Starting a Locomotive, (Full Sequence), EMD GP10 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL


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Information Starting a Locomotive, (Full Sequence), EMD GP10 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL

Title : Starting a Locomotive, (Full Sequence), EMD GP10 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL

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Frames Starting a Locomotive, (Full Sequence), EMD GP10 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL

Description Starting a Locomotive, (Full Sequence), EMD GP10 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL

Starting a Locomotive, (Full Sequence), EMD GP10 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL

Starting a Locomotive, (Full Sequence), EMD GP10 at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, FL

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Can Group
Can Group 2 months ago

It must confidential

Şahin Portakal
Şahin Portakal 2 months ago

I don't like american trains

seno 2 months ago

A little bit more complicated than starting my car :/

MuhammadNW 2 months ago

Ok thanks, now I can-

Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 2 months ago

Wait.....the conductor can take a dump right there? While driving the train? Holy shit I never knew that!

The Harbinger Of Death

cool that this stuff works, old stuff was more reliable

CesarzPeppelinio 2 months ago

Like in the walking dead season 1

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 2 months ago

Chabi to daali hi nhi isne..

Iliuta Ovidiu
Iliuta Ovidiu 2 months ago

Ahh .. now i got check engine light , help?

John Honest
John Honest 2 months ago

So LS7 ?

Ayushi Jain
Ayushi Jain 2 months ago

Paul Duncan
Paul Duncan 2 months ago

And some people still prefer 4 hours for a steam engine !

Kyle’s Norfolk Southern

Last summer in 2019 when I was 13, I was invited to sit in the engine while my grandma sat in the coach alone, haha! They let me start up the engine and even blow the horn!

M MANIDEEP 2 months ago

So peaceful

JORGE COELHO 2 months ago

Pombas ! Até parece que vai armar uma bomba, tantos botões e mecanismos.

Neşe Ayyıldız
Neşe Ayyıldız 2 months ago

Çok güzel

Gordon the Express engine

All right thanks I’m gonna get my Full cover face mask on and go to the nearest train

Magyar Bluey
Magyar Bluey 2 months ago

What year was this locomotive made

Vicky Vonstein
Vicky Vonstein 2 months ago

A locomotive engine is far superior to that of a NASA spaceship.
Because the technology was far superior in the 1970's.

ZOUKKI 2 months ago

Thanks. Now i can steal it.

Max Toyotov
Max Toyotov 2 months ago

Interesting video 🔥🔥🔥🔥, avtor 💪 💪 💪 thank you All power

bross FOX gamer
bross FOX gamer 2 months ago

Why you get the whole video puffing on the camera

Varun Verma
Varun Verma 2 months ago

Walking dead

M.SAINATHA REDDY 2 months ago

That's why my train is always late

Ayush Tiwari
Ayush Tiwari 2 months ago

That is reason they are called loco pilot not loco driver

Mae Rachmadie
Mae Rachmadie 2 months ago

Still Didnt know how to Run a Little Steam Engine like i buy mini Tornado but not a toy that small but can be ride

Akrep 28
Akrep 28 2 months ago

This is great ❤️❤️

Pvt. Ghostbadi
Pvt. Ghostbadi 2 months ago

There is one sad thing... in america this locomotive is in MUSEUME in Serbia we still use it as main locomotives....

مشاري الشقردي You want to laugh, watch

GTX GAMER 281 2 months ago

The seats should be improved in locomotives....

BLACK FLAG STUDIO 2 months ago

Nice car

Darryl6636 2 months ago

He closes the battery knife switch with no gloves on!!! There's only 600 volts going through that circuit!!! An engineer at CN did that same move with his medic alert bracelet on and it blew his hand right off!!!

Wolfdale A3
Wolfdale A3 2 months ago

That starter motor was quieter than the SD-40....WOW!

Rotekk 2 months ago

I understand the reason behind pulling the governor button out but in my 12 years of doing this no one has ever said to lol. Normally just open the flashcocks and pull the layshaft back and crank it for 3x-4x unless moisture is present.

Didin mase
Didin mase 2 months ago

Star is good b

Justeen 2 months ago

Me: this is therapy

My neighbors: revving their dirt bikes at 3am

George W.
George W. 2 months ago

Starting a locomotive requires some planning. After all who wants to start a locomotive during a rain storm?

phsycopiano 2 months ago

That is insane. Could you tell me what the engine hours are on that beast?

bad finger
bad finger 2 months ago

I want one...

Pankaj Fofandi
Pankaj Fofandi 2 months ago

Wow! I will be studing for trains

René ́s Panzerecke
René ́s Panzerecke 2 months ago

Thats the Turbo i want in my Supra

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 2 months ago

Piston Cylinder Valve 🚂🔧

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 2 months ago


Train HD
Train HD 2 months ago

Great video!

Thetrucky69 2 months ago


TRILOK 2 months ago


Chum Chad
Chum Chad 2 months ago

just like what i did to my car when i lose its key, i made a bunch of switches hidden all over my car to start it

Railfan 225
Railfan 225 2 months ago

Tsw2 taught me that

kaushal 2 months ago

Poor Seat for motorman

Sharkie626 2 months ago

I actually did search for something like this! Was interested after I saw something similar in the Obduction game. Way cool. Obviously the process was simplified some for the purpose of a game, but still pretty similar!

