How to Make an Easy Bow for a gift or Christmas tree - step by step instructions



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Information How to Make an Easy Bow for a gift or Christmas tree - step by step instructions

Title : How to Make an Easy Bow for a gift or Christmas tree - step by step instructions

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Frames How to Make an Easy Bow for a gift or Christmas tree - step by step instructions

Description How to Make an Easy Bow for a gift or Christmas tree - step by step instructions

How to Make an Easy Bow for a gift or Christmas tree - step by step instructions

How to Make an Easy Bow for a gift or Christmas tree - step by step instructions

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Vic Engel
Vic Engel 2 months ago


Jacquelyn Robinson
Jacquelyn Robinson 2 months ago

Thank you for the video!! Making some Christmas bows to put on our exterior shutters

Leah 2 months ago

The simplest video I've found, thank you, my bows turned out beautiful 🥰

Sintija Šreibere
Sintija Šreibere 2 months ago

Super duper cute, funny and best of best simple.
Thank you

lovelypeach89 2 months ago

Much easier and faster than the rest of the videos that I’ve seen.

Tina Louise
Tina Louise 2 months ago

Fold the tail of the ribbon in half and cut an angle, making it easier to "fishtail" than what you showed!

Elijah Chacon
Elijah Chacon 2 months ago

Thank You!!.
I dont do much crating come the holiday season, or at all. To be honest my crafting skills are a bit remedial. But this s A GREAT step to take.
Ps. I didn't have the right ribbon for Big Bows, so I made Mini Bows instead.

Knack for Nonsense
Knack for Nonsense 2 months ago

Wow! So easy! Amazing! Thank you for such a simple tutorial 💕

cynthia thomas
cynthia thomas 2 months ago

That was so easy

MomstheBoss 2 months ago

What how exactly?

Erica Liu
Erica Liu 2 months ago

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! This helped a lot! <3

Meredith Montanez
Meredith Montanez 2 months ago

I am the minority here but I have no idea how you did that. :(

Anne Stephenson
Anne Stephenson 2 months ago

Thanks very easy even I can do it !🎄

Joshua Sweika
Joshua Sweika 2 months ago

Just an opinion, maybe you can slow down and show us the steps more clearly it will help a lot more

Tuliani 2 months ago

Thank you for this tutorial ❤️❤️

Chasing a Murderer
Chasing a Murderer 2 months ago

Thanks my sweet!

The one and Only Lucifer

Still cool i hafe to move forward and backward in the vid

K Snyder
K Snyder 2 months ago

So easy

Maria Dela Torre
Maria Dela Torre 2 months ago

So good.

Alicia Brewer
Alicia Brewer 2 months ago

Any suggestions on how to attach this bow to a gift basket? Thanks in advance :)

Sienna아미 2 months ago

Making this bow for my fortnite halloween costume 😍✊🏽

L Wark
L Wark 2 months ago

Great video.  Thank you.

Karen Dutil
Karen Dutil 2 months ago

That's what I love - simple, easy and to the point. Because of this, you have a new subscriber. Thank you so much for this easy and fun tutorial on how to make a beautiful bow. :)

Love baking
Love baking 2 months ago


Jahnvi 2 months ago

Thanks.. I wanted to make a bow for a christmas wreath and this was exactly what I was looking for

Ritika Bal Banik
Ritika Bal Banik 2 months ago

I did it...oh thanks a ton for this beautiful video

amanda c
amanda c 2 months ago

Best video I’ve found on how to make a beautiful bow! You instructions are so clear and easy to follow. Also, if you don’t have wire, you can use a twist tie. Can’t thank you enough :)

Zachary Day
Zachary Day 2 months ago

You made this seem so simple. I'm going to try it now. I have found for and even fishtail end fold your ribbon in half and make one diagonal cut. This ensures it is even and you don't have to fight with getting the inverted point cut off

Jose V.
Jose V. 2 months ago

Yes! Thank you! yours was the most simplest way! Thank you!

