Vintage Christmas Ornaments Worth A Lot of Money Now


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Information Vintage Christmas Ornaments Worth A Lot of Money Now

Title : Vintage Christmas Ornaments Worth A Lot of Money Now

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Vintage Christmas Ornaments Worth A Lot of Money Now

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Worth A Lot of Money Now

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Louie Schadt
Louie Schadt 2 months ago

That amazes me with the spin cotton and just all of them we have a deer, a snowman, and found a sheep I believe you can tell that one is really old.. the snowman had Germany stamped on bottom

Dan Verrier
Dan Verrier 2 months ago

When im in a thrift store I notice its quite difficult to find a specific ornament in your videos. Although its great to have the visuals and proof of them selling high, a general insight into brands would be super helpful. Like when you tell me a specific brand that will always fetch a profit, i can find that brand easier than an individual item. Thank you for all your info, I think a "top 10 Christmas ornament brands (or makers) video", or even for other items, would be super helpful, especially when it seems there are more ornament brands than grains of sand on earth lol

Garett Anderson
Garett Anderson 2 months ago

My Mom has been buying and selling vintage Christmas stuff for at least 40 years I've seen some cool things in that time. Naturally I spot that stuff a mile away.

Carl Bach
Carl Bach 2 months ago

The vid on making your own was awesome. So creative and turn out b'ful. Loved it.

Rhyannon P
Rhyannon P 2 months ago

what is the name of your other channel that will show how to make it?

Rhyannon P
Rhyannon P 2 months ago

are these dresden paper items marked? how can you tell

Marie 2 months ago

Thanks Don🎄😎

RayeNathan RZ
RayeNathan RZ 2 months ago

Interested in the spun cotton, thanks for the info!

John Carney
John Carney 2 months ago

Cool items to look out for.

Lowell Glover
Lowell Glover 2 months ago

Great video. We could do without the extra loud ending music. Still great content

Peter Moreno
Peter Moreno 2 months ago

How big are these birds and the trout and Cat?

theslowcrafter 2 months ago

How did these (the paper versions) not get squashed? Maybe most of them did and that’s why those that remain are so valuable.

Mary McQuain
Mary McQuain 2 months ago

You have so much knowledge, it is going to take me a while to be able to recognize these kinds of items, but it will be easy for me to remember the key word "Dresden" living in Ohio and the relationship to Longaberger (even though I do realize these ornaments aren't related, but hey, anything to help me remember). I did see your comment that you may also find the word "Germany" on these pieces. I would think that if you happened to find these at a thrift store, they may not know they are valuable! Thank you for sharing :-)

Traci Jones
Traci Jones 2 months ago

Love the info. Thank you. I also was wondering about the markings but saw you answered that in some of the other messages. Thanks again.

Janice Timmins
Janice Timmins 2 months ago

Are they marked or do you just have to recognize the style

LosingDrea 2 months ago

Awesome, I'm an artsy Fartsy person, I did sub to your other channel. Going to go check out the video you speak of in this video.

freecycle53215 2 months ago


marideathy DEELZ
marideathy DEELZ 2 months ago

I always thought Dresden was China...just shows humans can’t know everything. I learn this every day. These paper items are amazing, especially the sun and moon. I can’t wait to learn how to make your repros...❤️

Gary Russell
Gary Russell 2 months ago

Hey Don..Good stuff..did I miss how to identify these. Are there makers marks anywhere? Thanks my Friend.