Perfect Christmas Tree for a Small Space


Theodore Leaf

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Title : Perfect Christmas Tree for a Small Space

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Frames Perfect Christmas Tree for a Small Space

Description Perfect Christmas Tree for a Small Space

Perfect Christmas Tree for a Small Space

Perfect Christmas Tree for a Small Space

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kirk 2 months ago


Dora Tiscareno
Dora Tiscareno 2 months ago


Wendy P
Wendy P 2 months ago

Beautiful tree! Inspired me for mine this year. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Citrus Tea
Citrus Tea 2 months ago

“I don’t use glass ornaments” immediately puts on glass ornaments

Sallie Taylor
Sallie Taylor 2 months ago

Good job, young man.

Sharon Bullett
Sharon Bullett 2 months ago

fab send me some disco balls i love different decor trees! What's next lol i have my 🔔 on for more decor ok have a bless holidays

Charlie Durrant
Charlie Durrant 2 months ago

my boyfriend wont let me get fancy with the tree, its our first christmas living together so ill just steal some ideas and do it while hes out ;)

Jayla Dukes
Jayla Dukes 2 months ago

Looks Nice, what model is the the tree.. love ghe size

Suzanne Light
Suzanne Light 2 months ago

I know this video is old......but great video still!

Jane McGrath
Jane McGrath 2 months ago

How lovely you have your grandfathers Christmas ornament.Precious.

Bennie Leaphart
Bennie Leaphart 2 months ago

looks ok !!!

Joey Enicks
Joey Enicks 2 months ago

are you from new York?.

Lynalove Palazzolo
Lynalove Palazzolo 2 months ago

OMG I LAAAVEETT SOOO BEAUTIFUL I know is kinda late lol but i laaavee ur Christmas tree..

Q M 2 months ago

So cute! I have a small condo too..need a tree like this! love the poinsettia idea!

Jamie Morris
Jamie Morris 2 months ago

love it! I have those disco balls also, and I always end up putting them on last too ha! :)

Simone Bolero
Simone Bolero 2 months ago

Hi Theodore,
Really Nice!.....How and where do you store all of your home & holiday decor? I would love to do seasonal decorating, but have a problem with storage.

Leslie Rosado
Leslie Rosado 2 months ago

are you single? Im from Puerto Rico!

12290289 2 months ago


anne 2 months ago

Theodore, I know this is an old video, but I think it would look nice to put bulbs in some of the gaps closer to the trunk to add depth!

Humaara Sath Sangh
Humaara Sath Sangh 2 months ago

that is a great Christmas tree.

Connor Iorio
Connor Iorio 2 months ago

I love the disco balls

Angie Ng
Angie Ng 2 months ago

His colleague I thought.

ExoticLab 2 months ago

Gala! Stop being silly!

Honey Dee
Honey Dee 2 months ago

do healthy cooking vidoes ... ur skin is beautiful <3

jajabinks92 2 months ago

Watch "Sh*t Hair Stylists Say". That should answer your question. (If his fabulous personality wasn't a hint already ;P)

Ricky Khuu
Ricky Khuu 2 months ago

he reminds me so much about Andrew Rannells .... they look alot alike to me

strong power thank you

I'm pretty sure he's gay but it doesn't matter :D

jupiterking1 2 months ago

You are perfect. Love you, doll!

heartsupnorth 2 months ago

I love the idea of the use of pointsettias

HeyLookItsAmy 2 months ago

I think she's just a friend

Gianina Underwood
Gianina Underwood 2 months ago

I like you,i just start watch your videos and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlijn Bultman
Carlijn Bultman 2 months ago

I love your tree theo!

MickHornbak 2 months ago

So cliche gay. But I like the tree.

hailinu 2 months ago

he is so gay but i kinda like him haha~

BanthaBurger 2 months ago

Your hair is so luscious I just want to take a nap in it! ....not to be creepy or anything -.-

mgdeleon 2 months ago

You're freakin hot! Why must all gays be the good looking ones? D;

Kozi's Translator
Kozi's Translator 2 months ago

I have disco balls in many different sizes and colors. Too much love for a very 70's x-mas.

Mio et Mia
Mio et Mia 2 months ago

Its actually a very beautiful tree

Mary McCarthy
Mary McCarthy 2 months ago

Very nice! I enjoyed this.<3

empress 2 months ago

the way he talk .. its sounds like a gay . omg he's so cute :(

Lígia Kirsch
Lígia Kirsch 2 months ago

I don't like to judge, but I believe he is gay. Btw, Alex is stunningly gorgeous oh my God!

