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Januda Pannila
Januda Pannila 2 months ago

Fk you they have been awesome hosts! Don't know about their private life, but with what you've seen, this title is absurd!

Raul Popa
Raul Popa 2 months ago

So you’ve come to Brasov and all you do is travel away to a gypsy village to be stunned by their poverty... you have got to be the most useless travel blogger I’ve come across

Vasudevah 9999
Vasudevah 9999 2 months ago

Gypsy are Romanians they born there live there it'd their country.

Radial Shaq
Radial Shaq 2 months ago

Bet that woman makes a good cup of coffee, he was lucky

Ricky newton
Ricky newton 2 months ago

Bulgaria is pretty much the same sort of situation do you have markets to buy a horse to go to donkey or whatever but I also have a broad market for sale day every bank holiday in the summer some people might criticise it as a bad thing but sometimes does workhouse some people don't realise they really just don't have electricity or running water like we do in the normal part of the world like in a normal inner city like the UK the only time you don't have electricity or gas is when you don't pay the bills that's the real world we live in also gypsies of always being very secretive about their cultures and history I don't like too kind to interference that's when things get dangerous so take that into consideration every time you go Ventolin around the world looking at New cultures always

David Baron Stevens
David Baron Stevens 2 months ago

i gave this guy a chance, as maybe it was click bait and he was exposing the hypocrisy of referring to Romani this way... till i realised he was just another one of those people going into other's homes, tracking in their own dirt and calling the house dirty.

yes, for him, my people are VERY dangerous. for the rest that love us, you'll only get love in return. Everything done to a gypsy comes back to you 3x. dont forget that.

Alexandra Rosado
Alexandra Rosado 2 months ago

Omgs what a rude and savage this white guy! They welcome him , give him coffee and he rudely names the video this way. Also calls their culture insane in there home! This is what we call estupido in Spanish.....

Ritesh Pandey
Ritesh Pandey 2 months ago

You are racist

Amy Peters
Amy Peters 2 months ago

This is honestly one of the most ignorant videos I’ve ever watched. It’s xenophobic and disgraceful. You treated those people, who have next to nothing yet welcomed you into their home, like they were exhibits in a zoo. You are in such a place of privilege being a white male and you choose to make videos like this. Shame on you.

Sherrie Fisher
Sherrie Fisher 2 months ago

This house is absolutely beautiful I respect and love their culture so much although I feel many things should be negotiated and changed

EUZIN EU 2 months ago

That driver is a shit,, plz treat everyone equally

n0ah Bryson¿
n0ah Bryson¿ 2 months ago

I went on a trip to romania with my family recently and I have to admit we had the train problem too:)) we didn't understand shit

Lu Lu
Lu Lu 2 months ago

Typical white boy

Karen Cadillac's
Karen Cadillac's 2 months ago


Jamiah Houston
Jamiah Houston 2 months ago

In the middle of nowhere? You are literally in freaking Romania. And had the nerve to complain. I hope it gained you as many likes as you needed to support this bs. Because this is trash.

Jamiah Houston
Jamiah Houston 2 months ago

I have to agree. They treated him with much respect and were treated worse than dogs. Is a birthday important? First impressions? Extremely disrespectful.

Blue Miller
Blue Miller 2 months ago

Who is this piece of shit talking about where my my family come from because in America we are covered in gold and hard workers

captain skeptical
captain skeptical 2 months ago

why the hell should you?!

Rajeev Jalandhra
Rajeev Jalandhra 2 months ago

Mostly Gypsy people were traders and helpers of traders. Some people migrate because or famine in North & western India.
In some places you will find it written that "The upper caste people of India have come from Europe and the gypsy people are the people of the lower caste of India"; It was only propaganda which was first used by the invaders of India and later by some politicians.

Pro Burnt-Rice 🍚
Pro Burnt-Rice 🍚 2 months ago

dude just walks into a house with his camera on with no prior permission.i am quite surprised the family are not mad at him!

Florin Balalau
Florin Balalau 2 months ago

I wasn't born in that Village but it looks pretty darn similar mud houses you know stuff like that gypsies LOL

Liam Picotto
Liam Picotto 2 months ago

Well it's not a zoo so ...

Raja Zafar
Raja Zafar 2 months ago

Iove from Pakistan

Gor Homsing Pawar
Gor Homsing Pawar 2 months ago

Gypsies are the most colourful people in the world.
The lived in many countries.
They are closely related to gor banjara community of India.

Teddy's Friends
Teddy's Friends 2 months ago

as a romanian i see gypsies on daily basis. one day a gypsy child gived me a palm on face in the middle of the street >:(

kevin cronin
kevin cronin 2 months ago

what a pair of numpty's

Gogi Ibanez RG
Gogi Ibanez RG 2 months ago

Hehe you gonna bewitched here 😄😁😆

Jollie Durs
Jollie Durs 2 months ago

Did you buy a property in Romania? What agency and law firm helped you? How long is the process? Is contract in english?

