How to look at silver flatware in thrift store to see if it is silver!!!!


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Information How to look at silver flatware in thrift store to see if it is silver!!!!

Title : How to look at silver flatware in thrift store to see if it is silver!!!!

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Frames How to look at silver flatware in thrift store to see if it is silver!!!!

Description How to look at silver flatware in thrift store to see if it is silver!!!!

How to look at silver flatware in thrift store to see if it is silver!!!!

How to look at silver flatware in thrift store to see if it is silver!!!!

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black jesus
black jesus 2 months ago

nickel plated brass

Jeffrey Boarman
Jeffrey Boarman 2 months ago

I see the copper showing through

The Hank
The Hank 2 months ago

What about a "silver" platter with no markings at all on it

Best & Worst
Best & Worst 2 months ago

If it has copper showing thru then it is absolutely silver played which is recoverable but yet still has silver on it

Justin Loveday
Justin Loveday 2 months ago


tmv108 2 months ago

Silver guy didn't show us no silver.

mustafa8988 2 months ago

What do you do if youre in Kashmir? No guilds or assays there.

mzzzol 2 months ago

Wow! thanks a lot

Rosemary Gregory
Rosemary Gregory 2 months ago

Great info, but obscured by way too much adrenaline.

huck stirred
huck stirred 2 months ago

you can not melt of plating , you can only take off plating by acid , mercury , reverse electroplating . If you heat it up you will just burn off the plating

Jolene Wickham
Jolene Wickham 2 months ago

I guess he's still trying to find his piece of silver in the Goodwill because he don't have none to show us

step5732 2 months ago

Thank you! I knew about English silver but had no idea there was such a thing as white brass. Interesting!

M.C heartland
M.C heartland 2 months ago

You look so handsome

Speckled Jim
Speckled Jim 2 months ago

Wow, your hyper. Pretty obvious stuff but quite informative to the uninitiated I suppose

ChevyDude65 2 months ago

Holy cow! He acts like he gobbled down a fistful of my Ritalin! For Pete's sake!

Lourdes Latorre
Lourdes Latorre 2 months ago

R. Wallace 0500

Sharkslayer Fishing
Sharkslayer Fishing 2 months ago

All the stuff I thought might be silver had the markings scratched out to where I couldn’t read them

Stephen Kershaw
Stephen Kershaw 2 months ago

very very rarely will you come across sterling in a thrift store and even more rare that it will be a "thrift store price"

Rayne Watcher
Rayne Watcher 2 months ago

How are you not going to show any real silver though 😂

Silver Drill Pickle
Silver Drill Pickle 2 months ago

Just Say No kids...

Truth Witness
Truth Witness 2 months ago

This guy makes the ShamWow guy look good. Easy on the espressos.

Buddie McGee
Buddie McGee 2 months ago

You have been there, done it, got the t shirt. BUT not a single bit of silver in sight.

Jessica Monday
Jessica Monday 2 months ago

Thanks sir for the info

Tom Wolf
Tom Wolf 2 months ago

Very informative...but maybe have a couple of beers before you video instead of the Super triple shot latte..

Nancy Okurowski
Nancy Okurowski 2 months ago

Thank you learned quite a bit. Just bought a few small pieces from Thrift Store. Ended up they are WM Rogers Paul Revere Reproduction. Still like it though.

Noreen Garcia
Noreen Garcia 2 months ago

Awesome job. Had no clue b4 this video 😊

Mary T
Mary T 2 months ago

There is probably good info here but the presenter is so excited and talking so fast that it is too painful to watch.

James Joiner
James Joiner 2 months ago

If its not silver then what is it? Polished aluminum?

Meme Resells
Meme Resells 2 months ago

Just subbed very interested in silver...thanks for the info!

Jackie Salerno
Jackie Salerno 2 months ago

Where do you sell the silver flatware that you find?

Sheryl Yerby
Sheryl Yerby 2 months ago

I have a gravy ladle by wmrogers IS. It’s very shiny. How can I tell if it is silver?

Sheryl Yerby
Sheryl Yerby 2 months ago

Hello, my name is Sherylnm

BLUE FLOWERS 2 months ago

At least carry a magnet. Anyone can stamp 925 or 950 on anything they want.

Chuck Gentles
Chuck Gentles 2 months ago

Thanks for the great tips and sharing your wealth of knowledge.I subbed to you .😎👍👍👌👌⛏⛏


Slow dow with your explanations. Was you trying to break an explaining world record? Lol

AZ Landlord
AZ Landlord 2 months ago

I found a few Holmes Edwards silverware in an attack? when is says S I after it does that mean sliver plated?