Kordell Spence
Kordell Spence 2 months ago

Yes very simple and easy

nettcoley 2 months ago

Fab and easy . Thank you 🙏🏻👍😀

carolann underhill
carolann underhill 2 months ago

You make it look so,easy. I am all thumbs.

Vicki B.
Vicki B. 2 months ago

Love this...nice and easy, but looks hard!

Fe Washington
Fe Washington 2 months ago

Thank You! You have just taught me how to make a bow!

EARH 2 months ago

Pretty easy! Thank you!

Mariyam Ourooje
Mariyam Ourooje 2 months ago

Nice now am gonna to make it ..........thnx for this .......thnx


Nice and simple darling thanks a lot

Kingly Kongly
Kingly Kongly 2 months ago

Thanks for ze video

M C 2 months ago

Thank you for showing me how to make such a perfect little bow. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow! Enjoyed this video, Merry Christmas 😄

First Assembly of God, Falmouth

awesome bow me and my friends love it!!!!

Lily Ray
Lily Ray 2 months ago

Wire?!? Lol I just used staples and hot glue...

Helen Eschenbacher
Helen Eschenbacher 2 months ago

I have WIRED RIBBON...this doesn’t help at all. Aloha from a Kama’aina!

i_like_skittles1 2 months ago

OMG THANK YOU THIS HELPED SO MUCH!!! I went to 7 other different videos but i couldn't understand thank you so much. You just earned a new subscriber

Cynthia B
Cynthia B 2 months ago


Therez Lawrence
Therez Lawrence 2 months ago

Thank you very nice and easy

Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 2 months ago

She makes the worst bows ever😧😸👊 theres your punch

Islandgurl78 2 months ago

What if we don't have the wire, any alternatives?

Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez 2 months ago

This was not helpful at all!!! 😡😡😡😡

Irene Zook
Irene Zook 2 months ago

, Hi

Janice Horner
Janice Horner 2 months ago

An easy to make bow, looks grand!

Robin Espanola
Robin Espanola 2 months ago

Im a

Mary dean
Mary dean 2 months ago

simple teaching, great bows!!! ty!! im excited now!! i wondered how it was done, lol

Jessy Ross
Jessy Ross 2 months ago

I just want to say THANK YOU! you saved me lol

cheryl bloomdahl
cheryl bloomdahl 2 months ago

This is the BEST video I have seen for making a regular bow. Going to check out your other videos! Thank you! Yes, I am one of those who loves to craft... but bows have ALWAYS stressed me out. I just made one using your directions and it is BEE-U--TEE-FULL!

susan scanlon
susan scanlon 2 months ago

I need this for my school talent show, pretty simple! Even I can do it! Any suggested materials, Im useing regular ribbon, is that ok?

Jazhua Vanboven
Jazhua Vanboven 2 months ago

Do you have conures? I thought I heard a conure... Or a baby java macaque lol Anyhow you just saved my life! My nice wants bows for here seat isles and she wants me to do them! She thought a rustic sackcloth or (cheesecloth color) with white lace over top.. Any suggestions? It would be a large bow and then a small bow...

Ugh... It's her day...

W 2 months ago

first one of these bow vids I watched that didn't leave me totally confused! thanks

Abbyyz Vlogz
Abbyyz Vlogz 2 months ago

best video on how to make a bow

moses esparza
moses esparza 2 months ago

Love it! Thank you

wanda nesbett
wanda nesbett 2 months ago

Thanks,, looks fairly easy.. But where can I get those cute scissors?

Vernon Wilson
Vernon Wilson 2 months ago

did she just say hey "kids"?

HazelGreen Eyz72
HazelGreen Eyz72 2 months ago

Awesome!!!!! Simple n easy

elftails m
elftails m 2 months ago

The way I like it, simple & sweet. Not a lot of extra unnecessary words.

Lucy Rivera
Lucy Rivera 2 months ago

Thumps up, Prettty easy. I will begin making my bows for my gifts and tree. Thank you.

