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Information Volunteering Abroad! | My Experience \u0026 Tips

Title : Volunteering Abroad! | My Experience \u0026 Tips

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Frames Volunteering Abroad! | My Experience \u0026 Tips

Description Volunteering Abroad! | My Experience \u0026 Tips

Volunteering Abroad! | My Experience \u0026 Tips

Volunteering Abroad! | My Experience \u0026 Tips

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Imani Brooks
Imani Brooks 2 months ago

Aww that sound like me when I got sick in DR . I think you’ve gotten food poisoning. Because your symptoms sounded like mine. When I ate something and got food poisoning from a parasite in DR 🦠. Because I was really sick for a few days. Throwing up, intense diarrhea, I couldn’t keep water down either and my stomach had horrible stabbing cramping.

Lily Kim
Lily Kim 2 months ago

Do you need a lot of money to be a volunteer I want to be one and I think I am ready but I am broke

70ME3E 2 months ago

thanks for the video, really informational,
I find it pretty crazy that you have to pay for everything including accommodation and food when doing a ton of work for others as a volunteer. 500 quids a month is like someones salary here in Hungary.

Aurora Knight
Aurora Knight 2 months ago

Only two years ago and you look so different 😍
Thanks for sharing your tips x

Slice My Soup
Slice My Soup 2 months ago

Do you know how you got the parasite/you know what parasite it was? x

Kay Phillip
Kay Phillip 2 months ago

Hi, I love your page. I work for a charity called Habitat for Humanity who goes abroad to build houses for people. I’m looking for influencers who could help with promoting a female only build. I was wondering if I could have your email to talk to you more about it l?

•미세먼지 2 months ago


Leisure India
Leisure India 2 months ago

If you have any plan to coming here in India for volunteer program so please contect to me 🇮🇳🙏

vennskap 2 months ago

I'm going to France for one year-long volunteer project. You could say I'm nervy because... Well because that's a whole year and I'm thinking what if it's not good, what if I don't like it? But then again I know everything will be alright, I'm just used to overthinking. I'm gonna be working with migrants and nature and I'm actually very excited and enthusiastic. But I'm also nervous, hahaha.

Zenouska W
Zenouska W 2 months ago

How old were you when you went volunteering? xxx

Chetanya Jariwala
Chetanya Jariwala 2 months ago

Nice video, volunteering is the best way to know about your Abilities, know about your skills and your self. I'm always searching for volunteering opportunities. I use My Selfless Act to find volunteer opportunities and share my humankind work.

Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith 2 months ago

I'm going to Thailand with OV, and hearing some of the horror stories I'm kinda scared :/

Free Spirit
Free Spirit 2 months ago

What camera are you using to film your video?

stopdropandrock 2 months ago

I’m from Scotland and I’m wanting to volunteer in an orphanage or something abroad, im worried about travelling myself as I’ve never been abroad either. Could I bring a friend on this company?

stopdropandrock 2 months ago

I’m from Scotland and I’m wanting to volunteer in an orphanage or something abroad, im worried about travelling myself as I’ve never been abroad either. Could I bring a friend on this company?

Mohammad Muzahid
Mohammad Muzahid 2 months ago

Wow your statements are great. Can you give an information about Volunteering in Ireland? how I get engage with an organization of Ireland ?? Please suggest me something.......😍😍

Harshini D
Harshini D 2 months ago

What other volunteering organizations were you considering?

Hannah goes travelling

Really helpful video, I've just come back from volunteering in Ghana with Original Volunteers, really recommend it!!

Dario Kocirov
Dario Kocirov 2 months ago

I didn't know that you have to pay to volunteer. Annually yes but for a project... Ridiculous.

Youssef & bedo trending

Hi I invite you to come to egypt stay with our family practice english with us and help in home special room and accommodation in exchange with free meals

Nathan 2 months ago

I am a medical imaging tech and am registered in x-ray and CT. Although my experience in CT is limited and have had trouble finding a job here. I am considering volunteering abroad. I am not sure whom to volunteer with. Where do can I look into this?

Cricket Llanas
Cricket Llanas 2 months ago

How...what... How do i

ken 2 months ago

oh my god your so sweet

harryskittyz 2 months ago

Oh no!! A parasite? Do u think bc of the food? Thats so scary.

savi T
savi T 2 months ago

Hi I have a question... actually i am applying 3 month visa for vietnam to help poor people learn english and also help orphanage children and they provide all accommodation...my question is if immigration ask me what is your purpose of visit...what should I say or how to explain..I don't want my trip stop there ..do i need any documents from them to show immigration officer like mails or something...please tell me

mia rose
mia rose 2 months ago

Hi Lucille! after watching your Vlogs of volunteering abroad I decided to book Morroco for July 2018! I’m just wondering, did they have strict dress code there due to it being a Muslim country?? What kind of clothing did you pack? Thankyou so much! :)

Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 2 months ago

Your voice is so weird 😂

bubuka bubuka
bubuka bubuka 2 months ago

can you tell me what camera do you use?

Hannah Billson
Hannah Billson 2 months ago

How old are you? Xx

Music Lover
Music Lover 2 months ago

Hi Lucy I think you are so kind PRITTY and so rollmodle to the world love you lots ❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀👍😛

Chloe Mackinnon
Chloe Mackinnon 2 months ago

Loved this 💗 I really want to volunteer abroad during my gap year

Shantelle Glen
Shantelle Glen 2 months ago

This was such an interesting video and it’s so handy in case anyone wants to volunteer like what to expect and I absolutely would love to do volunteering and love u so much and so glad you had a nice time and enjoyed your experience xxxx

Georgina Lucy
Georgina Lucy 2 months ago

Not suprised that you've volunteered twice, you are seriously the sweetest person. And this certainly opened up my eyes to possibly do something like this after uni!! x

Katie Silvester
Katie Silvester 2 months ago

have just deferred my uni offers to work and then travel! this couldn’t be more perfectly timed! so useful thank you so much Xx

Luke Carrigan
Luke Carrigan 2 months ago

Very inspirational. Really want to travel. Volunteering probably isn't for me so good for you.

mmmcr77 2 months ago

This was a great video and super interesting! How did you decide which countries you wanted to volunteer in?

Fiona M
Fiona M 2 months ago

Yesss I've been waiting for this 💓💓

Jasmin Hae
Jasmin Hae 2 months ago

This comes at the Perfect Time since i am finishing school in a month lol ✌🤗

Sara Szymonczyk
Sara Szymonczyk 2 months ago

Hi I love your channel ❤❤

pls 96
pls 96 2 months ago

Ahh cool. I just went to Indonesia and participated in a week long home stay (with a hole in the ground as a toilet) they were very poor and i barely ate. It was also freezing in the mountains. But im SO glad I did It! I want to do the Morocco one! Also did you have to pay for this or raise money beforehand

C A 2 months ago

Hey 💖💖

Binks 32
Binks 32 2 months ago

Perfect video for me as i really want to volunteer

Danie Norris
Danie Norris 2 months ago

This was a great video thanks! ❤️

Mr244 2 months ago

Great video, your sooo pretty ! , I think it’s amazing what you did ! Xxxx