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Deddy Trianto
Deddy Trianto 2 months ago

4:56 brown and green corduroy men both of them are soooo hot

Angela Sapsford
Angela Sapsford 2 months ago

Lovely Durham, my grandparents birthplace.

ponnus ponnus
ponnus ponnus 2 months ago

Me here after seeing anushka sharma's insta storie 🙂

thegreatidea 2 months ago

Take me to the leaks where All the poets went to die. Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry

Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 2 months ago

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Daz Hobbo
Daz Hobbo 2 months ago

Living here in the Lakes we sometimes take it for granted.

Ms Shalini
Ms Shalini 2 months ago

Y Hhh&hh

kokowasarunokunidesu 2 months ago

21st Century Problems: it's a bit hairy trying to find a working Electric Charger in Keswick. Drive round the one-way system outside the parking lot, park behind a pub, plug in, then call GeniePoint to plead for them to reboot the charger. It's not 100% guaranteed you'll get a cellphone signal from that location however. Fortunately it eventually worked, and it charged up.

davidian666 2 months ago

i have lived in windermere for the past 3 years, it's the best place on earth!

Sebine Residzade
Sebine Residzade 2 months ago

Thank you! Hello from Azerbaijan!

Shoukat Lashari
Shoukat Lashari 2 months ago

Sir i miss u

Shoukat Lashari
Shoukat Lashari 2 months ago


MsBackstager 2 months ago

All of England is wonderful.

Channel N9 Studio
Channel N9 Studio 2 months ago


MOHAMUD OMAR 2 months ago


Mizgin K
Mizgin K 2 months ago

ı love the energy of the BTS cuts

Ibrahim Mohamed
Ibrahim Mohamed 2 months ago

English countryside is soo beautiful

Marina Caleon
Marina Caleon 2 months ago

I really appreciate the beauty of England. I love different places from valleys to cities, thanks Mr. Steve for bringing us in England through your videos. You know what attracted me most is the nature, the beauty of it. very fascinating...two thumbs up for you sir great job...I really enjoyed it...more power...

Indira Kuriyan
Indira Kuriyan 2 months ago

Loved the video.

Subho Mukherjee
Subho Mukherjee 2 months ago


reptiliandomination1 2 months ago

I would love to move to England. I do nor feel like I belong in America. The natives don't want us here. I don't think people in Europe realize how much the White man is hated in the United States by other races. At least I I moved here people can't say I don't belong here.

Vlado Montezuma
Vlado Montezuma 2 months ago

So 20 000th like from me :D This is great....

Life mantra
Life mantra 2 months ago

Very nice video🎥. Keep it up.

christian smith jr
christian smith jr 2 months ago

I completely flipped your own script for you when you wrote one for the wrong person. I had already surpassed your ability as a five year old child in 1982. I've only gotten better since.

christian smith jr
christian smith jr 2 months ago

I didnt do this. You did. I did better than this but you didnt. Why should I have to be quiet about you being that desperate for attention that you had to take hostages just so they could ignore you even more

christian smith jr
christian smith jr 2 months ago

That's the opposite of what your job was created for. You know that. I know that. That's why I put you in that position exactly to ruin your entire perspective in irony that you got yourself trapped in.

shahedur rahman
shahedur rahman 2 months ago

Its Beautiful .Thanks Rick

Ana Abbas
Ana Abbas 2 months ago


Kameron Rylan
Kameron Rylan 2 months ago

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Recruit Cumbria Ltd
Recruit Cumbria Ltd 2 months ago

Nice video. We are based in the Lake District. Really enjoyed your commentary too. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Peter Day
Peter Day 2 months ago

It pays to up the resolution in settings button on screen if low on sharpness.

sai vachirapon
sai vachirapon 2 months ago


DJ W 2 months ago

Wonderful ! Thank you

Gautam Bhattacharjee
Gautam Bhattacharjee 2 months ago


Sylvia Bute
Sylvia Bute 2 months ago

I don't know who has sent me this video but I say mind your own Raas Klaat business.

Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 2 months ago

Looks a bit like Buchan, a very remote tiny Aussie bush town we first lived in when we emigrated to Australia... Oh, and there's sheep shearing there, too....Looks nice there...

TheMaryaBell 2 months ago

There's nothing like having aliens explaining us to ourselves! I shan't be recommending this to anyone - it contaminates everything I love.

Mike B
Mike B 2 months ago

🪣 list
"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

Garry Braithwaite
Garry Braithwaite 2 months ago

The Lake District -- the home of my ancestors

byju rajan
byju rajan 2 months ago

mind blowing....

Toral dhanaliya
Toral dhanaliya 2 months ago

I am so glad I am living in lake district more then 11 year . The only thing is little cold then other part of England. Really love spend my rest of life bitween Nature.

Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma 2 months ago


vinay vishwas
vinay vishwas 2 months ago

It's fascinating indeed

Lcsv Lcsv
Lcsv Lcsv 2 months ago

Ohhhhhh!!!! Its just so so so beautiful,serene and peaceful and I have no words to describe it.Just looking at this video also how happy it makes me and calm my stressed mind and I wonder how it would be lije to actually get a chance to visit these awesome,amazing and marvellous place

Sagar Kakade
Sagar Kakade 2 months ago

Beautiful documentary , beautiful lake district, land of Wordsworth, my favourite poet. Thanks, rick learn cricket, very nice game , we love cricket

Shahzaib Rasool
Shahzaib Rasool 2 months ago


Greg Gray
Greg Gray 2 months ago

Durham is such an atmospheric city, many happy memories of rowing on this river as a kid and hiking on the Roman wall

sujata shinde
sujata shinde 2 months ago

As sieter

Evelyn Wagner
Evelyn Wagner 2 months ago

The lonely graphic inspiringly protect because ethernet biologically confess round a curved xylophone. labored, mighty outrigger

Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien 2 months ago

Beautiful ..Beautiful area..,!

David Coomber
David Coomber 2 months ago

40 cliches in the first five minutes, welcome to 1960 television

Tramptraveller 2 months ago


Krishnakant Karekar
Krishnakant Karekar 2 months ago

You are the best bloggers when it comes to showing country's side and other areas full of nature... Great keep doing it Sir

Aru 2 months ago

Find that sunny days had to be complicated for the documental.

Krishna Murari singh
Krishna Murari singh 2 months ago

Krishna Murari singh kisan village Barma po kaithma district Sheikhpura Bihar India.

Robert B
Robert B 2 months ago

Very relaxing 😌

SOU MIK 2 months ago

What is the procedure to settle there permanentlu ? Asking for a friend from india 😔

Dushman 2 months ago

it's just so GREEN

shriram jadhav
shriram jadhav 2 months ago

Can you visit india

shriram jadhav
shriram jadhav 2 months ago


The Blue Earthling Extraterrestrial

Ah such Beautiful Reminiscent Countryside....

Elia of Grassland
Elia of Grassland 2 months ago

I wish have grass in summer in my land north Arabia for my sheep

Millie Weeb
Millie Weeb 2 months ago

Please my friend lives in the house next to the cricket field ✋

Viraj Patel
Viraj Patel 2 months ago

I wish I had this job! Paid to travel everywhere must be nice.

A. Sch.
A. Sch. 2 months ago

No mention of Beatrix Potter? She owned 4000 acres in the lake district and left it to the people of England in a Land Trust....she kept working farms alive...she deserves at least mention.

Sanjila Thapa
Sanjila Thapa 2 months ago

The music is like the games of throne 😍🥰

Thaifi Agnes
Thaifi Agnes 2 months ago

Taylor Swift brought me here.

Ibrahim Mubashir
Ibrahim Mubashir 2 months ago

Nice vedio

Bernice Bartel
Bernice Bartel 2 months ago

Oh,How I would love to live in the lake district,its so beautiful.

