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Dice Media
Dice Media 2 months ago

The SACRED bond of family ❤️ Tell us your Diwali plans below!

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Anusuya Nag
Anusuya Nag 2 months ago

This video is so heartwarming ❤️

Paswan Anita
Paswan Anita 2 months ago

I wish everyone get in-law's like them....😊😊😊

A 2 months ago

Wow 😮

Nithin K L
Nithin K L 2 months ago

Very rare to find now a days this kind of happy family.

Punam Ambastha
Punam Ambastha 2 months ago

To all the people who are saying "imaginary in laws" , looks like u all have seen lots of indian serials , like too much saas bahu serials , c'mon such in laws exists

24. Aanya Rastogi VII C

Nuzhat Ahmad
Nuzhat Ahmad 2 months ago

She was pregnant

Ito Debbarma
Ito Debbarma 2 months ago

Aese in laws sapne mein

Ruchi Goyal
Ruchi Goyal 2 months ago

Only the lucky one have these kind of family after wedding ❤️

Srijoni Dutta
Srijoni Dutta 2 months ago

I literally cried 😭at last 🥺 amazing

Doli Thakkar
Doli Thakkar 2 months ago

Her mother in law and her in laws are so sweet, caring. Every in law should be like them🤩🤩🤩

Mary Bergins
Mary Bergins 2 months ago

So..... Is she the Powerbroker or not

Sukriti Singh
Sukriti Singh 2 months ago

Do such inlaws exist😅

Sarika 2 months ago

Imagine if your mother in law was really this loving as shown in the video. Now go back to the first word of my comment

Sarika 2 months ago

Seeing boys bursting only sparklers and flower pots will be seen in another nation and it is "IMAGINATION." If boys are bursting crackers, they will burst all the bombs 💣. There's no way they can burst only SPARKLERS and FLOWER POTS.

Anoushka Joshi
Anoushka Joshi 2 months ago

This really was very very sweet!


Any ca students?

Prabhat Mishra
Prabhat Mishra 2 months ago

In my family on diwali all the people play tash in night ya but they don't 🍺🥂🍻 drink

Be Positive
Be Positive 2 months ago

We should think about everyone emotions to live a happy life

Amruta Mohod
Amruta Mohod 2 months ago

Hey guys who else hope for such understandable in laws 😍🥰🥰

Surbhi Jha
Surbhi Jha 2 months ago

In reality agar hum kuch normal bhi bole to logo ko lagta taunt mar rhe h

Interesting Tech
Interesting Tech 2 months ago

at 4:33 there is so much overacing done by sharon

Vaydish mehta
Vaydish mehta 2 months ago

I wanted the same bonding with my in laws...bt_____

ShortToonTV 2 months ago

Pehle.. Mujhe.. Teh sab.. Sach lagta hai... 😢😢😢😢

Fan Hu Yaar
Fan Hu Yaar 2 months ago

seriously looks like cornetto has purchased dice media.............
ads on every videos

Sujal Jaju
Sujal Jaju 2 months ago

jordiandians sharon

shivangi agnihotri
shivangi agnihotri 2 months ago

All gifting and surprising daughter in law, zero expectations from her regarding pre-diwali chores, mother in law in kitchen and understanding her missing her own parents, father in law being so cool with daughter in law, husband showing affection and giving importance to her without hurting his mom!! What is this? A pure utopian world..❓

Palak Kuchhal
Palak Kuchhal 2 months ago

The best on YouTube

Mahi Tyagi
Mahi Tyagi 2 months ago

Love her sareee

Rhythm of life
Rhythm of life 2 months ago

Proxy server
Proxy server 2 months ago

She is so pretty in the Saree

Proxy server
Proxy server 2 months ago

Dice Media.... Nice media🔥❤️

abhishek patekhede
abhishek patekhede 2 months ago


Teerth Upadhyay
Teerth Upadhyay 2 months ago

2:31 When you watch dice media videos while having a small break from CA final exam prep but end up hearing about CA here again :p