The Vagabond Witch in the Woods

Sloooooowww doooowwwwnnn

The Moto King
The Moto King 2 months ago

What is up TheSilverGuy, I am TheMotoKing.

Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes 2 months ago


deez nutz gamer
deez nutz gamer 2 months ago

You know there’s also different type of silver numbers just like gold has 10k 14k 18k

Val Zee
Val Zee 2 months ago

He’s a riot! I wouldn’t want to get in his way at a thrift store!

Jose Montano
Jose Montano 2 months ago

Wow I learned something new today

Tylor Rounsville
Tylor Rounsville 2 months ago

Propane can melt silver fairly easy it can melt copper to with a decent torch head. Mapp gas isnt that much hotter then propane. Its less then 150 degrees hotter..cant even call it hotter it warmer at best

gary burns
gary burns 2 months ago

Also , it could be marked sterling and not be, I have gotten that , and I knew no way it could be

gary burns
gary burns 2 months ago

you can make money with the copper

LeoTheLoyal 2 months ago

You are full of goo information, especially what you have posted below the video. Thank you for that.
I think you would improve your views and Subscribers if you were a little ..... errrr ........ a lot less INTENSE. It is somewhat off putting.
Keep up the good work. Don’t let the comments hurt you, rather, allow them to motivate you to the next level. You already have nearly 500,000 views on this video alone! You’re doing something right, eh?

Anthony Poole
Anthony Poole 2 months ago

There is such a thing as nickel silver also😉

lailas hair clinic
lailas hair clinic 2 months ago

EPNS A1 real silver ?

andy anderson
andy anderson 2 months ago

Electrolysis baby

Shannon Stokely
Shannon Stokely 2 months ago

Dude, my friend worked at a Good Will at age 18 and was able to retire at age 26 (in 2010 or 2011) from the silver, gold, and copper that he had bought while working there.

Mark Carson
Mark Carson 2 months ago

Slow down please, thanks for sharing too!

Michael Betsch
Michael Betsch 2 months ago

nice job thank you sir

Muke Amegs
Muke Amegs 2 months ago

This guy seems to really like silver.

Diane Beland
Diane Beland 2 months ago

If it's silver plated what is underneath, isn't copper valuable.

Eileen Najarian
Eileen Najarian 2 months ago

If I told you my makes, can you tell me?

joseph murphy
joseph murphy 2 months ago

What if it says webster wilcom international silver, im knew to this but im following you, show me the way

Arthur Rankin
Arthur Rankin 2 months ago

Red bulls and silver.

M Knight
M Knight 2 months ago

What if there's only a sterling make and a Maker's Mark and no name?

Vicki Mcdonald
Vicki Mcdonald 2 months ago

I purchase tons of silverplate. Old New England silver plate is worth a fortune. There are several books out which help you identify patterns on serving pieces. WM Rogers, Oneida . . . don't discount these pieces. Used to be wedding gifts back in the day.

Vicki Mcdonald
Vicki Mcdonald 2 months ago

My local Goodwill employees are now using their cell phone to check prices on items . . prices are out of sight. Need a new place to shop.

Fun 4Life
Fun 4Life 2 months ago

Thanks. I have a few I got at an auction I will look at again..

jsma5503 2 months ago

Fast and to the point, love it

Norma Gonzalez
Norma Gonzalez 2 months ago

Would be kool if you found one and how much would of been?

Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2 months ago

I found a silver candy dish at salvation army for 90 cents , sold it the next day for 10 dollars

GunsN ́Boses
GunsN ́Boses 2 months ago

Sterling silver items have basically zero resale value other than melt. The market for it used to be the greedy and scroogy baby boomers who love shiny stuff and would collect it to show off and not even to use. They are dying and their stuff flood ebay and consignment stores.

Jairdan Meir
Jairdan Meir 2 months ago

Some old copper with heavy silver plate is valuable. I have one from the 19th century that is worth $1500.

Yolanda 2 months ago

I am new here.... so if you find a silver platter, what next?

Shewhorides withdolls

When I go to thrift store, I use a magnifier with a light. I look for tarnished items that don't look very attractive. I've also have bought some beautiful silver jewelry with the marke 925. Some people just don't know what they are giving away.

Natalia Lee
Natalia Lee 2 months ago

I found a large pedestal bowl yesterday at a thrift store. There were tons of silver plated items there but the one I got was a bit lighter color, not that silverfish. The marking on the bottom says “sterling 752”. I guess it’s real silver. Super happy.

Rae Lily
Rae Lily 2 months ago

Oh my, no more coffee for you before you tape.

Darrell Dayton
Darrell Dayton 2 months ago

Woah slow down there.