Wohnprinz 2 months ago

Great! Check out my Videos for alot of Christmas Decoration Tipps! I am a Decoration Channel :-) On German, but you dont need to understand what im saying cause you see what i am doing. Merry Christmas from Germany!

Chloe Boucounis
Chloe Boucounis 2 months ago

i love the whole, fluffing up the tree thing!

Hilda Fernandez
Hilda Fernandez 2 months ago

lmao love the disco music whenever he says disco hahaha

hilmi664 2 months ago

Love this!!

Kristian Lo
Kristian Lo 2 months ago

How are you so perfect? It's actually unfair.

Marysol Losada
Marysol Losada 2 months ago

UHF you're perfect

Sonido Lucero & dj Angelito mix

Hola soy de Mexico no se sime entiendas pero me encantan tus vídeos y tan bien tu trasformacion y como adornaste tu arbolito adiós

iTSMEE01 2 months ago

I think his boyfriend/husband's name is Matt. He said it..

Sarahi S
Sarahi S 2 months ago

i love your tree! its very cute. the poinsettias are my favorite part!

steffers841 2 months ago

his lady friend does not look impressed to be there lol

michaelermcgowaniv 2 months ago

i like my balls to dangle too.

macbelle3rd 2 months ago

Omg theodore..! I was reading october's issue or brides magazine and u were in it..! Well u were mentioned in a paragraph for styling tips.. Yea i kinda fan girled x)

laloosh 2 months ago

he says his bf's name is MATT in this video.......

Daphne Almeida
Daphne Almeida 2 months ago

Man, I still don’t have room in my stupid bachelor apartment. LE SIGH. :(

asdfghjkl 2 months ago

that girl helping you looks absolutely delighted to be there

rachel bochard
rachel bochard 2 months ago

he is gay:{

lynda y
lynda y 2 months ago

sister maybe? in one of michellephan's videos she mentioned Theodore grew up with sisters i think..

Rebecca Bailey
Rebecca Bailey 2 months ago

Who is Matt???

Tuongvi Diep
Tuongvi Diep 2 months ago

hes gay lol

monochromedx 2 months ago

does it really matter? but for your dying purposes, he is gay.

erikatoffee 2 months ago

I think it is sooo obvious

Flora Fairfield
Flora Fairfield 2 months ago

No I live in the USA and I have a nine-foot real tree! Most of the people I know have real trees as well :)

T 2 months ago


EdenDespina 2 months ago

Beautiful Christimas tree!I like that you put the ornament from your grandfather!

Dao Phuong
Dao Phuong 2 months ago

love you!

nastchka 2 months ago

i think it depends where a person lives and then just there personal preference. im from WA and there are lots of ppl buying real trees this time of year. vendors on every street corner. but i think ppl in CA for example mostly have fake trees.

IMOLA LUKACS 2 months ago

nice tree<3

AppelpieKiss 2 months ago

Does everyone in the USA have a fake tree or are you putting up real trees at christmas time as well?

Mateusz Andrzejewicz
Mateusz Andrzejewicz 2 months ago

never to much disco balls ;D, have them too

Nem Vang
Nem Vang 2 months ago

i am so sorry that your grampa passt away evan if you didnot meet him

Eleni Mp
Eleni Mp 2 months ago


Weronika Krähe
Weronika Krähe 2 months ago

"i got it from target/walmart" this is my favourite part of every youtube video XD

Nora-Fay 2 months ago

Are you the founder of the LEAF series on stylehaul?

TheQofbrokenhrtz 2 months ago

I love you!! haha my mom has disco ball ornaments too! :)

simply rogue
simply rogue 2 months ago

is that his girlfriend? of is he gay? he is amazing anyway but i'[m curious :)

Haidé 2 months ago

I love your videos :)

Eileen The little crafter

Cute tree.

LorienKittyBooks 2 months ago

I busted up when you started playing disco jingle balls! I'm glad there was some variety to the music! <3

Reevesy 2 months ago

We have those disco balls too!

Cakes 2 months ago

It's kinda nice, and I like how it has some personality to it (your grandfather's ornament, etc.).

D0h 2 months ago

Get those disco balls in! ;) I love the pencil Christmas tree, it looks fantastic Theodore! xoxo

beril 2 months ago

i love you and your videos your videos always makes me happy =)

Emma Hunter
Emma Hunter 2 months ago

cool! new video!