MANVINDER 2 months ago

Please visit to listing wonderful track sound

Sundawn moter Bikes
Sundawn moter Bikes 2 months ago

1:02 fuel prime 1:21 engine start

Albright 2 months ago

Less talk more interesting ❤

Competition Maniya
Competition Maniya 2 months ago

If you want railway related videos click here :-

Chef Refaat Nasim
Chef Refaat Nasim 2 months ago


Braxton Nyland
Braxton Nyland 2 months ago

Who else watching this for no reason at 3 in the morning??

Dayton District Railfan

That's one c r u s t y boy

Mukesh Baral
Mukesh Baral 2 months ago

I thought you’ll just need a 🔑 key RIP key 🕳 hole😂😂

Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

what kind of prime mover was on that one?
I thought it might have cranked over like a old compression release cummins or a big Detroit Diesel truck or tugboat motor..

Cherry Koolaid
Cherry Koolaid 2 months ago

whats the purpose of pulling the govener and cranking the engine?

M.D WI.N 2 months ago

This is Railroad Indonesian NOT!!! Railroad FLORIDA!!!!!

flycrazy123 2 months ago

wow awesome! 🤩
All these switches and controls ... if they would be accessible from the driver's seat, that would mean too much comfort 😊😅

hyd 3222
hyd 3222 2 months ago

Full rust😁😁😁...

Keshav Aggarwal
Keshav Aggarwal 2 months ago

He did not lubricated engine well

John Moore
John Moore 2 months ago

Look like the engine and equipment could use a little more tender loving care (too must showing for me).

SOULTAKU 100% 2 months ago

Thanks, now I know the procedure to starting most EMD's of that era. Time to steal one from the TVRM.

Pradeep 2 months ago

civertron 2 months ago

Oh shit, i live in a lie those years pressing E to use :v

Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles 2 months ago

If you think about it, a long time ago that train was new and the operator thought nothing of it, it's just a train as they smoked two packs of unfiltered camel's a day.haha now it's cool

Aaron 2 months ago

Give it some bloody layshaft, you’ll kill the starter motor by allowing them to do all the work

Josh’s RC’s
Josh’s RC’s 2 months ago

Thanks! Now I’ll go Steal that Train I’ve been Eyeing

CowFroggers 2 months ago

that was interesting, I wonder what those hydraulic lines where for and what they lead to


Wonder why EMD didn't have an oil system pre-lube function like the fuel system prime? Relatively dry bearings during startup is period of most wear.

Superintendent Chalmers

Big deal, it takes me 20 minutes to get my wife started up. She calls it "Foreplay"

IndianRailways Lover
IndianRailways Lover 2 months ago

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Harsh Dixit
Harsh Dixit 2 months ago

This train is not suitable for being "Train To Busan"

SHANNON SA 2 months ago

Imagine the torque of that engine....

NickDe39 2 months ago

Spent time in railroad yards 60 years ago, back then when they started a diesel electric locomotive, would let it run for seven years before shutting it down, needed an overhaul I was told. Didn't keep track of all the steps in this video, why not a key for off, ignition, and start?

As a kid, was really excited by trains and wanted to be an engineer, but in my first ride in a diesel locomotive, learned they did have steering wheels, so lost interest. Airplane are a lot more fun, not only left or right, but up and down as well.

Didn't call engineers, engineers, but hogheads instead, were not permitted to make any decisions, just follow some very strict orders.

Sanjay Jadhav
Sanjay Jadhav 2 months ago


Marla Green
Marla Green 2 months ago

In a news paper soon you will see

Florida man crashes train after watching YouTube tutorials

Leonard Hadley
Leonard Hadley 2 months ago

Man that's a lot to remember.

M.SAINATHA REDDY 2 months ago

Now I understand why my train is always late😅😅

Harin Chauhan
Harin Chauhan 2 months ago

Nice engine start button ,😉

Mahesh 34
Mahesh 34 2 months ago

Frst time I'm seeing

West Rail 642 The Atomic Train

What kinda train you drivin’ there?

劉冠佑 2 months ago


Captain RomR
Captain RomR 2 months ago

God, this is so much easier than starting up a Boeing 737. Planes are much harder. Still very interesting video. I liked it.

Press Start
Press Start 2 months ago

So, how did you stole a train and crash it into a house?

Youtube Tutorials

GunzelingGarbo 102
GunzelingGarbo 102 2 months ago

Why has this got so many views???

Mohammed Khizar
Mohammed Khizar 2 months ago

Sir I had completed 2nd puc and I wanted to be joined in the work

Vipin Kumar
Vipin Kumar 2 months ago

Kitna diesel Laga sirf start hone main

Nitroaddict01 2 months ago

Thanks, this is very helpful! My dastardly neighbor parked their train infront of my driveway last night and i havent been able to leave the house yet

ramesh Reddy
ramesh Reddy 2 months ago

I like train journey 🚆🚆🚆 🚆

Prantik 2 months ago

Agar mai waha hpta to dar k bhag jata, kitni darawni machine h, aur starting awaz oo

Matias Kurvinen
Matias Kurvinen 2 months ago

When I was back in highschool, I used to practise work? ....if thats what you call it. I worked at a locomotive workshop in Sweden, named Green Cargo. The best place I've ever worked at! Working/Doing Service with the huge engines was my favourite part.
Smelled like gold, literally.

Flat Train
Flat Train 2 months ago

Always had this question, does the engine have to be running in order to honk the horn?

Ketan Railways
Ketan Railways 2 months ago


j 2 months ago

Hey everyone you are going to get a new notification saying I have to poop

keepOnTrumpiN 2 months ago

What a piece of fucking shit