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Louise Morgan
Louise Morgan 2 months ago

It is the expense that stops me and the risk of deficits of vitamins I may be already predisposed being coeliac

Melba Perez
Melba Perez 2 months ago

Yeaaaa I am Mexican and 15 years have been vegan 🌱 now 3 years gluten free. I make tamales vegan pozole vegan mole vegan Chiles. Rellenos Vegan my husband have to be vegan too he is now 100% vegan !!!!!! because I am the cook 👩‍🍳 je je felicidades 🎉

Kirstin Sarah
Kirstin Sarah 2 months ago

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2009 when I was approx. 13 years old, I was extremely anaemic and had massive weight loss. I know I’ve eaten something containing Wheat, Barley, Oats and Rye because my body is in so much pain and aches massively all over. I also get cluster migraines and my skin on my hands and face becomes extremely red, painful and splits. I’m also Vegetarian living in the UK 🇬🇧

Real Life Clean Living

I remember when I first became vegan I was thinking: how in the world can you be vegan AND GF?!! Slowly but surely I learned more and more and then opened a vegan and GF Cupcake shop! So I learned how easy it really was! Thanks for sharing your story!

Johanna Zalneraitis
Johanna Zalneraitis 2 months ago

It's kind of funny enchiladas are really easy to make gluten-free just use corn tortillas.

Tina92316 2 months ago

Oh my god!! Thank you!!! I’m gluten free and vegan and gluten free and vegan isn’t always workable.

Junior JrVegan
Junior JrVegan 2 months ago

I get bloated, inflation of belly and ankles. Been vegan 3yrs. My liver non alcoholic cirrhosis is a big problem. Being vegan I reversed diabetes.

Soups On
Soups On 2 months ago

Enjoyed the video, great info.

Eat Sleep Organic
Eat Sleep Organic 2 months ago

Great collaboration guys ❤️

Chew on Vegan
Chew on Vegan 2 months ago

Thanks Vince, I appreciate the opportunity to tell my story and maybe help some people along the way. ❤️