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Ross Smith
Ross Smith 2 months ago

What should I get Grandma next? Please comment some ideas :)

Brandon7 Stewart
Brandon7 Stewart 2 months ago


Xyruss Aldrich - World

Granny's reaction is priceless omg 😱💗!

DeJane johnson
DeJane johnson 2 months ago

Why does she love thurd

JudyGamer178forever 2 months ago

It’s a poopercal

Anette Andersen
Anette Andersen 2 months ago


Kakashi hatake
Kakashi hatake 2 months ago

She’s gonna be past one hundred because she sounds healthy and always is I can’t wait to watch all the new vids!

Addison Corey
Addison Corey 2 months ago

Granny in those slippers 🥵

barbie doll
barbie doll 2 months ago

Question of whether dBm b😻of we can you

Quadir Vanier
Quadir Vanier 2 months ago


jada Yearwood
jada Yearwood 2 months ago

Lol I need a car i am 29 year old

for the block
for the block 2 months ago


Adeline Parrish
Adeline Parrish 2 months ago

This is so disgusting

Genny Eilliam
Genny Eilliam 2 months ago

I want to thank Mr Ben for his help two's my family,Dr Ben caster the spiritual spellcaster help me in casting love 💕💕 SPELL on my husband that left me and my baby for the past two years now, thank 🙏 you Dr Ben caster on youtube channel for making us be together again..

Chrissy Monk
Chrissy Monk 2 months ago

Get grandma a new golden toilet

Zakir Ehmedov
Zakir Ehmedov 2 months ago


Zakir Ehmedov
Zakir Ehmedov 2 months ago


I rate videos for fun don’t take me seriously

My grandma died a week ago she loved this YouTube channel and I used to watch it with her

viv moss
viv moss 2 months ago

I just relised that granny is the same age as queen Elizabeth

Яна Боярун
Яна Боярун 2 months ago

I love you grandma ❤️❤️❤️🥰

Rigil Dela cruz
Rigil Dela cruz 2 months ago

So your poop master

Rigil Dela cruz
Rigil Dela cruz 2 months ago

Ricardo Ponce
Ricardo Ponce 2 months ago

It is funny how she loves poop lol🤣

OchiDO 2 months ago

when grandma asks Santa I want some shit for Christmas Santa literally brings shit

Jack Dean
Jack Dean 2 months ago

Such a funny Granny love the Poop 💩 thing as well 😂

carolina hjortzberg
carolina hjortzberg 2 months ago

Haw meny yers ar iu gramny?????

tojatota playz
tojatota playz 2 months ago

Ross you are the best grandson lol🤣

Christoff Arcay
Christoff Arcay 2 months ago

Way grany love pop 😰

Jab Bulushi
Jab Bulushi 2 months ago

The pop is nice

Jab Bulushi
Jab Bulushi 2 months ago

A phone or a car

Felix Graf
Felix Graf 2 months ago

Merry poopnis

Nancy Borja
Nancy Borja 2 months ago

Bro! You gift poops for your grandma?! That's just throw up🤮🤮

ANTWAN RILES_JR. 2 months ago

to much turd granny

bro vs sis
bro vs sis 2 months ago

Is that real poop ????????????

Jennifer Behnke
Jennifer Behnke 2 months ago


Buncha stuff studios
Buncha stuff studios 2 months ago

LMAO 😂😂😂

2 months ago

this is a poop toilet-themed Christmas :D

THE Daniels!
THE Daniels! 2 months ago

That’s cute and funny

Ollie’s Life
Ollie’s Life 2 months ago

She’s living forever

Doki doki fan
Doki doki fan 2 months ago


The Meme Banana
The Meme Banana 2 months ago

The world will only know darkness when she passes..