Kevin Monahan
Kevin Monahan 2 months ago

lool a magnet would be a good idea to bring along

big bear fuzzums
big bear fuzzums 2 months ago

Well let me school ya ...hold it up to your nose if it's silver it will smell sweet! If it smells sour like vinegar! It's plate! Real simple!

Nicholai Spicer
Nicholai Spicer 2 months ago

This dude is spun!

Glockman155 2 months ago

Call 911!

JulieAnkha N.
JulieAnkha N. 2 months ago

Omg did he just drink 20 espressos lol

NGCoins love
NGCoins love 2 months ago

Tank's shopping this vedio from yfreind in ytube of Morocco,very Gooood

fire fox
fire fox 2 months ago

So what do i do when I find a silver platter??


I go to consignment shops and get very lucky finding jewelry they didn't know what they are silver earrings, rings, bracelets they don't know or don't care what they are really worth. $3 here $5 there feels good to get a great deal. So consignment / second hand shops for the way to go.

Joe Whitfield
Joe Whitfield 2 months ago

There's no tax a goodwill genius

John King
John King 2 months ago

Did you buy all these only to find, they were not real silver?

Fragmented Mind
Fragmented Mind 2 months ago

The guy holding the camera is a saint. He was in the room with this annoying yelling man and didn't beat him to death with one of the "not silver" trays.

Linda Hanson
Linda Hanson 2 months ago

I hate to say it, but rarely will you find a great deal at thrift stores. There’s always experts in the back room that pull out the “good stuff” either for their boss/company or if they can get away with it, for themself. Don’t give them your business...

Erich Wilson
Erich Wilson 2 months ago

You are fully geeked out sir. Thx doe

She Pirate
She Pirate 2 months ago

LOL! Duuude cut back on the cup of joe ;)

Elusive Anomaly
Elusive Anomaly 2 months ago

Pointless video.

Suzzanimal Channel
Suzzanimal Channel 2 months ago

I went to a local rummage sale and started sorting through the jewelry bins, everything was marked 25 cents a piece! I found 14k gold hoop earrings, 2 14 karat Gold crosses, a 12 karat gold ring, and sterling silver hoops and chains! I literally walked out after paying 2 dollars, lol they didn’t even check if it was real or not, and I didn’t tell them!

Jim Morrow
Jim Morrow 2 months ago

I found a piece the other day, as I am just starting to sell on ebay. Question I have is the piece I bought for $1.99 says Sheridan Silver with 3 hallmarks, a crown, a S, and something that I can't tell what it is. Have you heard of Sheridan?

Michele Fleming
Michele Fleming 2 months ago

My husband found a while 190 piece silverware set in a house flip .. now what lol
Price is down on silver which isn't hugely valuable anyway and now my plates aren't fancy enough 😒😒😂😂 the baby spoons are really cute though

John Smitty
John Smitty 2 months ago

Too hyper i couldnt work with this guy hes probably all hyper and talkative early in the morning when everyone else is still trying to wake up

Violin by Sumit Kumar


MiTmite9 2 months ago

This is partly why I stopped "junking." "Junking" is what my friends and I used to call going to the thrift shops, rummage sales, swap meets and yard sales. When you find something you know is sterling silver and the seller doesn't know, you are lying to them when you ask "How much?" and the seller replies, "Uh, I dunno. Two dollars?" As soon as you hand that person the money, you have lied lied lied. It takes a certain kind of person to take advantage of people in this way. I didn't feel guilty when the item was at a thrift store or even a rummage sale, but when you're face to face with the actual "owner" of the item at a yard sale or swap meet and you're not letting on that the item is much more valuable than that owner thinks it is------you may be getting some big bargain, but . . . you are a liar.

tim neal
tim neal 2 months ago

The back room off the thrift shop is wise enough to check. Wast of time!

Gabriel Cornea
Gabriel Cornea 2 months ago

you could at least have one plate of silver to show a real one

Jason M Boatright
Jason M Boatright 2 months ago

Not sure why anyone would want to put videos out on how to figure this out, you only educate those who then become competition.

Adam Hitze
Adam Hitze 2 months ago

Easy there turbo! Lol....thanks brother

jordan bowling
jordan bowling 2 months ago

I live in Oneida. We pronounce it as O-neye-da. Great video!

June Christine Kelly
June Christine Kelly 2 months ago

I found a heavy silver tarnished tray that has grape vines and leaves all over it but I cannot find any markings at all but it is tarnished like silver gets after sitting for a while, If I were to take a picture and send it to you would you mind giving yourr opinion about weather it is real or not? My email is

Alan 2 months ago

Time wasting tosser.

It's Just Renee`
It's Just Renee` 2 months ago

i'd like to see some real sterling ware, to see what it looks like.