Pink_Mellow 2 months ago

My in-laws are exactly like this, they are like my second parents they make me feel like I'm home, once while going for a family trip i felt so homesick that they booked a ticket just a day before going and more rooms so my parents could come!

rahul rathod
rahul rathod 2 months ago


Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh 2 months ago

JO JO tu idhar

S J 2 months ago

Awesome...😍😍😍👌👌👍👍 I love it.. 😍here just little bit change as show Chinese to Indiana things ..! So people use more and more indian products also give this message... !With this add show Indian craft decorations because of these we need for our next generation..can keep it up.!! I'm from Aus..! We're before students after job.. married.. Kids.. And family so We knows about our culture we trying to get kids too ..12 years passed.. still we Celebrate Big festival of lights ...Diwali same as always and other festival also with family ..friends all together ..! We still missed all festival...but..when see that kind of add.. We feel proud of india..Indian production..!!! My daughter she's 8 years old she's starting watch TV ad on YouTube when she was 6 year old sometimes only TV ads Watch..she loves..Indian ads..I'm also.. ☺☺..😁

Sthuthi 2 months ago

And if the girl is Hindu, then why isn't she wearing a Bindi?

Sthuthi 2 months ago

This is completely wrong..! If a Christian wants to marry a Hindu, then the Christians will ask the Hindu to convert into a Christian... Even if the bride groom is a Hindu, they family of the Christian girl expect him to convert into Christianity..!! This is a fake representation..!

Aliya Fathima
Aliya Fathima 2 months ago

All the girls in the comments saying that such mother in law’s don’t exist but girls why don’t we try to be such mother in law’s in the future so that in the future when our kids watch this they can say that this is relatable instead saying that these things don’t exist

Janhavi khatri
Janhavi khatri 2 months ago

Yrr esa reality m ku ni hota 😑😑

Sunita Shah
Sunita Shah 2 months ago

Arjun Bajwa from Kabir Singh

moolchand jain
moolchand jain 2 months ago

Is Sharon pregnant???

quarantine. chef_
quarantine. chef_ 2 months ago

Thankfully the bhaktjan dint break the Swarovski stores after seeing this

It's Amazingly awesome content loved it

Vitchu Vegeto
Vitchu Vegeto 2 months ago

finally found sharon

Shreshtha Shekhawat
Shreshtha Shekhawat 2 months ago

these tings are imaginary only

A Journey To Happiness

Too adorable ❣️!

ajay chauhan
ajay chauhan 2 months ago

Why everyone is making fun of hindu god .... The girl is too bored in aarti is that ..a bulshit for him

Alisha syal
Alisha syal 2 months ago

Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu 2 months ago

Is she Pregnant here?

RAJAN KATRODIYA 2 months ago

See it on every diwali

Amaan 2 months ago

Ye Scares Games Wali ladki nahi hai?
Jisne Gaitonde Ki Maari Thi?

shweta kansal
shweta kansal 2 months ago

Had it been a muslim girl, hungama ho jata😅😅(pun intended, no hate please 😋)

Muhammad Tehseen Khan

wo jason keh exam ka kia bana? Pass hogya?

Maharshee Gautam IAS
Maharshee Gautam IAS 2 months ago

Dice aap ache video banate hai par aap ko itna advance diwali nahi dikhana chahiye qk hum log diwali me puja karte hai na ki daru pite hai sorry mai is content se naraj ho aap lo is tarh se humari sanskriti aom tayohar ka majak uda rahe hai

siddhatrth dabral
siddhatrth dabral 2 months ago

Wow amazing

Gifty Maria Mathew
Gifty Maria Mathew 2 months ago

A beautiful family.... Cheers to u all....just love uuu😍😍....praying that may every family be in peace, elation and harmony like this ...

ARTiFEX 2 months ago


Sudeep LAVANIA 2 months ago

Sorry, but cannot support alcoholism and gambling. So, going to report it.

