad ass. Bravo! keep putting them out and I will keep listening.

Richard Curry
Richard Curry 2 months ago

Great Job, and the lightening was great too.  It really put me in the Christmas mood and it is now June.  Thanks for sharing again.

Kaj Frilund
Kaj Frilund 2 months ago

My favourite X-mas song, great!

Barrett Hamilton
Barrett Hamilton 2 months ago

Hi Josh, sounds great. What key and tuning are you using for this? I might take a swing... ;)

Jake Hammond
Jake Hammond 2 months ago

will you please make a tutorial of this???!!!!

fpic 2 months ago

Ok, now I don't feel so odd. One of my favorite sounds has always been the sound of fingers sliding across the strings like that.

snidelywhiplash 2 months ago

I'll just be weird here and say I LIKE the string squeaks. Adds authenticity.

noo one
noo one 2 months ago


rossleeshellard 2 months ago

Played well, nice to listen to.

Howardsend88 2 months ago

enjoyed it tks

jmac509 2 months ago

Hey Josh, we use Elixir Nanowebs and they virtually eliminate the squeaking. I think you lose a little volume with them so in a live jam situation sometimes we'll switch back to uncoated, but if you're mic'd up it's usually not a problem. Love your videos! Didn't even notice the squeaking until I scrolled down and started reading the comments...

CodyOty 2 months ago

You are so incredibly talented. I absolutely love every single one of your videos. Thank you for uploading.

tcbonline 2 months ago

I just broke my guitar over my knee after watching this. Dude you are too legit!

teenytootsies0 2 months ago

Someday, will be known all over the world...A STAR!..probably more sooner than later.

CitizenTay 2 months ago

Beautiful and that 'Merry Christmas' at the end pulled it all together... Wasn't said too loud or too much emotion, just calm but effective (exactly like the playing)... I've had this on repeat nearly all Christmas day :D <3 (+ Merry Christmas to you too! :))

George Grosman
George Grosman 2 months ago

Josh, you're getting better all the time, my young friend :-) Check out a couple of my recent vids with clarinet wizard Joe Fritz on my channel. Merry Christmas

The45156 2 months ago

Wow Josh - that is subtle, sensitive and stunning - OMG, I wish I had practiced more at your age, as you just make me feel as though I've got one hand - growing out of the top of my head - your playing is just so accomplished

Ryan Willard
Ryan Willard 2 months ago

dear lord this is so good.

fastbck65 2 months ago

Best Christmas present ever! Merry Christmas to you and yours Josh.

btouchette19 2 months ago

You are the king

Mary Desmond
Mary Desmond 2 months ago

So relaxing. What a great christmas cover. Thanks for sharing! You should check out my Christmas Medley for another great video to get in the holiday spirit. :)

Frej Westberg
Frej Westberg 2 months ago

Nice, as always. I notice you use the JP armrest. Been thinking of getting one of those, perhaps the slimmed version. Is there a noticeable difference in sound? I mainly play a 000-15 Martin.

Jojo Bennett
Jojo Bennett 2 months ago

You never fail to make me feel like a failure as a musician. Haha. Great as always!

vallanddess 2 months ago

this is great. as far as squeaking, its inevitable with wound steel strings. I'm sure he knows he can use nylon to get that classical sound.

merseybeat1963 2 months ago

Nice.Hopefully one of them is a Lowden.

Eleonore G
Eleonore G 2 months ago

That was lovely. Merry christmas to you Josh

RRUMR 2 months ago

Very nice.

frogslips 2 months ago

Fantastic, really nicely performed and great ambiance. Don't lose the squeaking, some of us like that. Frank Zappa had a pickup placed so he could amplify the squeaking, so just ignore that polite request.

Sharon Collie Northern

I've always dug finger-squeaking. It makes it "real"....

WCS 2 months ago

Very peaceful. Keep these good arrangements coming.

Creedence6 2 months ago

Great cover and performance! Your playing is so smooth and emotional. Could i ask you a question? How many instruments do you have and do you practise with all of 'em?:)

Lynn Turner
Lynn Turner 2 months ago

Really nice rendition of this song. Had to share to fb as a present to all my friends!!

Gary Goodman
Gary Goodman 2 months ago

AWESOME JOB as usual Josh! Merry Christmas my friend!

A Cappella Trudbol
A Cappella Trudbol 2 months ago

My goodness, that was beautiful. Very mellow and moving. You are a fabulous player man. A friend posted your video on Facebook, so happy I ran into it.

Lynn Woodward
Lynn Woodward 2 months ago

Nice going, Josh. <3

Tom Nally
Tom Nally 2 months ago

Far be it from me to even tender the criticism! I was the King of Squeak!

Tom Nally
Tom Nally 2 months ago

I probably should have kept my mouth shut...because most listeners probably don't even notice it. Here's a mega-commercial hit where finger-squeaking is noticeable: "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers. If you go to this version ==>(watch?v=-xzDhLvhgQw), you can hear it. Clearly, it didn't stop this tune from rocketing upwards.

Bluegrass Backcountry

Hey, a little organic, natural rebellion never hurt no one!

teenytootsies0 2 months ago

Seems to me that good artists are always self-critical in order to improve on their work. But it is very enjoyable and relaxing for Christmas time. Also enjoyed the expressions on your face as you played...can tell you enjoy the performance as much as your audience and you seem to give your best on every one of them. God has blessed you with talent.

César Neto
César Neto 2 months ago

Dont ever stop posting mister!!

jensmedgaffeln 2 months ago

I think it's nice - makes it more genuine.

padlockproductions 2 months ago

Beautiful. Nice one.


Great tree in the dorm man!