Iain Sanders
Iain Sanders 2 months ago

Some Americans play cricket - but only the most intelligent.

Iain Sanders
Iain Sanders 2 months ago

Yes, people are 'much more interested in food now' - & 30% are obese - & increasing. Not an improvement.

Camellia Tran
Camellia Tran 2 months ago

I love this chanel, i can watch all my day and my free time

record 2 months ago

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Ilaya Raja
Ilaya Raja 2 months ago

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Ilaya Raja
Ilaya Raja 2 months ago

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Helena McGinty
Helena McGinty 2 months ago

Ah. My bit.

Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam 2 months ago


Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam 2 months ago

I want to visit london

Zulkar Khan
Zulkar Khan 2 months ago

You are great man the way u narrate the your tours is so epic.👍

Sick Duck
Sick Duck 2 months ago

Hi, I'm Rick Steves' alter ego Reeve Sticks.

Eggzy Aguinaldo
Eggzy Aguinaldo 2 months ago

Can i apply on your place pls 🙏🏽

Ibrahim Sarhadi
Ibrahim Sarhadi 2 months ago

My wish is travel to england

infinity gaming
infinity gaming 2 months ago

7 years ago

Bahun L.nonglait
Bahun L.nonglait 2 months ago

Beautiful place

Peter Gaunt
Peter Gaunt 2 months ago

Lovely place Rick. I live in London now but come from Cheshire (the county south of Liverpool) and have been there many times. One of my fondest more recent memories is going there for a week with a friend who had grown up in London and had never been out of the south of England and Europe. She enjoyed it until I suggested a walk up a local 300+ metre (1000 ft) mountain. She slogged her way a bit over half way up and wasn't enjoying it at all. So I suggested turning round and heading down to the pub. I did this knowing that, of course, we'd have to turn around and I hadn't seen her look round for quite some time. When we did, she gawped at the scenery, turned round again and said something like 'Are you crazy? Race you to the top!'. She's since been hiking in the moutains in places like Khazakstan. I should add that as we got to the top a 'fell runner' came running over the top having run up the other side: he had legs like tree trunks.

I hope you got one of those 'Rules Of Cricket' tea-towels.

freddi emery
freddi emery 2 months ago

Please no one bring him to south london

Lela Baum
Lela Baum 2 months ago

I wish me and hubby could go over there hes from England!!!

Chandana Das
Chandana Das 2 months ago

very beautiful place

PsyCorps77 2 months ago

I have had the privilege of visiting the lake district and have friends living in the area. One of the truly magical places in the world. Cannot wait to return for another visit.

Shipper's Entertainment

"we are in the Northern England." //GGRRRRRRRR// made me imagine a smiling host greeting his viewers then continue slaughtering his victim. 😂😂 Love you Mr. Steves. 😘♥️

Phim Channel
Phim Channel 2 months ago

Beautiful place

Ethel Obuta
Ethel Obuta 2 months ago

How i wish i can set foot on your rich country the scenery was awesome love to walk outdoor and mix with different culture 💗

King Monkey XVI
King Monkey XVI 2 months ago

I'm watching all videos of this man and after every one I want to hop on a plane, take my car and go to these beautiful places. But then I realise..
I'm only 15 and I have no where near enough money. 🥲
Oh well. A man may dream, right?

Andrew Mooney
Andrew Mooney 2 months ago

Very good . Enjoyed.

Edward Lobb
Edward Lobb 2 months ago

It's nearly unbelievable, that Harry gave up something so incredible as his native land, for life in LA.

Abhranil Biswas
Abhranil Biswas 2 months ago

Thank you for such a thought provoking tour. Love from Durham, India ❤

sutats 2 months ago

Beautiful England. Well, I feel a staycation coming.

Aiman shah Shah
Aiman shah Shah 2 months ago

Ya I enjoyed I want to enjoy more england

Adam Meek
Adam Meek 2 months ago

Durum - best town in ingland. Bothy (bothies) basic sheltar.

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