Sonny&Carly Kekipi
Sonny&Carly Kekipi 2 months ago

ty for this! I've never thought that it would be so easy!

marjorie claudel ortiz

que lindos gracias por compartir saludos desde Costa Rica

NJBuickGS 2 months ago

omg who does your nails so cute

Paulina Galaxy
Paulina Galaxy 2 months ago

Thank you after watching other videos, yours was the easiest.

t pilomia
t pilomia 2 months ago

Very useful video on how to make a bow. And so simple as well. Thank you so much!

Mary Unrue
Mary Unrue 2 months ago

May I suggest that you use a lighter to stop fray, and a glue gun, which is faster, on the middle piece. Great video though, thanks!

Debbie Godschalk
Debbie Godschalk 2 months ago

Thank you so much for that very simple uncomplicated video!!!

Beth Metcalf
Beth Metcalf 2 months ago

Thank you😀

8lyse 2 months ago

Those of us that are not as creative on our own, or just need some extra pointers appreciate the video!.....Thumbs up given....Never sure why people take the time to do a thumbs down...lame! Happy Holidays!!!

Angel Duncan
Angel Duncan 2 months ago

thank you I love it

S F S 2 months ago

Made these yesterday for my tree. Bows looks beautiful and really tie the tree together LOL!

Gale Bolles
Gale Bolles 2 months ago

Thank you for your tutorial. Can you tell me how I could make a bow that I want to tie around the neck of a vase?

Samuel Dinh
Samuel Dinh 2 months ago


A- Town
A- Town 2 months ago

Ok I know how to make the bows but I am looking on how to be able to add them to the tree the only thing is that I can't find where or how to add the backing to put it on the Christmas Tree. is there a way that you can do a video so that I can add them to the tree.

Jasmine Hayward
Jasmine Hayward 2 months ago

you didn't explain anything...what kind of discription is "just look at it it and kinda shape it" this is a tutorial lady

nickolai6 2 months ago

The ribbon said Kirklands. I'm just teasing, love the video thank you!

Naty Carrillo
Naty Carrillo 2 months ago


Fathimathul Suhra
Fathimathul Suhra 2 months ago

i love your vidio

Fathimathul Suhra
Fathimathul Suhra 2 months ago


Teresa Johnstone
Teresa Johnstone 2 months ago

I liked how you explained it , no fuss , I will now have a go, hope mine turns out like yours, as its bows for my daughters wedding.. Thanks so much xx

Juli 2 months ago

You dont know how much i thank you for this video!!!!! Easiest way, saved my life lol

Manying Ng
Manying Ng 2 months ago

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This was by far the easiest way I was able to make a bow!

Kindy Suaybaguio
Kindy Suaybaguio 2 months ago

so nice,,thanks for the idea.

Chelsey Luna
Chelsey Luna 2 months ago


Kimberli Scott
Kimberli Scott 2 months ago

thanks for this video, the easiest and best bow tutorial I found!

Susan Noll
Susan Noll 2 months ago

Love your video. Do you happen to know where you can find the colored wire for tying the bows.

Raquel D Torres
Raquel D Torres 2 months ago

beautiful ...thank you ;)

Jax T
Jax T 2 months ago


Lily Wambolt
Lily Wambolt 2 months ago

No no no none of it works

ramganti2002 2 months ago

wow!!!! thanks! this will help alot for my presents this year. thanks so much!!!!!!! luv ur viedo

Robin Bucholz
Robin Bucholz 2 months ago

You made that look so easy. I have been making bows for where I work. We are making wreaths for people with disabilities, and I get the job of bows, and now maybe I don't have to burn my fingers with hot glue and who knows what. Loved your video. I work with people with disabilities.

Lisa Madison
Lisa Madison 2 months ago

Thank you for making this tutorial. You really show how to make a pretty bow, so easily! I'm going to try this. :)

mary whitaker
mary whitaker 2 months ago

I enjoy watching you make the bow I am going to try and make one

Berry Dew
Berry Dew 2 months ago

very nice song. thank you.

Tanya Lobb
Tanya Lobb 2 months ago

It took a few videos to find your type of bow. Thank you I like it and I am going to try it.