Ram's Adventerous Vlog

Stop talking rubbish too long!!!..speak in proper English!!

Ferdinand D Gr8
Ferdinand D Gr8 2 months ago

I'm glad I didn't subscribe to your channel. I thought you kinda sucked in Mexico, but watching you in this video you're pretty dumb

Mama_Bear 2 months ago

Lol he’s never seen parallel parking? 🤦🏻‍♀️ wth. That’s even in America everywhere in the cities. Do more traveling my guy . It’s literally everywhere.

Meh Meh
Meh Meh 2 months ago

Wow this guy is acting nasty.

Lorraine Bennett
Lorraine Bennett 2 months ago

Beautiful countryside and the family were very hospitable.

Chrisamos412 2 months ago

Great job, I thought you were respectful, you thanked them a lot and they were very proud to show you their home. There seems to be a lot of over sensitive people now a-days.

Robert Albert
Robert Albert 2 months ago


NastaseDan 2 months ago

I don't know anyting about your channel but you sound british. Remember, you lost all your empire and voted brexit thinking it was a good idea. So, probably you are not as smart as you think you are as a nation. Not to mention you supported the afghanistan war, we all now how that ended...

NastaseDan 2 months ago

As an educated romanian, this is so stupid and disgusting. I am not a romanian patriot but this stuff you filmed is so far away from what romania is.

steewee21 2 months ago

romanians :))))))

david maramures
david maramures 2 months ago

You need 2 tikets, you ai luat doar unu

Ojas Aklecha
Ojas Aklecha 2 months ago

As an Indian 🇮🇳, I feel very bad for my Gypsies brothers and sisters ✊
The way they were treated is very disgusting in the history 😭
Just remember you have another home on this planet and i.e. India 🇮🇳

Ps - Those who don't know Gypsies are of Indian descends.

EyesWideOpen 55
EyesWideOpen 55 2 months ago

I couldn’t watch till the end. You are rude and arrogant.

Armando Angulo
Armando Angulo 2 months ago

I really wanted him to say "platform 9 3/4"

sacramento b
sacramento b 2 months ago

Your guide lied his ass off lmao

sara huezo
sara huezo 2 months ago

Gypsy are a hard workers people, very clean because for them a clean house is a Bless 🏠 house but they are Sloppy.
They work are tribe in their own family a good businesses people. They love jewelry, they not seller's them but pawn when the need money 🤑 for their business are their own Bank.

Roger Moore
Roger Moore 2 months ago

Lol. That was a simple trick he pulled on you. Very gypsy

Boaca Acasa
Boaca Acasa 2 months ago

Im sorry but for some gypsy we dont sell our daughters they marry when they want to we dont sell them and ive heard people saying all gypsy people sell our daughters and curse people we dont

C B.
C B. 2 months ago

I feel so blessed hot what I have while comparing those people who work 12 hrs a day for 7 days nonstop for miserable 500 pounds. Unbelievable!!

alta pape
alta pape 2 months ago

The men sit on their Ass and the women are the [email protected]

wakey wakey peeps
wakey wakey peeps 2 months ago

Ain't know one gonna comment on prince Charles having a place there..wasnt his lineage linked to Dracula..the drinking blood and andrenochrome wud make sense🤔

Bekam Bekm
Bekam Bekm 2 months ago

Yea meanwhile me who is a Gypsy....

Alina Panaite
Alina Panaite 2 months ago

I speak romania im not jocking

Zda Gu
Zda Gu 2 months ago

This is disgusting how Simon treats them.

astront917 2 months ago

Think that's bad,have a look round Luton !

BlueEyed Wolf
BlueEyed Wolf 2 months ago

What a dumpy, backwards culture.

Ay Enone
Ay Enone 2 months ago

Where was the negative experience? Seemed like they were very hospitable. Especially considering you were prob doing their head in

annoying channel
annoying channel 2 months ago

What a pair of complete berks. As stupid as they are loud, uncultured and rude.

NewVibeinRO 2 months ago

You can check the most stunning view in Romania called Lucaci Stone, near Cluj-Napoca. Also check our crypto ELROND (EGLD) 🤝

Flat Plainstone
Flat Plainstone 2 months ago

Yeah, nobody should visit a Romanian gypsy village because you may find a yelling and annoying English dude.

KingChrisTV 2 months ago

What are the odds that Prince Charles used to go there to get poor young kids?