Nirmala Soni
Nirmala Soni 2 months ago

I wish ki meri family bhi aisi hi hoti ❤️❤️

sai satya priya thrikutam

Its just a video... I have to remember it

OM Shandilya
OM Shandilya 2 months ago

kya yaar thodi to aachi story likh liya karo

Tanu Mishra
Tanu Mishra 2 months ago

Can relate to CA exams 🤣

Sourabha Mahapatra
Sourabha Mahapatra 2 months ago

Bhai deewali me kaun beth ke sarab pita hai india me

Easy Titak
Easy Titak 2 months ago

Woao...they are promoting the fact about drinking with parents is normall....

Maddy Sappy
Maddy Sappy 2 months ago

who noticed that this house was used as nikhat's parent's house in adulting

SOURAV MAHATO 2 months ago

Maal mast hai

time to rejuvenate urself
Subscribe to my channel for motivation

Gayatri Ramchandran
Gayatri Ramchandran 2 months ago

Arjan <3

Rohan Salvi
Rohan Salvi 2 months ago

Ca final ka exam dene wala banda dikha hi diya ...

Fusion Gamer
Fusion Gamer 2 months ago

Swarovski is so damn expensive. like how?!? how?!?

Yashana Singh
Yashana Singh 2 months ago

When hindu-muslim intercaste marriage ad is not accepted by some narrow-minded viewers...this is the only option available.

Sri Ram
Sri Ram 2 months ago

I feel like Kabir Dewan in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara... wtf is this fake ass thing going on? 🤣🤣


I wish this was true


Happy diwali 2020 जय श्री राम

singh simran
singh simran 2 months ago

Tanishq jewellery
Swarovski 🤣

Sara S
Sara S 2 months ago

Recently when tanisq brought an ad about hindu muslim couple, many idiots are pissed. But in this when its other way around it was ok.

Ananya Bhagat
Ananya Bhagat 2 months ago

Nice dream life.

Forecasting Media
Forecasting Media 2 months ago

plz watch://

Tapaswini Parida
Tapaswini Parida 2 months ago

Here after ban of #Tanishq ad 😂😂

Medico to be kratika
Medico to be kratika 2 months ago

Vaishnavi Pandey
Vaishnavi Pandey 2 months ago

So beautiful

avantika jayal
avantika jayal 2 months ago

ALERT: this is a work of fiction. This doesn't happen in real life. 🙄

Priyanshu Meena
Priyanshu Meena 2 months ago


ankur kumar
ankur kumar 2 months ago

Hey! who is gonna be maried soon...
Plzz....dont expect this ...
This totally fictional 😁

ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴍᴇᴡ

😂😂 op imagine

Priya Rana
Priya Rana 2 months ago

Her saree🥺❤️❤️

Swamil Randive
Swamil Randive 2 months ago

fake non realistic op

JKM 2 months ago

aaaah srry this type of family is not available in your region

Mohua Nag
Mohua Nag 2 months ago

Surveen Chawlan looked so pretty in all her ethnic wear and that Swarovski necklace l loved it so nice feel good series

Suhani Singh 9thA
Suhani Singh 9thA 2 months ago

Who like this type of video, thoko like

Kausik Aich
Kausik Aich 2 months ago please watch this short flim "Swadhinata"

Sudeshna Nath
Sudeshna Nath 2 months ago

They keep on giving advertisements 🤣

Devamita Lahiri
Devamita Lahiri 2 months ago

Stop pointing out negative points and focus on the good ..
These people are trying to bring a change in our society...

fangirlSU 2 months ago

I teared up as she hugged her mother in law as she asked how's the surprise

Niyanta Sarkar
Niyanta Sarkar 2 months ago

I will ruin my life complaining about how I didn't get a family like this one. Neither real, nor in laws.

UV-rays 2 months ago

Filtercopy is better

Parashar Dhamecha
Parashar Dhamecha 2 months ago

Any software engineer here to think Jason as JSON? Lol