The Official Chart's Christmas Number 1 Contenders


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Title : The Official Chart's Christmas Number 1 Contenders

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Description The Official Chart's Christmas Number 1 Contenders

The Official Chart's Christmas Number 1 Contenders

The Official Chart's Christmas Number 1 Contenders

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Victoria Elizabeth
Victoria Elizabeth 2 months ago

Saw Dan and Phil

click immediately

yep, I'm phan trash.

rooftop fight
rooftop fight 2 months ago

She has just stuffed her hand into dead chicken's butt
and u folks say vegans r crazy

Rachel McAdam
Rachel McAdam 2 months ago

AC/DC for Christmas Number One!!! 😁

Reet 2 months ago

god i told you to stop doin that

fmlwithoutmusic 2 months ago

I wonder what happened under that table...

Whores of Babylon (Official)

Like to see AC/DC do it, good to see Altern8 get a mention too

Victoria v.d. Pol
Victoria v.d. Pol 2 months ago

Hahaha you can see Phil sitting in the beginning, it's like a little Phil^^

Jack:Stevens217 2 months ago

If I see fire is not christmas number one Then I will Boycot

Devon Whiteland
Devon Whiteland 2 months ago

"my fingers smell gross" has to be on the next innuendo bingo :L

Leah Turner
Leah Turner 2 months ago

I didn't see Christmas number one ( #feedemyellowsnow ) by lil'chris and Lloyd Wilkinson on here :( < they deserve it

DuffPaddy1 2 months ago

Robbie Williams also has a song in contention and U2's song about Mandela is gaining speed.

Sean Walker
Sean Walker 2 months ago

What about BODDIKA

RJ .Hodges
RJ .Hodges 2 months ago

Jameela Jamil knows her shit!

RJ .Hodges
RJ .Hodges 2 months ago

Dan & Phil are bloody annoying.

takeuchi40 2 months ago

The Retrobot for Xmas number one!  :)

Ashlee Romero
Ashlee Romero 2 months ago

Dan's sweater scares me

TheJojoCreepy 2 months ago

Christmas jumper and scarves, food and christmas music ?!?! 
That so just gave me the christmas feeling !! 

Julia Szulc
Julia Szulc 2 months ago

I'm curious what Dan and Phil were doing under this table...

Willow Ford
Willow Ford 2 months ago

Fynnjan for No.1. He's so cute!!

Georgina AteTheLastCookie

Hey Radio 1, how come Dan and Phil's Sunday show isn't being uploaded any more?:(

Darren Barkley
Darren Barkley 2 months ago


Darius Bruno
Darius Bruno 2 months ago

robot...nuff said

David Barry
David Barry 2 months ago

Like my comment if you think Retrobot should be no.1 this christmas

Dan Bernard
Dan Bernard 2 months ago

the kangaroo pouch should be no.1 aka the retrobot

Francis Roolie
Francis Roolie 2 months ago

omg what is this about, sweet young applicants i like but the robot is kinda got to be the one

Freddie Rodgers
Freddie Rodgers 2 months ago

we need something different this year and i would say that a christmas robot definitely qualifies for being defifferent

James Waldo
James Waldo 2 months ago

hahahaha the retrobot is everywhere lately i like him! he definitely has my vote!

Jenni Welly
Jenni Welly 2 months ago

hmmm.. it's a toss up between the Retrobot aand Lilly Allen

Jules Weather
Jules Weather 2 months ago

God that robot doesn't half get on my nerves but somehow I can't stop listening to it. so go on then retrobot for the win!

Carly Cray
Carly Cray 2 months ago

robot please 

Harriett Gold
Harriett Gold 2 months ago

geordie shore are you kidding me!! wtf The Retrobot is so much better!

Darren Barkley
Darren Barkley 2 months ago

The retrobot should get christmas number one!

Harry Walsh
Harry Walsh 2 months ago

Retrobot over any of them 

Jason Watson
Jason Watson 2 months ago

Lets get something original for Christmas number 1 this year... I vote Retrobot, whose with me?

Steven Jarvis
Steven Jarvis 2 months ago

Fuck yeah robot! 

lewis cox
lewis cox 2 months ago

christmas robot. comeon retrobot

Ladyla Natalie
Ladyla Natalie 2 months ago

Im saying Retrobot!!!!!!!!!!!! hes so cool! x

richard lewis
richard lewis 2 months ago

I hope the Retrobot is christmas number one! Hes so much fun 

Louise Woodward
Louise Woodward 2 months ago

the retrobot has 2 be no.1 she just took it from his crotch bag lol

johnny walker
johnny walker 2 months ago

Retrobot for number 1!!!!! Enough of X Factor!

Robin Chapman
Robin Chapman 2 months ago

Everyone should vote Retrobot because its frickin awesome! one love x

Jenni Wood
Jenni Wood 2 months ago

Retrobot is the best contender, Ive just put a bet on it to be number one on william hill

bravedaveoutdoors DavidFairweather

A robot that twerks.... Thats gotta be number one!

Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson 2 months ago


karl martins
karl martins 2 months ago

Love the little robot and the video is hilarious! Go Retrobot x

Penelope Swinebottom
Penelope Swinebottom 2 months ago

The Retrobot is so great I love it! This needs to be number 1 x

kyle leonard
kyle leonard 2 months ago

I vote the christmas robot!!!

sarah hadland
sarah hadland 2 months ago

Go Retrobot! so much better than X Factor

Frazer Caz
Frazer Caz 2 months ago

Christmas robot all the way!!!

Lara croft
Lara croft 2 months ago

I really hope the boy with Aspergers gets to number one this Christmas its a beautiful song x I love it xx

jasmine 2 months ago

haha dan is too tall to hide xD

eviee 2 months ago

Lol at 5:20 u can just see dan sitting on the floor at the side <3

Hannah G
Hannah G 2 months ago

Yeah you go Dan and Phil 😊😏

djcap2001 2 months ago

i would go gay for scott mills haha. 

Mary 2 months ago

would love to see ac/dc get christmas number one! :D

Harry Jones
Harry Jones 2 months ago

I'd love to hear Michael Buble doing a cover version of the Retrobot song on his next Xmas album. LOL

Jai S.
Jai S. 2 months ago


B *insert bee emoji here*

I love how the first thing I noticed was the top of Phil's head bobbing up and down in the corner of the screen xD

Sevarate 2 months ago

Omfg Lucy

Sevarate 2 months ago

Lily allen!

snoutastic 2 months ago

Retrobot - Christmas Robot

girlsandcurls 2 months ago

Lloyd and lil chris #feedemyellowsnow for Xmas no. 1 xxx

Evangelina .burns
Evangelina .burns 2 months ago

Did Jameela have to make that "uuuh" sound when she got that cd out of Phi's apron? did she feel something else?

Fetzie 2 months ago

Considering buying Highway to Hell

liz keller
liz keller 2 months ago

No Alex Day? :(

Richard Williams
Richard Williams 2 months ago

Acdc no1

Martin Davies
Martin Davies 2 months ago

What about dr Karl Kennedy from neighbours? I'm guessing it isn't in the running but still

Sarah Collinson
Sarah Collinson 2 months ago

AC/DC is the only thing on that list that is even slightly non-crap.

Lucia Miller
Lucia Miller 2 months ago

SO many innuendos!

レイ 2 months ago

Yup the black Santa sweater is back

Sarah Desmond
Sarah Desmond 2 months ago

can dan and phil just appear in my house for christmas pls

Ronan Boyle
Ronan Boyle 2 months ago


SarcasticInnocence 2 months ago

I want spraggan to be no. 1. That would be greeeeeat. Love the song:)

Flower Road BIGBANG
Flower Road BIGBANG 2 months ago

0:37-0:50 i just died cause phil and all the pheels 

Peyton Holzworth
Peyton Holzworth 2 months ago

Dan and Phil!!!!!

caramela0404 2 months ago

I hope Lily Allen gets the No. 1!!

bethb4 2 months ago

I don't like any of those.... I want don't shoot me Santa or feel it in my bones by the killers as they are Xmas songs and they're by THE KILLERS.

CrazyBeautifulLife58 2 months ago

I love how Jameela has no problem finding the CD in Phil but the second it's in food it's a big no-no!

Alana Areyzaga
Alana Areyzaga 2 months ago

*phandom :3

Alana Areyzaga
Alana Areyzaga 2 months ago

You know they put Dan and Phil in this just so the phantom would watch it XD

Graceyallama465 2 months ago

I love phil

Anna kelly
Anna kelly 2 months ago

If ACDC win that will be the best thing ever

Jamwamee 2 months ago


JuicyRawLove 2 months ago

"They're trying to do a Rage Against the Machine thing"
yeah except they're not Rage Against the Machine, with an incredible track.
AC/DC, whatever.

THE RETROBOT 2 months ago

BEEP BOOP - Did I win?

TheJustinglen 2 months ago

thanks for listing the no.1 contenders.   thanks for uploading good picks

Amethyst Tyler
Amethyst Tyler 2 months ago

Dan and Phil!

Olivia Wood
Olivia Wood 2 months ago

This is so cute ^-^

Georgiocj 2 months ago

Michael Buble will always be my Xmas number 1 <3

PaintingCloudsForYou 2 months ago

Dan and Phil! :D

woodg1234 2 months ago

Christmas Robot by the Retrobot for Xmas nos 1 !!!!

ashley arguello
ashley arguello 2 months ago

more dan and phil

Estelle McCool
Estelle McCool 2 months ago

Did Dan and Phil just sit on the floor the whole time?

Matthew Worswick
Matthew Worswick 2 months ago

Dan and Phil should record something: Dan can actually sing/ play piano really well

Stephanie Justice
Stephanie Justice 2 months ago

Highway to Hell! ♡

ZsaZsa B
ZsaZsa B 2 months ago

BBC Radio 1, 
I love your videos but please remove the long, ear-splitting beep at the end of every single one. 
Thanks, kind regards, and def ears, 
-ZsaZsa ;)

Matthew Worswick
Matthew Worswick 2 months ago

Sadly the X factor will inevitably produce a Christmas number one

Oscar... 2 months ago


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A bit odd

Petermcconomy Mcconomy

A bit odd