Leaya P
Leaya P 2 months ago

Why do think gypsies are bad🤔?

sahpphireh !
sahpphireh ! 2 months ago

you should help'em build the rooms

Gwo 2 months ago

I hate how some people think this is all of romania, its really not, we have everything that other countries have

Sourabh Tanwar
Sourabh Tanwar 2 months ago

Our brothers are treated like animals, sorry from India 💔

jjs Runga Boys
jjs Runga Boys 2 months ago

Love to see them love from India 🇮🇳🙏🏻🌷🌻 💓💓💓💓💓

M 2 months ago

The minorities in Romania are quite decent, Hungarians and Gypsies were generally nice to me knowing I'm Romanian. Probably because I don't have a snobbish attitude towards them like some Britbongs apparently have.

Connor Byrne
Connor Byrne 2 months ago

This guy is just offensive.

Pepito Grillo
Pepito Grillo 2 months ago

Esto es Madrid no??

Manfred von Richthofen

So no one punched him in the face huh?

Razvan Stanciu
Razvan Stanciu 2 months ago

sorry about our country, you were conned in the trainstation by a piece of shit...

florin seitan
florin seitan 2 months ago

You are pretty ignorant for someone who traveled so much

Ana Todor
Ana Todor 2 months ago

The title of this video is so deceiving.... such a shame......

David McCourt
David McCourt 2 months ago

What a lovely man Gabriel is.
I don’t understand the title though 🧐

White Wolf
White Wolf 2 months ago

Taxi driver on phone: I have foreigners to see gypsy village.
Me: Kids!! Move the furniture to neighbors house!! 👁👄👁
tourist arrive
Me: -👄- Coffee?

nicu petrica
nicu petrica 2 months ago

Unlike your video mate , before you talking bad about România , just take a airplane ticket and go in uk or America from where you live and you can make a video how dirty is uk aswell 85% of english is so dirty , you can’t stay in the house with rubbish

Zfvyyh ghjbh
Zfvyyh ghjbh 2 months ago

This houses are actually good

Golden Era
Golden Era 2 months ago

Some people should not travel..maybe avoid interaction with other creatures of any kind until one gets over themselves.

Indian Pot
Indian Pot 2 months ago

I have been to a couple of gypsy villages and I had no problems though they are vary about cameras. I would feel more unsafe in parts of London.

Lama Alza
Lama Alza 2 months ago

Too rude and nasty. You’ve to show respect to their culture

Be Re
Be Re 2 months ago

F.. You for the making the title opposite to the video 😘😘😘 Appreciate you bro!

bananaklar //
bananaklar // 2 months ago

I feel sick with the camera work, i cant whatch it

République du jeu
République du jeu 2 months ago

Is it Romanian or Romani

ROMANABSOLUT 2 months ago

This British man doesn't have enough of the Gypsies in England, he wants to get more from them.

Felana Ber
Felana Ber 2 months ago

Exaggeration @ finest

David Marcu
David Marcu 2 months ago

I think you exaggerated like a little girl, they welcomed you and you just clickbait like a bitch

Michele Ferrucci
Michele Ferrucci 2 months ago

This channel is just pure ignorance. This guy is the typical Brit who doesn’t try local food and goes to MacDonald’s abroad. He got invited by these Romanian people and yet he was able to use this stupid clickbait title. Seriously Simon, if your mentality was as good as your video-editing, you could be the king of Youtube

Mu Chi
Mu Chi 2 months ago

I'm surprised that you didn't start singing ol' McDonald had a farm.

Alex Marian
Alex Marian 2 months ago


tooslowformy50 2 months ago

You're a soft, whiney, condescending, ignorant, uncultured representation of the UK...your videos make we wanna punch my screen in hopes you somehow feel something

GolfGuy 2 months ago

When society fails. They will be living there normal life.

Federal Bureau Of Investigation


Mr Brownstone
Mr Brownstone 2 months ago

I think people are over-analyzing the title, or it has been lost in translation. I'm assuming he means that, unless you have a local guide, you probably shouldn't visit a Gypsy Village, for the reasons given by the guide. On saying that, the title could have been a bit more positive, seeing as it was a good experience.

Josh 2 months ago

"Oh they have a horse in here!"

"Woof woof"

That cut killed me haha.

suchi Singh
suchi Singh 2 months ago

You assholes descriminate gypsy by race and tell why they are bad.....why you not provide them equal opportunity .......

Heath Savage
Heath Savage 2 months ago

Probably no more dangerous than some council estates in Liverpool.

Florian Emilian Anghel

Gypsei from India

James Johnson
James Johnson 2 months ago

This reminds me a lot of the start of Borat

Star Wonder
Star Wonder 2 months ago


Star Wonder
Star Wonder 2 months ago


Sofy Style
Sofy Style 2 months ago

it’s cuz they don’t rly understand english

S҉i҉l҉j҉k҉s҉ ҉ O҉b҉s҉k҉u҉a҉n҉

Lol, this isn't a Gypsy village at all. It's a typical Balkan/East European village.