Breila Shkembi
Breila Shkembi 2 months ago

I love your grany🤣🤣🤣

_xBurgzFriendz 2 months ago

I love this vicious and I am a Child

2 months ago


The Unicorn Squad
The Unicorn Squad 2 months ago

How does she like poop

Annelise Heard
Annelise Heard 2 months ago

Shit is everywhere and I love it

Emily Tran
Emily Tran 2 months ago


Among us
Among us 2 months ago

Hmmm maybe surprise with a Lamborghini

Thanh Au
Thanh Au 2 months ago

My god oh my God

Fatima Hussain
Fatima Hussain 2 months ago

Granny is obsessed with poops

Adam davey
Adam davey 2 months ago

A shit hat

Darun Kamal
Darun Kamal 2 months ago

Why she like poop

Pasta Playz
Pasta Playz 2 months ago

When granny dies my life will me a living

Chy_ase 2 months ago

Ross is our shi*tiest artist ever! :D

Stephen Telford
Stephen Telford 2 months ago

A poop car???

Niamh Power
Niamh Power 2 months ago

Oh my god its sooo cool the pitcher

DEEWA ROKA 2 months ago


Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker 2 months ago

Why havechi

Crxshpx 2 months ago

Dec 31 was the wedding day of my auntie

Lung John
Lung John 2 months ago


Laisha Duhon
Laisha Duhon 2 months ago

eww for the poop
just eww

FLOWER FRESH 2 months ago


Sheri Warde
Sheri Warde 2 months ago

He is poop

Elaine Blankenship
Elaine Blankenship 2 months ago

You're not that funny

Yoriichi Tsugikuni
Yoriichi Tsugikuni 2 months ago

When she dies im quitting life

Kaci C.
Kaci C. 2 months ago

Omg a shyt pile! 😂😂😂 wasn't expecting that! 😂😂😂

HipHop 2 months ago

She loves poop Christmas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👁👅👁

Mrs Mellor
Mrs Mellor 2 months ago

Get granny A poop wallpaper

AceRealms YT
AceRealms YT 2 months ago

I hope she lives forever;)

[ash Ketchum ertaiment]

Why you not eat poop 💩:)

Mariem Ben Ameur
Mariem Ben Ameur 2 months ago


Amanda Boughton
Amanda Boughton 2 months ago

Man that granny love poop so much then Marry the poop

Autumn Cambell
Autumn Cambell 2 months ago

Ur the best ross

Tanya Pate
Tanya Pate 2 months ago


Braylon Playing with dogs

Don’t for get the poops

Hailee Smith
Hailee Smith 2 months ago

i love grandma

arman bosiyan
arman bosiyan 2 months ago


Danielle Pessotti
Danielle Pessotti 2 months ago

That is awesome

AvA Bekham
AvA Bekham 2 months ago

Poop poop poop 💩💩

Jahaziel Ramos
Jahaziel Ramos 2 months ago

Wait granny is 95 dam

2 months ago

It’s cake! No no honey that’s not cake that’s poop.

Paopao Seng
Paopao Seng 2 months ago

Maybe 94 years old

Paopao Seng
Paopao Seng 2 months ago

Grandma is 93 years old

Sanya Miel Castejon
Sanya Miel Castejon 2 months ago

I love this vid

My Tik Tok is that one weird core

Your grandma is obsessed with shit like literally😌

2 months ago

All roses are red violets are blue you are the best do you like it in the druck

Patrick0neSock Johnston

It's cake

Adam Wrobel
Adam Wrobel 2 months ago

shes easily going over 100 years hopefully

Gagah Naibaho
Gagah Naibaho 2 months ago

you are like pop

Maria Osorio
Maria Osorio 2 months ago


Silent Blueberry
Silent Blueberry 2 months ago

I love thsi old lady she’s funny nice

Ang J
Ang J 2 months ago

0:00 uhh, what did you say?

prostitute man
prostitute man 2 months ago

This is when all the shit started:)

Spare Account
Spare Account 2 months ago

This is a Grandma thats 95 years old, but acts like a 7 year old

Neva Loncarevic
Neva Loncarevic 2 months ago


Viewer Profile
Viewer Profile 2 months ago

They are teaching how to be happy of poop

Sk sonic boi
Sk sonic boi 2 months ago

Poop 💩 💩

Crosshair films and morphs

Granny really does drugs?